Pilots For Truth is an organization established on the principles of researching data and facts when government agencies refuse to provide answers to the public in the field of aviation. Founded in the Summer of 2006, Pilots For Truth core research focused on the events surrounding September 11, 2001. Many questions demanded by the public went unanswered by government agencies which lead to nearly a decade of solid research, uncovering a growing mountain of alarming evidence conflicting with what we have been told by government officials. Adhering to only presenting the facts and data without speculation, Pilots For Truth has become a trusted source for objective information related to aviation, leading to an overwhelming demand from the public for our research into what is known as "persistent chemtrails".

Following our core principles of providing only facts and data, Pilots For Truth research continues into what many believe are chemicals being sprayed by aircraft in our skies.

We will get data, we will get facts, We will bring it to you.

We thank you for your support!