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Life After Death!

Tamborine man
post Jan 5 2017, 10:22 PM
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Continued from previous post:

Rather than engage in seemingly endless debates on the problem of marriage, the members of the various societies should first of all
exclude the church from all connection with the entering into and the dissolution of marriages and make marriage a social institution.
Next, an obligatory civil wedding should take the place of the church wedding, but with permission temporarily granted - if it is so desired -
to obtain the blessings of the Church after the civil ceremony. But, as it has already been stated, this permission to obtain the blessing of
the Church should only be temporary, since as human beings mature spiritually they will undoubtedly request fewer and fewer of such
blessings until they finally desire them no more. For it must be remembered that God takes no greater interest in marriages blessed by the
Church than in marriages entered into on the basis of a "civil wedding ceremony". But when matrimony wholly and completely becomes a
social institution, provisions should be made at the same time that in no way impede the dissolution of a marriage, if it transpires that the
partners are unable to live together without making life a "hell" for each other and for any children they may have. Not only should ordinary
breaches and transgressions of the marriage pact be regarded as grounds for divorce, but also spiritual differences between the partners
should especially be taken into consideration. And the provisions made should also ensure that one partner cannot refuse to consent to
divorce, and thereby hinder or delay the dissolution of the marriage. Once the necessary formalities have been concluded - and financial
provision made for any dependent children and for the wife - the divorce should not be preceded by a lengthy separation, since such a
period of separation is in many cases of no benefit whatsoever, but only serves to aggravate the situation. For if the marriage is dissolved
with a new marriage in view - either for the one partner or for both partners - the separated parties will often live together in secret with
their future marriage partner, despite the provisions of the separation period. This so-called separation period should therefore be abolished;
although after the dissolution of the marriage there should be an obligatory waiting period of about four months, which is more than
sufficient to determine whether or not the wife is pregnant. If it can be proved that she had conceived with her husband, and not with the
man chosen with a view to future marriage, then the child should be named after the husband, who should then also assume the financial
responsibility for the birth and upbringing of the child until the age of majority.

These are therefore the first principles that should be observed in providing a basis for more orderly and secure relations within marriage.
Many will undoubtedly object, however, that the situation would deteriorate rather than improve if divorce were made possible without
difficulties of any kind. There is only one answer to this; that sound, pure and happy marriages would not be affected in any way by easier
access to divorce, while bad, unhappy marriages where either or both parties have relations with some other partner would only gain by
such an arrangement. For if the partners know that their marriage can be dissolved at any time they wish there is a better prospect that
they will be more tolerant toward each other and thus overcome their disagreements and difficulties. But if they feel tied and hampered by
rigid rules and regulations, or if they feel bound by religious considerations, such obligations will often be the only reason they continue
living together and will thereby create a still worse domestic situation, both for themselves and the children, for whom the parents should
provide a good and peaceful home
. Also, such a continued marital relationship lived with ill will toward the other, lived in mutual anger and
hatred, will only give impetus to illicit relationships outside marriage.

The ideal for human marriage is of course to be able to go through life with the one and first chosen partner. Indeed, the ideal1 which people
should strive for is this: under all circumstances and difficulties of life, in sorrow and in gladness to stay together, kindly and calmly without
quarrels and strife to yield to each other, to be like good friends throughout life and to be fully agreed on the upbringing of the children, to
correct and guide them with loving patience and understanding without foolishly spoiling or idolizing them. However, human beings on the
average are still quarrelsome in mind and in thought, are self-assertive by nature and in their conduct. Therefore, God also knows how,
difficult it is for them to be mutually tolerant, which is the reason why He believes that the best road to improvement in the area of marriage
is to make marriage not a compulsory but an entirely voluntary relationship, legalized through a civil office with easy access to dissolution,
even if it is desired or demanded by only one of the parties.

To be continued ....

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Tamborine man
post Jan 5 2017, 10:40 PM
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Continued from previous post:

The proposals for trial marriages and companionate marriages should also be discussed in this context. These suggestions were brought forward
primarily to allow early co-habitation for the young, a relationship that might otherwise prove difficult, for financial reasons among others. People
are of course free to choose also in this matter, but once easy access to divorce has been instituted, these suggestions for "marriages" should no
longer be discussed. It could be arranged for the young partners, after a civil marriage, to remain in their respective homes.2 For companionate
marriages that are not legalized in the ordinary manner could easily cause the very young to be drawn further and further downward, because
their sense of responsibility would be lessened and the will to curb the demands of the sexual drive might grow weaker rather than stronger. A
chaste young woman would also in most cases suffer under such insecure circumstances. Yet another factor should be taken into consideration:
if companionate marriages were tolerated, it is likely that quite casual relationships would soon be regarded as "companionate marriages" to
people in general. And despite all provisions the young would easily be tempted to live not in one, but in several "companionate marriages" at
the same time; but under such circumstances society would again experience polygamy, although under a new name and under a new form.

1) See Speech of Christ in "Toward the Light" p, 127:6 to p. 128:1.
2) The above suggestion was presented by human beings during the various discussions and is included as it has some merit.

Therefore, the basic condition for improving the circumstances for marriage should be to exclude the guardianship of the Church from the domain
of matrimony, to provide obligatory civil marriage for all, easy access to divorce, and secure provision for the wife and dependent children in the
case of divorce. But this is far from sufficient. For the problem that in most cases will cause the largest amount of friction and the deepest discord
between marriage partners - who often began living together in love for each other with a sincere desire to create a good life together - is the
problem of the children

In the myth of the Creation of Man, Genesis 1:28, the narrator makes God say to the newly-created man and woman: "Be fruitful, and multiply,
and replenish the Earth, and subdue it . . ." This "command" has been faithfully followed by human beings; they have indeed multiplied, and -
almost - replenished the Earth. To this day, millions of people are following the command of fruitfulness. But never was this command given to
the first human beings, nor did God give it to mankind. For God did not create "Adam and Eve", nor did He request them to multiply beyond all
limits. The sexual drive was implanted in mankind by Ardor when he and his fellow beings created the first human bodies. And later he instilled
the idea of fruitfulness in the minds of human beings after God had endowed them with a spark of His own Self. None of this therefore originates
from God, it is rooted in Darkness and not in the Light. Never has it been the wish of God that the Earth should be overpopulated, and never has
He requested human beings to produce so many children that they would be unable to provide their offspring with proper living conditions. And
never has He reproached the human spirits upon their return after death for not producing offspring. But God has time and again reproached them
for their thoughtlessness and irresponsibility in leaving behind far too abundant offspring. Therefore, let it clearly be stated once and for all: God
has neither part nor lot in the number of children that human beings bring into the world
. All who say "God has denied us children", or
"God has blessed our marriage with many children" should know that these pronouncements have nothing to do with the truth. But God requires
that every father and every mother account for the upbringing of their children and for the living conditions they have provided. He places the
responsibility for their children's conduct in life upon their shoulders; for no one has the right to throw his offspring to the four winds. And as
human beings take care of their children, so does God take care of human beings. Therefore, if human beings wish to ensure favourable
circumstances for themselves in future incarnations, then they must provide a good, secure environment for their children - otherwise retribution
will come upon them in one form or another. God thus demands that every parent should account for every single child, whether or not the child
is born in legal wedlock. All human children are equal before God; He recognizes absolutely no difference between "legitimate" and "illegitimate"
. God gives human beings free choice in respect of how many children1 they will bring into the world, but He demands that these children
be provided for in every way - none shall suffer neglect because their parents cannot or will not provide for their needs. Such is the law of God;
this is God's message to mankind.

1) There are, of course, cases in which people are unable to have children, even though they may wish to do so. But since this pertains to
diseased or abnormal conditions of the body, It is not discussed here.

Since the question of whether or not birth control should be permitted is under such heated debate at this time it is emphasized from the
transcendental world that birth control is permitted to the extent desired by each individual, and by the means or method best suited to this
purpose, provided that the means or method employed is not injurious to health. It is not demanded, for instance, that one, two, three or four
children must first be born within a marriage before any limitation of the total number can be allowed. Even those who do not wish to have any
children from their marriage will after death receive no reproach from God for this decision.

Birth control is thus allowed by God to the extent desired by each person. And one thing is certain: this limitation will produce more, better and
happier marriages. For in many cases the woman's continual pregnancies and the many mouths to feed lead to a constant struggle for existence.
These difficult circumstances thus very often impose disproportionately hard work upon the man, the provider - and in many workers' homes also
upon the wife - in earning the daily bread and maintaining the home. Frugality is a good thing, but a life of toil and drudgery, in constant struggle
for daily necessities, a life of annual childbirth and constant care of the offspring, is not the best background for a happy marriage. And many a
man and woman have been defeated in this struggle for existence, in this joyless life that they have created for themselves by bringing so many
children into the world. Many a marriage that began in mutual love has thus ended in daily quarrels, in impossible demands, in anger - and in
hatred. Neither must it be forgotten that a woman who is pregnant year after year and is tied to "the cradle and the nursery" for years on end
cannot continue to be a good companion1 to her husband, neither sexually nor in the area of spiritual matters. Furthermore, if on account of the
long succession of pregnancies the woman withdraws from sexual relations with her husband, this often provides the first occasion for him to seek
extra-marital relations - which thus leads to polygamy and to so-called "illegitimate" children. Rather limit the number of children - and enjoy
a happier marriage!

In order to assist in creating the best possible circumstances in the future, both for marital relations and for any resulting children, the following
guidance is given for the most appropriate course of action.

1) There are, of course, some women who despite much childbearing can also be good helpmates to their husbands in everyday life, but this is
the rare exception to the rule.

To be continued ....

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Tamborine man
post Jan 5 2017, 10:59 PM
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Continued from previous post:

Let us begin at the beginning, which is the attitude of parents toward their children on the subject of sexuality.

Every father and mother must as a necessary duty take it upon themselves to explain to their children how they originated, and the reasons
for the differences between the male and the female body. But this can only be done by fully and wholly considering the matter from a natural
point of view. Bring the whole question into the full light of day, so that the sexual relationship does not become shrouded in any kind of
mystery. When the child begins to ask questions on these matters they must be answered clearly, calmly and decently, and in a manner
appropriate to the child's age. No child must be dismissed with evasive words such as "this is something you are not old enough to understand";
nor fobbed off with the old tales of "the angel" or "the stork", and so on. All such should long ago have become a thing of the past, although this
is far from the case in very many homes. If the child does not ask spontaneously, the parents themselves should lead the child's thoughts toward
these problems, so that he or she is prepared for what lies ahead before reaching the normal age of puberty. No parents should keep a child in
ignorance of the phenomena of this difficult age, since this can easily cause damage to a young mind, a kind of damage that can affect the child's
whole life. For not only can the child be led into potentially damaging sexual practices, but its mentality can also deteriorate, or be partly or even
wholly destroyed. Not only the sexual differences between men and women should therefore be discussed and explained, the parents must also
teach the child that there is nothing secretive about bodily union, that it is neither nasty nor degrading, but that it is - within limits - essential for
the physical well-being of the body, and that the propagation of mankind is similarly dependent on it. The young should be taught to be pure of
mind and thought and not to yield to obscene imaginings and desires. This will be much easier for the young to avoid if they are fully informed
about sexual matters. For once all this is clear to them, there will be no reason for their thoughts secretly and incessantly to circle about the
subject, which can otherwise produce a situation that is almost unbearable for an impressionable young mind. Teach them also the responsibility
they take upon themselves by bringing more children into the world than they are able to support. Teach them to curb their sexual drive - to a
certain degree - so that it does not dominate their body, and teach them that they can control this drive by virtue of their spiritual development
and by exerting their will. Teach them that through this exercised self-restraint they can pass on a refined sexual instinct and thereby help future
generations overcome the difficulty that stems from the fact that the sexuality of the human body is modelled upon that of the animals. And teach
them that through a prayer to God - if it is sincere and deeply felt - they can always receive help in subduing the sexual drive.

But not only in their homes should the young be made aware of these problems, also schools and institutions should have a part in this aspect of
the education and development of the young. "Sex hygiene" should therefore in the future be an obligatory subject in all schools of all the civilized
countries the world over, not only in schools of higher learning but also in every hamlet and village school. Young male and female doctors could
undertake the teaching of this subject.

As a transition from the existing situation until these suggestions can possibly be implemented, the authorities in the various civilized countries
should accept the task of arranging free public lectures for both the married and the unmarried, so that all can be enlightened on the origin of and
the problems relating to sexual life. All who so desire should also receive clear and thorough instruction on the best ways and means of limiting the
number of children without endangering their health. Young medical specialists might undertake this educational work, for a suitable remuneration,
of course. Furthermore, contraceptives should be dispensed free of charge to those of limited means; they might, for example, be distributed
through Red Cross centers at central locations in all cities, and through suitably located regional centres in the rural districts. Such services should
not be rendered as "relief" or "charity", but as a right to which these people are entitled; for they should be given the same opportunity to limit the
number of their children as have their fellow human beings in better economic circumstances. It is of course possible that a number of people who
can well afford the cost will be tempted to have contraceptives dispensed free of charge on the pretext that they are unable to afford them.
However, it would be far better for this to happen than to deny free dispensation to one single individual who is entitled to it. As all the other
administrative details fall into place, also this aspect of the matter will surely be solved to everyone's satisfaction.

These suggestions may well serve as the best basis for the transition from the existing state to that of the future - which is prepared and shaped
through this work - and which will provide the young people and the coming generations with knowledge of sexual matters. As already stated, this
education should be given in a direct, seemly, clear, adequate and natural manner to every child before the normal age of puberty.

To be continued ....
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Tamborine man
post Jan 5 2017, 11:07 PM
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Continued from previous post:

Finally there is the problem of abortion.

From the earliest times of human history God's emissaries - the Youngest - have time and again taught mankind that no one must take
the life of another human being!
This ancient commandment applies also to abortion, even though the foetus is no more than an incipient
human being. Only in one specific case is it permissible to destroy the foetus, namely if the life of the mother is endangered either by physical
ailment during pregnancy or by various complications arising during the process of birth. In such cases the doctor must decide what action is
to be taken. The decision can if necessary be made by one doctor, but it would be desirable that a consultation with one or several colleagues
take place, since it is always a very difficult decision for a single individual to make, no matter how competent he or she may be. Once they
feel convinced that the best decision has been made, neither the doctor, or doctors, nor the mother will be held responsible for the interrupted
life of a future human being
. These people will therefore in future incarnations not be confronted with the task of saving a fellow human being
from sudden death1 as an atonement for the life they have terminated.

But many will undoubtedly ask whether this applies if motherhood has been forced upon a woman, either by the brutish demands of her
husband or because of rape by an assailant? Does she not in these cases have the right to interrupt the pregnancy that was forced upon her?
No! She has no such right whatsoever!
In the first case she can - according to the aforementioned arrangements for easy access to divorce -
have her marriage dissolved if the husband's demands develop in a brutal manner. Neither in the second case - enforced pregnancy as a result
of rape - does the woman have any right to rid herself of the foetus, for such action is considered by God as an act of premeditated murder;
and this applies both to the woman and to any who assist her. However, the same rule applies as previously discussed: if the mother's life is
threatened the foetus may be sacrificed, but not otherwise.

The only comfort that can be given to the distressed and unfortunate woman whose pregnancy results from rape - with no part of the blame upon
- is this: that on account of the wrong that has been done her and the suffering that has been brought upon her, God will seek in one way or
another to offset her misfortune against her own earlier and as yet unexpiated sins and transgressions. God will also often bind one of the
Youngest or a highly advanced human spirit to the foetus whose existence is due to rape, so as to counter-balance the injustice that has been
done. The enforced motherhood, despite its cruel and deplorable origin, has often for this reason brought joy to the mother in the consciousness
of having given life to a diligent, honourable and gifted citizen.

If a child owes its conception to assault and rape2 everything possible must be done to assure its existence in life. In consideration for its future
the child should thus bear neither the father's name - even if this is known - nor the mother's family name. It should be given a neutral name
that has no connection with the existing family names. Only if the mother truly wishes should the child be named after her. And since in many
cases the father cannot be traced, because he will generally stem from the shadier section of the populace, and for this reason the child cannot
claim financial inheritance from him, as would otherwise be its right, and if the mother will not assume the burden of its upbringing, then the state
must act as representative for the father. "Children of rape" should thus be brought up at the expense of the State, not as cases of "poor relief" or
"charity" but as their right. This can take place in institutions intended partly for this purpose, but it must be carried out under such circumstances
that the child's feelings will not be exposed to hurt, for example by veiled hints as to its origin; for so much can be destroyed in the mind of a child
by that kind of thoughtless or malicious remark from classmates or others. The management of such institutions should therefore be entrusted to
highly cultured, understanding, considerate and trustworthy persons.

1) See "Toward the Light", p. 114:6.
2) Since a beginning has been made in recent times in the special treatment of sexual problems relating to the mentally defective, the question
of sterilization is not discussed here.

And when the child has reached the age of majority the state must also provide suitable employment and in due course adequate funds to enable
the individual to acquire the means of a secure livelihood. If the father can be traced, and if he belongs to the more prosperous section of society,
this child has the same rights of inheritance from him as have any of his other children. If he is well placed financially the State should recover all
the costs of the child's upbringing from him. The relevant authorities must themselves decide on the penalty to be imposed on the rapist, although
this should not be such as to exceed humane limits.

The legislative authorities of all civilized countries should therefore give urgent consideration to the problems of marriage, birth control and
abortion. And while new and improved regulations for these matters are being prepared it must not be forgotten that all children1, whether born in
legal wedlock or otherwise, have equal rights of inheritance from their father. For so-called "illegitimate" children have the same rights in respect of
inheritance - according to God's law - as are enjoyed by "legitimate children". If this law of God should become a law of mankind it would rapidly
result in a significant reduction in the number of illegitimate births

We hereby impart to humanity this solution to these difficult problems, a solution which human beings may use as they wish: accept these
recommendations - or reject them because they do not welcome intervention from the transcendental world in these earthly matters.

But never forget: As the law is, so are the people!

1) Since it goes without saying that so-called "illegitimate" children have the right of inheritance from the mother, this is not referred to above.


In the work 'Toward the Light' it is explained why the pregnancy should never be terminated prematurely. One of the reasons are that much work
goes into preparing and training a human spirit for his or her next incarnation - and this is set in motion not long after conception!

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Tamborine man
post Feb 14 2017, 10:15 PM
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The following are some 'higher Truth's', which should really be repeated over and over again
throughout the world until fully understood by all, so here yet one more time:

To all of Mankind:
"Persons who despise or hate other nations or other races will in the next succeeding incarnations
invariably be born among them, so that they may learn to love those whom they previously hated."

To all Lawmakers:
"Prepare your laws as though you yourselves should be judged by each and every statute, for then
will your laws be just."

To all who take part in the governance of Nations:
".…if out of selfishness or faintness of heart you give not care unto the poor, unto the suffering and
to the unfortunate, then shall you surely taste the want and misery of the homeless and the poor in
your coming lives upon the Earth until you have learned to take pity on your unfortunate fellow
human beings."

(-Toward the Light)

"A truth's initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. It wasn't the
world being round that agitated people, but that the world wasn't flat. When a well-packaged web of
lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous
and its speaker a raving lunatic."

(-Dresden James)

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Tamborine man
post May 7 2017, 09:29 PM
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The Supercircle yet again!

In post #100 on page 5, I show a drawing of the Supercircle and explain how it should be composed.
But since then I have always felt a slight unease about my choice of 'squaring the circle' as the four
focal points used to draw the curvatures at North, East, South and West, while still remaining very
happy with the choice of using 'the diagonal points' shown in this drawing.

A few weeks ago I made a very accurate grid for another purpose, but on a "whim" decided to draw
the Supercircle again on this new grid to see if it made any difference to earlier ways of doing it. On
the grid, I had already drawn 'The Great Pyramid' from the underground baseline and up, and suddenly
got the idea to use this baseline of 246.4 meters as new radius to the four curvatures, instead of the
'old' radius of 242 meters, just to see what would happen!

As the diameter of the Supercircle is 308 meters (using this grid), that means that the difference
between the two radii is only 2.2mm in length on my scale drawing of 1:1000, but that turned out to
be just what I have been looking for all this time ago.

The 'unease' has disappeared, and am now here to apologize for the error I madeback in 2010, and to
give you, the reader familiar with the 'old' Supercircle, the true measurements here at long last:

The grid is made up of 77 x 77 meter squares.

From points marked A, draw curvatures BC.
From points marked D, draw curvatures CE.

Radius AB = 277.2 meters. (277.2 x 2 = 554.4 x π = 1322.)
Radius DE = 124.83333…. meters. (124.83333…. : 7/6 = 107.)

Diameter FG = 308 meters.
Diagonal HI = 326 2/3 meters. (Ratio between diagonal and diameter = 35/33.)

Diameter of small circle = 77 meters.

Horizontal length fg = 100 meters exactly.
Horizontal length de = 102 2/3 meters (102 2/3 meters x 3 = 308 meters.)

Apex angle to Great Pyramid AAJ = 77 1/7o.

Apex angle to triangle ABC = 20o.
Apex angle to triangle DCE = 70o.
Apex angle to triangle abc = 37o.
Apex angle to triangle ade = 15o.

For the benefit to new readers, here's some links given the background to the importance about this new geometric form,
introduced to the world some 60 plus
years ago:

In posts #87 & #88 on page 5 are shown the initial drawings of the Supercircle.

In post #94 one will find a short explanation about the 'definite criterion for evaluating spiritual truths'.

In post #97 is shown a link to 'Piet Hein', who first introduced the Supercircle to the world.

In post #99 is given a brief description about the underlying symbolism by which both 'The Great Pyramid'
and the 'Supercircle' should generally be understood.

(The work referred to in the OP, gives a detailed explanation about the concept of
'duality'. This said to readers who by their own initiative would like to know more
about this very important subject).

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Tamborine man
post May 8 2017, 12:37 AM
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Ref. drawing above:
My little camera needs a new lithium battery, so can't take a better photo until I can
get a new one end of the week, and therefore only this for now:

Little case 'a' is located in middle of top large grid line.
Little case 'b' is located one square in from left under bottom grid line.
Little case 'c' is located one square in from right under same line.

In the unique work "Toward the Light", in the commentary to Ardor's account,
is given a description of the cosmos, our true universe, in chapter 3.

A question pertaining to the problems of 'nebulae' is answered on page 75
'question 51' in the second supplement of "Question and answers".

Here's a drawing of our universe, which will be of help to readers who feel
like checking out the above:

An Artist's rendition of above drawing showing the orbital path's of the mother
suns, and as can be seen, much resemble the Supercirle in form:

here's a link to the above:


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Tamborine man
post May 8 2017, 10:14 PM
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Around 150 years ago Søren Kierkegaard wrote:
"The only thing that has never come into existence - is the 'necessary'."

Around 100 years ago (1920) 'Toward The Light' told us that 'Thought and Will, Light and Darkness'
have existed throughout infinity.

This is of course extremely difficult for a vast proportion of humankind to get their head around,
but it seems that the Transcendental world holds the view that the time has now come where this
information could possibly find firmer ground among some more advanced people, and thus become
an insuperable 'stalwart' for the immense benefit to future generations.

Ref. again to the "Supercircle":

"....think of a fruit, an apple for example, since the shape and inner structure conform
approximately to the shape and structure of the primal cosmos. ...."

An apple? Yes - naturally ....of course ....obviously.

Question from human beings:

In "Toward the Light", it is stated: "In the Darkness was the Light; in the Light were
Thought and Will. But Thought and Will were not in the Darkness". How are we to
understand this? When the Light is in the Darkness and Thought and Will are in the
Light, must they not also be in the Darkness?

No! At that point Thought and Will were only in the Light but not in the Darkness. It is clearly stated:
“This description of the state of inactivity and the struggle of Light, Darkness, Thought and Will must
be understood in the abstract—not subject to interpretation in terms of earthly concepts of space,
measure, time, and so forth.” Since it appears difficult for many to understand that primal Thought
and primal Will were only in the Light and not in the Darkness, a further explanation will be given,
based on conditions known on Earth, though such should be unnecessary. Anyone familiar with
abstractions should be able to understand the original description.

Thus Darkness, Light, Thought and Will should be understood as the then existing primal cosmos,
the basis for the present cosmos. To illustrate primal cosmos, imagine an apple, say, conforming
approximately in shape and inner structure to that of primal cosmos:

The apple represents primal cosmos.
The skin and pulp of the apple represents Darkness.
The core represents Light.
The seeds represent Thought and Will.

We know the apple seeds are in the core. No one would say they are in the pulp or the skin. And so
it was with Thought and Will (the seeds). They were in the Light (the core) but not in the Darkness
(the pulp and skin).

One can rightfully say, then, that Thought and Will were in the primal cosmos. This cannot be disputed.
Similarly, one can rightfully say the fruit seeds are in the apple. Neither can this be disputed.

The error made by many in their perception of the description in Toward the Light
was in not seeing that Darkness, Light, Thought and Will together were—primal cosmos.


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Tamborine man
post Jul 27 2017, 11:31 PM
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QUOTE (Tamborine man @ Jan 17 2011, 05:28 PM) *
"Chosen" is probably the wrong word to use, elreb.

Yes i definitely think the didgeridoo will help. I've heard some fantastic players in my life.

Wish i could learn that technique of blowing and breathing at the same time, but alas,

i'm utterly hopeless to even dream of mastering this amazing and unique skill!

Here's another brilliant talent that makes my eyes water:




R.I.P. dearest brother!

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