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Wtc-7 Collapsed Due To Controlled Demolition, 9/11 Was Definitely An Inside Job

post Sep 2 2007, 08:27 AM
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Greetings to All:

All of the evidence points directly to insider terrorists taking down WTC-7 by Controlled Demolition on 9/11. WTC-7 was designed and built using Compartmentalization of all supporting columns and beams separated by solid concrete slabs horizontally and curtain walls vertically. A building fire has never destroyed a steel-framed skyscraper in US history before or after 9/11 and WTC-1, WTC-2 and WTC-7 were owned by Larry “Pull It” Silverstein. Many fail to realize the World Trade Center Towers had never been in private hands prior to the summer of 2001, when Mr. Silverstein received possession from the New York Port Authority.

Verify references here >> http://cooperativeresearch.org/entity.jsp?...rry_silverstein

This is the only time the WTC has ever changed hands since it was opened in 1973 . . . It was previously controlled by the New York Port Authority, a bi-state government agency . . . Larry Silverstein, the president of Silverstein Properties, only uses $14 million of his own money for the deal. His partners put up a further $111 million, and banks provide $563 million in loans. . . .  The Port Authority had carried only $1.5 billion in insurance coverage on all its buildings, including the WTC, but Silverstein’s lenders insist on more, eventually demanding $3.55 billion in cover . . . After 9/11, Larry Silverstein will claim the attacks on the World Trade Center constituted two separate events, thereby entitling him to a double payout totaling over $7 billion.

WTC 7 Collapse >> http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/WTC7_Collapse.mpg

Use your curser to hold the round scrollbar and move WTC-7 up and down repeatedly. The roof section and the center of the building collapse first, then the two sides plummet at ‘free fall’ velocity like any successful controlled demolition. Before looking at the details of how WTC-7 was built using Compartmentalization of all the steel supports, we need to take a look at the massive frame itself.

All of the WTC-7 steel columns, beams, girders and bar joists were bolted down and welded together into a single unit creating literally hundreds of connections that must be severed to cause the catastrophic failure seen from the aftermath of the attack.

The melting point of WTC-7 structural steel is 1535 degrees Celsius or 2795 degrees Fahrenheit [ http://911research.wtc7.net/talks/towers/t..._pre050712.html ]. The first problem with the ‘Fire Caused The Collapse’ theory is that building fires burn between 800 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit [ http://www.schwabcorp.com/faqs.htm#fire_safe ], or about one third the required temperature to melt structural steel. The second problem is that building fires typically burn for only 20 minutes in any given area, because the fuel is depleted and the fire moves in the direction of a fresh source. The third problem is that all supporting columns were coated with 3-hour ‘spray-on’ fireproofing insulation, which is nine times more protection needed for the typical building fire; even if the required 2800 degree temperatures were reached.


The website above is perhaps the best on the internet for discovering the truth about the WTC-7 collapse. Moving down the page you arrive at Figure 5-3 showing the massive steel network and how certain areas (floors 1-7, 22-24) received extra support.

This information is very important, because remember WTC-7 collapsed in one single smooth motion, which means extra attention was paid to placing charges to sever these thicker and stronger steel supports. Try to imagine the amount of energy required to break all of these connections simultaneously and you begin to see the ‘fire theory’ is certainly a hoax. Below you come to Figure 5.3.3 and descriptions of how WTC-7 was built in many separate ‘compartments’ eliminating ‘fire’ as even a remote possibility for causing this collapse.

Even if two or five or ten fires were started, the fuel source within those particular compartments would be consumed LONG before the fireproofing safety countermeasures were compromised; and the fire had no way to pass through solid concrete slabs or curtain walls to invade the neighboring compartments. This does not even account for the fully functional sprinkler system that had to be turned off for these fires to spread any distance at all. Here is a four minute video well worth watching to gain a better perspective on how to weigh the evidence in this case:


“Fire has never destroyed a steel building,” but three steel buildings owned by Larry Silverstein were ‘Pulled’ on 9/11. “Pull it” is controlled demolition lingo for wiring the building up and pulling it down. Mr. Silverstein was obviously lying about speaking to the New York Fire Chief, as the firemen only entered the scene on 9/11 after the attacks. Try to imagine the resources at the Fire Chief’s disposal upon arriving at WTC-7 and how that could not possibly include thermite charges for “Pulling” down the 47-story steel-framed skyscraper. Here we have a few small fires burning on a few floors, but the Fire Chief cannot figure any way to extinguish them. The firemen had no time to set all the required charges to “Pull” WTC-7 down in just a few hours and Mr. Silverstein just pointed the finger at himself about having prior knowledge of these 9/11 attacks. Now compare our images of WTC-7 and these “Pull It” videos:

Pulling It >> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6633218138868662267

Pulling It >> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2421326324041129616

Free Falling >> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5360235832416833797

How many of you really believe these trained demolition crews could set a few fires in the buildings to run away and have them fall into their own footprints just a few hours later? Many buildings have been demolished using controlled demolition looking exactly like WTC-7 on 9/11, but again, no steel-framed skyscraper has ever collapsed due to fire in the history of this planet. Twenty-first century demolition techniques include the use of Thermite shaped charges ( http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/april...eidentified.htm ) found all over WTC-1, WTC-2 and WTC-7.


The damage from a thermite shaped charge is exactly what you see above the fireman’s confused head. Note the size of the massive column and the molten iron residue that flowed inside and outside the column.

Thermite burns at a very high 2500 degrees Centigrade or 4532 degrees Fahrenheit, which represents the kind of temperature required to sever these massive red-iron columns. As a trained demolition supervisor tearing down buildings for many years, I know of nobody using 45-degree angle cuts to remove any red-iron part of any conventional demolition job. This particular column has molten iron residue, which is a ‘controlled demolition’ signature, as any torch cut would blow the molten iron off the column entirely away from the worker. There is no cut from any torch that would leave molten iron residue on the inside and outside of 'all' the sides of the column this way. The idea that any demolition worker would make a 45-degree cut is ridiculous, because of the danger to other workers and the waste of fuel.

The problem with the Official ‘Fire’ Cover Story is these 45-degree angle shaped-charge cuts appear everywhere . . .

. . . even in locations where demolition crew workers could not possibly reach. The common practice is to remove steel debris in an orderly ‘pick and remove’ manner, which eliminates the possibility of needlessly shifting weight and putting workers in danger. We play this dangerous game like a child plays ‘Pickup Sticks’ ( http://www.polandbymail.com/get_item_435992.htm ), as any skilled demolition foreman can look at the pile and tell you which debris to remove first. None of the demolition workers in the picture above climbed up any ladder forty or fifty feet in the air to make that 45-degree angel cut, because that was part of the original ‘controlled demolition’ of WTC-7. Note the clean 90-degree cuts labeled “Severed Column End” that you could have found scattered throughout this debris pile. However, also note these steel members are buried under the debris of the walls collapsing upon them ‘during’ the controlled demolition process. These cuts could not have been made by this demolition crew, because they still have mountains of debris to remove before even thinking about cutting any structural steel; which would only serve to shift weight in this very dangerous situation. The very best work on these WTC controlled demolition attacks is presented by Dr. Steven E. Jones (Brigham Young University) here:


Upon careful examination of all the evidence, I believe you will also conclude that WTC-7 was definitely brought down using Controlled Demolition techniques also found in WTC-1 and WTC-2. This evidence explains why we have reports on hundreds of ‘explosions’ taking place throughout the day.


This is the only explanation that explains all the evidence in this WTC-7 Controlled Demolition Case.

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Flight 77 Thread: http://pilotsfor911truth.org/forum...showtopic=8772


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