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Posted by: onesliceshort Jun 12 2011, 10:23 AM

Not so sure about sources to claims but..

"...advanced forms of biological warfare that can 'target' specific genotypes...may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool."

Edit: Removed link (pop-ups)

Posted by: onesliceshort Jul 17 2013, 06:22 AM

Ten Years Ago: The Political Assassination of Dr. David Kelly

The Dr Kelly Inquest Campaign demands due process of law – the re-opening of Dr Kelly’s inquest – and transparency, to achieve truth and justice.

There is fresh evidence which requires the scrutiny of a proper coronial inquest. Thames Valley Police FoI responses reveal that there were no fingerprints on six items found with Dr Kelly’s body, including the knife with which he is said to have cut his ulnar artery, blister packs of Co-proxamol tablets, which he is said to have swallowed, an opened water bottle, a watch, spectacles and mobile phone. No gloves were found at the scene.

Lord Hutton requested the records provided to the Hutton Inquiry, not produced in evidence, be closed for 30 years, and that medical reports and photographs be closed for 70years. The Ministry of Justice was unable to explain the legal basis for Lord Hutton’s order.

The Dr Kelly Inquest Campaign demands due process of law – the re-opening of Dr Kelly’s inquest – and transparency, to achieve truth and justice.

Posted by: onesliceshort Jul 17 2013, 02:22 PM

Dr David Kelly: An Open Case

No fingerprints on the knife he allegedly cut a vein with, no fingerprints on the blisterpack of tablets that he allegedly popped 29 capsules from and no fingerprints on the plastic bottle that he allegedly downed said tablets with and carried for two miles from his home to the site.

No major amount of blood at the site (confirmed by paramedics), medical notes on crime scene "disappeared", one of two major arteries in the wrist that he allegedly cut would not have closed, body moved from time it was discovered until police arrive at the scene, etc, etc

I'm such a fucking conspiracy theorist it hurts.

Posted by: onesliceshort Jul 18 2013, 09:10 AM

No major amount of blood at the site (confirmed by paramedics)

the amount of blood that was around the scene seemed relatively minimal and there was a small patch on his right knee, but no obvious arterial bleeding. There was no spraying of blood or huge blood loss or any obvious loss on the clothing [...] His jacket was pulled to sort of mid forearm area and from that area down towards the hand there was dried blood, but no obvious sign of a wound or anything, it was just dried blood

Vanessa Hunt, the first medically trained professional to examine his body. Hutton Enquiry

A secondary cause of death, according to the official verdict, was that Kelly had died from a lethal overdose of painkillers. But the toxicology report showed that the level of coproximal in Kelly’s blood was less than a third of what would normally be considered fatal and less than one pill was actually found in his stomach contents. Yet this kind of evidence remains elusive to journalists who continue to circulate assumptions disguised as facts: namely that Kelly swallowed 29 tablets based solely on a blister pack of 30 found on his person with only one tablet left (and incidentally, none of Kelly’s fingerprints).

Posted by: GroundPounder Jul 18 2013, 02:56 PM

i was going to comment earlier, but thought, 'nah everybody sees how ridiculous the premise already is.'

seriously, no fingerprints, multiple gunshot wounds to the head, actions in contradiction to previously stated imperative such as ' i have no intention of committing suicide' and then committing suicide a la palfry. there really are 3 groups, the 1st is the 'apple = orange' group, the 2nd is the 'ok' group (and insert whatever language your locale uses) and the 3rd is the 'wtf' group.

i would argue that the 1st are hopeless/beyond redemption/bound for hell and rightly so. the 2nd, major pause, who knows. they are the ones you hope can be woken up and make you feel like sisyphus.

and as always, your mileage will vary (perhaps the solitary instance where marketing projected the truth).

disclaimer: i've been drinking wine, now that beer is suspect.

Posted by: onesliceshort Jul 19 2013, 08:42 AM


Yeah, it's got to the point where I don't know what the hell will create a "watershed" moment - JFK, OKC, TWA800, 9/11 - but I think the WMD lies that have been exposed and admitted, prove beyond doubt that the nightmare that is Iraq was created by the global necromongers.

It's one of the most blatant and uncontroversial false flags (in that they can't pin the "conspiracy theorist" tag on to it) in recent times.

I think that this video (primetime surprisingly) sums it up for me

Posted by: onesliceshort Jul 19 2013, 09:28 AM

The cover up into Dr. Kelly’s death seemingly began before it even started. Operation Mason, the official police investigation into Dr. Kelly’s death, started nine hours before his family even reported him missing.

One of the key witnesses to the Hutton Inquiry and the man who found Dr. Kelly’s body, Detective Constable Coe, now admits that there was surprisingly little blood at the scene for a man who supposedly bled to death. Stunningly, he also admits that he lied to the inquiry in saying that there was only himself and his partner at the scene that day, now admitting that there was an unidentified third man there that many have speculated was someone with the security services.

David Bartlett, the paramedic who pronounced Dr. Kelly dead at the scene, claimed that his body had obviously been moved and confirmed there was surprisingly little blood near the body, saying “I’ve seen more blood at a nosebleed than I saw there.” He also said that as soon as the body was found, the police threw a “blackout” around the scene. He was even banned from speaking to his own control room over radio, the first time that this had happened in his career.

A flight log released under the Freedom of Information Act earlier this year proves that a helicopter landed at the scene just 90 minutes after the discovery of the body. The flight log, which has been heavily redacted, shows that the helicopter only remained on the ground for five minutes before taking off. To this day, the presence of the helicopter at the scene has never been officially explained and there is no indication as to what it was dropping off or picking up from the scene of the crime.

In 2008, one of his colleagues and personal confidants, Mai Pederson, came forward to say that Dr. Kelly could not have killed himself in the manner suggested because he had difficulty using his right hand for strenuous activities because of a painful injury he had sustained to his right elbow. Still, the official conclusion of the Hutton Inquiry holds that Kelly used a knife in his right hand to slit his left wrist.

Edit: "Operation Mason" for Christ sake.

A blatant signal to all those grubby little ankle clenching buttmunches in an area reknowned for freemasonry and the birthplace of the British global elitists (Oxford) to fall in to line. His body was also found at a purported site for "black witchcraft" ie. pedophilia ie blackmail and debauchery.

Posted by: GroundPounder Jul 19 2013, 10:36 AM

great vids. dr halpin's comment about the 'incestuous relationship between the media and government', is absolutely correct.

Posted by: onesliceshort Jul 21 2013, 10:34 AM

Revealed: How a Blair fixer picked the judge for the David Kelly Inquiry just three hours after the weapons inspector's suicide
Letter from Lord Hutton shows he was asked three hours after the death
He had not been identified and no cause of death had been established
Hutton was contacted by Blair's friend and former flatmate Lord falconer
Is evidence of the extraordinary haste with which the Blair Government set up an inquiry to replace the usual coroner’s inquest

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So "Operation Mason" was initiated "9 hours" before Kelly's body was "discovered" and the cockroach to head the "enquiry" into his death was picked three hours after he was "found".

Posted by: KP50 Jul 23 2013, 05:40 AM

QUOTE (onesliceshort @ Jul 22 2013, 02:34 AM) *
So "Operation Mason" was initiated "9 hours" before Kelly's body was "discovered" and the cockroach to head the "enquiry" into his death was picked three hours after he was "found".

Of all the suicidings in recent years, this is the most obviously not a suicide. Media should be shouting from the rooftops to discover the murderer ....

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