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Posted by: jimrich Sep 19 2012, 02:31 PM

For me, everything changed after I read a few Conspiracy books like None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen (not selling this to you)
which has made it difficult to take elections, wars, attacks on the U.S., politics, etc. very seriously any more. I have tried to voice my opinions about wars, politics, elections and officials but most ppl don't want to hear it so..........

IMO, 9-11 was just another stunt, like Pearl Harbor, to get America into a war and send more and more $$$ to the Ruling Class/Elite.
But the thing I see now it that, so long as there are so many ppl, eager and willing to fight a war or consume the products of the Elite, it won't matter what "puppet" we elect to whatever office, city or national, because the Elite know that we can not resist the temptation to go to war or use their stuff so the shell game just continues on and on. We may look like victims of our officials and the Elite but, many of us are eager, willing ACCOMPLICES rushing to play the game with them.
It appears that a President has vast power and influence BUT only if most of us are more than eager to fight, consume, rely on government and play the games they place before us!

"What if they threw a WAR & nobody showed up?"

LOL, not going to happen in my life time! There's just too many of us eager and willing to go fight with the enemy! Look over history and see how many "enemies" there have been. Who put them there? How? Why? When? This is an ancient shell game as Gary Allen explains in his book (above) and will be going on for a long time UNTIL we get sick of playing their games and bow out - perhaps just one at a time. As for me - I'm bowing out - right now!

Posted by: amazed! Sep 24 2012, 03:06 PM

Good post Jim. At age 65, I agree with your analysis.

However, I am going to vote this election, AGAINST the status quo, and FOR Gary Johnson the Libertarian candidate.

Posted by: poppyburner Nov 7 2013, 08:31 PM

Jimrich, I very much like your comment, but I'd like to know how sincere you are.

Do you ostracize: mainstream Western: politicians, journalists and celebrities; the police, the armed forces, the British monarchy, The Roman Catholic Church, the Olympics, Paralympics, drone strike-solicitor Malala Yousafzai and (as much as is possible) those creeps who support them?

Do you also support those governments who value their independence from the hegemonic United States (e.g. Syria, Iran, North Korea, Cuba)?

I ask these questions, because I typically find that those who seemingly share my core politics, are inexplicable, indefensible, hypocrites; as this video illustrates:

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