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Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum _ WTC 7 _ Very Interesting Testimony Regarding Wtc Building 7

Posted by: 9/11 Justice Now Aug 3 2011, 09:22 AM

Once again we have a very interesting piece of eyewitness testimony this time in regards to wtc building 7,
i only just started watching this youtube video which is the work of a fellow who tried to volunteer at ground
zero along with his friend and where told they where not allowed to work on the pile because only the ironworkers
where allowed on the pile.

Anyway i will get straight to the point the man says "they begin using heavy equipment to haul away the debris of building 7,
regardless of the fact that it is still burning, at the canteen we hear some of the truck drivers complaining that some of these
girders are so hot that they cause the bed of the dump trucks to split and crack open"

Watch here at 13:15:

Now my assumption is the girders where so hot that they caused the steel bed of dump trucks to heat up and expand
causing them to split open as steel expands when it is heated.

So i would like someone like Sander O to tell us how hot these girders would have to be to cause the bed of the dump trucks
to expand and split open, i currently do not have to proper expertise to figure out the required temperatures and relevant conditions
the beams would need to be in to cause this phenomena to occure, so how hot would the beams have to be? Would they have to glowing
red hot? Would the need to be 600 F 1000 F 1500 F or maybe even 2000 F.

Really if the beams where so hot this could indicate that the support columns floor beams where cut with thermitic demolition demolition charges.
That is one possibility, so how hot was this fire? We have to figure out whether there where abnormal temperatures present at wtc building 7.

I feel as though this is worthy of futher investigation. Because if we dont investigate we will never figure out the truth, it is as plain and simple as
daylight as that.

Cheers take care Paul S

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Posted by: DoYouEverWonder Aug 3 2011, 02:45 PM

I read an article a while back (which I can't find) that talked about having to go through 'cool down' stations with the steel columns before they left the site, to spray them down with water because they were so hot.

There were also reports from the people on the pile, ruining their work boots and shoes because the soles would melt. There was an organization that was donating boots and shoes to the workers because they needed to replace them so often.

Posted by: SanderO Aug 3 2011, 08:35 PM


You can look up the coefficient of expansion for steel which is correlated to change in temperature. You also have to consider how the truck beds were fabricated... what was the bed material thickness and how was it attached to the structure. If the fires remained after the collapse... as they apparently did... all the non combustible material would act like a heat sink and get very hot much the way the grate of a BBQ can get red hot.

Cracking sound like something from heat stress from perhaps rapid cooling not from heating per say. If the material was loaded at very high temps it could be dangerous to transports in close proximity to fuel tanks - hence the cooling procedures DYEW mentions.

I wouldn't expect a building collapse debris pile after 7 hrs of unfought fires NOT to be damn hot... at least some of it. But how hot I don't know what would be expected.

Posted by: amazed! Aug 6 2011, 09:52 PM

Great work Paul, and it fits right in with everything else about the OCT.

SanderO tries yet again to have it both ways. laughing1.gif

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