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Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum _ Alternative Theories _ Pig Rescues Drowning Goat

Posted by: paulmichael Sep 23 2012, 03:09 PM

The "Video of the Day," Friday, on the WCBS-TV early morning news (and also featured on the network show "CBS This Morning") was of a pig rescuing a drowning goat. (See: .)

While you will routinely see cutesy animal videos on the news plus many news stories of animal abuse, you will no longer see:

a.) news regarding dissenting opinions regarding what did or did not happen on 9/11;

b.) hard news about the government's relationship with the mob and mob informants;

c.) coverage about methamphetamine and meth labs which are absolutely infesting the New York Metro region with zero drug lab busts, but with many questionable fires and explosions;

d.) news about heroin coming out of Afghanistan, the trafficking of which was reinstated after the war there started;

e.) news that American high school students indulge very heavily in heroin abuse, in epidemic proportions, actually, a development related to the commencement of the war in Afghanistan;

f.) and now, virtually no news of heroin coming from anywhere even from south of the border;

g.) coverage of cops gone wild (possibly while on methamphetamine per rumor) and brutalizing people.

All of the above, while appearing on television in the past, seem to have been virtually eradicated from the news media, EVEN THOUGH THE NEWS MEDIA IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE WATCHDOG OF GOVERNMENT.

Just this morning [Friday] there was a news report repeated several times about a squirrel gone wild in a NJ classroom, but nothing for the longest time about cops gone wild. To the contrary, we see news clips of cops portrayed in a very positive light being heroes.

Also there was very heavy, albeit totally frivolous, news coverage on the release of the new Apple iPhone 5 and on the long overnight waiting lines outside the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, not to mention the jubilation of individuals in the earlier time zones of foreign countries who already secured their prize of a new iPhone 5. [Footnote: just take a gander at the type of individual who waits outdoors overnight for something totally frivolous like a new gadget. Do you feel comfortable with such people having the right to vote? If any of you had doubts about my positing in an older reply to another thread about the population going more and more infantile, all that I need suggest to you is your viewing videos of Friday morning's iPhone 5 coverage.]

The trends that you are observing on the televised news are evidence of two things: government control of the media and feminization of society (further evidenced by the following topics on T.V. news shows: fashion and shoes, food and cooking, cutesy baby videos, entertainment news, celebrity gossip, "who's popular," travel, health issues [mostly women's], etc.)


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