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Pilots for 9/11 Truth Library

User's Guide


Welcome to the Pilots for 911 Truth Library. This Library is simply a collection of links to articles, threads & posts, videos and online resources dealing with 9/11 and the mixed up world we all find ourselves in, organized in alphabetical ordered topics. I should say that I, like all of us, am still searching and learning, and that this Library is a work in progress - some of the topics haven’t been fully addressed yet - but, we’re working on it. Information given in specific articles do not necessarily reflect the views of Pilots for 9/11 Truth or the library team. We do however try to include only resources that get us closer to the truth, not farther away from it. Also, bear in mind that articles related to various powerful people and organizations and official complicity in the 9/11 attacks have a tendency to disappear from the net - if you run across a link that’s gone 404, let us know. The pinned topic ‘Library Chat’ is an open topic, please feel free to post any comments you might have there.

There are nearly 100 topics in the P4T Library. Each topic contains sections for 'Articles', 'Posts & Threads', and 'Other Resources'. (Links to Videos, Documents, Audio Files etc. can be found in 'Other Resources'). Some of the topics required special treatment and are arranged a little differently. The pinned Quick Navigation page provides a list of all the topics with direct links to make it easy to jump around in the Library.

At first glance, many of the subjects seem to have nothing to do with 9/11 - topics such as IRS; Mohammed, Ali (not the prize fighter!) or City of London for example. So let me give you my own quick overview of why all of these subjects are pertinent while trying to guide you through the Library.

For those who are new to all this, I suggest starting by looking at the Media topic. When people first hear about this alternate version of what happened on 9/11, they often wonder, “why has none of this been in the papers or on the news?? How could they keep this secret?” A glance at some of the articles in the Media section should give you an idea of why that is. After that, I would next check out Speaking Out, and in particular take a look at the people listed at Patriotsfor911truth and the lists of whistleblowers posted there. The truth movement, as Fox News would have you believe, does not consist of simply a collection of conspiracy “nut-jobs” with too much time on their hands. There are real questions that officials refuse to address, that the media refuses to acknowlege, and that more and more scientists, scholars, pilots, govenment and military insiders and concerned citizens would like answered.


Once you understand that we now live in a dissinformation age, you should learn about the attacks themselves. Lots of information can be found in the various WTC topics (Towers 1 & 2: General, Controlled Demolition, Flights 11 & 175 and WTC Building #7), three Pentagon topics (Pentagon and Flight 77, Eyewitnesses and Physical Evidence), United Flight 93, Cell phone calls, NORAD/FAA, Planes & Flight Paths, Passengers, Hijackers, Bin Laden confession tape, Who Knew?, Secret Service and Investigations.

Some aspects of the attacks have been fairly well hashed out, while other aspects are still controversial. For example, the contention that controlled demolition was used to topple the World Trade towers is very well supported. What sort of planes actually hit the towers however is not. Pilots for 9/11 Truth does not officially condone theories that are not supportable by facts, but there are some links to threads where the various no-plane theories, “pods”, etc. are discussed so you can get an idea of what these theories entail and what evidence there is and isn’t to support them.

The same goes for the Pentagon and the fate of Flight 93. No one knows for sure what sort of aircraft actually struck the Pentagon, and the crash in Pennsylvania is probably the least understood and most perplexing of all aspects of the 9/11 attacks. However, there are many things we do know... the most certain of which being that what we were told cannot be true.

Smoking Guns & the World Trade Center

There are a number of smoking guns, which I will quickly identify to make all of this easier to follow. First, the trade towers. There are dozens upon dozens of witnesses, including many firemen and even newscasters covering the events that day, who stated they heard explosions eminating from the towers, both before and during the collapses, some of these from the basement levels. You can even hear some of the explosions occuring in actual video footage. Also, in any number of videos that deal with the World Trade Center collapses, you can see squibs (explosive charges), blowing out laterally below the collapsing floors as they come down. In my opinion the best collection of footage that shows these squibs going off is probably in the last portion of the documentary ‘9/11 Mysteries’, but there are many other excellent films that document these squibs and other anomolies that have forced many people to question the official account.

Another big smoking gun with respect to the towers is molten metal that was found both in the rubble after the collapse, and pouring out of the side of the building itself. Open air fires do not under any circumstances ever get anywhere near hot enough to melt steel, you need a blast furnace to do that. Also, this molten metal is most definitely not aluminum, as some debunkers would suggest. (Aluminum melts at a lower temperature than steel or iron and has a very high reflectivity index, so it’s hot-body radiation is reflected back inwards while external light hitting it is reflected outwards - for those reasons melted aluminum does not glow bright orange/yellow, it’s more of a dull silvery-salmon color, and would not be conspicuous in sunlight.) Brigam Young University professor of physics Steven Jones looked into the molten metal aspect and also analyzed samples of steel from the towers. He concluded from specific amounts of sulfer and other compounds present in slag that Thermate, a military grade incendiary, was used to cut supporting columns in the towers. As one of the by-products of the thermite/thermate reaction is molten iron, his conclusions explain the mystery of the molten metal quite well.

The rest of the materials in these topics deal mainly with the many problems with the official account. If you still have a hard time believing the idea that the towers were demolished with explosives, do yourself a favor and watch the clip of WTC building number 7 imploding neatly into it’s own footprint at free-fall speed (the first link you’ll find in the WTC7 topic) - and remember that this building was not hit by a plane. If that doesn’t convince, watch the BBC anounce that the Salomon Building (World Trade Center building #7) had collapsed - 20 minutes too early (!). Their New York correspondent can be seen talking about the event with a live shot of the still-standing Salomon Building in the background.

I also recommend you not miss Edna Cintron's Last Stand (see WTC-towers 1&2 under Articles::Fires, Collapse times, Pyroclastic flow & General) where you can find photos and a short piece of footage of Edna Cintron waving for help from the south tower. Remember that steel is an efficient conductor of heat, and all the steel in the towers was welded and bolted together. Ask yourself how she could be leaning on a steel column in the area where the plane crashed, steel that was about to give out from alleged thousand-odd degree temperatures (?). Ms. Cintron is in effect telling us before her death that the official story cannot be true.

The Pentagon Crash

For a long time the subject of the Pentagon crash was controversial. There is a freeway that passes near the Pentagon and there were many witnesses, many of whom claimed to have seen a large passenger jet heading for the building. Also, there were light poles downed along the reported path of the plane. However, photos of the crash site don’t show anything like the kind of wreckage you would expect to see at the crash site of a jetliner, and the hole in the facade is too small for the whole plane to have disappeared into. Furthermore, Hani Hanjour, the hijacker who purportedly piloted the plane, was so inept as a pilot that when he tried to rent a Cessna a couple of weeks before 9/11 he was refused. Any of the aviation professionals here at Pilots for 911 Truth will tell you that the descending 330 degree spiraling manuever that preceded the crash into the Pentagon (what type of aircraft it was we do not know, AA77’s transponder had been switched off earlier as were the transponders on all the planes) was not executed by an inexperienced student. Still, eyewitness accounts and the fact that light poles were downed have kept the controversy heated. However, Pilots for 9/11 Truth co-founder (JohndoeX) with the help of other forum members (most notably UnderTow and snowygrouch) have produced and released 2 short documentaries based on their analysis of the American flight 77 Flight Data Recorder files that the National Transportation Safety Board released in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. The results of this research as documented in Pandora’s Black Box chapters one and two has, in the minds of many, finally put an end to the controversy. In a more recent documentary by the Citizen InvestigationTeam (also led by P4T members) titled The PentaCon, eyewitness accounts corroborate the flight path indicated by this FDR data. Rather than spoil it for you, I’ll simply recommend that you watch these documentaries for yourself.

Air-Defense Failures

Another big 9/11 smoking gun is the stand-down. In other words, how in heaven’s name were 4 hijacked airliners allowed to meander around the economic and political heart of the most powerful nation on earth (from the first hijacking to the crash of flight 93 was nearly two hours) without being intercepted? The topics you’ll want to look at are NORAD/FAA, War Games and drills, and United Flight 93. I should warn you, much of the information available regarding flight 93 is conflicting - the true fate of this flight is a truly a riddle wrapped in an enigma - but for those who are curious, I believe much of the best information out there about this aspect of the 9/11 attacks is linked here in the Library. Also, there are some links to several interesting threads related to the air-defense fiasco in one other related topic, Planes & Flight Paths where industry professionals discuss the tracking of the planes.

Hijackers, Passengers, Evidence, bin Laden & the Investigation

Next you’ll want to take a quick look at Hijackers, Passengers, and the bin Laden confession tape topics. Reading about the actual evidence that links the hijackers to the 9/11 attacks, such as the passport that flew out of a hijacker's pocket, survived the inferno and was found intact in the rubble of the towers, not to mention the Qu’ran that several “hijackers” left behind at a strip club in Florida, is, in my opinion, and please forgive my sarcasm, good for a laugh. In Passengers, don't miss the link to Dr. Thomas R. Olmsted's piece, or fail to contemplate the low probablility that all four hijacked airliners on 9/11 were 3/4ths empty.

With regard to Osama bin Laden, he is not wanted by the FBI for his participation in the 9/11 attacks, only for his involvement in the African embassy bombings of 1998. For bin Laden to be considered wanted by the FBI for the 9/11 attacks, there would have to be a grand jury indictment, and that would require some real evidence, which apparently the FBI is short on. Osama bin Laden, by the way, owes his notoriety in large part to the CIA, and the support he recieved from the United States begining mid-way through the Soviet-Afghan war. Another interesting fact, Osama’s brother (via James R. Bath, Salem bin Laden's Texas business manager and long-time friend of George W. Bush) was a major investor in Bush’s own Arbusto Oil, where the U.S. president made his first million - much about this and other Bush/Binladen connections in the Bin Laden Family topic.

The last of the topics dealing directly with the attacks is Investigations. Let it suffice that, in the words of the editor of Fire Engineering Magazine, the investigation into the World Trade Center disaster was a “half baked farce”, and that the 9/11 Commission was, in the words of its co-chairman Lee Hamilton, “set up to fail.” The conflicts of interest of numerous commissioners are disgraceful. Philip Zelikow for example, who was the commission’s executive director, worked closely with Condoleezza Rice under president George H.W. Bush, led the Aspen Strategy Group of which Rice, Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz were members, worked on Bush’s NSC transition team after the 2000 election, and even wrote a book with Rice. Thomas Kean, the Chairman, is a director of Amerada Hess, which is involved in a joint oil exploration venture in Azerbaijan with Delta Oil, one of the largest oil corporations in Saudi Arabia. Delta is co-owned by the bin Mahfouz family, who's most notable family member is Khalid bin Mahfouz who was deeply involved in the BCCI banking scandal and was once detained in Saudi Arabia for funnelling money to bin Laden affiliated charities. (Khalid bin Mahfouz is also directly connected to George Bush through Arbusto Oil and the company that finally bought it, Harken, and was identified by ex-CIA chief James Woolsey as a brother-in-law of Osama bin Laden, though Woolsey denies he ever said such a thing and the Centre for Research on Globalisation has offered an apology to bin Mahfouz for publicising the information.)


Moving on, the next logical topics to check out would seem to be al-CIAda, bin Laden (Osama), War on Terror, etc., but the bizarre partnership between factions within the U.S. intelligence community and terrorists is probably the most difficult part of this whole business to get a handle on, and I recommend waiting. It’s better I think to get some background first, starting with topics such as the Soviet-Afghan War, Pipeline, Central Asia, and Pakistan. As it was discovered that Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency (or, “ISI” - their version of America’s CIA) helped finance the hijackers, it might be convenient to start with Pakistan first, moving from there to Soviet-Afghan War (which Pakistan played a dominant role in) then Pipeline, and finally Central Asia. Not only will these topics give you some background on the hidden links between the U.S. and “terrorists”, you will also be introduced to two of the numerous probable motivating factors for 9/11. The first of which is was a much desired export route for the largely undeveloped gas and oil reserves in the Caspian Sea basin, the second being competition between the U.S. and countries like Russia, China and India, who also want dibs on these massive reserves.

You will find the name ENRON come up a lot when reading about the trans-Afghan pipeline proposal. ENRON, the now defunct energy giant once led by Ken Lay, built the world’s largest gas power plant in Dahbol, India during the mid-90’s. The plan was to import natural gas from Uzbekistan via a natural gas pipeline that UNOCAL was pursuing. Unfortunately the Taliban (who the CIA and Pakistani ISI played a major role in bringing to power) refused to sign off on the deal (the ungratefull b@stards!). Due to UNOCAL’s failure to secure a contract, ENRON mothballed their Dhabol plant in late 2000, a year later the company went bankrupt.

Former ENRON CEO Ken Lay, who was a close friend of president Bush’s, was found guilty of six counts of fraud and conspiracy as a result of the investigation into the company’s bankrupcy, however Lay died of a heart attack before his sentencing. Either that, or he’s sipping martinis somewhere in the Carribean - I’m only half joking, the circumstances surrounding his death and autopsy are quite suspicious ... maybe it’s just me that thinks maybe Ken just didn’t want to go to jail, maybe it’s only me that’s skeptical that a guy who had no heart would die of heart failure ( tongue.gif ).

While we’re on the subject, note that the shortest route between the Caspian basin and the Persian Gulf is through Iran - prior to 9/11 UNOCAL had decided to go around that country (for obvious reasons) and build a pipeline through Afghanistan. Despite the fact that the current president of Afghanistan (Hamid Karzai) is a former UNOCAL consultant, no new plans for a pipeline have materialized. This could well be due in part to the fact that ownership of the Dabhol plant after ENRON's collapse was in limbo for five years (the value of the plant would have increased considerably would a pipeline proposal have been announced), and/or, it could be that “big-oil” is waiting to see what happens in Iran before they make any moves. Iran is, after all, the shortest route for a pipeline (food for thought).

Power Behind the Curtain

At first it is difficult to believe that elements within the U.S. government could have been involved in such a massive crime against their own citizens. That's why the next group of topics I recommend looking over offer a view very different from the accepted wisdom regarding how America, and the rest of the world for that matter (excepting a few “rogue states”), is actually set up, how the U.S. government actually operates and who it serves. You can approach this anyway you like, you can work backwards from 9/11 starting with topics such as PNAC, Neoconservatives, Connect the Dots, Dov Zakheim etc., or you can start from the beginning. I recommend starting at the beginning and working your way up to the present. Of course to read everything would take a while LoL, but just skimming over some of the material will give you a sense of the very real “power behind the curtain”.

I recommend starting by looking at City of London (this is not about London city by the way, the City of London is a small sovereign state that everyone should know about), then Money & Banking, Rockefellers & Rothschilds, and next Federal Reserve (and while you’re at it you might look also at the Kennedy, John F. topic for a possible explanation for why he was assassinated you may not have been aware of).

After you understand what the Federal Reserve actually does and who set it up, continue by looking over the following topics: Council on Foreign Relations, New World Order, and Connecting the Dots. The last of these has proven to be our most difficult topic. Countless powerful men and women in politics and business in the U.S. and around the world are connected though the companies who’s boards they sit on, and via a maze of organizations and think tanks, many of which conduct their meetings in secret. We are in the process of trying to make some sense out of these connections and we hope to add a neat tool to the Library in the near future which will allow you to actually 'connect the dots'.

I won’t go into much more detail here about the organizations that run things and their ties to government, but rather encorage the reader to go through those topics for themselves. I will say however that the important point to grasp is this - the Federal Reserve and the CFR were created by the same people. Most Federal Reserve governors (not to mention World Bank Presidents, heads at the IMF, etc.) are members of the CFR and/or sister groups such as the Trilateral Commission. In essence, there is a network of organizations, the CFR being only the largest and most conspicuous, that operate behind the scenes to effect government policy in the U.S. while the Federal Reserve picks the pockets of the American citizenry. (Historically the Chatham House and Bank of England do much the same thing in Britain, though I'm not as knowlegable about the system there.) The CFR and its sister organizations’ influence over the U.S. government is not total, but it is quite substantial, nearly all leaders of importance in the U.S. government are hand-picked from the membership of the CFR, and it’s been done that way for a very long time (we’re talking pre-WWII mind you).

Reading over the above mentioned topics should elicit two emotions. One, disbelief. Disbelief that there could possibly be such a grand network of organizations, serving as the tool of corporations and dynasties in their attempt to run the world for their own gain, and that so many various sources corroborate each other on this fact - all I can say to that is welcome to the rabbit hole.

Two, confusion. It is confusing, because that’s life, and life is complicated. Here you have a totally separate power structure, connected to government at key points, fuelled by business interests. Power struggles, different factions vying for position, different people trying to get higher up on the pyramid, these sorts of things are ongoing, and are exactly what one would expect - my point being that the image of a single-minded global elite conspiring to do this or to do that is flawed, there is discord behind the scenes just as there is in public view. The difference is, there is one thing unites the global elite, and that is business... well, with one exception...

Nesoconservative Think-tanks

There is a small group of active think tanks who's main focus is the furthering of a radical ideology. These are particularly significant with regard to 9/11 because key positions in the U.S government are filled by their members. Next look at Neoconservatives, PNAC, Defense Contractors, Halliburton, Bush administration and Dov Zakheim. Note the predominance of neoconservatives and PNAC members in the Reagan, Bush I and Bush II administrations. George W. Bush’s policy advisors, as they were assembled when he first took office, is almost a carbon copy of the PNAC’s list of signators. Also very significant is the PNAC document “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”, published in 2000. While laborious to go over in it’s entirety, there are a few articles in the PNAC topic that highlight the more significant passages from this “blueprint for a pax-Americana”.

The CIA and State Sponsored Terrorism

There is a specific tidbit of information hidden among various articles in the Library that I think is very significant, so I’ll point it out to you. The CIA was a construct of the Council on Foreign Relations, they created it along with the Department of Defense and the NSA in 1947. (See Spys in the Media.) With the CFR’s grasp on the U.S. political machine, government could be counted on to do the CFR’s bidding and to use diplomacy to further business interests abroad - the CIA was created to pick up the slack wherever those diplomatic efforts failed.

Intelligence gathering of course isn’t all the CIA does, and the government’s own website admits this, in fact covert operations were a significant part of the CIA’s reason d’etre from day one. Practically the first thing the CIA did after it was created was send its agents led by Kermit Roosevelt into Iran to topple Mohammed Mossadegh, the popular Prime Minister who had just nationalized the country’s oil fields. This was the first in a long string of CIA interventions abroad, and you can read about them in the topic US Sponsored Terrorism. For more about the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies, see Intelligence.

What the CIA has done in the past with American taxpayer money is disturbing, but what they and other government agencies are doing right now is downright frightening. Check out FEMA, Detainment & Torture, PATRIOT Act & Military Commissions Act of 2006, Big Brother, North American Union, and Police State.

Welcome to the post 9/11 world. The U.S government trades in fear-mongering while dismantling the U.S. Constitution (see the text from the original document there), Americans are conditioned to fear and hate Muslims, while aggressive wars in the Islamic world continue to forment hatred of America in Muslim nations. Some say we are headed for a third world war.

The Middle East

This might be a good time to look over topics dealing with Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel and the Middle East, and a related topic, Weaponry, for a look at some of the weapons that have been used in Afghanistan and Iraq, and why the civilian casualty counts there are so high. (I’ll get to Iran in a minute.) Also, if you are interested in how the borders in the Middle East came to be drawn like they are, there are some interesting things to read in the History topic as well.

(The Iraq topic is bulging with articles, partly for the reason that the occupation has been going on for so long, and also because there was a close relationship between Saddam Hussein and the U.S. going back to the Reagan administration. British MP George Galloway, who was falsely accused of being involved in the oil-for-food scandal, is very knowlegable and focused on these subjects and events unfolding in the Middle East, I highly recommend reading any of his essays or watching any of the videos about this crusader for justice. I also highly recommend looking at ‘Baghdad Burning’, a blog from an Iraqi girl in the thick of things there which can be found in Iraq::Other Resources. The entries on her blog are sporadic, but so far they keep coming. We pray that she won’t become one more of the 600,000 plus Iraqi civilians claimed so far in the conflict.)

A Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma

Now you’re ready for the part that’s a little difficult to grasp. One would think that all this anti-American sentiment that’s been fostered all over the Arab and Islamic world in the name of big business and solidarity with Israel is universally considered a bad thing. I propose to you, that this is not the case. I suggest that this growing anomosity, going both ways between the West and the Islamic world, is, in some circles, a welcome by-product of U.S. foreign policy and covert operations, that in fact it has been and is being nurtured. That might seem difficult to believe, but after researching all of this going on 5 years now, I personally am convinced it is the only interpretation that satisfactorily explains the revelations contained in the following group of topics. That said, please take a look now at (I suggest in this order):

Brzezinski (Zbigniew), al-CIAda, Mohammed, (Ali), O’Neill (John), bin Laden (Osama), Terrorists on Trial, London & other attacks, Drugs, and finally, War on Terror. A couple of key points to note: Zbigniew Brzezinski, while not being among the richest men is America, is certainly one of the most powerful. Advisor to four presidents (including serving as Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor), and a leading member of the Pilgrims Society, Le Cercle, the Trilateral Commission (he was a co-founder) and of course the Council on Foreign Relations, is a close friend of David Rockefeller, another of the country’s most powerful (AND richest) men. Brzezinski was personally involved in getting the U.S. involved in funding and supporting the Islamic Mujahedeen (Reagan called them freedom fighters, they are now referred to as freedom-hating terrorists) in Afghanistan, furthermore he was the first to alert his collegues in the CFR and U.S. government (such as then president George H. W. Bush) to the growing threat of Islamic terrorism, which not only did he help create, but is the paradigm on which the present War on Terror is based. The present confict was predicted also in a book titled the “Clash of Civilizations”, by Brzezinski protoge Samuel Huntington in 1994. The word “prediction” is possibly ill-chosen, in hindsite Huntington’s “Clash” and Brzezinski’s “Arc of Crisis” rhetoric, also circulated in the early to mid-90’s, could as easily be thought of as “recipes” for the current war on terror as much as predictions or warnings. This viewpoint is simply my own interpretation, and I do not my any means mean to lay everything at Zbigniew Brzezinski's doorstep, but for me he served as a window into this enigmatic relationship between the U.S. (more specifically, the CIA) and terrorist groups. Hopefully, looking over these topics will give you a starting point toward wrapping your mind around some of the contradictions associated with 9/11, such as the fact that the U.S. was forewarned about a looming terrorist attack by numerous foreign intelligence sources, and the half-myth/half-real nature of the present “War on Terror”, a war that will perpetuate itself as long as the U.S. cares to fight it, a war, which when paired with the pre-emptive strike declaration of 2002 provides a pretext for America to invade any country it wishes and deems to be a threat to it’s security, and of course a war that the 9/11 attacks propelled into high gear.

The Outing of Valerie Plame

As the Scooter Libby trial is finally getting under way, and if you are interested in what was going on at the White House and over at the Pentagon during the run up to the war in Iraq (which is really what this story is about), this might be a good time for some light reading (he-he) in Department of Defense, which is where links about the Office of Special Plans can be found, and in the Plame (Valerie) topic. Valerie Plame was the CIA agent who was outed, purportedly in retaliation for her husband’s blowing the whistle on the Bush team’s lying about Saddam Hussein trying to buy yellow cake uranium from the country of Niger. The story had been confimed to be false and a related document shown to be a forgery by the CIA before president Bush cited Hussein’s interest in yellow cake in his list of reasons for going to war. Plame’s husband, Ambassador Wilson, thought it was pretty serious that the president would knowingly tell a bold-faced lie in order to garner support for a war, so he published an op-ed piece in the New York Times saying so. Cheney’s office then outed Wilson’s wife.

Scooter Libby was finally convicted of purgery in the case. Initially it was assumed that Libby or Karl Rove leaked the information, later Richard Armitage took the credit. Also, it may well be that the shutting down of Brewster-Jennings, a CIA front-company which was involved in assessing WMD threats in Iraq and Iran, the company Plame worked for undercover, was the true motivation for the leak. More about the Libby scandal and the run-up to the Iraq invasion in those two topics for those that are interested.


Having already perused topics such as Iraq, (the trans-Afghan) Pipeline, Central Asia, PNAC & Neoconservatives, Rockefellers & Rothschilds, New World Order, Connect the Dots and the Banking topics, you are ready to ask, and maybe even answer, the $10,000 question - Why?. We have a topic for that, where the possible reasons for 9/11 are explored. After looking over the Why? topic, if your interest is piqued, there are some other topics that go into more detail about some of the less obvious factors that may have played contributing roles in the planning of 9/11 and the War on Terror. While qualifying myself by pointing out the importance in this equation of geo-politics and the control of natural resources in the Middle East and Central Asia, I offer that the topics US Dollar, Religion, and Zionism are also relevant. The role of Zionism in all of this is a contentious topic, and I encorage the reader, if they are serious about forming an opinion on this issue, to read up on the subject before deciding how much weight to attribute it. The issue is, how shall I say, a little complicated.

You might be thinking, what does the US Dollar have to do with 9/11? Well, probably nothing, but it might well be a factor in why the U.S. chose to invade Iraq (when it did), and maybe even part of the reason why Iran is now being targeted. Oil is traded in US dollars worldwide. For all the debt the U.S. has accumulated, the dollar has no right to be as strong as it is, but for the cooperation of OPEC, in that when one country wants to buy oil from another country, they first have to change their money into US dollars. When Japan buys oil from Saudi Arabia, they first change their yen into dollars, when France buys oil from Mexico, they first change their francs into dollars. Iraq rebelled against this system in 2000, making the Euro their standard currency for oil sales (the U.S. put a stop to that). Iran is trying to do the same thing as we speak. Russia is comtemplating a switch as well. To the degree that countries decide to make the Euro their reserve currency (mainly for the purchase of oil) as opposed to US dollars, the value of the dollar will fall. There is some dispute as to if and when and how far it will fall, and how much effect the Iranian Oil Bourse (Iranian oil traded in Euros) will have, but, er, um, if you have any money lying around you might want to put it into precious metals. After all this heavy reading, you also might allow yourself a good laugh and watch Robert Newman’s History of Oil, which takes a light hearted look at this interesting aspect of world politics. (US Dollar::Other Resources)

Other Countries and Loose Ends

In addition to a topic dealing with Iran, there are two other topics relegated to the countries of Japan & North Korea, and China & Russia. The China/Russia topic has not been given much attention yet at the time of this writing, but if those countries become more relevant then more links will be added. The Japan/North Korea topic however is quite relevant I think, as a resident of Japan myself I can tell you that things are heating up here, and that Japan’s allegiance in the U.S. led War on Terror is seldom questioned. So check out that topic to see why Abe (pronounced Ahbay), the new prime minister, is pushing for constitutional reform in Japan (yikes!).

If you’ve followed my guide and spent some time looking through the Pilots for 9/11 Truth Library, you should now have a pretty good idea of what happened on 9/11, why, what’s really happening in various parts of the globe, and what we may have to (not) look forward to. To tie up some loose ends here I’ll give a quick description of the other topics I haven’t touched on yet:

Legal Cases contains information about specific suits that have been brought against the Bush administration (all thrown out), or cases that have some relevance, for example Clinton vs. Jones, in which the Supreme Court ruled that sitting government officials are not immune from being sued in civil court for crimes not connected to their official duties.

Casualties of 9/11 Truth deals with people who have tried to speak out (or maybe knew too much like a certain group of soldiers from Fort Bragg) and ran into “trouble”. Kevin Barret may lose his tenure because of his views on 9/11, others who have spoken out (or were about to) are no longer with us.

Ground Zero deals with the health problems that ground zero rescuers are dealing with (many dozens have died from respiratory illness) because of the high content of asbestos and other toxic substances present in the dust and air in lower Manhattan in the days following 9/11.

United Nations is self-explanatory (some links about neocon and ex-UN embassador John Bolton).

Voter Fraud is about one of the greatest dangers to the last vestages of democracy in America. That threat is not terrorism mind you, it’s touch-screen voting machines.

IRS: Did you know that the IRS, the handmaiden of the Federal Reserve system, is also a private entity, not a government institution, and that it is based not in Washington D.C. but in Puerto Rico?

Legal Frauds and Personal Freedom deals with a little known fact, that the United States is actually, legalistically speaking, a corporation (in bankrupcy it seems), and that the taxable incomes of Americans are held as collateral by banks, that with the cooperation of the bar association the bankers have completely rigged the system, and that ordinary Americans actually have a choice in the matter - all it takes is getting educated on the subject.

Quotes is simply a collection of quotes pertinent to these many issues.

Photos is simply a collection of photos. Many photos in this collection were taken by a P4T member who was a rescuer at ground zero.


At the end of the Library on page 4 there are a few anecdotal topics, Essays, a collection of writings grouped by the author, Research Corner, a collection of links for in-depth research, and Reviews, where reviews of some books can be found.

Finally, there is one last topic to mention, Liberty vs. Tyranny.

And I think that’s a pretty good note to end this guide on.

Enjoy the Library
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