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Ch. 5. Radical Priest And The Altered States Of, From The Canadian, the story continues

post May 11 2007, 04:45 PM
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I want to thank you gentlemen for mostly being polite and adult about my efforts to shed some light onto the 9/11 LIE and the cultural foundations which have allowed this to continue unchecked.
I have not been altogether too happy with a couple of your responses, but for the most part, gentlemen like painter and zapzarap have made my humble contributions worth my efforts though they have not entirely resolved the insults of the few.
Since this is a moderated board ( thank God ) I believe that the wanton thrashing that occurs at Kos, Digg or CraigsList will be interceded and removed. Likewise I'm assuming that the general intelligence levels are higher that those at 9/11 Researchers, or 9/11 Blogger, where the kids seem to think that THEY and THEY alone, know all of the Truth and condemn anyone who offers anything other than that which THEY ascribe. I actually had someone at 9/11 Researchers condemn my Plot page for spreading lies and ordered me to cease and desist !!
There are NO lies about 9/11 except those in the 9/11 Ommission Report.
Everything else is evidence requiring and supporting a NEW Investigation.
On this board;
I do NOT appreciate being lumped in with the problem ( JonDoex ) after defending myself from an attack ( tocarm ) and command to " answer in 20 words or less or shut up ".
Any further abuse from the two I mention, and I will stay gone.
Meanwhile, there is a great lesson which I'm attempting to outline for the benefit of all peoples of all faiths, especially those facing direct armed conflict.
I am not a historian, nor a writer. I am not attempting to give a blow by blow description, treatise or manifest; my outline is delibertately vague and broad edged to avoid the nit picking pedanticy which is the habitat of the fact tracer who interjects and diffuses the focus and the topic at hand.
Someone who butts in and throws their two cents into the middle of the conversation fascetiously to interrupt the point, and change the subject is not contributory in my mind, but a deliberate pain in el culo with nought more than assholia and buttinskititus to his credit.

There are many IMPORTANT things that we need to do, and defending ourselves from each other cannot be on the list.
Thank You.

Now The Canadian has published Chapter 5 of my continuing exposee of this, our still unresolved pitiable government, culture and social faux pas, and there is still a long way to go.
If you want to read the entire piece to date, there are 11 chapters available at,
or should you prefer the one in press at the paper currently,

I'm just doing what I can here fellas.
Our cause is the same.
Peace Out
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post May 11 2007, 07:11 PM
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Haven't followed your links yet, just wanted you to know that you don't have to worry about 'Tocarm', he's 'outtahere'

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post May 12 2007, 11:17 AM
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Well thanks for that tip.
I hate to hate but there's a time and place for everything,
and I don't have time and this isn't the place,
then good;
I'm fanatic enough, but still try to remain within the bounds of Joe Citizen;
it's okay for people to be passionate about their beliefs, as long as they're presented in a palatable fashion.
This is a blog f'rchrissakes not a forum for extremists.
The task we are contemplating precludes that we need help and encouragement from each other,
not unnecessary static.
Peace Out.
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post May 14 2007, 11:57 AM
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Chapter 5.

Radical Priest and the Altered States of America

This is an incredible place we have here, a melting pot of nations, a potpourri of cultures, a conglomerate of breeds, a magical blend of talent and possibilities. The heart and spirit that went into building this country are as great as that of any other peoples,
while the potential and creative horizons surpass most nations.
The list of inventions and discoveries sits at the top of the mastery of humankind, while the zealousness and unbridled courage of the citizens has faced, and remained undaunted; through two major wars and several minor ones.
The Declaration of Independence was the product of one of those wars, yet somehow within it’s conception were written the fallacies that the country faces today.
At face value it was conceived and executed with integrity. It’s premises were fair, equitable and realistic, but it’s foundation was unhealthy. Sure it came to pass as a result of our separation as a nation from the British Empire. Sure it was intended as a noble guideline for a fledgling group. Unfortunately it’s that same group that’s thrashing it and running it into the ground.
Thomas Jefferson was undoubtedly a great man. So were his peers, the co-writers and co-signers of the pact. Unfortunately they were white upper class, slave owning landholders.

“ All men are created equal ? “ What on earth were they thinking??!

From it’s very conception it was a lie.
These gentlemen had no intentions of giving up their slaves. Slavery wasn’t abolished for nearly a hundred years afterwards; beyond the span of their lifetimes.
One of the other main points in the Declaration is that as a people we were entitled nay obliged to protest and reject any government which acted contrary to our rights and wishes.
Well that was a pretty grandiose and preposterous statement to make.
What arm of the public was ever going to contemplate removing the government.
Kids were shot to death at Kent State University just for protesting the Vietnam war.
Tear gas was used on them countrywide on dozens of occasions and rifle butts, billy clubs and police batons pounded and bashed any and all protestors indiscriminately from coast to coast, and that because of mere protests. Never was any of that about unseating the current government body as ascribed in the Declaration.
So public protest was violently and mercilessly quelled, though looking back on it now, it would seem that the point of objection of the protestors was in fact well informed, well founded and well deserved. Never the less, there are thousands of victims from these brutal police actions who will never protest anything again, and I daresay there are many who still have bodily injuries and many more with deep psychological scars that will never heal.
Isn’t that nice.

‘All of those nasty little trouble makers were just pounded into permanent submission.’

The rest of us licked our wounds and continued to live, but never forgot the unholy treatment at the hands of our own government on our own soil, as we expressed our own rights against something that was ultimately proven to be wrong.
So the Declaration of Independence looks like a snuff suckers fantasy as we look at it’s inception and trace it’s execution to the present day.
The objections cited further down the body of the work, list the multitude of violations the King of England was imposing upon the infant states and the general vehemence that these infant states were propounding.

The premise that ‘we’ as a people could protest and remove a violating government body wasn’t worth the paper it was written on, especially, again, since it was written by the fat cats of the day. These days, with the manipulative power that money inflicts upon the ‘justice’ system, the fair and equal rights of the voting citizenry are distorted, malformed and amputated by bought and sold representatives to the point of revolution. If we were capable of revolution that is. When Presidents are appointed by hijacked judges who are cronies and cohorts of other unscrupulous power heads with money, our ‘Democracy’ becomes the plaything of the elite land holders of old.

“ Money is Power. Money Rules All.

We have Money so therefore WE are Right.
It’s MY Way or the Highway.”

At least they’ve stayed true to their course.
It would seem that the Declaration was a decoy, a placebo for the masses to swallow while they,
the elite writers and signators continued unfettered with their plundering and hoarding.

“ All men are created equal “

Just ask any person of colour if they’re treated as equals.
The written word is of course TRUE, but the practice is a lie too.
Almost as if the unconscious American mind knew the lie in the beginning and has acted out the same lip service that the ‘founding fathers’ did.
Now, the new and improved Declaration is virtually
a declaration of war upon the citizens.

It’s called the Patriot Act.

It’s a total blanket policy which entitles the nationwide government arm to seize, detain, prosecute and convict ANYONE for ANY REASON without EVER having to:- file formal charges, allow a lawyer to represent the detainee, or even disclose the location or crime of any detainee. It has been presented as a necessary response to an identified evil in direct opposition to the Constitution. It has been effected under duress, misrepresentation and deception and constitutes the rape of our Bill of Rights.

This is the ‘Christian’ answer to a supposed ‘Islamic threat.’
Since the American condition presents itself essentially as a fair and honourable system,
the nasty little secrets that lurk not too far under the surface, are never truly addressed, yet they skulk, stalk and wait to pounce at any transgression.

World War One was deemed and vowed to be “ The War to End All Wars “
The wounded and maimed, the widowed and mourning, the general and administrative public all decreed that the horrors of war must never again be repeated yet ironically,
they said the same after World War Two.
The undeniable repugnance of war has reared it’s ugly face over a hundred times since WW I, though war has remained ‘ the last resort’ throughout all of this.

When you take the deception and the hypocrisy that’s been bred into the United States of America by the Catholic / Christian tenets, the Declaration of Independence and the convenient reasoning for engaging an enemy in war, it comes as no surprise that the national consciousness is numb, dumb, and full of rum.

WE invaded the North American continent under the auspices that we were righteous and entitled, and maintain an illegal occupation here to this day. I believe that Manhattan Island is the only part that we actually bought from the Native Americans.
The rest we stole from the murdered owners.
The Catholic / Christian missionaries continued with their brainwashing audacity by infiltrating and polluting the remaining native peoples with their vehement assertions that they were representing the ONLY God, and that the indigenous cultures living on the land that we were trespassing upon, were violating heathens who would go to Hell if they didn’t convert to the ‘Word of God ‘ and take Jesus as their ONLY saviour.

What a nerve !!!!!!!!!

I believe that the antithesis of that is called the “ Christian guilt.”
More aptly the white, Anglo-Saxon Christian guilt.

So when you get to today’s unconsciousness, is it a surprise ?
Have we EVER been conscious ?
Can we really blame the younger generation for the failings of a nation that have been written into the code from the first Declaration and translated into the unconscious mind from generation to generation without ever being called out and held to task by the evolved consciousness of greater more humane minds ?!
To be able to resolve these problems, the core of the belief system here
must be surgically removed and replaced.
As a breed, we are a despicable, disgusting bunch of self impressed, headstrong, blood thirsty murderers, and unless we acknowledge this fact we will never be able to address the deviant deviants that have run our country into this lie, and who are running this country into it’s grave.

“ Oh, it’s the American Way “
Damn right it is and it’s entirely fallacious and completely off track.

There does exist, a global consciousness which is attempting to heal some of these atrocities that ‘we’ the ‘Christian Nation’ have effected upon the world.
Sure it began in the 3rd century, but it has never been dealt with by ‘modern civilization’
The Pope who recently apologized for the sins of the Catholic Church going back to King Constantine, turned right around and insulted the Muslim nation by claiming that the teachings of the founder of Islam Muhammad were “ evil and inhuman “

Good God !!
The head of one of the most powerful religious lobbies insulted and provoked the core of another major religious lobby with an act of complete arrogant idiocy right in the middle of an Earth threatening war, last September !!
To follow that insult he added another, by apologizing for ‘their’ reaction.
NOT for what HE SAID !!

He apologized for their reaction.

That was an out and out provocation of war against the basic tenets
of the Islamic belief system.

Furthermore it’s a classic illustration of the core self absorbed obstinate arrogance of this ‘ Christian’ farce that’s infiltrated the innocent native people’s of all lands, brainwashed the feeble and frightened young cultures during difficult times and that’s justifying the illegal war we’re up to our necks in right now.
It’s also a perfect example of the hell bent on destruction brainlessness that was employed to incite this illegal war in the first place.

THIS is their ‘GOD ‘ ??!!

This is why the devout have prayed and muttered to their Rosaries for these past
19 or so centuries ?!!
The problem that seems to be escaping everyone about illegal war is that everyone who is involved is culpable.
That means the troops, the Senators, the Prezident and V.P., every member of the staff who has not OPENLY protested this war is complicit.

Remember the Nürnberg Trials ?
Well guess who’s next.
The USA, Bush, Cheney, Rove, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Rice and the entire PNAC, the FBI, the CIA, the U.S. military, the Republican Party, Bush senior and everyone of his cohorts including the Supreme Court judges who manipulated the results of the stolen election the first time, the Catholic Church, including the Pope and every so called ‘Christian’ who has ever espoused war in the name of the ‘ One True God’ or any ‘God’ for that matter, and that means the KKK too.

And the Treasury Department puts
“ In God We Trust “
On the money.

Indeed !

The TV announcer just advertised an upcoming special,
“ three sexy episodes back to back only on USA “
Law and Order - SVU ??!!!!

Make comments about this article in The Canadian Blog.
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