Official Comment/corrections.

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The following is written in joint agreement by Rob Balsamo and Jim Fetzer dated 6/23/07. Please keep in mind that Pilots For 9/11 Truth do not endorse any theory offered by Mr. Jim Fetzer. If anyone would like the full email exchange negotiating these corrections between Rob Balsamo and Jim Fetzer, please email pilots(at) Thank you.

Please be advised when reviewing the article entitled "New Study From
Pilots For 9/11 Truth: No Boeing 757 Hit The Pentagon" the following.
These (Caveat added by Jim Fetzer - relatively minor) points are made in the interest of historical

  • Pilots for 9/11 Truth did not write it and some corrections need to
    be stated.

Caveat added by Jim Fetzer -
Athough Pilots for 9/11 Truth did not initiate this press release, which was
sent out by Scholars for 9/11 Truth, our society is grateful to Scholars for
emphasizing its importance in understanding events at the Pentagon on 9/11.

  • does not make the claim that "No Boeing 757 hit the
    Pentagon". We have analyzed the Flight Data Recorder data provided by the
    NTSB and have shown factual analysis of that data. We do not offer theory.

Caveat added by Jim Fetzer -
While we do not make this claim in these words, the analysis we present on
the basis of the NTSB's own data factually contradicts the official account
that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon--if trends are continued beyond end of data
records--and therefore supports the inference that American Airlines Flight
77 did not hit the building based upon that data.

  • did not create the animation, which we included in
    "Pandora's Back Box". The NTSB provided the animation based upon its own
    data and spread spread sheets which can be found at our site/forums.

Caveat added by Jim Fetzer -
Since the NTSB is a government agency and, indeed, is the agency designated
by the government to conduct this investigation--the FBI has
jurisdiction to conduct the investigation when the incident is
determined to be of a criminal nature, see --

we find it hard to believe that someone within one of these agencies did not know immediately that its findings contradict the official account.

Caveat added by Jim Fetzer -
The NTSB and FBI are now well aware of these contradictions due to the
work of and have refused to comment. THE 9/11
COMMISSION REPORT also contradicts the NTSB Flight Path Study in terms
of impact time, speeds, and distance from Pentagon in initiating the 330 degree manuever, even though THE REPORT itself footnotes the NTSB Flight Path Study for this information.
[See (bottom of the page)]

  • created a documentary based on the NTSB data
    using its animation. The title is "Pandora's Black Box - Chapter Two:
    Flight Of American 77" and can be found through google or on our site.

Caveat added by Jim Fetzer -
Links to our documentary are included in most of the published
versions of the press releases from Scholars and can be found on

Our official press release is signed by all our members. In the interest of
saving space, we included only a handful of members on the actual release with
a URL to the full core member list. The original press
release is available at

Not only the fifteen persons named from Pilots support our study but all of
our members endorse it. We stand behind our research and are grateful
that more of the public will know about it, thanks to Scholars.

Thank you.

Rob Balsamo