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I'm still trying to get a handle on this, I have so much more reading and learning to do, and want to kick myself for not paying more attention in school when I was supposed to be learning about ancient Mesopotamia or Greece ... but, I have a sneaking suspicion that I've connected some of the dots and can see a pattern emerging. So, forgive me if the picture I'm trying to paint has some holes in it. Also, I'm no biblical scholar - but the stories of the Old Testament come in to play - so forgive my shallow knowlege (& please correct me) on this point as well.

Some of the questions that have been rattling around in my brain for some time - why did the Vatican hand over control of their finances to the Rothschild family? Is there more to America's solid alliance with Israel than simply solidarity with the Jewish cause? What is the Freemason connection all about? Why the all-seeing eye on the back of the Great Seal? Or the pyramid for that matter? Why is the Glory (group of stars) above the Eagle on the front of the Great Seal arranged in the shape of the Star of David? What's with the Kabbalah? Solomon's Temple?? Mock sacrifices @ Bohemian Grove? Do noble families connected to the Merovingian line of French Kings really think they are the ancestors of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene? And what's all this stuff about Khazaria?

Posting about these delicate issues might seem potentially divisive, but I assure you the answers are not, quite the opposite in fact. This story, on the contrary, is about a milleniums long bloodline who's roots are pagan, one branch of which may have been connected to the Israelites but rejected the god of Abraham, prefering to set out in their ships and conquer new lands instead.

This is so vast that I know I won't get it all out in one post ... but I gotta start typing something somewhere. Anyway, fasten your seatbelts !

The Star of David, or Megen David, is also known as the Seal of Solomon. It has been a staple of Mason symbology for centuries, but its use as a symbol of Judeaism is apparently fairly recent. I've found some spotty instances of Jewish use of the symbol during the middle ages, then in the 17th century Mayer Amschel Bauer allegedly adopted the hexagram in the red-shield he hung in front of his business in Frankfurt. (Or so lots of people say - I wish I could find some good confirmation of this.) He eventually changed his name to Rothschild, meaning "Red Shield". Yet the Star of David didn't begin to gain acceptance as a specifically Jewish symbol until the 19th century, particularly later in the century, and culminating in it's adoption by the Zionist Congress in 1897. (Need to double check this.)

Enough of that, why is it on the Great Seal? Why is it used by the Freemasons? I don't really know why the founders included it ... except to say that Franklin (who was a Mason) and Jefferson, both of whom were on the first committee to design the Great Seal, both suggested designs for the reverse side that depicted the Israelite's exodus from Egypt, ostensibly to signify triumph over tyranny. There are a number of theories of the meaning behind the Hexagram or Megen David, one being: "that during the Bar Kochba rebellion (1st century), a new technology was developed for shields, which used the inherent stability of the triangle. Behind the shield were two interlocking triangles, forming a hexagonal pattern of support points. " Or, "the Star of David comprises two of the three letters in the name David. In its Hebrew spelling, it contains only three characters, two of which are "D" (or "Dalet", in Hebrew). In ancient times, this letter was written in a form much like a triangle, similar to the Greek letter Delta, with which it shares a sound and the same (4th) position in their respective alphabets, as it does with English. The symbol may have been a simple family crest formed by flipping and juxtaposing the two most prominent letters in the name." There is another interpretation, one relevant to this story, that the two superimposed triangles represent, depending on what you read, good and evil, male and female, spiritual vs. physical, fire and water, and in all cases the superimposition of opposites. Actually, the triangles aren't just laid one on top of the other, the lines weave in and out and the triangles are intertwined.

Before the emergence of monotheistic religions, the way I understand it, paganistic beliefs generally revolved around male and female entities, or, physical and spiritual counterparts, or, a god of the heavens/weather etc. along with a counterpart god of the earth/vegetation etc.

Some of their names:

"Father/heaven" ---------"Mother/earth"
Enlil -------------------------- Ea / Enki
Ba'al --------------------------Asherah
El Shaddai------------------- Adon
Arhiman -------------------- Mazda
Osiris ------------------------ Isis

Some people out there I'm sure are way ahead of me on this stuff, for some it might be new. I'm not trying to teach anyone anything, 'cause I'm pretty new to it as well - but I need to lay down some kind of a foundation for where I want to go (so bear with me). This early pagan belief system is most certainly rooted in ancient Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq between and around the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers), and probably near where these rivers empty into the Persian Gulf (Sumer). This is the area where Abraham hailed from (Ur). Later in history this area came to be called Chaldea, where Kabbalah followers were prevalent. Kabbalah: (I just copied this from a dictionary) - "A body of mystical teachings of rabbinical origin, often based on an esoteric interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures. A secret doctrine resembling these teachings."

Madonna is (and Britney Spears was up until last spring) on a Kabbalah kick. Chaldea, Egypt and Greece are usually cited as the centers of Kabbalah teaching, I agree with the view that Chaldea was the source. (The Persians were said to have found the Chaldeans "versed in all forms of incantation, sorcery, witchcraft, and the magical arts.")

But I'll come back to Chaldea in a minute. I need to talk about the numbers 12 and 13 for a second.

The Eagle on the Great Seal holds 13 arrows in one talon, and an olive brance with 13 leaves on the other. There are 13 rows of bricks in the pyramid on the back of the Great Seal. Is this stuff on the dollar bill simply representative of the 13 original colonies, or is there something else going on? (i.e. was the number of original colonies set at 13 on purpose? ...It is said that there are 13 bloodlines in the Illuminati btw. I don't think there's much to this, but I thought it was worth mentioning.)

There were also 12 (or 13, depending on how you count) tribes of Israel. Here's where the discrepancy comes from - Joseph stayed back in Egypt and became a visier for the Pharaoh (according to the Bible), and in turn his 2 sons Ephraim and Menasseh each were allocated land. This makes 13, but one tribe or another is almost always left off of the list, the total number of tribes staying at 12. Sometimes Levi is absent, as the tribe of Levi were the priests and didn't receive land. Sometimes Reuben is left off, for messing around with his father's wife. And sometimes Dan is left off. Why?? The tribe of Dan doesn't get much good press in the bible, apart from the Samson story (Samson was from the tribe, his mother though was from the tribe of Judah), and the fact that the name means "Judge". Dan is described as the "serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward." The mark of the tribe of Dan was, in fact, the serpent. (Possibly owing to the negative connotation of a serpent, the tribe of Dan is also often signified by an eagle grasping a snake.)

The British-Israeli movement is cited for adding support early in the 20th century to the idea of creating a Jewish homeland in Palestine, land which England had just wrested from the Ottoman Empire (Turks) at the end of WWI - and wrested again from the Arabs they had promised independence to in return for fighting on their behalf. What the British-Israelists believe, is that Bretons (or at least British nobility) are descended (to some degree) from the Israelites. One of the notions that they promote is that the tribe of Dan migrated to the British Isles, leaving their name all over the place along the way. The full import of this assertion can only be fully appreciated if you allow for the absence of vowels in Hebrew. I don't speak Hebrew and I have no idea if this is true, but it's what I've been reading. Anyway, Dan, Din, Don, Dun, all the same - and if you look at maps and start thinking about it, D-n is everywhere. The Don, the Dneiper, Dnestr, Donetz, Danube (all rivers eminating from the Black Sea), ScanDiNavia, MaceDoNia, the Dinaric Alps, and Denmark to name a few. There were a "tower building" people called the Shardana, who dominated SarDiNia and Corsica for centuries - the term "sar" or "shar" in Hebrew apparently means "chief," "prince," "ruler," from which such words as "Tsar," "Caesar," "Kaiser," etc., derive. The "Shar-Dana," then translates into chiefs or princes of Dan. Then you get to Ireland and Scotland... Irish legends even talk about the "Tuatha de Danan", or, Tribe of Dan, their name seems to be everywhere there too - Dunvegan, Dunkeld, AberDeeN, EDiNburg, LonDoNderry, Dunglow, Donegal, Dingle, MacDonald, Dungarvan, in fact the penninsula jutting off the west of England used to be called Danmoni - or the "mines of Dan" ... tin mines in this case. It seems the Danites, or Danau, or tribe of Dan, or whoever they were, were expert metal-smiths, expert shipbuilders, merchants, and most of all, good at conquering. Interestingly, Penzance, on the tip of the "Danmoni" peninsula, is infamous for being a nest of pirates, as is Sidon, where the tribe of Dan parked their ships in Canaan. Pirates !? Any chance the skull and crossbones of pirate legend has any connection to the Yale Skull and Bones of American politics? Probably not, but then again the skull and crossbones, also known in flag form as the the "Jolly Roger", allegedly derives from a morbid legend about Roger II of Sicily - and the Danau of Greece were all over that area ... so I wouldn't rule it out.

Back to topic, are these "marks of Dan" all over Europe really significant, or more the fanciful thinking of some British nobles?

A lot of people think the idea is mostly bunk, and they cite the above mentioned Danau, who figured prominently in the early history of Greece as evidence. (I'm assuming the idea is that all these "din-dan-don" names everywhere are either coincidence or names connected with the Danau, rather than the Israelite tribe of Dan.)

But this is were it gets interesting. See if you can see how it all falls into place:

Homer called the Greeks "Danois".

Petavius says that Danaus was the son of Bela - who was a sojourner in Egypt - and fled with his tribe to Greece - settling near Argos, a century before the Exodus.

Danau/Danaus' "patriarch" is cited alternately as Belus, Belos, or Bela. Who is Belus?

"Belus (Greek?) the Egyptian is in Greek Mythology a son of Poseidon by Libya. He was a King of Egypt and father of Aegyptus and Danaus."

Another thing I stumbled on to (can't find it) said that Belus was an Egyptian King (does this mean he was a Pharaoh? If so, I have to figure out which one...), who sired two sons Aegyptus and Danaus ... his son Danaus ruled LIBYA. Is this why in Greek mythology Belus' mother is described as Libya?

One more:
The ancient Greek records of Hecateus of Abdera, a Greek historian and philosopher of the 4th century B.C., say: “The most distinguished of the expelled foreigners followed Danaus and Cadmus from Egypt; but the greater number were led by Moses into Judæa.”

There's a (poorly made and torturously long but interesting) documentary floating around titled Ring of Power (which talks about the Tribe of Dan btw), that makes a case, and a pretty good one IMO, that the Hebrews and the Hapiru of Egypt were one and the same, and that the Hyksos kings (in and around the 15th dynasty) were of this stock. This may or not be true, I have no idea, but King Ahmose threw the Hyksos out of Egypt (around 1530 BC?) ... right around the time of Moses. Also consider that Canaan was under Egyptian control around the time of the Exodus and that the names of Egyptian Pharaohs are almost entirely (and strangely) left out of the Bible.

Speaking of the Bible, let's look at the Biblical Dan for a second. Dan and Nephtali were full brothers, sons of Jacob by a handmaiden named Bilhah. Remembering that Hebrew is written (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) without vowels, could Bilhah somehow represent Bela/Belus??? Bela was supposedly Danaus' father in Greek mythology, whereas Bilhah was Dan's mother in the bible. Yet, if one allows for a certain amount of allegory in these stories, it's not so crazy to see a possible connection here.

Note this as well, Dan and Nephtali were represented as full brothers and were closely associated. Dan (in the Bible), despite being the 2nd most populous tribe, recieved a paltry portion of land. They decided to invade Laish (a city near Sidon just north of the Israelite lands), killed all the inhabitants and changed the city's name to Dan. This territory was adjacent to the Nephtali tribe. Other writings say that, much later in history, descendents of the tribes of Dan and Naphtali migrated together first to Scythia (near the Black Sea), then later to Scandinavia, Dan settling in Denmark and Naphtali settling in what is now Norway. It's also suggested that the Sc- in Scandinavia derives from Scythia. That the Vikings came from Scythia is widely believed and there's alot of evidence for it ... but I'm getting ahead of myself. I just wanted to show how the tribes of Dan and Nephtali were apparently closely allied, and maybe were regarded as apart from the other tribes, particularly Dan. In a passage from the Old Testament, the "Song of Deborah", the Tribe of Dan is repremanded for "Remaining in Ships" while the other Israelites fought the Canaanites. I read an interesting analysis of this, where the Canaanites of Sidon and Tyre stood by and allowed the tribe of Dan to sack and take over nearby Laish in a sort of neutrality pact, and later to honor this pact the tribe of Dan remained neutral when the other tribes were battling it out with the Canaanites. (Canaanites and Phoenicians are synonomous - Phoenician being the Greek term for the Canaanites btw.) The salient point though, is that the Tribe of Dan didn't care for the land they were given in the south - they prefered to be up north next to their bretheren the Nephtali.

So, if I'm to try and make this connection between the Israelite Dan and the Egyptian Danaus of Greek legend, then is there a parallel correlation between Nephtali and someone else in the Bela/Belus family of legend?

No. But the name sure sounds alot like "Nephilim". Nephilim were fallen angels, sired by the god Elohim paired with human females (we're talking ancient Mesopotamian pagan legends here).

I looked up the origins of Naphtali, and here's what I got -

"The name Naphtali is commonly understood to come from patal meaning to twist. Derivatives are cord, thread; (petaltol 1857b), tortuous (Deut 32:5); (naptulim 1857c), wrestlings (Gen 30:8).
Some other occurrences of the verb-plus-nun are: Job 5:13 ...the advice of he cunning (; NAS); and Pr 8:8 ...crooked or perverted (; NAS)."


Then there's this:

"Diodorus Siculus (1.27.28) claims that Belus founded a colony on the river Euphrates and appointed the priests whom the Bablyonians call Chaldeans." (!)

And this:
"Modern writers speculate on a possible connection between Belus and one or another god who bore the common northwest Semitic title Ba‘al."

Ba'al ???

And, the name of one of the "fallen angels" (Nephilim) was ... Daniel (Book of Enoch).

One other piece of this puzzle needs to be brought up. The city of Dan was near Tyre, and when Solomon decided to build his temple (we're getting close to the connection with Freemasonry !) he appealed to the King of Tyre, who sent him Hiram. Hiram's mother was from the tribe of Dan, and Hiram's workforce were said to be Phoenicians. Read: Canaanites, the ones around Sidon and Tyre just north of Israel proper - the ones who apparently made a pact with their Dan neighbors ... In fact, the Danaus of Egypt/Greece are also often connected to (or said to BE) Phoenicians, or "Sea People". Whew ! I won't go into the story of Hiram right now, 'cause I'm wearing myself out and you as well I'm sure, other than to say the legend of Hiram, Solomon's master builder, in many respects mirrors that of the Egyptian god Osiris, and that this story and the meaning behind it is part and parcel of the initiation rite of the 3rd degree in Freemasonry.

OK, I'll quit beating around the bush and spit out what it is that I see. Remember, we are talking about two allied tribes that were, at least in the case of Dan, the "black sheep" of the Israelites, . Both were descended from sons of Jacob by a handmaiden (i.e. illegitimate) . Try to view these stories as allegorical or coded - indeed the whole study of Kabbalah revolves around uncovering profound truths which are encoded in Hebrew texts. And there's no need in my opinion to assume that the tribe of Dan was Jewish just because they were one of the Israelite tribes, the word Judaism derives from Judah, the land of the two southermost tribes including Judah and Benjamin, strictly speaking. Israel and Judah were adjacent but distinct lands, and where the tribes of Dan and Nephtali lived were at the opposite north end of Israel. Furthermore, the whole story of the Israelites strikes me as a story of a large group of people, related but separated into tribes, struggling with the concept of renouncing pagan gods and idols and accepting monotheism. Solomon's pagan ways illustrates the point I think, and in Revelation Dan is excluded from the list of tribes which are "sealed" (not sure what that means), specifically they were unworthy because of their "pagan traditions".

What I'm seeing is that the tribe of Dan were solidly pagan - and their descendants that sailed or marched out of Egypt and Canaan into Greece, Macedonia, Sardinia, Scythia, Scandinavia, Denmark and the British aisles, overwhelming the indigenous peoples along the way with their superior ships, trading and warring finess and knowlege of metalurgy, carried those pagan beliefs with them wherever they went. Similarities are rife between Druid paganism, Greek paganism and Viking paganism ... and all correlate in various respects with the ancient legends rooted in ancient Mesopotamia/Chaldea, where Dan, or the Danaus, or whatever name they might have been known by, along with the other patiarchs of the Old Testement for that matter, came from. Scythia by the way, where a branch of the tribe of Dan (along with the tribe of Naphtali) apparently spent many centuries on their route into Europe and Scandinavia, eventually became the Khazar empire. The same source notes that groups from other tribes, Manasseh in particular, settled in Scythia as well, which would poke a big hole in the much bantered about theory that the Khazars were not Hebrew!

Getting back to topic, please read this about an ancient historian, Manetho, who claimed the Hyksos settled in Canaan, and another historian by the name of Berosus, a priest of Belus ... remember, Belus was the father of Danaus in Greek legend...

"Manetho, a priest and scribe of Heliopolis, and the Chaldean Berosus, a priest of Belus, both of whom flourished under Ptolemy Philadelphus (285-247), composed accounts in Greek of the history of their respective nations. In the writings of the vanquished to the conquerors, both writers sought to demonstrate that the vanquished peoples were descendents of very ancient and noble civilisations. Berossus, in the Chaldaika to Antiothos I, claimed to base his history on Babylonian astronomical archives 473,000 years old. ... Professor Waddell, in his translation of the works of Manetho [6], said that the works of Berossus and Manetho should be seen principally as expressions of rivalry between Ptolemy and Antiochus, each seeking to proclaim their civilisation the most ancient. "

So Berosus, priest of Belus ("father of Danaus"), was defending his people, a CHALDEAN people, the people to whom Danaus belonged. This is problematic, for the area was not known as Chaldea until the 6th century BC, far too late to be connected with Dan, a (bilblical) son of Jacob. The paradox can only be resolved by accepting these references as being to a "people", refered to as Chaldeans, that long predate the "Chaldean Empire", who's patriarch was Belus, or "Ba'al", the "father" of Dan. These references are never used in connection with Abraham or his descendents, and I believe this distinction is what is meant by Dan being represented as an illegitimate in the Bible.

There's much more, like Cecrops, a half-serpent king of Athens, Athens having just been invaded by the Edoni (e-DON-i) who were (according to the Greeks) descendents of Danp... everywhere I follow the Danau around I see serpents it seems.

The story doesn't end with Dan by any means. I am currently struggling with a book that totally rejects this theory about the tribe of Dan, yet traces bloodlines from ancient Mesopotamia all over Eurasia right into the Royal families of Europe (including the Balkans and parts of Central Asia) and England ... a bloodline he calls the "Dragon bloodline". These dynasties merge and migrate and compete and war with each other and intermarry throughout history, and it's so damn complicated I've almost given up trying to get through it. But the overriding dragon theme has me hooked ... especially since I noticed this...

In the movie Zeitgeist there is a section that describes the precession through the astrological signs as the earth's axis slowly wobbles - each "age" takes approximately 2150 years, we are now in the age of Pieces, before that we were in the age of Aries, and in 2150 we will enter the age of Aquarius. Connected to this (not mentioned in Zeitgeist) is the impermanence of the North Star. At the moment it is Polaris, but a few thousand years ago it was the star Thuban. As the earth slowly wobbles the "north star" will continue to change, tracing out a circle. Within this circle, wrapped around "theoretical-absolute north" is the constellation Draco - the dragon.


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Hi Sanders,

I and my family are of nearly entirely Scandinavian ancestry- consequently, we have studied some of the "old country" history for quite a while. My understanding is that Denmark is called "Danmark" in the old tongue.

A long time ago, I saw a program on re-constructing the Viking longboats, and it went into some depth on the parallels with the Phoenician longboats. This connection has been seriously underestimated down through "history" IMHO. I have heard that the Phoenicians had settled Northern Europe long before the Roman legions got to England. I'll let you draw your own conclusions about the physical appearance of the longboats relative to this thread title. Also, I believe that the sails had that typical Templar red and white color scheme (both Phoenician and Viking), not necessarily in a cross pattern (often alternating red/white vertical stripes).

My understanding is that the Swedish Vy-kings went east into Eurasia and Siberia (even using their circular anchor stones as "wheels" to drag their longboats across frozen rivers and tundra). The Danish Vy-kings went westward to Greenland, Iceland, Newfoundland (around 800-900 A.D.) as well as down through the Mediterranean and Northern Africa. I haven't found much history on what the Norwegians did exactly (maybe mercenaries for hire, or something like that). Strangely, we haven't found much record of the Vikings fighting each other (raider's "honor" perhaps?), but they may not have liked each other much (last name spellings are still along country boundaries, and there are jokes about this).

The Finns that I've met have made it abundantly clear that they are NOT Scandinavian- they are Laplanders.


Also, there 2 very interesting, if somewhat questionable, "Danite" references below. Whatever your take on them, these are interesting reading.



You also might want to research the Danelaw- the Danish founded Dublin, Ireland from my research. This adds an interesting perspective to the English/Irish conflicts IMHO.




I didn't read your full post but found it quite interesting. You might like the book "Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings" by Charles Hapgood- it would probably add to this thread.

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Thank you dmole, very interesting !!!

I'm gonna check out your links. I typed this post before I read yours, I'll just post it with this disclaimer and no apologies...

tumetuestumefaisdubien made some comments about the Templar knights, I suggested that he post those comments here. I just looked and 2 other posters are looking in here. So I thought I'd amend my post and try and explain what my OP is all about.

Ever wonder how people could blow up buildings with thousands of people in them to create justification for war, so they can blow up another few hundred thou? Ever wonder how anyone could be that EVIL?? I do. I just chalked it up to - "we are smarter and richer and it's our perogative to rule over the sheep". But I'm starting to think that there is more to it than that.

There's a lot of accusations that get thrown around, that 9/11 was a Zionist plot, or that "truthers" are saying it was a Zionist plot. The suposed evidence for that is, that the MSM is run by Zionists, that the architects of the Iraq war were Zionists, and that the all-powerful Rothschild family are Zionists. I have argued that 9/11 doesn't start and end with crushing the enemies of Israel, that many of the owning banks of the Federal Reserve are controlled by non-jewish families, that there are other major reasons why 9/11 was executed that have nothing to do with Israel ... and that Jews and Christians alike are being hoodwinked.

Then you have the Zeitgeist (film) point of view, which is that "religion" itself is a ruse to keep the masses both quiescent and receptive to myths such as the 9/11 scam.

Essentially, that this "blame the jews" crap is just that, crap. I hereby re-extend my POV to dis-include Christians as well. I hereby blame the Pagans. (i.e. the Bohemian Grove type)! B)

This (the subject of this thread) actually has little to do with Christianity or Judeaism, it is about paganism. I was always of the mind that the various pagan belief systems around the world, before monotheistic religions took hold, were all willy-nilly and unrelated. That doesn't seem to be the case - they are all evolved from a single polytheistic tradition, which eminated from southern Iraq (Sumer, later known as Chaldea). While the masses were being converted to religions of a single jealous god, the "dragon line" was running around the world conquering everyone, kicking @ss, and ensconsing themselves as the rulers of every nation they happened upon. The bloodline (it seems ... I'm trying to get a handle on this but it's very complicated and conviluted, but somewhat traceable) appears to run through Egypt, Greece, Macedonia, France, Khazaria, Scandinavia, Prussia, England .... the West. The Merovingian kings apparently had "dragon blood" in quarts, as did six popes leading up to the first crusade, as did the Templar knights, and I'm suspicious that the Rothschilds as well hail from "dragon blood" of the Royal Scythians, via Khazaria. I suspect the Bush family as well aren't just average Joes ... maybe all the inbreeding is to blame for our president's low IQ? tongue.gif - I'm suspicious, but I can't back that up yet - but I'll post anything I find when I find it.

Regardless, a pagan tradition and bloodline that can be traced practically to the begining of recorded time explains alot - there are accounts of Viking marauders throwing babies up in the air and catching them on their swords. Who does such things? Who contemplates blowing up the twin trade towers?? People who are devoid of morals. People who's belief system involves raising evil to the same level as that of good. That is the significance of the Symbol of Solomon, evil (as you or I would perceive it) that is hidden in the recesses of freemasonry ...unknown of course to the average mason... the secret of the Kabbalah "mysteries", the intertwining of the two triangles which represent good and evil / male and female, the blood sacrifices to "Molech" ... this is very old news, but Solomon's temple, whatever it was, didn't have anything to do with Judeaism or peace and love!)

Take the Merovingians - if you believe the Priory of Sion wasn't simply an Illuminati fiction created to muddy the waters, and that they were in fact closely connected to the Templars and do in fact exist to preserve the Merovingian bloodline, then you should be interested to know that "Sion" has nothing to do with "Zion". "Sion" is Mount Herman - from which "Hermes" of Greek legend derives, and is a mountain in Lebanon next to the ancient city of Dan. Priory of Sion is the Priory of Dan, not to put too fine a point on it. As for the Merovingians, look at what sort of kings these pagans were. Clovis is claimed to have been descended from a sea monster (dragon). Clodio killed his brother in law to secure his crown. His son Cloderic fought and lost a war with his half-brother Merovic (from where the word Merovingian comes from). Merovich's grandson Clovis the Great had 5 children, what a war that was. Clotair I finally killed all of the sons of Clodomir to secure his crown. Clotaire II had his cousin Sigebert II killed, his son had not only Clotaire II's son Chirabert II killed but his grandson Chilperic as well. Dagobert II was finally stabbed in the eye (probably myth - as it mirrors the legend of Osiris) effectively ending Merovingian rule - however the Carolingian kings that succeeded them were really of the same bloodline.

I'm a very sceptical person, and I don't fall for this kind of stuff generally, but there's something to this. Please take my posts in this thread with a grain of salt - nothing is this simple. But pagan beliefs and the raising of evil to an equal par with peace and love, i.e. rejection of morality as you and I know it, appears to be the overriding "religion" of the leaders of western civilization from time immortal. Why are all these societies secret? Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg (that's his actual title, I didn't make it up) confesses that he was instructed in this secret heritage from when he was 7 years old.

This is what I am struggling with at the moment

This guy is very religious and doesn't want to accept that the Danaus of Greece, and the tribe of Dan are one and the same - but he's slowly changing his tune.

Who are the Templars in this tree??

I'm sure there are some in there - I wasn't thinking about the Templars when I made this tree.
Partially based on this tree (I checked the geneology as best I could, corrected some things and added some lines that I found that I thought were important, still a work in progress).

Merovingian Line (not sure if it's correct, but it's better than anything else on-line IMO. Took me two days to figure this out...)

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A few more breadcrumbs:

The English (not British) Flag [on the whackapedia "Danelaw" page]

The Danish Flag

The Swiss Flag

Vlad the "Impaler"

Ivan the "Terrible"

Romania/Transylvainia (sp?)

"Reich of the Black Sun"

"The SS Brotherhood of the Bell"

Helena Blavatsky & her Theosophists
the Vril Society
Thule Society
Order of the Golden Dawn
Guido von List
Karl Hausehofer
Jorg Lanz Von Liebenfels
Rudolf von Sebottendorf
Master Karl Maria Wilgut
Dietrich Eckert

I was actually initially studying the "suppressed science" aspects of WW2 German technology when I found most of the connections here- "weird science, why don't people understand, weird science..."

My late father was CONVINCED that Werner Heisenberg sabotaged the Nazi atomic bomb project around 1936 to keep it out of Hitler's hands. BTW, Heisenberg's matrix formulations of optics and Quantum Mechanics are VASTLY superior to the Anglo-American methods IMHO.

I also saw a program recently that claimed Werner von Braun flunked out of math and physics until he got underneath Hermann Oberth's wing.

This mostly brings us up to Projects Paperclip & MKULTRA and the National Security Act of 1947 (CIA, NSA, ONR, NRO, AFRL, NRL, LANL, Sandia, what was to become NASA later, etc. ) on this side of the Atlantic...

Looking back, my "History of the World" would likely read like a thin physics text (those are the "scary" textbooks, not the thick ones full of examples, by the way).

EDIT: See also:
"Wild Bill" Hickman (not Hickok- that's disinfo IMHO)

Orrin Porter Rockwell- legend has it he is quoted with saying "I never killed a man that didn't deserve killin'." He is rumored to have visited his victims' campsites the night before and had coffee (or whiskey) with them, then slept on "his job" overnight.

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My late father was CONVINCED that Werner Heisenberg sabotaged the Nazi atomic bomb project around 1936 to keep it out of Hitler's hands. BTW, Heisenberg's matrix formulations of optics and Quantum Mechanics are VASTLY superior to the Anglo-American methods IMHO.

Is this what you're talking about?

Yeah, none of the good Nazi minds went to waste.

Wow, surprised that you mentioned Vlad. I just ran across his name connected to this royal bloodline.

I'll check out those links.
Thanks for the 'breadcrums'. salute.gif
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Yup, that's mostly what I meant by Heisenberg's matrix mechanics, but I think one of my new books puts it better. Also, I'm SO OVER Einstein, since Faster Than Light (FTL) or superluminal effects are now accepted by [informed] "mainstream" science...

The German/Austrian matrix formulation of optics is much more "elegant" than the QM stuff, too IMHO.

You've probably got some reading to do now, wink.gif
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