New Nist Photo Shows Possible Evidence Of Thermatic Rection

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Check out this photo of what i think is the north tower which is just fresh from the 911datasets.org torrent release 09 it shows what looks like some sort of attempt at cutting through the corner column thatis supporting and taking some of the load of the towers above notice the white smoke rising from what looks like a massive thermatic flare up situated coming from the left hand side of the column somewhere near it's bottom? what we might be seeing is a thermite demolition charge at work and if it really is what i think it is this is cold hard proof that the government was involved in 911 so lets hear what do ya think? It's about time the 911 perps party came to a screaming crashing end once and for all, crash and burn.

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whistle.gif whistle.gif whistle.gif whistle.gif

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We don't see the the tilting block blown to bits. We do see it disappearing into the debris cloud as it falls. Most of it came down onto the lower section. Some of it when over the side. It was able to rotate because one side had no resistance and the other was supported by some undamages columns and a vitual hinge was created and the tikp began to rotate over. This is similar to felling a tree. However this tree has the dimensions of 208'x208'x360' high.. and the notch that made it fall was about 36' tall. So it was able to rotate through the 36' - which represented one destroyed column (3 stories) a most. Once the lower section of the top rotating part hot the upper section of the still standing part it sent a massive shock from the collision through both structures which also caused a mutual destruction where they collided. The momentum kept the lower section of the tilting top moving west into the tower as the virtual hinge was a few hundred of feet to the west. Gravity was at work to so the rotation has not a arc but more like a parabola with a large vertical component to the motion as a result of gravity. The supporting columns also were overwhelm by trying to support all the upper part's weight when they were designed to carry perhaps a fraction of it. Those columns then bent and buckled too causing the virtual hinge to move down. And this caused the west side of the top to then crash into the west side of the bottom..

If you do the trig only small amounts of the floors were actually over the side and fell out side the foot print to be crushed byt the falling heavy facade panels. Parts of the hat truss went out side the foot print to the S and E as well. Most of the mass (CG) was still inside the foot print and came straight down causing the avalanche of collapsing floors below.


It seems to defy intuitive thinking that nothing recognizable would remain from a gravity driven collapse. Here we need to examine the forces at play - gravity and what they would do to the contents. In addition we need to look at the forces at play in a somewhat confined turbulent mixing process. Also we need to note how the same degree of contents destruction took place at WTC 7.

In WTC 7 we believe that its destruction was similar to a "classic CD" where the lower center structure is destroyed which causes the entire center to drop and pull in the perimeter with most of the mass coming down in the footprint. If this is true, gravity did most of the destruction at WTC 7 after the initiation in the lower central core area. We saw the top descending until it was out of sight blocked by other buildings. We didn't see the destruction at the base.. or the top being exploded to dust... we saw the top section descend and begin at a free fall acceleration. Gravity produced the crushing of all the crushable contents - the same pulverization of concrete of the floors, the same destruction of the floor pans and the same destruction of most of the contents to small bits and pieces. It was less than half the height and mass of the twin towers.

The "other means" to explain the complete pulverization and crushing of the crushable contents of WTC 7 is some sort of global explosive attack of the entire floors took place which pulverized everything. These explosions would have fractured the steel at their joints and left it largely intact in a pile of steel beams, girders and columns.

Or being non crushable at the forces at play in a gravity collapse, the joints would fail and the steel would land like a pile of pick up sticks.

In the case of the forces involved in a twin tower top down driven gravity collapse we need to look at the forces involved. They were dynamic forces as the mass was in motion, not static forces of the intact structure. The towers are reported to weight 500,000 tons. Of that 220,000 tons was the steel frame. Those 200,000 tons largely survived and did some of the crushing, though most of the facade went over the side.

The weight of esch rented floor concrete outside the core was about 930 tons. That floor of 31,300 square feet was designed to support an addition 100 pounds per foot or 1560 tons of contents. If the typical floors was only supporting 50% of this load it would add 780 tons to the weight of each floor giving the total weight per rented floor of about 1,700 tons.

With a design load capacity of 1560 tons and a safey factor of 5 - meaning it could carry 7,800 tons of static load, it is understandable that a dynamic load of 3 or 4 floors and their contents weighing about 5,000- 7,000 tons would destroy a floor.

When the top section came apart it was 17 floors weighing 17 x 1,700 (not counting the antenna weight) = 28,900 tons. So essentially approximately 30,000 tons of mass descended upon the 93 floor over a span of a few sections as the 17 floors above came down on it.

This was not likely enough to crush it all to fine grain rubble, but likely larger chunks and bits and sections of steel mixed in. This mass of course overwhelmed the 93 floor and this added another 1,700 tons to the collapse debris. By the 50th floor with 60 floors of debris raining down the mass weighed in at closed to 100,000 tons and it moving at 60 MPH. This means that each square foot on the 50th floor had 6,500 pounds falling in it moving at 60 mph. That will pulverize a 2.5-4" thick concrete slab to dust in a instant.

Realize as well that the gathering enormous mass of collapsing debris was like a torrent of rubble which acted like a tumbler where the confined material in the tumbler crushes itself by collisions. Rock is often commercial ground and crushed in a similar process.

By the end of the collapse of the lower section which took between 10-14 seconds over 200,000 tons of material came down in the footprint with about 13 tons on each square foot. The fine powder of the avalanche then spread horizontally in a huge cloud reaching hundreds of feet from the collapse and much of it air born and dispersed by the winds.

The gravitational floor collapse phase was an extremely energetic and chaotic event which the building contents literally ground themselves up as a result of being somewhat confined in a narrow area (1 acre foot print). One can hardly compare this to a file cabinet plunging even 30,000 feet to the ground in free fall.

This was not a "neat" pancake collapse. That would virtually impossible to occur and require every floor truss connection (over 300 of them) on a floor to fail at the exact same instant and this to repeat 100 times.

Accurate observation is the key to understanding along with understanding of structure, statics and the performance of materials under dynamic loads.
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