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4. .Org and this forum is for the discussion of 9/11. Discussing 9/11 is a first amendment right. Discussion of this topic in no way, shape, or form means that a person is breaching their allegiance to the United States.

(Please see further below for our Mission Statement.)


Forum Posting Rules:

The Pilots for 9/11 Truth Forum is primarily a research forum, not a debate forum.

Sincere questions are welcome and we will do our best to answer. Be aware that there are many common questions to which we do not have the answers and are actively seeking answers.

Open-minded, intelligent discussion is encouraged.

Personal Attacks are discouraged and do nothing to advance your argument. Personal attacks will get your "Warn level" increased. If it reaches 100%, your posting privileges may be suspended or you may be banned outright depending upon the severity of the attack(s) and your responsiveness to warnings. Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum Staff reserve the right to suspend/ban for any reason deemed necessary for preserving the integrity of the forum. Attack the argument, not the person.

Those who advocate without sincere question the government's OCT (Official Conspiracy Theory -- so called "debunkers") are REQUIRED to read Post #1 of this thread, the links contained in it and ANSWER the questions asked. Failure to do so will have your posting privileges suspended until you do. (If your posting privileges have been suspended, ask a Moderator or Administrator via Private Message to be allowed to post your answers in the thread.) Answers that can be shown to be false or deceptive will get you banned. We also ask that any "debate" be kept in the DEBATE forum.

People who do nothing but cause trouble will be banned.

This board gets saved regularly so if it ever gets hacked, we will have access to all the information posted and restore the forum. We do not delete posts from this forum except for obvious spam, etc. Think before you post.

All of our members can be assured that their privacy and safety are of utmost concern. We welcome anyone who would like to debate facts based on its merit alone without feeling pressured to reveal their identity publicly. However, if you are noted for attacking P4T, be prepared to reveal your personal information when joining this forum.

We will not post any personal information on this board without the permission of that person nor tolerate harassing of our members for personal information. However, Individuals who are suspected of being hired by Government agencies (eg. "Pentagon Bloggers") for the purpose of spreading propaganda and/or the unlawful spying/gathering of intelligence on fellow Americans may be subject to intense scrutiny on this board.

Most importantly, we hope you find the Pilots For Truth forums interesting and educational, enjoy.


Forum Mission Statement:

The Pilots For Truth Forum is an evolving community of people from within the United States and around the world who have been affected by Pilotsfor911truth.org website and the evidence it puts forward strongly suggesting that most of what we've been told by our governments and media about what happened on September 11, 2001 is a lie.

All of us experienced the shock, grief and disbelief that came with the news and pictures of that day. Many of us vowed deep in our hearts to never forget it and the sight of our fellow human beings being slaughtered or forced to leap to their deaths or pulverized to dust before our very eyes.

Having witnessed these things, we remain steadfast in our conviction that reason and truth are better guides for human affairs than madness and deception and that intelligence, honesty and integrity are better human qualities for building a safe and prosperous future than ignorance, dishonesty and fear.

We believe in the rule of law and that no one is above the law. We believe in justice. We believe we have not only the inalienable right but the human responsibility and patriotic duty to ask questions and demand answers about the traumatic events that unfolded on that day.

We believe that we, the American people and the people of the world, have the right to know who is actually terrorizing us and why. We believe it is our responsibility as human beings to seek out the truth as best we can, exposing it to the world using whatever means available to us, while simultaneously linking hands and working together to bring a just, decisive and victorious end to the global War on Terror.

We strongly believe that discovering, exposing and bringing to justice those involved in the crimes of 9/11 is the best way to honor and respect not only the fallen of that day, but of all those throughout history before and since whose lives have been sacrificed on the alter of tyrany.

If you have watched 9/11 videos and have begun to question as we have, even if you may not yet be completely convinced of its assertions, we invite you to join us as we continue to learn from one another. This forum is a place for you to discover more information, a place where you can share information that you have found and a place where you can get to know other people who are also asking questions.

Within this frame we are a diverse group of people ranging in age from mid-teens to over 60 and encompassing a wide range of political, religious, and social beliefs. Despite these differences, we are trying to work together toward the common aims of discovering and exposing the truth of 9/11.

We expect members of this forum to support these aims by using the forum's resources to educate themselves and one another while simultaneously respecting significant differences of personal style and opinion. We want to become increasingly precise in our knowledge, unified in our position, and empowered by our collective vision and energy. We welcome members who ask questions and engage in heated debate provided the questions are sincere and the debate is respectful. However, we have no tolerance for those whose sole purpose is to disrupt our unity or sow disinformation among us.

All views expressed are not necessarily the views of Pilotsfor911truth.org. POSTS MADE TO THIS FORUM ARE THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE AUTHOR. Any copyrighted material must be in compliance with all relevant copyright laws. In the event of possible infringement, Copyright holders may contact Pilots For 9/11 Truth through our website (http://pilotsfor911truth.org/contact).

Thank you for taking the time to inform yourself.

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