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A Question For Us Radar Controllers

post Mar 31 2007, 04:53 AM
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Hi Robin - I am just back from a few days visiting friends in the North of England. I just want to thank you, once again, for your detailed and highly informative responses to my questions. As before, I now need to go away and assimilate all you have told me.

The key seems to be, come way 'out of the box' - pull back for more global view of what actually happened, rather than what appeared to happen. For a mere civilian like me, with no military or FAA background, trying to grasp the technicalities is almost impossible of course.

That said, it is so enlightening once an expert view like yours enters the arena. I immediately realise just how little I truly understand about tracking the four flightpaths.

It is the Hijack versus Emergency instruction that is such a key point. That effectively attenuated the USAF QRAs out of the equation.

Time for thinking cap, more coffee and another read of your responses.

Thanks once again. thumbsup.gif
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Robin Hordon
post Mar 31 2007, 03:44 PM
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Thank you for reading them and showing interest...

Perhaps the most efficient way to approach all of this is to do some "reverse engineering" of all thoughts 9/11...in all aspects of the event.

In other words, and focusing on this particular aspect of 9/11...IF...you presume that the HI PERPS" MOST IMPORTANT TASK was to convince the public of "their story" through the use of psy-ops, then its pretty easy to "see" the BIG BLOCKS of information that they have established, or have laid out there for public consumption.

So, in this case, they had to keep the public thinking about hijacks-hijacks-hijacks...for a variety of reasons...one of which establishes a NEW ENEMY to excuse the pentagon's actions and to establish its outlandish budgets. Another is to establish a SLOW interceptor response which they needed to have as protocol to avoid the airliners being shot down as they should have been.

So, if YOU were planning this event, and YOU knew that the established "in-flight emergency" scramble protocols would thwart the mission, and YOU knew that there was a "slow" intercept protocol, and YOU needed to create a NEW ENEMY...wouldn't you make the protocol change made in June of 2001? And further...wouldn't YOU set up some immediate "psy-ops" to get the public thinking the way that you needed them to think in their FIRST think through?

So really, just sitting in the HI PERPS' shoes when looking into any subject regarding all things 9/11 allows one to do such "reverse thinking" and thus discover their approaches to such psy-ops to cover stuff up....and of course...to discover the original plans.

Other examples are Ed Koch on CNN immediately after the WTCs were hit establishing that it was BinLaden [I've never seen any footage of "Koch the salesman" since...its buried...CNN is just another HI PERPS" media tool!], and the "random citizens" who found their way onto TV coverage providing us the "reasons" that the towers came down..."airplane damage-fires-weakened steel" etc. And again of course...the LACK of the first responder radio communications tapes [held in secret for years] and other citizen's, and first responder's eyewitness accounts of pre-collapse explosions. PRE-COLLAPSE EXPLOSIONS.

Now wouldn't THOSE PRE-COLLAPSE EXPLOSIONS throw a wrench in their psy-ops?

Psy-ops nformation like this is all over the place...

Consequently, instead of taking small OBVIOUS stuff and running wild with it as too many 9/11 truthers do...ie: biting at the first bait in the water!...its really best to think long and work one's wat back to the immediate.

Love, Peace and Progress...and PAPER BALLOTS ONLY

Robin Hordon
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post Apr 1 2007, 02:55 PM
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Well put Robin. Yes, it's amazing how skillful the government propagandists have become.

Credit where credit is due, isn't exactly operative here, but they pulled off one helluva trick.
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post Jun 19 2007, 04:01 PM
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Is there any information available on how long radar records are normally maintained by the FAA just for possible investigative purposes and wouldn't
records for an important event like 9/11 be kept indefinitely?
I was told by the FAA they had "no records" of Washington DC radar
between 9:30 am and 10:00 am on 9/11.
This is obviously not so since some of these records from 9:30 to 9:37 am were released in 2005 to the National Security Archive showing the flight path of Flight 77.
How could they not have the records for the following 23 minutes?
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Robin Hordon
post Jun 19 2007, 05:24 PM
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I feel that my following information is undoubtedly outdated, and certainly since the FBI was involved and took control of the evidence in so many locations of the attacks, they have their own standards regarding how long they keep them. And I have no clue about that...except that they have learned well that the best way to go is to destroy all incriminating records. Such activities usually will pay off handsomely for their agency and the "career climbs" down the road...just ask J. Edgar Hitler!

When I was "in", we routinely kept tapes/discs/data files for thirty days before they got recycled and written over by new information. If there was an incident, the tapes and evidence was kept until the situation was resolved either by investigation and reasearch, or until litigation was completed. So, who knows...other than the FBI and all the HI PERPS in the government and military?

As far as the NTSB "radar pics" that I see showing all the flights' tracks across the ground, I can easily show that they are visual fabrications and have been put out there to convince the public that "this is really what happened". These PICS were created after the fact and do seem to be loosely based upon some "real" radar information assembled at some earlier time. Regarding where the "original radar data" might be right now...in the toilet I'd guess!

Love, Peace and Progress..and PAPER BALLOTS ONLY

Robin Hordon
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post Jun 24 2007, 02:03 AM
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I'm a latecomer to this thread but want to thank all involved.
Truly illuminating.
Well done people. Thanks again.

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