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To All Trolls & Shills: Please Read !, helpful advice for your first post

Carl Bank
post Feb 23 2007, 06:27 PM
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Hi and welcome.

Read, understand and consider this before your first post here.

Thank you in advance.

© by Painter

I'd like to chime in on this one.

I want to make it abundantly clear that I have NO PATIENCE for people who do not ask questions regarding the events of 9/11. 9/11 was and continues to be THE CATALYZING EVENT which the government/MIC/Bush administration points to to rationalize their evisceration of the Constitution and waging a war of aggression in the middle east at ENORMOUS expense to the United States people in terms of prestige, money and blood.

From the point of view of establishing a rational for taking extreme positions in both domestic and foreign policy, 9/11 IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SET OF HISTORICAL EVENTS since Pearl Harbor and the Gulf of Tonkin. That the explanation of these events foisted by government has been allowed to proceed WITHOUT CHALLENGE OR A THROROUGH AND GENUINE INVSTIGATION INTO THE EVENTS LEADING UP TO, DURING AND SUBSQUENT TO 9/11 BY ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY OR MAJOR MEDIA CORPORATION should give any intelligent, rational person considerable pause.

If you are someone who has questions about 9/11 and are coming here to learn what we at Pilots for 9/11 Truth have to offer, FINE! If you have questions about this research and want to ask them intelligently, openly, in good faith, FINE! I don't have any problem with that and I don't believe anyone else here does either.

I want to be very clear: I DO NOT KNOW PRECISELY WHAT HAPPENED ON 9/11! I do not claim to know. But I can't understand how four planes can be "hijacked" on the same day by "terrorists" about whose identities the FBI remains admittedly in doubt to this day. I can't understand how those planes managed to remain aloft for as long as they did without any one of them so much as being challenged by our national air defense. I can't understand how one of them got all the way to Washington DC, made a grand loop, and flew into the Pentagon without having been blown out of the sky. I can't understand how steel structures can "fall" at the same rate as if they were made out of nothing but pretzels or how they can turn to dust in mid air or how there can be numerous reports of explosions at sub basement levels (which never get investigated) or how there can be hot spots beneath the rubble that continue to smolder at very high temperatures, out-gssing toxic fumes for weeks and months afterward WITHOUT AN ADDITIONAL SOURCE OF ENERGY BEYOND GRAVITY ACTING ON MASS IN STRUCTURAL FAILURE. I don't understand how a president can sit in a classroom full of children for twenty minutes after both he and his Secret Service detail know that "America is under attack" by unknown assailants using hijacked aircraft as weapons of mass destruction. I could go on and on and on and on about what I don't understand. But what I DO UNDERSTAND is that the story we've been told by government and media alike is NOT CREDIBLE. It is as unbelievable as a fairy-tale. WORSE, THEY HAVE REFUSED TO OFFER LEGITIMATE EVIDENCE TO PROVE THEIR NARRATIVE. That is, THEIR CONSPIRACY THEORY. Quite the contrary, not only have they not offered evidence to support their contentions, they have done everything within their considerable power to thwart investigations and to make sure that what investigations there are come up with the pre-approved recommendations. (All these "reports" are about *how to fix the problems that exist IF the official story is correct* -- not whether or not the official story IS correct -- THAT is simply ASSUMED.) So this puts me in the position of now having to ask, WHY does the government and media want to dissemble, obfuscate, misdirect, lie repeatedly, and covered up the worst "terrorist attack" in the history of this country -- the cornerstone of THEIR extremist domestic and foreign policies?

Anyone who is not asking themselves that question really and truly does not belong here. If you are here and you don't give a flying f*ck about the Constitution or the United States of America or attempting to uncover what really happened that day THEN GO THE HELL AWAY. If, on the other hand, you have sincere questions and really want to inform yourself -- then the internet is your oyster and we are just one very small part of something that has been growing out here in cyberspace for the last six years. You are welcome. We have what we have. It is what it is. Take it for what it is worth. If you don't find it interesting or compelling, FINE. There are lots of other places you can go to! Have a wonderful life!


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Carl Bank
post Mar 22 2007, 07:08 AM
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© by Sanders

Let me add something to that -

The road to understanding is fraught with potholes, contradictions and dissinformation.  Don't hesitate to ask questions - no matter what aspect of the 9/11 attacks or related issues anyone is confused about, there is probably someone here that has researched it in depth.  We do welcome anyone who is honestly searching for answers ... however, we have all dealt with our share of posters who have their minds made up already, who refuse to do their own research and come here to simply challenge us.  Many who fit this description are part of an organized effort to disrupt groups like Pilots for Truth, and we have little patience with them.

Let us know in your posts that you are here honestly looking for answers and not here to disrupt and you will recieve a warm welcome.
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Carl Bank
post Apr 1 2007, 06:23 PM
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edit to add: "JDX" or "johndoeX" is Rob Balsamo before Rob went public with his name.

© by Gideon524

Rarely ever do I get involved in disputes but when I see people attacking my friend JDX, whom I've met in person many times and shared information with and been to his sh**ty little apartment, I'll be damned if I stand idely by and let people trash someone they've never met before.  They claim pilotsfor911truth.org is in the 9/11 truth movement for the money only.  HORSES**T.  He sold me his beautiful LCD widescreen for a measly $700 because he was so deperate to keep his lights on and from getting evicted.  He barely has a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.  He has been working non-stop to get 9/11 truth information out and his video will be available FOR FREE when it's released next week.  So these attacks that PFT is strictly for profit is completely without merit and absurd in the highest degree.   

My 9/11 truth credentials are few...I've posted a few news video on my website

I'm low on the food chain and not afraid to admit it but I'm not going to listen to the ridiculous claims that JDX and pilotsfor911truth.org is out for the cash.  He is dedicated to one thing, getting information out.  He has framed World Trade Ceter pictures all over his apartment and I can assure you that if JDX wanted to make lots of money, being a pilot(yes, i have seen with my own eyes his Aircraft Flight Manuals, Dispatch releases, Flight Ops Manuals, medical and pilot certificates inside his wallet, his pilot uniform and his towel rack in the bathroom in the shape of an airplane), he would not be staring at his computer screen for 16 hours a day struggling to make ends meet.  If it weren't for his stomach problems, he'd still be flying. 

If JDX is lying, what's he lying about and why are people comparing him to Satan and making these ridiculous, unsourced claims?  We're not still in high school, are we?  I thought we were all supposed to be on the same team here.  This ridiculous infighting, fingerpointing and name calling does nothing for the truth movement but harm it.  If professionals are going to be treated in the same manner as JDX is right now, God help the 9/11 Truth Movement because without experts, the skeptics will win and the perpetrators of 9/11 will win as they will never be brought to justice because we will be too busy fighting amongst ourselves.

Anyways, that's my two cents.  Some of you met me in NYC on the fifth anniversary carrying around my laptop at Ground Zero.  Dylan knows who I am and I've tossed him some information here and there and he's shown his appreciation.  Ban me from the forums for voicing my opinions, I don't care as I rarely even engage in posting.  But, if this post is deleted, it won't matter because I will be emailing a copy of this to Dylan, another supporter who respects JDX's work.

I'd also like to encourage the Administrators of these forums to check the IP addresses to show that JDX and, I, Gideon524 are indeed two different people.  If you want to talk to me personally, my AIM, MySpace, and Yahoo screenames are all Gideon524.  My yahoo email address is Gideon524@yahoo.com.  I have nothing to hide and I'm only sticking up for a friend and legit PROFESSIONAL in the 9/11 Truth Movement and welcome people to give me a shout.  I'm a good listener.

Remember what Dave VonKleist said at the Community Church on September 9, 2006:  "DIVIDED WE FALL.  What part of United We Stand can't we not cognate?...  We can't get distracted and we cannot get divided by petty differences, he said, she said fingerpointing... Don't be a keyboard commando.  When you see or hear an accusing, pointing finger, it's time to look at the finger rather than the direction it's pointing."

Here is the entire speech that I recorded personally.  You people, and you know exactly who you are, that are causing hate and discontent within the movement could learn a little something from Dave.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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Carl Bank
post Apr 9 2007, 08:16 PM
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The Unearthing: An Awakening Has Arrived

©by Manuel Valenzuela via Painter
The suppression of truth has long been among the highest priorities for the upper echelons of power and authority. For a minority elite that clings to power by the manipulation of the masses using an omnipresent cocktail of lies, deception, mass- produced ignorance and ingrained propaganda, the destruction of truth is an essential method of control. It is a formula that has worked to unmitigated success for the elite throughout history, whether the shadows of power stretch from ancient pyramids, marble temples, castles, mansions or halls of governance.
Those holding the levers of power and control understand, better than most, that the dissemination of truths to a blind majority could spell the end of their reign, for truth brings sight to the blind.
With Truth Comes Awakening

These entities understandthat truth is like a massive breath of fresh mountain air, pure andenergizing, refreshing and invigorating, and that once inhaled by themasses, the balance of control can easily be disturbed and seriouslythreatened. Revolution of the many against the few oftentimes results,mostly to the enormous detriment of the powerful. They know thatwidespread circulation of the truths of what they have done in the pastand are at present doing to the majority could light a flame onto amassive cauldron overflowing with dry kindling, sparking an enormousinferno of anger. Truth, in short, could lead to an awakening ofhundreds of millions of human beings who for too long have had theirminds held captive by the instruments of control used by those inpower.

It is for this reason that truth is hidden, fought,ridiculed, destroyed and suppressed, why it is emaciated and torn tobits, why its advocates and defenders are smeared, ostracized andsilenced, their reputations purposefully shattered, their lives pickedapart and criticized. Truth must never be allowed to gain momentum orbe exposed, which is why truth seekers must be made examples. Those inpower will fight tooth and nail to destroy the messenger of truth, yetwill never answer the questions or investigate the propositionpresented by the message itself. Better that truth remain a microcosmof darkness in the American subconscious rather that it be allowed tosprout from the fertile soils of free-thinking minds.

Thus, ascan readily be seen on a daily basis, both in the corporatiststenograph called the mass media and inside the halls of governance –for those willing to open their eyes and see, for those that haveescaped the slavery of thought – is the perpetual attempt to makeextinct all traces of inconvenient truths that might upset thelong-standing balance that maintains the few in mastery over the many.The crimes of the elite over the masses must never see light of day.Truth, therefore, is and always will remain the true enemy of those inpower; lies, propaganda, manipulation and ignorance are their weapons,the methods by which they have always ruled over the masses, the masterkey to control.

So it comes as no surprise that over thecourse of the last sixty years, since the inception of television,since the rise of the military-industrial-energy complex, since thegrowth and corruption of the corporate world, since the marriage ofgovernment with the corporate world, better known as fascism, that allmanner of truth has been hidden in the deep recesses of America’s blackholes and tight-locked vaults.

In order to keep the beautifulminds of Americans from being distracted, upset or informed, in orderto prevent truth from ever reaching the cauldron of mass awakening, thecorporate media has purposefully been mutated into a propaganda andmanipulation machine unlike the world has ever seen. Mass media hasbecome, in the course of a few decades, a tool of dumbed-downdistraction, suppression of truth, creator of ignorance, disseminatorof disinformation and a stenograph for the corporatist elements thatrule America. It is, quite simply, the elite’s evolved mechanism ofcontrol that maintains the masses in quiet and unknown servitude.

Thereis no innocence and altruism with the corporate media; it has beendesigned for one purpose: to control human beings, from cradle tograve, to the dictates of our corporatist masters, making us over thecourse of our lives obedient consumers, producers and slaves to thecorporate world. It has been designed, through years of trial anderror, to make of us all a grandiose army of good Americans, compliant,acquiescent, passive and ignorant, a nation of serfs in feudalservitude to corporatist lords.

Make no mistake, to thosegoverning over our lives, we are nothing but the cogs in the system ofconsumer and producer, nothing but the energy that feeds the giantengine of mass production and consumption that only serves to fattenthe wallets of the corporatist world and the levers of control over ourlives. Thus, inconvenient truths about their methods of control andmanipulation will always be massacred in favor of charades andfictions, in favor of propaganda and dumbed down infotainment, lest thetruth of what America has become be allowed to permeate throughout thedormant minds of 300 million citizens.

Yet truth always has away of unearthing itself from the mass graves of suppression, for itsvirtue, and by consequence its pursuit, is inherent in the minds andspirit of billions of human beings. The thirst for truth is as human asthe hunger for justice. It is an absolute of the human experience,especially in the wake of lies and known deceptions, when those inpower seek to squash it or when evidence proves incontrovertible. Thus,truth is a passion sought when experience, knowledge, research and thenaked eye tell us that the lies and deceits bombarded into our lives donot make sense. For truth does not lie, as evidence and facts and theunmistakable laws of science point in a certain direction, toward acertain reality. Truth in the usurpation of justice compels the humanspirit to pursue it unequivocally, in an attempt to right what has beenmade wrong, to restore justice where it has been trampled.

Humanbeings do not respond well to lies and deception, and the bigger thelie, the more malignant the truth, the greater is the quest to uncoverwhat has been hidden, especially when the truth is as self-evident tocommon sense as to logic and reason and analysis and research.Humankind, by and large, craves the truth in everyday life, detestinglies, charades and manipulations. We also seek the concepts of justicewhere injustice dwells, desiring to bring justice to a world we know isfull of injustice. The quest for truth and justice compels us forward,brings us strength, mobilizes energy and unites truth seekers.

Itis our love for humankind, our respect for life, our desire for abetter world, our hatred of wickedness and injustice and deception andall the evils the truth we seek has created and brought forth thatcompels in us the responsibility to bring honor and dignity to thosewhose voice and energy have been silenced, to bring justice tocriminals and murderers and malfeasant evildoers, to restore balance toa tilting world, to awaken those yet to see the grand lie for what itis, to bring bravery to those still too frightened of the consequencesof knowing the truth.

Catastrophe of a Post 9/11 World

Most importantly, perhaps, those that already know the truth– as horrible as its reality is, as mind bending as its ramificationsare – those whose minds have been emancipated beyond the lies,distortions, manipulations and massive propaganda, fight to expose thetruth and free the minds of tens of millions of Americans because theysee what it has wrought, what it has spawned in the name of everyAmerican citizen. They see new Pearl Harbors leading to perpetual warand perpetual fear for perpetual profit, power and control. They see acentury-long war on concocted dark skinned enemies from alien lands,conveniently scapegoated as America’s new bogeyman, conveniently livingatop billions of barrels of petroleum, their lands strategic and vitalfor the aspirations of a delusional empire. They see the purposefulmurder of their fellow countrymen as the marketing ploy by which empireseekers unleash hell on Earth, resulting in untold death, suffering andever-growing levels of hatred against American citizens.

Theysee the destruction of America as we know it. They see the decimationof the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, the shredding of civilliberties and rights, the rape of Lady Liberty, the extinction ofhabeas corpus and due process. They see a future saturated by a policestate, a place where neighbor spies on neighbor, where children areprogrammed in the tenets of fascism. They see once cherished freedomscriminalized, the ability to think freely eviscerated. They see anation controlled by perpetual fear, with a corporatist governmentcontrolling how we think and act using color-coded alerts and falsealarms designed to terrorize the citizenry into giving up even morefreedoms. They see a century of psychological war upon the Americanpeople by our own leaders, using their power to concoct wars based onlies, using their control over us to murder hundreds of thousands ofhuman beings, all the while imprisoning us further in the cages ofauthoritarian rule.

They see America’s rural and urban poor,young in mind and body, conscripted into perpetuity, their destinybecoming cannon fodder for their corporatist masters, dying not forfreedom’s ring or democracy’s protection but for protecting pipelines,spigots and the ballooning profits of the military industrial energycomplex. The Truth Movement sees thousands of lives once promising andfull of talent wasted killing innocent people, sent to die unprotectedinto a burning inferno, believing lies of protecting freedoms andbringing democracy, returning home maimed in body and mind, deeppsychological fissures ripping through their minds and lives, left torot in the halls of apathy and corruption.

What truth seekerssee, and which so many so-called left gatekeepers, writers, reportersand intellectuals fail to comprehend, is that the inside job of 9/11,for that is what this truth is called, allowed predetermined andplanned wars of aggression to become reality. It allowed a decades-longplan of perpetual war and fear and empire building and mass murder tobegin, and continue relentlessly, leaving the American people as thesacrificial lambs to blowback, karmic terror and untold sacrifice. Thenew Pearl Harbor, for that is what 9/11 was, was but the first bomb toexplode in a psychological war aimed at the American people. Indeed,9/11 was designed, like the Reichstag fire in 1930’s Nazi Germany, andas other false flag operations throughout history, as the first salvoin a war of propaganda and fear upon the American people. Withoutexposing the criminality, 9/11 will not be the last attack by the enemywithin against the American people. If left unchecked, America as weknow it will not survive. Indeed, if not stopped, we will not see peaceand security in our lifetimes. This post 9/11 world vision will nevercease, taking us all down with it, including our children, who will oneday wonder what freedoms and rights were.

It was 9/11, afterall, that shifted our world into what we have today. Without 9/11, theAmerican people would have never become the crazed and hypnotizedwarmongers that they inevitably became, allowing criminals andmurderers in government to invade, attack and occupy lands that had noreason for attack. Hypnotized inside the clouds of 9/11 and easilymanipulated by terror and insecurity, the American people gave thecriminals and murderers in power free reign to murder and pillage andrape and torture and destroy in our name. 9/11 allowed Bush and hiscabal of criminality carte blanche to do as they pleased, unrestrictedand unquestioned, given power never before granted a group ofindividuals. This impact on the American populace 9/11 was specificallydesigned to achieve.

With the invasions of Afghanistan andIraq having been green-lighted many months before 9/11 even came intoexistence, the criminals and murderers in themilitary-industrial-energy complex and the pro Likud/AIPACneoconservative needed a catalyzing event that would mobilize theAmerican citizenry, turning hundreds of millions of ordinary, peaceloving people into the united voice demanding vengeance and death tothe Arab world. Quite conveniently, those lands the cabal ofcriminality sought to conquer were the exact ones the concocted enemywas from.

Through 9/11, the American population would enter asubmissive, acquiescent and warlike state, becoming the army of goodAmericans our rulers have always dreamed of possessing. 9/11 allowedAmerica and her people to be hypnotized by a catalyzing event that wasplayed and replayed hundreds of times, thereby ingraining itself intothe American psyche. Propaganda in the corporatist controlled massmedia made sure to hammer down its horrors, its wickedness, itsmasterminds and its reasons. A new enemy had been created; new excuseswere discovered as to why they had attacked us: they hate us for ourfreedoms, for our democracy, for our way of life the talking headsexhaled. Fear on steroids was allowed to permeate the airwaves, asalways making sure to emphasize who the enemy was, as always hidinguncomfortable truths from ever coming to light. It was our government,not the so- called evildoers, that since 2001 has blitzkrieged terrorinto our daily lives. It is it, more than anything else, that is thereal terrorist organization. Much of the world already acknowledgesthis reality.

The massive propaganda machine of thecorporatist world was unleashed, night and day, on a bewildered andfrightened populace. The war on terror had been born, an enemy had beenfound to replace the dreaded Communist, and scapegoats were chosen tohave the fires of hell unleashed onto their lands. In a matter of daysafter 9/11, the dreaded Patriot Act was introduced and soon passed, atonce decimating many civil liberties and rights of Americans. Yetnobody bothered to ask how a document so extensive and complicated, somassive in its regulations and laws, was written in such a short amountof time after 9/11. For if it had been written before 9/11, as manysuspect, would this not invite suggestions of premeditation andforeknowledge, of a desire to destroy liberties and freedoms, waitingpatiently for a new Pearl Harbor to do just that?

With the oilfields of Iraq and quite possibly Iran having been carved up andselected for exploitation by American and British oil conglomeratesmonths before 9/11, in the Cheney Energy Task Force, with the Talibangiven an ultimatum to open up Afghanistan to American oil and gaspipelines, with a choice of either riches or war in the months prior to9/11, and with the Bush Administration negligently unconcerned withterrorism prior to 9/11, yet fully committed to war with Iraq, as perPNAC and the neocons, only the arrival of a new Pearl Harbor was neededto implement what has since occurred.

With the arrival of 9/11the world changed for the worse, with the United States expanding itspower, reaching with imperial ambitions abroad while extending itscorporatist tentacles at home. The PNAC blueprint was implemented andto this day continues to guide many of the policies the Bushadministration has in place. With so many PNAC members, known asneocons, at one time or another given powerful positions in the Bushadministration, with so many of these criminals and murderers roamingthe halls of governance, it is easy to see how 9/11 became a new PearlHarbor, a new catalyzing event that transformed the American psyche. Itis easy to see how a new Pearl Harbor became the invasion andoccupation of both Afghanistan and Iraq. Only the laughableincompetence and ignorance of the neocons, along with the massive, wellorganized and brutal resistance of Iraq’s freedom fighters, haveprevented the timely continuation of the neocon agenda.

An Unearthing

The events and reality of 9/11 can no longer be questioned.The only conspiracy theory is the “official” one, for it makes nosense. To believe the official story, the official “truth”, one wouldhave to suspend reality, entering into Fantasyland, drinking thecorporate world’s kool-aid, believing a government that has not toldone truth in almost seven years of office. To believe the corporatistversion, one would have to overlook the myriad number of truths, orcoincidences, any of which standing alone disprove the official story.To believe a government, and by complicity the mass media, that has notonce told a truth about any of its activities, choosing instead toignore, omit and hide facts that do not validate the official story,choosing to smear and taint the lives of truth seekers instead ofconfronting and trying to challenge their truth, cherry picking factsmuch like they cherry picked facts on Iraq before it was invaded, is topurposefully decide to live in delusion, as if the official conspiracytheory is sacrosanct. The laws of common sense, physics, logic, reason,and of evidence, both physical and of countless witnesses, not tomention the knowledge of experts, would have to be abandoned andrewritten for the official conspiracy theory to survive scrutiny.

Thedestruction and implosion of the Twin Towers, falling into their ownfootprints, along with the destruction of WTC 7 by controlleddemolition on 9/11 is now a self evident truth. This truth is noconspiracy theory, as the corporatist media would have us believe. Itis quite obvious and apparent, to those whose eyes have been opened andwhose minds have found freedom of thought. Sure, it is not easy tofathom that the government of your nation, the one you grew up thinkingwas altruistic and noble, good and virtuous, free of evil andwickedness, could ever be capable of destroying the lives of 3000 ofyour fellow citizens in order to have an excuse for perpetual war,perpetual fear and perpetual profit that will benefit only a smallelite.

Unfortunately, the government of your childhood and ofyour delusions is one that has been inculcated into your head frombirth through brainwashing and propaganda. In reality, it is agovernment that cares not one ounce for you or your fellow citizens,preferring to golf and fundraise while your city drowns in massiveKatrina created floods, leaving you to rot in the squalor of sewage andhuman chaos. The government of your youth and dreams is one that hasfirebombed entire cities to rubble, killing hundreds of thousands inGermany and Japan. It is the only government to use nuclear weapons onforeign cities. It is the government that murdered 3 million Vietnameseand planted the seeds for Pol Pot to kill millions of Cambodians. It isthe government that has decimated democracy in the Philippines andIndonesia, helping to suppress freedoms, assisting in destroyinghundreds of thousands of lives.

This government of yourfantasy has never cared about democracy or freedom, over the last fiftyyears overthrowing more than fifty democratically elected leaders ofnations, either by coup, assassination or economic measures. As always,of course, these democratically elected leaders are replaced bymilitary juntas, dictators, strongmen and puppets of our choice, pickedbecause of their fidelity foremost to American interests, not those oftheir people. This government of yours, the one incapable of murdering3,000 of its own citizens for economic, strategic and financialmotives, has participated in or contributed in the death of one to twomillion souls in Central and South America, either through itsdictators or its sponsored death squads or paramilitary thugs, neverallowing Latin America the opportunity to prosper.

Thealtruistic government you cherish cares so much about human rights andfreedoms that its multitude number of dictators and puppets arerenowned for their human rights violations and their suppression ofcivil liberties and freedoms. The Middle East, that land of the Arabyou hate so much, is a cesspool of torture, abuses, human rightsviolations and lack of freedoms, all supported by the puppets, kingsand dictators your government is in bed with. Your government is thegovernment most despised around the world after the one in Israel,thanks to its newfound affection with torture, mass murder, thepreemptive invasion and occupation of Iraq, the death of one million ofits citizens, the displacement of two million more and the importationof hell on Earth into its streets. Through a war of choice, based onlies and criminality, a civil war ready to burst and engulf an entireregion in flames is afoot, yet your altruistic government is on theverge of attacking Iran, a nation that poses no military threat toAmerica.

Indeed, the government of our childhood and of ourdelusions cares nothing for its people. Simply look at the way ittreats its heroes, its bravest, those maimed and injured andpsychologically destroyed by war and its human wickedness. Simplyadmire the conditions at Walter Reid and at many other such places.Notice too how many Vietnam and now Iraq veterans roam the streets ofour cities homeless, with no place to go, no job, no life, forced toconfront the evils of war through firewater or narcotics. Look at aveteran’s anguished face after he has been subjected to Agent Orange,or Depleted Uranium, or used as a lab rat or guinea pig in radiationexperiments or anthrax vaccines and see how his body and minddeteriorate until he dies of what your government has subjected him to.

This government of the people, by the people and for thepeople, instead of using its vast wealth on education and healthcareand infrastructure and on providing decent jobs for its citizens,instead pillages the nation’s treasury, sending billions upon billionsto the war machine destroying one nation after another. These billions,of course, end up in the accounts of war profiteers and elites and thecronies of the cabal of criminality, quickly made to disappear intoforeign bank accounts. You, on the other hand, are but an automaton toyour government, castrated of free thought, saturated with brainwasheducation, made conformist, complacent and acquiescent, transformedinto the ignorant sheeple trained to be the obedient mass consumer andproducer that guides the entire system forward. Meanwhile, year afteryear education rots, healthcare is made worse, infrastructuredepreciates and the overall well-being of the nation plummets. This,indeed, is your government.

The Pursuit of Truth

The unearthing of truth can be an unsettling proposition,causing bouts of anger and animosity towards the truth seeker. Denialand the closing of the mind to new truths usually follows, as doesridicule of truth, suppression of it and fighting of it until one day,in the not too distant future, beyond the morning horizon, a sunrisesuddenly appears, full of radiant light, warm in its glow, powerful inits brightness, ready to guide you forward. This is the moment oftruth, when one finally reaches toward the sky, his or her mindsuddenly made clear, now unafraid of what the truth may mean for a oncebeautiful mind.

The truth you have been fighting suddenlybecomes self evident, bringing you the freedom of thought, of mind, ofthinking for yourself for the first time in your life. You have foughtagainst and declared victory against the pathology of years ofbrainwashing, of constant bombardments of propaganda, of being told toalways have unyielding faith and loyalty in governance. With the warmrays of truth, you are no longer a slave to the system, a mere robotregurgitating the thoughts implanted in your head by the monitor inyour home. You can now see what years of conditioning have preventedyou from knowing, of a government far different than the one you weremade to believe in. It is a government of the elite, for the elite andby the elite, pursuing the interests of the elite and the corporateworld that now controls the hallways of power.

In your ownresearch and investigation, using the full powers of the Internet atyour disposal, using the free thinking mind you were born with, youdiscover the self-evident reality of 9/11. You watch videos of towersimploding and collapsing, of WTC 7 being demolished masterfully, as ifexperts in controlled demolitions were at hand. You wonder why airdefenses failed so miserably even when hundreds of times beforeeverything worked to perfection. You wonder how one of the mostprotected buildings in the world was struck so easily and withoutdefense; yet in one of the most secure buildings in the country not oneclear video exists of footage supporting the official conspiracytheory. You read about and become aware of the plethora ofinconsistencies in the official conspiracy theory, and you realized howtaken together, nothing adds up. You ask yourself who benefited mostfrom the 9/11 attacks, and suddenly enemies within our own shores risefrom the World Trade Center’s rubble.

In scanning the Internetfor answers to government fictions you suspect of being lies, you seethat the 9/11 Truth Movement is gaining momentum, gaining strength innumbers, for you see that more and more people are actually reading,observing, doing their own research and finding out that what theythought they knew simply does not and cannot possibly add up. Yourealize that more than one hundred million Americans doubt the officialconspiracy theory, and that millions more are beginning to questionwhether or not it was an inside job. You see too that very fewAmericans, indeed, very few human beings, are aware that there evenexisted a WTC 7, and that it fell in perfect symmetry, into its ownfootprint, in classic controlled demolition style, even with minimaldamage to its integrity, with insignificant fire damage. And you noticetoo that video for this demolition is readily available, from multipleangles, yet continues to be suppressed by the corporatist media, forreasons having to do with ignoring truth and disseminating the officialfiction. Indeed, when WTC 7 is brought to the corporatist media’sattention, it is quickly returned to the black hole of silence, as ifits reality never existed.

You wonder why the corporatistmedia is so quick to go after the personal lives and personalities ofthose who question the official story while choosing to remain silenton the questions presented by the truth seekers. You see thecorporatist media smear and try to destroy the credibility of thosethat challenge the official story, and you wonder what is it exactlythat these stenographers have to hide. You wonder why no corporatistjournalist or news organization has taken it upon themselves to conducta thorough and intensive examination of the events of that day, and whyonly the official conspiracy theory is given relevance, as if it issacrosanct, untouchable. Meanwhile, any other theories or realities,most of which have more basis in truth than the official story, arebashed as the stuff of conspiracy theorists, become pariahs and arenever given the light of day. What does the corporatist media have tohide, you ask, and who are they protecting?

Your researchleads you to the gatekeepers of the left, those that feel the need tochastise and ridicule the Truth Movement, as if they want to make namesfor themselves, as if only they are allowed to know the truth, as iftheir arrogance has led them to believe the Almighty speaks throughthem. You realize instead that these bozos know very little aboutanything, and many, while competent enough, got their voices onlythrough nepotism and connections, not because of their egocentricability. You notice how these individuals smear the movement and resortto name calling, yet fail to comprehensibly put together a validrefutation of the Truth Movement’s claims. You understand their vestedinterests, you see through them, you decide to ignore them even thoughthey provide a valuable tool in the discussion and debate of 9/11.After all, this is America, and everybody is entitled to freedoms ofspeech and thought and dissent and debate. You just hope these freedomsare not the next ones to disappear into oblivion.

Truth,invariably, is ridiculed, silenced, fought and eventually, accepted.The 9/11 Truth Movement is no different, for its foundation isconstructed of solid granite, based on sound research andinvestigation. The Movement grows and grows and, no matter how hard thecorporatist media and its agents try to slow down its momentum or haltit altogether, more and more Americans are becoming aware of itsexistence. The Movement cannot be silenced, for truth cannot bedestroyed. What was done on 9/11 was a declaration of war against theAmerican people, by internal enemies that have hijacked government, ourfreedoms and rights, and the Constitution. The Movement exists becauseit sees the dangers of leaving those in power unpunished, of doingnothing, of letting human wickedness continue. It flourishes becausemillions seek justice, truth and humanity, a better America, a betterworld.

Every act of criminality done in the past six years hasas its genesis the horrific mass murder of 9/11. Every illegal war,every act of torture, illegal imprisonment, destruction of rights andfreedoms, all mass murder done in America’s name is attributed to thedestruction of the Twin Towers. If the enemy within is capable of suchbarbarity, if they had the audacity to perpetuate the greatest crime inAmerican history, all to implement their delusional vision, all toenrich and empower their fellow criminals, what is to say that theywill not do it again, in greater capacity, killing in greater numbers?One more so-called attack on American soil will destroy the Americathat we have lived in and enjoy, the one we love and cherish, the oneof internal freedoms and rights, of the pursuit of happiness, the oneenjoyed by present day citizens.

Already American democracyand freedom are in their last throes, hemorrhaging from years ofcorporatist mutilation. Elections have become a sham, a farce. Freedomsare disappearing, becoming extinct. The enemy within wishes for nothingmore than an authoritarian, fascist nation, the easier to makedecisions, the easier to implement their vision, the easier to controlthe population. The enemy within detests democracy, and this we mustunderstand. Democracy and freedom are enemies. Ask yourself who hasbeen the organization destroying our democracy and freedoms, our civilrights and liberties? Who has enacted Patriot Acts One and Two, who hasdestroyed due process, right to an attorney, habeas corpus? Who hastried to silence truth, dissent, protest and free speech? Who has madetorture legal, false imprisonment necessary, confessions by torturelegal and evidence concocted through hearsay or torture legal? Who hasmade it legal to spy on American citizens, opening our email accounts,overhearing our phone conversations, looking into our lives? It has notbeen the dreaded Arab evildoers. It has been the Bush administration.It has been your own government.

The truth is apparent, it canno longer be denied. The 9/11 Truth Movement thrives because it hastruth and a quest for justice on its side. It has the power of thenaked eye, for WTC 7 video footage cannot lie. It has physics, science,witnesses and research into government action and inaction. It hastechnology, experts and whistleblowers. It has honor, integrity andmomentum. Of course there will always be 30 percent of the populationthat will never be made to believe in the criminality of its right wingheroes, even if the button for the controlled demolitions is put infront of their face. These 30 percent are sheeple, individualscomprising the army of good Americans, the most ignorant and closedminded people around. The Movement will never convince them. Thechallenge is reaching the millions who do have free-thinking minds,those who can put common sense and science and reason together.

Thechallenge ahead will not be easy, but the powerful never make it easy.They never grant the masses anything of value. We have to fight for itourselves. Every civil liberty and right and freedom gained in the lastcentury was achieved through the Power of the People. This Movementwill be no different. Those that are our masters concede nothing, theytake everything. They will throw obstacles at us, they will threatenand ridicule us, try to destroy our reputations and integrity. Theywill use the full power of the corporatist media to try and divide us,to divert us, to deceive us, to manipulate us. United we stand strong,divided we will fall. Strength in numbers, strength in conviction, itis time to bring these criminals and murderers to justice.

Forwhat is braver, questioning authority or following it? What is moreconvenient, thinking for oneself or believing only what televisionwants you to believe? Who is more a patriot, the person who challengesthe blatant lies of leaders in times of trouble or the person whoobediently believes everything he is told him by a government that hasnot once told the truth? What is a true patriot, those that read theConstitution and seek to bring a bad government into account or someonewho stands next to the flag and blindly follows the known criminalityof the Commander in Chief? It is those that dissent and protest anddebate, because they love their freedoms and rights, while being calledtraitor and treasonous and terrorist that are the true patriots ofAmerica. There are millions of them across the land, fighting to exposethe greatest crime ever committed upon the American people, fighting torestore what has been and continues to be lost.

It is they whoshow the bravery and courage and strength and willingness to toleratethe smears and ridicule that are slowly, but surely, helping to returnAmerica to its rightful owners, namely, the People. It is these TruthSeekers whom history will remember as the ones responsible for riddingAmerica of its greatest enemies, those that lie embedded within ourshores, inside the cabal of criminality. When the day comes, and itsoon will, when 9/11 is exposed for the inside job that it was, Americaand her people, and by consequence the world entire will smell theclear, pure mountain air of a truth too long hidden, of a sunrisegiving birth to a new nation, a restored nation, returned to herPeople, where truth and justice prevails, where the Power of the Peopleis omnipotent, where the interests of the People prevail, wherecriminals and murderers sit waiting in the gallows, waiting for thejustice of 6,000 dead Americans and 1,000,000 dead Iraqis to bereclaimed.

The restoration of America thus begins with truth. Its unearthing is underway.

America’s awakening will inevitably follow.
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Just scanned this material and need to re-read it more carefully but it's point is well made. I came across a website last week that was either some very decieved military (it was presented that way, put up by and catering to) or intentional disinformation. They attacked this site and members in the most demeaning juvinile ways, name calling and waht not-with no hint of factual rebuttles. Usually that, in itself reveals where he truth is or the way to it and who not to listen to.
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