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Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum _ Politics, War & Foreign Policy _ Is this true about Barack Obama?

Posted by: jo56 Feb 24 2008, 10:43 PM

moving to Campaing 2008, Zap


Posted by: jo56 Feb 24 2008, 11:20 PM

Barack Obama/CFR/Bush bloodline Connection

Posted by: lunk Feb 25 2008, 12:17 AM

Hmm, they flock together...
and now it turns out that
they're birds of a feather.

Whatever analogy works for you.

It's the lie that binds.

imo, yes lunk

Posted by: beatles64 Feb 25 2008, 09:40 PM

good video, but I thought it was a little too much on the religion towards the end...kind of ruined the beginning for me...

it is very scary though, the first half of that video..

just tonight i was watching CNN, and they continued to push Obama, and now bashing Ralph Nader as a spoiler and there was an interesting comment made about how in 2000 voters thought everything would be fine, and that they didn't know what would come...i see a lot of that same hope now, a large number of people think we will wake up with Bush out of office and things will be better, I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Posted by: mkspence Feb 28 2008, 12:17 AM

Until to state a conclusion, I'm afraid there's little much to say.

Posted by: Nunyabiz Feb 28 2008, 11:42 AM

While there is certainly a kernel of truth in some of this such as the CFR connection not to mention the other criminal organizations like Bilderberg, Carlyle etc and I really wouldn't doubt the same bloodline connection because if you go back far enough we are ALL pretty much from the same bloodline.

What I find hilarious is listening to a religious freak talk about a group of other religious freaks doing exactly the same thing they have been doing for about 7000 years now.

The sheer stupidity it takes to make a religion the entire center, the whole reason of your life and still don't have the slightest idea of the true origins of that religion is simply mind boggling to me.
Religion in one way or another has been the root of most wars and the leading cause of death, civil unrest, genocide than any other single factor in human history.

First thing everyone needs to remember is that we ALL were BORN ATHEIST.
"Belief" in whatever fairytale you are indoctrinated with is a learned affliction

Religious humans show behavior that is largely a function of individual perception, a combination of learned material, the individuals environment and the physiology of the individual.
Perception is the overriding determinant of human behavior. As a learning machine, the human animal will exhibit behavior that reflects not only what it has learned, but FAILED to learn. Human behavior reflects delusion and ignorance as well as one’s factual knowledge. The delusion and ignorance of the individual is largely a function of socialization, reflecting a society’s beliefs and norms.

Throughout human history, man has made continuing progress in gaining real knowledge about the Earth environment and the nature of existence, the laws and functions of nature etc. this knowledge has almost without exception been the result of individuals that have shed these “beliefs” in magic or the “Supernatural” either completely or in part. However, during this same period little progress has been made in terms of human social systems. Human societies are fundamentally the same as they have always been, based on the same premises as formulated by the earliest social groups, those of our stone age ancestors. All human social control institutions are based on a belief in the supernatural, accepting neither the real nature of existence nor that of the human animal.

While man has gained the technology to engineer his and her own future, moving out into space, building environments as needed, human populations are still maintained as chattel of the controlling institutions. They are largely controlled by manipulated perception and maintained at levels of delusion and ignorance that will insure continued control by the authoritarian institutions.

We are born into ancient systems of social control that maintain primitive ideas and systems of belief, distorting popular perception and suppressing behavior and information that would threaten these concepts and the institutions that function to maintain them. Every society expends the larger half of its energy and resources in the continued indoctrination of people, the continuous propaganda and rhetoric, necessary to maintain institutional control, and in the routine activities of these institutions. Just imagine if all this effort were put into REALITY.

The governing systems of every society on Earth are still authoritarian, imposing arbitrary control upon populations. Such governing systems are not oriented to factual reality. Each and every one of them is based upon, and maintains, large amounts of cultural delusion, primitive concepts and systems of belief that is instilled in populations and functions as control by decompensating the individual and increasingly suppressing any behavior not in line with institutional agendas.

This can be seen quite clearly today if you just look at various Christian propaganda such as The Christian Coalition, also just look at what these institutions desperately try to impose upon society like denying Evolution in schools in favor of the pure unabated ignorance of Creationism, they will rewrite history when ever possible to hide past atrocities or to bolster their own self worth, a clear example of this is well, when is the last time you have talked to ANY Christian that admits to the fact that many of the founding fathers of the USA were indeed Deist or agnostic & this is without a doubt a secular nation. I would imagine there has to be some somewhere but I have as yet met one, they invariably will all blindly follow Christian lies over factual reality every time. This brainwashing is what the religious of the world emerge from & the brains own protective function “Cognitive Dissonance” keeps them there firmly entrenched in their delusions.

Although there are mountains of evidence to the contrary and zero evidence in support of the cultural delusions and beliefs, they are never the less maintained within every society. By instilling belief, the individual will stand obediently to be shorn of autonomy and the ability to make his or her own decisions, while supporting the oppressor. Such is the power of belief, when used to distort and control perception.

The thing that makes this most difficult is that the individual has been made a “believer” and will reflexively defend every delusion, rejecting factual information in the area of a belief. Cultural delusions will have been the main reason for the ignorance in the first place. Ultimately, it is only the individual who can effectively change or rescue ones self. It is only the individual who can accept or reject the necessary information.

Human populations have ever been maintained at high levels of delusion and reciprocal ignorance. At this point in time, every culture propagates and instills large amounts of delusion. The individual is made to be a believer, to accept and to support the premises and systems of the culture. The citizen becomes a ‘blind operative’ of the system, largely unaware of the role he or she is playing and becoming a tool in the service of institutional agendas.

In this relationship, the individual is lead blindly, deferring reason and judgment to authority and standing obediently to be sheared of freedom and the ability to make determinations. The individual sacrifices self for the benefit of the institution, dementing the one’s own children in the process. Religion just becomes a vicious mind phuck circle.

This form of control ties individual behavior to the arbitrary motivations of the leadership, not the principles and requirements for human effectiveness and long term survival and progress for the species. This form of control (of governing), largely adrift from factual reality, has little ability or motivation to address the real problems within societies and a rapidly changing Earth environment. Nor, is it directed toward nurturing a rational human being. Its predominant drive is toward the maintenance, and growth of institutional power and domain, controlling and exploiting a population. Our governments busy themselves with symptomatic problems and the creation of diversions, carefully avoiding an examination of premises and the real nature of things. The fundamental cultural pathogen, common to all cultures, is the maintenance of one of the earliest human concepts, a belief in magic or the supernatural.
Science for lack of a better word has shown this “belief” to be Bullshit.

Through the scientific method of those of us that have either shed or if fortunate just never been indoctrinated into primitive ignorance, we know that life evolved on Earth through many species before the emergence of a humanoid form of animal. As it’s intelligence increased, so did it’s cognizance of environment and its ability to manipulate its environment in terms of symbols, conception, reasoning and language.

The basis of intelligence is the ability to conceptualize and discriminate. Brains are the outgrowth of simpler systems for sensing and adjusting to the environment. In other words, the brain has evolved as a mechanism for interfacing with the environment.
The human brain displays the progression of its development. The more primitive brain systems and brain stem are internal, the cognitive and reasoning functions having developed upon this. The cortex, where inductive reasoning occurs, the highest level of reasoning and the latest development, is the outermost layer of the brain. The brain is an organic computer, coprocessing in a multitude of ways, and is the site of personality, or “soul”, if you will.

As intelligent life emerges, there are far more concerns and questions than for which there is knowledge. In the absence of knowledge, intelligent life fills the voids with perception. This perception, in the beginning, bears little relationship to factual reality, especially in terms of the fundamental nature of things and how things work. As language and the ability to communicate perception develops, highly delusional cognitive systems come into place, further degraded by any deliberate insertion of false concepts.

The primitive humanoid cannot understand the forces of nature and the unpredictability of fortune. It sees it’s own and other’s ability to affect changes through “force” and thinks there must be greater unseen powers affecting those areas outside of individual control. The fabrication of “gods” will be common to any emerging intelligent life form. Social control begins in terms of force and authoritarianism. All social systems function to maintain control ultimately by force, although the emerging intelligent life form quickly learns that behavior will follow “belief”.

Eventually, belief becomes the main means of controlling behavior consistent with the agendas of human institutions, force being brought to bear when indoctrination, dogma and coercion fails. Thus we have barbaric events in human history such as “The Crusades” “The Inquisition” Genocide and so on, This form of control is authoritarianism. It is arbitrary, determinations being by made by the authority, to any extent possible or desired. Human history is largely a repeating story of a struggle for power by competing authorities. In such systems, rationality and solutions to problems remain relatively incidental to social control processes.

All social control institutions, predominately religion and government, are fundamentally authoritarian, focused primarily on maintaining and increasing control over populations. Such control, being arbitrary, is eventually destructive to a population and the species, resulting in divergent beliefs, conflict and parasitical behavior destructive of the host environment. Remember we are an animal and the host environment is the Earth for which we stand.

At the present stage of human development, populations continue to be controlled largely by belief and religious propaganda. The institutions maintain the cultural delusions, generation after generation. Even in the most advanced technological society, the fundamental premises remain those of ancient peoples, concepts highly divergent from “factual reality” and insuring pathological levels of reciprocal ignorance. In order to maintain a belief, the reciprocal reality must be rejected. This phenomenon can be witnessed every time you try and have any intelligent conversation with ANY highly or fundamentally religious individual. Any information that is perceived as a threat to a presently held belief will trigger an emotional aversion to it, usually causing an avoidance of such information.

The fundamental conceptual pathology is that of a “god” model of the universe, where all creation, energy and control is IMPOSED from beyond nature, the supernatural, essentially a belief in magic. This corruption of our most fundamental concepts, involving the nature of existence, distorts virtually all subsequent human thought. Belief generates the greatest barrier to learning and is the primary reason for the low mentality levels of the masses. Human populations are kept buffered at levels of belief, ignorance and dependency that will not present a threat to authoritarian institutional control.

This can be seen by just examining the basic facts, in general the higher your education the less likely you are of falling for the god model of the universe, college grads have much lower percentages of religious fundamentalist than do those stopping at the high school level, in general the higher your IQ the less likely you are to fall for religious bullshit that clearly has no basis in factual reality. Look at the world in general even, and at areas that have the lowest general IQs just happen to be the ones that have the highest general belief in magic, supernatural, religion.

here is a link to factual information gathered over about 80 years through many studies, some very extensive which collaborate each other. So believe what you will but facts are facts.

Authoritarian social control has brought humanity to its present most dangerous condition, an explosive mixture of over-population, mass ignorance, anger, frustration and power mongering, where the technological ability to destroy a planet comes under the control of people with essentially the mind-set of savages.

This is the scary part, we have scientist which have for years broken out of that primitive ignorance that society in general tries to impose upon them, this is why we have the technological advances we do today most are harmless, many very helpful such as medications etc. but there are also the areas of science that have brought into light very destructive forces such as all the various WMD be they Chemical, Biological, Nuclear created by those on a higher level of Consciousness , which is handed to what amounts to humans with no more base intelligence than that poor deluded human several thousand years ago whom perceived that thunder storm that just rumbled though his campsite as a sign of some supernatural godman that’s pissed & hurling thunderbolts at him for reasons he can only imagine.

Think not? How many times have you heard religious individuals blame things be they good or bad on some supernatural force that’s beyond our control?

If its good then of course “god” did it don’t matter what it is God had a hand in it somehow.

If its bad then the devil did it.

None of this has of course ANY basis in factual reality, there is not one single shred of evidence that any so called supernatural being of your choosing is real, yet like that poor deluded ancient human 1000s of years ago shaking out in the rain wondering what he did to deserve the wrath of the gods, the poor deluded human today has not evolved past that ignorant mind-set. Its a cultural delusion passed on generation to generation.

The belief in a soul and an afterlife is a part of this system of control, any delusion paving the way for further delusion. There is naturally high motivation to believe in an afterlife, no one likes the idea of dying. This provides high, natural motivation to maintain the “God model of existence”.

Religion, wherever it exists, is truly a social pathology, an instituted disease. It suppresses individual mentality, blocking one from any and all reciprocal reality, instilling the ‘mother’ of all learning disorders.

Posted by: jo56 Mar 5 2008, 10:08 PM

This was not meant to be a religious discussion. There is another thread in this forum for topics on religion. Everyone has the right to believe the way they want to, and that means Christians and Non-Christians.

This was about the possible associations of Obama. This is what needs to be discussed.

Posted by: Nunyabiz Mar 6 2008, 12:10 PM

Sorry about that, I guess the 99% religious video threw me off track.

Posted by: UnderTow Mar 7 2008, 11:26 AM

Hi Nunyabiz,
That is quite a lengthy post there. I can't help but wonder how long you've been holding on to it.
Especially since you posted nearly the same thing almost 4 Years ago on

Posted by: Sanders Mar 7 2008, 01:45 PM

Dunno how significant or legit bloodline connections are (I'm connected very tenuously at the moment, can't hardly watch videos - haven't watched those yet), but when Bzezinski popped up as one of Obama's advisors, I knew the fix was in .... when Zbiggy becomes the NSA to Obama, it'll be his fifth go-round as an advisor to a president.

Posted by: jo56 Mar 7 2008, 02:22 PM

It's truly amazing isn't it!

Zbig (and many others like Kissinger) have manipulated our Presidents and top leaders long enough, someone with a backbone needs to tell these guys to BUTT OUT!

Now if Obama wins, ZBIG will manipulate him just like he did Jimmy Carter and the other Presidents who he has been tied to (of course from the shadows, which is where these guys mostly operate. They aren't men enough to operate in public view.) rolleyes.gif


Posted by: Sanders Mar 7 2008, 03:44 PM

QUOTE (jo56 @ Mar 11 2008, 12:22 PM) *
Yes, amazing indeed. Everyone who's anyone in Congress knows exactly who Bzrezinski is ... and fawns at his feet, if they know what's good for them. Progress, eh? Talk about a 21st century Uncle Tom.

Posted by: Nunyabiz Mar 7 2008, 04:45 PM

QUOTE (UnderTow @ Mar 5 2008, 01:26 PM) *
Hi Nunyabiz,
That is quite a lengthy post there. I can't help but wonder how long you've been holding on to it.
Especially since you posted nearly the same thing almost 4 Years ago on

Yes I have many of my post archived and pull them out when needed and add to or change them as needed.
I fail to see the problem with that. So what?

You will also notice on that "other board" that I was a staunch 9/11 advocate going back at least to 2003 fighting those people tooth an nail to get them to understand WTF is going on.
Before that I was on the GMA/ABC boards doing the same thing back to 2002 where I might add I was banned at least 350+ times for my 9/11 truth views.

Posted by: UnderTow Mar 7 2008, 05:57 PM

There's no problem Nunyabiz. Didn't mean to rattle your cage, just poking a little to see if your real. smile.gif

Don't mind me, carry on.

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