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Meet One Of The King Pins, George P. Shultz - Bad Guys never retire

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(Retyped the bio to make it easier to read)

George P. Shultz Bio:
•Born - December 13, 1920, in New York City
•Son of Birl E. and Margaret Pratt Shultz. Charles Pratt (1830-1891)
Margaret's grandfather, became a partner of John D. Rockefeller after merging his oil company with Standard Oil in 1874.
•His son, Shultz's grandfather, Charles Millard Pratt (1858-1933), was treasurer of Standard Oil, and his widow bequeathed their New York mansion, the Charles Pratt House, to the Council on Foreign Relations in 1945, which serves as its headquarters ever since.
•Birl Earl Shultz (1883-1955), George's father, was a personnel director with the American International Corporation and founded the New York Stock Exchange Institute (November 10, 1955, NY Times, obituary). B.A. degree in economics from Princeton University in 1942.
•Attended Cap & Gown events, according to Kay Griggs, just as Allen Dulles, Donald Rumsfeld, William Colby, Frank Carlucci, James Baker, and George Griggs (August 3, 2005, Rense).
•U.S. Marine Corps 1942-1945, attaining the rank of Captain.
Faculty member at MIT 1946-1947. At MIT, according to several accounts, Shultz teamed up with the German social engineer Kurt Lewin, who was setting up a psychological research institute there (died in 1947). Lewin emigrated from Germany to the US in 1932 and is said to have been a leading member of the Tavistock Institute (at the very least he served as a source of inspiration to many of their psychiatrists).
•Taught in both the MIT Department of Economics and the MIT Sloan School of Management 1948-1957. Earned a Ph.D. from MIT in industrial economics in 1949.
•Chairman of MIT's Industrial Relations Division 1954-1957.
•Leave of absence in 1955 to serve on President Dwight Eisenhower's Council of Economic Advisers as a senior staff economist.
•Joined the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business as professor of industrial relations in 1957 and served as dean of the school from 1962 to 1968.
•Involved in Nixon's election campaign of 1968. Nixon's Secretary of Labor 1969-1970.
One of the main organizers of the US-USSR Trade and Economic Council in 1972.
Nixon's Secretary of the Treasury 1972-1974. It was during this period that Schultz, along with Paul Volcker and Arthur Burns, supported the decision of the Nixon administration to end the gold standard and the Bretton Woods system.
•Shultz also regularly played golf with Stephen Bechtel Jr. at Burning Tree. President and director of the Bechtel Group 1974-1982, a privately-held huge construction company strongly linked to the intelligence agencies.
•Also acted as president of the Bechtel Foundation.
•Ran Ronald Reagan's election campaign in 1980, together with Bechtel vice-president Caspar Weinburger.
Chairman of the President's Economic Policy Advisory Board from 1981-1982.
Reagan's Secretary of State 1982-1989.
Hosted his good friend Helmut Schmidt at the Bohemian Grove in 1982 and has stayed at Camp Mandalay.
•Member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Atlantic Council of the United States.
•Member National Security Planning Group.
•Keynote speaker and co-founder of a June 1984 conference on international terrorism sponsored by the Jonathan Institute, an Israeli think tank named after the brother of Netanyahu.
Former SAS/MI5 agent Colin Wallace said the institute was a Mossad front.
•In his opening speech, Shultz claimed that "pre- emptive actions by Western democracies may be necessary to counter the Soviet Union and other nations that... have banded together in an international "league of terror.""
This policy of pre-emptive strikes against terrorism would be implemented 20 years later by the Bush-Cheney administration.
•According to John Perkins, former chief economist and "economic hitman", Shultz functioned as the heir to Robert Strange McNamara (1001 Club) as one of the top figures in the new imperial pyramid of power, which employed the structure of economic hitmen to bleed and crush nations. Examples are the Philippines' Ferdinand Marcos in 1986, and such as the various attacks on Panama, culminating in the 1989 invasion.
•Then-Secretary of State Shultz once gave a speech in which he threatened the nations present that they had better stay in line, and pay their debts to the IMF.
•As Secretary of State, he automatically became a honorary member of the Pilgrims Society and gave at least one speech to this club in 1985.
•In August 1988, while travelling from the airport to La Paz, Bolivia, Shultz's motorcade was bombed, supposedly by drug dealers. There was only material damage.
•In 1989 he rejoined Bechtel as a director and senior counselor (he still is anno 2005).
Director at Gilead Sciences since 1996. Director Fremont Group, Inc. (owned by the Bechtel corporation) and the Charles Schwab Corporation.
Chairman of Accenture's Energy Advisory Board.
•Former member of the Advisory Council of Forstmann Little & Co. (Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, and Donald Rumsfeld have been other members).
•Has visited the Trilateral Commission in the 1990s. Teamed up with George Soros in 1998 to promote a series of referenda to legalize narcotics.
•According to author James Mann, who wrote the Rise of the Vulcans book about Bush's inner Cabinet, Shultz initiated a discussion with George W. in the Spring of 1998, whereby the future President sat down in Shultz's living room on the Stanford University campus, in order to see if he would be the right man for the presidency. At that meeting were Martin Anderson, the former advisor to both Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan; Abraham Sofaer, a former Shultz aide; John Cogan and John Taylor, two economics professors; and Stanford's provost, and Shultz protege, Condoleezza Rice.
•After the scholars associated with the Hoover Institution indicated that they thought Bush would make a good Presidential choice, Bush invited Shultz, Rice, and Anderson down to Austin, Texas for a follow-up meeting in the Summer. Out of that meeting, which was joined by Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz, came the public decision for Bush to run for President.
•Soon Richard Perle and Dov Zakheim were holding Monday morning conference calls with Bush.
Bush W. became president in 2000, selecting the above individuals as his primary staff members.
•Initial member of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq in 2002, a year before that country was invaded.
•Co-chairman of the economic taskforce for California gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003.
•Co-chairman of the Commonwealth Club Centennial meeting in 2003, sponsored by Goldman Sachs and Carnegie Corporation.
•Anno 2005, Shultz is chairman of J.P. Morgan Chase's International Advisory Council, co-chairman of the Committee on Present Danger (together with James Woolsey), and an advisor to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (together with Alexander Haig, Lawrence S. Eagleburger, Richard Perle, James Woolsey, and, until recently, Paul Wolfowitz).
Honorary director of the Institute for International Economics (headed by Peter G. Peterson. Other directors are Paul Volcker, Maurice R. Greenberg, and David Rockefeller).
•Member of the Hoover Institution and the American Enterprise Institute New Atlantic Initiative.
•Shultz's most senior advisor and confidant is Charles Hill, a former diplomat to Israel, the Far East, and to the secretary-general of the UN, who now holds positions at Yale and Stanford.
•Shultz has been a long time associate of Henry Kissinger.


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post Jan 26 2007, 04:37 PM
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QUOTE (jo56 @ Jan 27 2007, 04:39 AM)
Honorary director of the Institute for International Economics (headed by Peter G. Peterson. Other directors are Paul Volcker, Maurice R. Greenberg, and David Rockefeller).

And we all know who Peter Peterson is don't we?


jo, I think we found the lynchpin.

Who'd a thunk, with his duffus face.

But compared to Shultz, Cheney's a clown.
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post Jan 26 2007, 04:48 PM
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George Schultz is a major badass from way back. One bit of trivia on this guy. He's got a tiger tatoo on his butt. Some secret club initiation from his youth. Big time pals with the Reagan and Bush Sr. crowd as is evidenced by Ms. Jo's outline on the boy.
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QUOTE (Cary @ Jan 26 2007, 03:48 PM)
George Schultz is a major badass from way back.  One bit of trivia on this guy.  He's got a tiger tatoo on his butt.  Some secret club initiation from his youth.  Big time pals with the Reagan and Bush Sr. crowd as is evidenced by Ms. Jo's outline on the boy.

He probably shows it off at the gathering of the BOHEMIAN GROVE boyz!

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