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Life After Death!

Tamborine man
post Nov 5 2013, 04:28 AM
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Back in May 2010 i showed some dwg's on page 5 depicting the Supercircle.

There i also linked to Piet Hein.

I've now found that a little video has since been added to that link, and that

this video definitely should be made known to readers of this thread, so here

it is:


Hope you'll enjoy it, as i did!

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Tamborine man
post Dec 9 2013, 01:53 AM
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Here in Australia the question of euthanasia has reared its ugly face again, but this time more powerful as indicated
by resent MSM interviews and reports!

I'm putting the following quotes here, for the purpose of being able to refer not only euthanasia supporters, but also
those who would contemplate suicide, to this thread in the future.

The quoted part just below is from the same transcendental being who is the author of the message in the OP:

Shorten not deliberately your days on the Earth! For thereby do you but create far greater suffering than had you
patiently borne your earthly burdens. Yes, would you attempt to free your spirit by a death of your own choosing then
must you in your thoughts suffer without cease the agony and dishonor you desired to evade. In gloom and solitude,
far from those you love, must you in your thoughts live over and over again that which you sought to escape; for by
taking your own life3 never can you free your spirit and thought. By your destructive deed do you bind the spirit for
long times, and the thought neither ceases or is released until the day and the hour is come that was ordained for the
death of your mortal bodies.

This I say to those fearful, weak and faint of heart, and to those who hope that by taking their own lives they can evade
the consequences of their transgressions or unwise deeds. And this I say that you may know of the agony you create for
yourselves by taking your own lives.

Yes, hear my words and forget them never! Be neither fearful, weak or faint of heart but place your trust in our Father,
then in His compassion will He give you the needed help.

Next is a short commentary to the above, from another transcendental being:

However, it is not left entirely to humans themselves to overcome all earthly difficulties. In order to render effective help,
guardian spirits33 watch over them and try to influence their thoughts—that is, "stir their conscience"—so as to guide each
individual into the ways of life given by God. But since humans are also endowed with a free will, just as are the Eldest and
the Youngest, and since they seldom heed fully the admonitions of their conscience, incarnations often depart sadly from
what was intended; and as individuals frequently take their own lives instead of awaiting the time and manner of death
appointed by God, they often create much needless suffering for themselves.
One who commits suicide in a state of delirium (an unpremeditated action, that is) will be reincarnated immediately after an
account of the earthly life just ended has been given. These immediate reincarnations, without time for rest and learning,
are given by God partly as a continuation of the abruptly terminated life, and partly so that the individual can move beyond
the spiritual sufferings recently endured on Earth. Even if the new incarnation should be of short duration, the spirit will be
able to look back upon the mental or physical anguish of the previous earthly life with greater calm when it is again released.

From a question by human beings regarding euthanasia, here is an answer given also by another being from the
transcendental world:

Some people feel justified in helping others to die when their suffering is great, and death is imminent
anyway. How should we regard this? And though “mercy killing” may not be justifiable, to what extent
may we relieve pain by narcotics, even though they might shorten life?

Under God’s laws it is never permitted to take the life
53 of a fellow human, not even at the wish and request of the person
concerned. If someone suffers a painful disease, suffers after surgery, or because of wounds or injuries from accidents or the
like, the doctor may administer narcotics to any extent deemed necessary and justified. But if a patient’s body is weaker than
the doctors in all sincerity and to the best of their judgment had presumed, and the narcotics therefore hasten death, the
doctors will not be assigned any guilt. However, if they are aware that the ailing body cannot tolerate the prescribed doses
they will be regarded as having taken a life unlawfully under God’s laws. The same applies to those who end a life out of
“compassion” in order to spare a relative or a friend prolonged suffering from an illness. And the person who through the
“merciful help” of a fellow human has been given death so as to escape human suffering will be regarded as a suicide.
Such persons must then, like others who took their own lives, endure in their home in the spheres the sufferings that they
evaded until that moment arrives when the earthly body should normally have died. If a life is terminated without the ailing
person’s request, then of course that person bears no guilt. The responsibility then rests only with the one who carried out
the “mercy killing”.

(53) If a woman’s life is endangered during pregnancy or birth, the fetus must be sacrificed to save the mother’s life.


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Tamborine man
post Dec 9 2013, 04:26 AM
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Staying with Australia, the authorities here have just increased the price of tobacco yet again.
We now have to pay over A$42.00 for a 50gr. pack of 'rollies'.
Im outraged! thumbdown.gif

The great irony of course is the fact that tobacco is quite 'harmless', and was never the cause
to any cancer diseases nor heart-diseases - as the medical profession is so eager to dupe the
population with, and that the 'authorities' naively are so eager to believe in.
Revenue by control and fear - i suppose!!

Again here is a question by human beings, and the answer from the transcendental world
who, one should think, got infinitely more qualifications to know and to determine the true
cause to any ailment humans may suffer under:

How to regard alcohol, tobacco, coffee and other more or less harmful stimulants?
Must these be considered when humans after death render their accounts of earthly
life? What are the consequences if a life is thereby shortened and the spirit returns
to the spheres before the appointed day of death?

Account must be given after death for the entire course of one’s earthly life—including any misuse
of stimulants.
As have been said before: “Be prudent with all strong drink and dulling drugs; for know that you
yourselves must bear the full responsibility for the foolish, evil, wicked deeds you commit when you
lose control of your senses and of your will through carelessness or base habits.”
Mankind is thus admonished to exercise caution in the use of certain stimulants. Their use is
not forbidden,
but it is said that they should be used in such manner that they do not damage
health and do not form bad habits, nor cause the individual to lose self-control.
As far as tobacco, tea and coffee are concerned these “poisons” are not harmful when
used in moderation.
(Emphasis mine!)
But if alcoholic beverages and other stimulants are used to excess, so that they destroy the health
of the body and cause the human spirit to return home earlier than intended, then this will not be
regarded as suicide. Such cases are judged according to God’s law that none shall treat their
earthly body with neglect,
and those who violate this provision will be incarnated in circumstances
that will have an improving and educative effect, so that the corresponding human spirit may learn
to guard against the excessive use of stimulants.


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Tamborine man
post Mar 9 2014, 01:36 AM
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Thought that the near perfect curvatures of the Supercircle and the Ank superimposed,

would be worth showing here:


For other images of the Supercircle, go to page 5 and check out posts:

#87, #88, #97, #99 and #100!


ImageShack have completely changed their 'system',
so now i don't know how to make the image appear
instantly! ('Old' age i suppose!)
Would it have something to do with the HTML On -
or Off setting?

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post Mar 9 2014, 07:31 AM
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ImageShack have completely changed their 'system',
so now i don't know how to make the image appear
instantly! ('Old' age i suppose!)
Would it have something to do with the HTML On -
or Off setting?

Photobucket does the same thing TM. Lately I've been using this site


Not vouching for it but it's a much simpler set up.

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Tamborine man
post Mar 9 2014, 08:20 PM
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QUOTE (onesliceshort @ Mar 7 2014, 10:31 AM) *
Photobucket does the same thing TM. Lately I've been using this site


Not vouching for it but it's a much simpler set up.


Many thanks for your suggestion, OSS -

will check it out!

Cheers Mate
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Tamborine man
post Apr 10 2014, 11:02 PM
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Just reminding readers about some 'lyrics of old'

that i think is worth re-calling again, for the benefit

of to-day's new generations:

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Tamborine man
post May 1 2014, 12:39 AM
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We have now again seen natural disasters happening in some states in USA and with horrific consequences.
Many, if not all, 'Christians' in the affected areas must have asked themselves why their god have allowed
this to happen, and of course, especially to them??
Here's the explanation why God do not interfere directly:

If God is a personal Being and the loving Father of the human spirit, why then is human
life so full of suffering, disastrous accidents, crimes, wars and all kinds of horror?
Why does not God intervene to prevent such happenings? Is He not almighty?

Mankind owes its existence on Earth to God’s fallen children, the “Eldest”, as explained in Toward the Light.
As the Earth is a world of Darkness and therefore subject to the natural laws55 to be found within the primal
power called Darkness, the suffering and horror and accidents resulting from natural disasters cannot be
prevented. Such catastrophes will not cease as long as the globe exists. But since Darkness will diminish
significantly over the coming millions of years, natural catastrophes will gradually become fewer and less
violent as Darkness is eliminated. But not for many ages will this become noticeable in the earthly world.

If humans were less foolhardy, natural disasters would not claim nearly as many victims as at present. Why
build houses and towns on the slopes of, or in the vicinity of active volcanoes? Why put houses and towns
on low-lying riverbanks or on small, low-lying islands without protection against flooding by storm or sudden
thaw, and so on? In such matters, people still have much to learn.

Much of the suffering, sorrow and disaster that in so many ways casts a shadow over human life on Earth is
of humanity’s own making. Much grief and many accidents could be avoided if people would ever be mindful
that every individual carries a great responsibility in life—a responsibility none can evade when the account
of the individual’s life on Earth must be rendered to God after death.

Some examples from everyday life may help illustrate the matter:

1) A mother leaves her infant or young children unsupervised at home. The children find some matches.
The curtains, their clothes or other articles catch fire and the children die before help arrives. Imagine
the grief and horror of the negligent mother or both parents! And how often has God not been denounced in
such occurrences? But who is guilty, who is responsible? The guilt and the responsibility
rests with those who left the children alone.

2) Children roam streets, roads and parks, unsupervised, exposed to traffic or to the danger of drowning in
marshes, ponds, lakes, etc. Who is guilty, who is responsible if accidents occur? The guilt and the
responsibility rests on those who leave these children to fend for themselves.56 Such misfortunes would not
occur if humans were aware of their full responsibility.

3) A third example from daily life: Two trains collide, many lose their lives, many are maimed. Who is guilty,
who bears the responsibility? The guilt and the responsibility rests on those who overlooked the stop signals,
or with whoever neglected to set the signal. But if they were aware of their full responsibility, such accidents
would not occur.
4) The carelessness shown by many drivers of motor vehicles similarly brings accidents, suffering, maiming
and death. Who is guilty? The drivers! If they were all aware of their full responsibility, far greater care would
be exercised.
5) And what sufferings and horrors follow in the wake of war! But who is guilty, and who bears the
responsibility? Again, humans are themselves to blame, and again humans are fully responsible. It is taught
in plain words in Toward the Light that all warfare is contrary to the laws of God. And not until all have
learned the true meaning of the ancient commandment, “Thou shalt not kill!”, can earthly conditions, as far
as war is concerned, improve.

But the question was: Why does God allow all this to happen, rather than intervene and prevent it? There is
but one answer: God is the Father and Mentor of the human spirit, but He brings up His children so that they
will gradually learn fully to understand their responsibility both toward Him and toward their fellow human
beings. God does not hold His children by the hand forever, for then they would never mature spiritually.
Were God to intervene and prevent all untoward occurrences, humans would never change, would never
learn the full meaning of responsibility. It is therefore the task of humans themselves to ensure that the
importance of responsibility is learned and understood. And this the children and the younger generation
should learn through the education given them by parents and in schools and institutions.

But even though God prevents not human disasters, He helps in many ways by letting the guardian spirits
give warning to both those on the verge of causing disasters and to those
who might innocently be exposed to same. Many people can testify that a sudden impulse inspired them
not to take a certain train, ship or other means of transportation, thereby escaping possible injury or
impending death. However, most people fail to follow such impulses or to heed their guardian spirit, so that
they must share in the responsibility for their own death, maiming or suffering, although it lessens not the
guilt of the person chiefly responsible for the disaster.

Where disaster is the result of Ardor’s ether-recordings (Toward the Light, page 253: 5 and 254: 1), a
warning will always be given through the guardian spirit to any who might be exposed to danger. But if
disasters are due only to thoughtless, foolhardy, careless, forgetful or malicious people, not even God can
know when, where or how possible accidents may take place, because of the human free will. But in such
cases, the guardian spirit will also attempt a “call” of warning to whoever is responsible, that is to say,
evoke a sudden impulse to be cautious. Many can testify to such an experience, if they will. (Also see
Toward the Light,
page 300: 1,2 and page 252: 3-4.)

God is a personal Being, God is the loving Father of the Human Spirit, and God is Almighty. He tries by
every possible means to bring up His children with full justice to all, and with profound love for all. But
He acts not against His own laws, acts not against human free will for good or evil—the free will that God
has given every human being, and which, for a time and in many ways,
limits His omniscience and
therefore His omnipotence.



55) The laws for the many and varied manifestations of molecular Darkness. These are not all as regular and
firmly established as are the laws for “spiritual Darkness”.

56) Should some say that parents are often forced to leave young children and infants unattended because the
mother, or both mother and father are obliged to earn their livelihood outside the home, there is but one response:
no young or infant children must ever be left alone. God will always lay the responsibility for accidents on the
mother, or on both parents, where it rightfully belongs. But if people cannot support young children without
absence from home—and if they cannot afford supervision—then they must seek help from public authorities,
humiliating though they may believe it to be. There is no other way. (See also Toward the Light, page 126: 3-8).

57) Railway accidents can of course arise in many other ways, but when not due to natural catastrophe, humans
usually bear the responsibility.

58) Many other examples could be given, for there is enough to choose from in human transgressions, recklessness,
foolhardiness, competitive sport, irresponsibility—and human malevolence.

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Tamborine man
post May 3 2014, 12:30 AM
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It is definitely not by "accident" that more and more VERY old souls are now incarnating,
but some "revealing themselves" in younger and younger bodies!

Why oh why kill and murder fellow human beings in the first place when no one actually dies!!

What utter insanity .......


Oh well, just to hammer it home, here's one more:

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Tamborine man
post Jun 2 2014, 12:24 AM
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Seems to be the time to once again trying to remind all religious people of the world,
what they actually are supposed to be all about!!


Hate is not brought to conclusion by hate. Hate is brought to conclusion by Love.
This is an eternal law.


Does a precept exist, that one should follow the whole life through? Compassion's
precept is surely this:
Do not do to others, what you do not wish they should do to you. All who are
surrounded by the four oceans are brothers; how then can a good human being
come to grief, for not having a brother?


By fortunate change, a man could become ruler of the world for a while; but by
Love he can rule forever.


To do good toward others is not a duty. It is a joy, for it increases one's own health
and happiness.


Only the human being is good, that do not do to others what is not good for himself.


In one's daily life a human being ought to treat all creations as he or she would like
to be treated. In happiness and suffering, in joy and sorrow, we ought to consider
all beings, as we consider our own self, and ought therefore to refrain from inflicting
pain to others, as would appear undesirable to us if it be inflicted upon ourselves.


The essence of our duty is this: Not to do against others, which, if it be done against
ourselves, would cause us pain.

Cattle are of different colours; but all milk is alike.
Systems of creed are different; but the Deity is One.

Knowledge (Gnosis) ……. Know each other.
Goodness ……………………. Love thy brother.


Treat others as you treat yourself, that you may receive your share of heaven.
Consider all people as equal, as God's Light is hidden in each and everyone's heart.


Hear, O Israel! The Lord our God, the Lord is one.
Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy
Do not hate your brother in your heart. Do not take revenge on your neighbours
child, but Love thy neighbour as thou Love thyself. I am the Lord, and these words
I offer thee, shalt be in thy heart and thou shalt enjoin them to thy children, speak
of them when you art in thy house and when thou walketh the road, and when
thou go to rest and when thou rise.
Do not do to thy neighbour, what is injurious to thyself. This is the whole Tora and
the rest is but a comment. Go then and learn it! Compassion is greater than the law,
and acts of Love is greater than all ceremonies. Have not all of us One Father?


Hear, O Israel; the Lord our God, the Lord is One. (Mark 12:29).
And thou shalt Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, and with all thy soul, and
with all thy mind, and with all thy strength ; and thou shalt Love thy neighbour as

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so
to them; for this is the law of the prophets. Love your enemies, bless them that
curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use
you, and persecute you.

For God maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the
just and on the unjust.


Do toward all human beings that, which you wish they should do toward you, and
discard for others what you would discard for yourself. All the created is like God's
kin, for it is maintained by him. He or she that God loves the most, is the human
being who do good toward God's kin. None is a true faithful, if he does not love for
his brother, what he loves for himself.
The best and uppermost of God's children are those, whom, when looked upon, are
reminding of God, and the worst of God's children are those, who spread gossip
around for the purpose of doing harm and separate friends and seek to find fault
amongst the good and kind.
Be friendly toward your neighbour. Draw the veil over him. Avoid doing harm to
him. Regard him with a pleasant look. If you see him doing evil, then forgive him.
If you see him doing good toward you, then give a sign of your gratitude.


Not to a single human being does He ever close His heart, nor to anyone does He
close the portals of the fatherly home. For to God, the creator and Father
of the human spirit, it is of no importance to what earthly belief the individual
human being adheres in word and action, but it is of importance that human
beings in mind and in heart, in Thought and in action should live according to the
faith that they profess, and not merely observe its outer forms or cling to its
man-made dogmas or to that which is dictated by habit or by ritual, none of
which has any spiritual value whatsoever for eternal life.
Only that which calls upon, evokes and maintains the best, the noblest and the
finest in human Thought and feeling, only that has lasting and inextinguishable
value to the individual.

Not only in the area of religious faith should people learn to yield to each other
and to be tolerant of one another's views and opinions; but also in the areas of
social and political life should they try to seek common ground between one
another, seek in fellowship to cast off the yoke of Darkness, so that their
common journey toward the distant goal may be accomplished under more
favourable conditions than hitherto.

How can human beings themselves then help toward the achievement of this
Firstly by never acting against better judgement, by always heeding the inner
prompting of their conscience and by teaching the coming generations to work
for truth, justice and peace on Earth.


Let us, without feeling hate to anyone and showing compassion toward all,
holding firm to what is right; to such extend as God let us see it, endeavour to
accomplish the work we are about doing: To dress the country's wound, and to
do everything possible that will lead to a just and lasting peace between
ourselves mutually and with all nations.


Happiness is attainable to all, for in the last instance it consist in merely being
content with what one has, and to do what one can for other human beings.


There is a fate which make us brothers and sisters; no one, no body wander his
Road alone. Everything we send into others lives, return back into our own.


My creed is this: Happiness is the only good. The place upon where we shall be
happy is here, and the moment upon which we shall be happy is now. The road
to happiness consist in making others happy.


If we do not do something for others, we destroy ourselves.


To discover the Truth and to do good, is Philosophy's two most important aims.

(Citations from the Holy text of world religions and other sources
by Salah-ad-Dien, D.D., Ph.D.; and one citation by Tamborine man).


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post Jun 11 2014, 10:53 AM
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We are brought into this world by tender love -- we leave this world in expressed love -- it is in, the between, that we have a lifetime to love.
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Tamborine man
post Jun 19 2014, 06:58 AM
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Discovered something totally new and exciting!


By simply extending the line VA to the circumference C, the plan view of the underground base of 'The Great Pyramid' reveals itself - as shown below.

So that the readers can verify for themselves the beauty of this new 'revelation',
I will first give all the measurements then followed by some of the more pertinent Ratios:

Dia. of circle = 308.025 meters. (5552).

m = 246.42 meters. (2222/2). Length of underground Pyramid base.
i = 197.136 meters. (4442). Length of slope to above.
p = 231.01875 meters. (3332/480). Length of Pyramid base on ground level.

s = 181.0247934 meters. Length of Pentagon side.
W = 292.9042706 meters. Width of Pentagon.

e = 172.1912097 meters.
f = 103.3147258 meters.
g = 77.00625 meters.
h = 95.18496142 meters.
j = 172.2943921 meters.
k = 106.4837897 meters.
l = 278.77818181… meters.

ef = 275.5059355 meters.

ef : gh = 1.6.
l : s = 1.54.
m : p = 1 1/15.
e : f = 1 2/3. (1 2/3 : 1 1/15 = 1.5625 x 64 = 100).

i : s = 1.089. (332). Circle with dia. 170.15625 contain pentagon with side 100.
dia. : s = 1.7015625.
(17.015625 x 64 = 1089. … 1 : 1.089 = 0.9 18 27 36 45 54 63 72 81 91 00 …).

p : f = √5.
dia. : h = √5 + 1.
h : g = √5 – 1.

ef : m = ϕ – 0.5.
radius : h = ϕ.
gh : g = ϕ.
gh : radius = ϕ – 0.5.
L : k = ϕ + 1.
l : j = ϕ.
j : k = ϕ.
w : s = ϕ.
dia. : ef = ϕ - 0.5.

ϕ x √5 – 1 = 2.

fe : √10 = m : √8.

gh2 x 3.2 = m2.

Sincerely hope that at least this time around some kind person will find it in his or her heart
to come up with a comment or two - yes!! handsdown.gif


Hi 23investigator, thanks for your post. Very nice comment.

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Tamborine man
post Jul 1 2014, 11:38 PM
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And further:


In these cases, here and above, the measurements to both the pentagon and the hexagon are primarily based upon
the diameter of the circle they are circumscribed by. The reader is therefore kindly asked to take into consideration
this new axiom below (first made public in post #20 in this thread), because certain ratios will change accordingly,
as will be shown further down:

((Copyright Tamborine man 1989).

In this age of rather sophisticated technology (satellites, computers, mobiles, etc. etc.), I trust the dear reader will
find it easy to understand and realize the Truth inherent in the above axiom.
(Needless to say that anyone would be very welcome to ask for further clarification, if such is needed)!

Again, here are first the measurements, then followed by the more ‘important’ ratios.
(In some cases punctuation is disregarded for simplicity)!

ab = 24.642…………… meters. ……. = (1/10th of Pyramids base length below ground).
AB = 110.889……..... meters. ……. = 333^. (AB = Ff = q).
AC = 154.0125………. meters. ……. = 555^/2. (AC = VB = tu = xy = radius).
AG = 128.0103896….meters. ……. = 128 8/770. (AG = GH).
BC = 43.1235………… meters. ……. = (555 x 777).
BH = 64.00519480… meters. ……. = 64 4/770. (BH = EF = GB).
CE = 103.5625814… meters. ……. = (CE = VE = w).
D5 = 108.9088393… meters. ……. = (Pentagon diameter).
D6 = 128.0103896… meters. ……. = (Hexagon diameter).
Gg = 96.00779220… meters. ……. = 96 6/770.
Hg = 32.00259740… meters. ……. = 32 2/770.
iB = 36.963…………... meters. ……. = (111^ x 3).
ij = 73.926………...... meters. ……. = (111^ x 6).
kl = 42.67012987…. meters. ……. = 42 516/770.
m = 55.4445.……….. meters. ……. = 333^/2.
n = 43.1235……….... meters. ……. = (n = BC).
p = 98.568……........ meters. ……. = 444^/2. (p = Aa).
q = 110.889……….... meters. ……. = 333^.
r = 29.24681818….. meters. ……. = 29 543/2200.
s = 124.7656818….. meters. ……. = 124 16845/22000.
t = 133.4133281….. meters. ……. = AC/2 x 1.7325. (For 1.7325, see below).
u = 20.59917192…. meters.
Vo = 308.025……….. meters. ……. = 555^.
VC = 197.136……….. meters. ……. = 444^.
Vv = 181.0247933… meters. ……. = 181 3/121.
zB = 123.21………….. meters. ……. = 111^.
zG = 59.20480519… meters. ……. = 59 15.77/77.
Zz1 = 246.42………… meters. ……. = 222^/2. (Pyramids base length below ground).

Aa : EF = 154.
AC : D6 = 77/64.
AC : Vv/2 = 2475^.
(AC : Vv/2) x (D6 : D5) = 2.
(CE + CE) : D6 = ϕ.
(D5 + D5) : D6 = 4125^.
D5 : CE = 4125^ : ϕ.
D6 : D5 = 2 : 4125^.
D6 : Gg = 1/3.
GB : zG = 40/37.
GB – zG = Gg/20.
m : n = 9/7.
q : p = 1 1/8.
√pp - √q = √zB.
stu : Vv = 154.
tt : Ff = 77/32.
VC : EF = 308.
VC : q = 1 7/9.
Vo : p = 3 1/8.
Vo : q = 2 7/9.
Vo : Vv = 4125^.
Vv : q = 10/2475^.
Vz : Vv = 332.
zB : GB = 77/40.
zB : zG = 77/37.
zz1 : AC = 1.6.
zz1 : Vv = 332/8.

Ab : Bl ....= 1.155. ……………………….. (1.155 x 1.1544011544….. = 1 1/3).
AB : Gg ...= 1.155. …………………...... (1.155 x 1.7316017316….. = 2).
BH :Fg ....= 1.1544011544… ……….. (1.1544011544… x 1.7325 = 2).
EF : m ....= 1.1544011544…
Ff : Gg ....= 1.155. …………………….. = 924/800. ……. (231 + 924 = 1155 : 7 = 165).
GH : Ff ...= 1.1544011544… …..... = 800/693. ……. (693 + 924 = 1617 : 7 = 231).
ij : BH ....= 1.155.
kl : iB ....= 1.1544011544…
Vo : tt ...= 1.1544011544...
xy : t .....= 1.1544011544…

AB : EF ..= 1.7325. …………………...... (1.7325 x 1.7316017316… = 3).
Ff : BH ...= 1.7325.
Ggx2 : Ff = 1.7316017316……...... = 400/231. ……. (231 + 693 = 924 : 7 = 132).
GH : ij ....= 1.7316017316…
ij : kl ......= 1.7325. ……………………. = 693/400.
kl : ab ....= 1.7316017316…
t : VB/2 ..= 1.7325.
tt : AC ...= 1.7325.

normally one can use the √ to construct or bisect polygons and polyhedrons, but no matter how many facets these
forms may take, they can never become a circle or a sphere.

Hence if the circle or sphere becomes the primary figure from which a new polygon or polyhedron will be constructed,
one can no longer use the square roots as a tool if absolute accuracy is numerically required. Neither can the
man-made π (pi), commonly used in calculators etc., be applied to this task.

Again for the purpose of absolute accuracy, one should use the correct and true π (pi) of 22/7 or 3 1/7.
(A little fun to prove the point: (√5 + 2 x ϕ)^ = √2207. Read: 22’0ver’7)!

Will expand a little further on the 'square root' problem in post to follow!


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As said previously; in the world of absolute reality, a circle (representing arches, curves,vibrations,wavelengths,
oscillations, radiations, pulsations, etc.) cannot
contain 'a point' on its circumference while interacting with other
curvatures. That means that in reality a 'straight line' would find no way of ending its travel
In the 'infinite' space
available where two curves intersect.

In order to solve this 'problem' we must abandon the square roots altogether and find a new alternative …….while
still maintaining the "idea" of 'the square root'!
(Which of course can still be used as long as the 'circle' is not the "Primary" source to the intended design and its

In short, this is the reason why i have replaced the √3 with two new alternating constants of 693/400 or 1.7325
and 400/231 or 1.7316017316…. respectively,
in the calculations above dealing with equilateral triangles and the
rhombus - one within the other!

And it was in this way i found that the sides of triangles abk and abl turned out to be exactly 24.642 mtrs., or 1/10th
of The Great Pyramids underground base length.

When it comes to a square or quadrant inscribed in a circle, the same applies. Here, the 'straight line' of the
diameter act as the diagonal of the square. But as we can
no longer use √2 to determine the side of the square, we
must again replace with two new alternating constants. This time we must use 99/70 or
1.4142857142857…. as one
of the constant, and 140/99 or 1.414141414…. as the other.

As an example i will use a 'fixed' diameter of 308 units as the diagonal to a square circumscribed by the circle. This
square will get sides of 217.8.
(308 : 1.4141414…. = 217.8). The side length of 217.8 now becomes the diagonal to
the next square which will have side length of 154 (217.8 : 1.4142857142857….
= 154), and so it continues with
side of 108.9 (154 : 1.4141414…. = 108.9), next 77, and so on and on - in both directions.

Thus the reader can now observe that where the square and triangle previously functioned as rigid, fixed and
inflexible forms, the circle has 'endowed' them with 'life',
in the sense that they now appear to be "breathing" with
the help of the alternating new constants, which have now taken over the role previously performed by the
fixed √2
and √3.

With regards to the pentagon, this form is already 'alive', as it is predominantly determined by ϕ (phi) of 1.618034,
which in fact, in itself, already functions as a constant
with alternating powers by the way it has been generated
through the Fibonacci series. (At least this would be my guess at this point in time, but of course will change my
if new and better explanation comes to hand)!

Thought I should just mention that using the true π (pi) to determine the circumference of a circle, and to square
same, can now generate whole numbers, f.ex. thus:
308 x π (22/7) = 968. Side of square then becomes 968 : 4 =
242 = 112 x 2.


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Just came across this fine video, which could be of great benefit
to readers who are not that familiar with the "Golden Section" or
"Divine Proportion" - in short: (phi)!

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As the present time now looks rather grim and ominous, I feel the last pages of Ardor’s account should now be read by all good people around the world, and will therefore ask the dear reader if he or she perhaps could be of some small help with the aim to achieve this‼


I Ardor, have been sent to you by the Almighty to answer your questions, and I have promised to form my thoughts so that the words by which the thoughts are rendered can be understood by human beings.
But I ask you to remember that the word is but the means whereby divine thought is revealed unto human beings; for many believe that the word is in God, and of God, but this is not so. Words, in the form you know them, are of earthly origin. But the simpler the word, the more clearly will it convey the thought, which comes from God and is in God - Thought - the source of all that is.





In fear and in terror the Elder saw the Light well forth, saw its clear, pure waves flood and wash away the ravaged Kingdom, saw it absorb the evil vapours and dispel the heavy Darkness.
And he fled from that place in terror, fled across the Earth.
But the ever-streaming waves of the Light pursued him and enfolded all the Earth as a glowing dawn.

But for the Elder there was no peace, there was no rest; for he was still bound by Darkness, still bound unto his creatures, and he was still the Servant of Darkness.
And without home, without rest, he continued to flee across the Earth.
But when a time had passed, a voice sounded unto him, a gentle, loving voice that said: "Brother, why do you flee?"
And he ceased his frenzied flight; and behold, Christ stood before him in all his radiant glory, and the Elder bowed down his head; for the brilliant light blinded his eyes.

But Christ embraced him, and he said: "Brother, I am come to bring you rest, to bring you peace!"
But the Elder answered him and said: "The wrath of our Father will crush me and destroy me."

Then Christ said: "Our Father's love, His tenderness, His compassion will draw you away from Darkness, away from your sufferings."
And Christ spoke yet further.
And he said: "Brother, follow me for I will lead you unto human beings who trust me, who trust my words; surely will they take pity upon you, surely, at my intercession, will they pray for your peace and salvation; for this is the wish of our Father. Brother, seek to repent of that which you have sinned, for then will the bonds which bind you be broken, then will the Light carry you unto our Father's embrace."
But the Elder answered him and said: "Humanity hates me, fears me and curses me - no human being will pray for the one who created a world of sin, of sorrow and of suffering."
Then Christ said: "Brother, I say unto you, the power of prayer is great when it is borne by thoughts of love. Follow me and trust me; for on my word will human beings pray for you."
When Christ fell silent, the Elder stood for a time, answering no word.
Then hope awoke in his heart, and he answered: "Brother, I will follow you!"
And Christ led him unto an earthly dwelling, where people were gathered; for they spoke with some of the Youngest, who were there unseen to sustain and to guide them in their work.
But Christ called unto the people who were there; and they listened, for neither could they see him. And he said: "I, Christ, your elder brother, speak unto you - hear me! Help me pray unto our Father that He may grant peace and salvation to the brother I have brought unto you. Have compassion for him; for so deep has he fallen that none can fall deeper; for so much has he sinned that none can sin more, and his sufferings are very great!"
When he had spoken thus, he turned toward the Elder, and he said: "Tell them who you are, tell them that which you have sinned, and they will help you; for they fear you not - our Father is with them!"
And the Elder spoke unto them, he told them who he was, told them that which he had sinned.
The human beings listened, and they understood that his words were true; for they perceived the evil streams of Darkness that emanated from him.
But when he fell silent, then they prayed from the compassion of their hearts unto God the Almighty, prayed that He should grant peace and salvation unto him who was the cause of all sin, all sorrow and all suffering.
And God heard their prayer.
Then awoke the full memory of the Elder, then he remembered vividly the blessed times that were before mankind. And he faltered beneath the mighty burden of remembrance.
But some of the Youngest sustained him, that he should not fall.
Behold, then grief and remorse awoke in his heart, and he cried out: "Father, Father, help me to break the power of Darkness, to break the bond of Darkness! Help me to remove sin and suffering from the human beings, my creatures! Father, forgive that which I have sinned against Thee and that which I have sinned against all!"
And God heard his cry.
And He sounded His voice unto him.
And God said: "My son, that which you have sinned against Me, your Father, and that which you have sinned against the eternal laws, that shall you be forgiven, and it shall be blotted out! And that which you have sinned against your brothers and sisters, that I surely know they will all forgive you. But that which you have sinned against human beings, your creatures, that must they themselves forgive you!"
"My son, I, your Father, bid you welcome back unto the Light, bid you welcome unto your Home."
When God was silent, the Youngest carried their brother, whom they all loved, back unto their Home, back unto their Father's embrace.
And God received His repentant son with tenderness and with fervent joy.
And God spoke unto Christ and unto those among the Youngest who had been with their brother, thanking them all for the work they had done, thanking each one for the great patience, for the great love that they all had evinced.
And there was great joy and they all shouted in jubilation; for they knew that thenceforth would there arise brighter and happier times for them all. Yet they knew that much time would pass before mankind became purer and less sinful; yet they understood that aeons must pass before the Light had fully absorbed all Darkness and removed it from the Earth.
And the Youngest led their eldest brother unto a place, where in stillness he might rest and ponder all that had come to pass.
Then they went unto the outermost sphere about the Earth so as to rest for a short while in the beautiful dwellings for which they had yearned so long.

But, when one earthly year had passed, God let His voice be heard by the Elder.
And God said: "My son, your time of rest has ended. Go unto the
Earth, unto, the human beings. Say unto them that they are no longer to fear you, to hate you, or to curse you. Bow down before them, seek to obtain their forgiveness for all you have sinned against them; for do they forgive you, then will the bond break asunder, the bond that binds them unto the curses you have hurled upon them. Then will they with greater ease overcome the Darkness that enshrouds them, and then will the Light shine with greater purity and brightness upon the Earth."
The Elder listened to the words. And he said: "Father, then shouldst Thou surely be with me; for I fear that human beings will have no trust in me; for I fear that they will turn from me, that they will not hear my words."
But God answered him and said: "Follow your younger brother;
for he has promised to sustain you and to guide you! My blessing shall be upon you!"
Then the Elder bowed down his head.
And he said: "Father, I thank Thee; Thy will be done!"
But when he had spoken thus, Christ and some of the Youngest stood with him.
And Christ said: "Brother, in the year that has passed we sought to prepare the way for you. Follow us; for we will lead you unto human beings through whose help you may form your thoughts in earthly language and in earthly signs."
The Elder thanked them, and he followed them.
And they went unto the Earth. And with the help of human beings they built a bridge over the chasm that separates the world of Darkness from the world of the Light, and they lifted a corner of the veil that conceals the entrance unto eternal life.
For God, their Father, was with them.


Behold, I, Ardor, the Elder, once the Servant of Darkness, obeyed our Father's command and I spoke unto you; spoke of the Darkness, the sufferings, and the wretchedness that my fall and my sin brought upon the human beings, my creation. And through you I speak unto all mankind, unto all generations that are, and unto all generations to come.

And I say unto you all: fear me not, hate me not, curse me not! For I am no longer the Prince of Hell, and Hell is no more!
And I pray you from the depth of my heart - if you can overcome your hatred, if you can overcome your anger - to forgive me that which I have sinned against you all!
Forgive me, that the peace of our Father and His blessing may be with you now and for all eternity!



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Thought this clip to be rather appropriate as follow-up or follow-after the post above:

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Follow on from the Pentagon and the hexagon drawings, here is now a dwg. showing
the equilateral triangle:


Here again are first the measurements in meters, then followed by the various ratios:

AB = 266.8266563…….(= BF).
AC = 355.768875 ……. (= AE – CE).
AD = 308.025 …………..(= ef = 5552).
AG = 231.01875 ……….(= Daa = The great Pyramids base length at ground level.
Aa = 102.675 ……………(= Do – ao – Cb = 83252/3.
Ad = 256.6875 ………….(= [372 x 3] :16).
BG = 133.4133282…….(= FG = AG : √3u*).
Cg = 385.03125 ……….(= 27752/2).
Dd = 51.3375 …………….(= Do).
DG = 77.00625 …………(= Aaa – oaa – Oaa – GO).

ab = 177.8844375 .……(= ac – bc – eO – CD – DE).
Ad = 154.0125.………....(= AO – DO – aaG = height of TGP from u.g. foundation.
aD = 205.35 .…………...(= Ao – Co = [372 x 3] : 20).
aG = 128.34375 .……….(= [372 x 3] : 32).
Bd = 88.94221875.…..(= cd – fE – BC – Ef).

aabb = 197.136 ………..(= 4442).
bbcc = 246.42 ………….(= 2222/2).

AB/Ad = 693/666 2/3. ……..(= 2079/2000).
AB/ab = 1.5. ……………………..(= DG/Dd – AG/ad).
AC/AB = 1 1/3. …………........(= AD/AG – AD/ad).
AC/DC = √3u.*……………………( See below).
AD/EF = 800/231. …………….(= 4/1.155).
AD/AB = 800/693. …………...(AC/DC : AD/AB = 1.5).
AC/AD = 231/200. …………...(= AB/AG = 1.155).
AC/AG = 1.54. …………………..( x 1.5 = 2.31).
Cg/CE = 400/231 :1.6.. …….(= √3u/1.6).

Ab/aG = 1.386. .…………………(= 8.316/6 = 0.231 x 6).
aD/fE = 1600/693. .………….(= 4/√3o* see below).

bbcc/aabb = 1.25. .……………(= AD/bbcc).
bbcc/aaG = !.6.
bbcc/bc ….= 320/231.
aabb/aaG = 1.28.
aabb/ab ….= 256/231.

AD/aabb ..= 1.5625. .……….( x 82 = 100).
BF/bbcc ….= 693/82

*) For lack of a better term, (√3u = 1.7316017316….) is used to describe the lower of the
two values for the new alternating constants that must replace V3 (= 1.732050808…) when
circle is the primary source. The other constant will be described as V3o = 1.7325.
(1.7316017316… x 1.7325 = 3).


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Here follows a continuation with the equilateral triangle, showing for the first time ever
how whole numbers can be generated and achieved with the Circle as primary source:


Again, first the measurements in meters followed by some ratios and other calculations:

AB = 216.0025312… meters.
AC = 220.0178571428…( x 7 = 154.0125 = Radius of circle – height of TGP).
EF = 154.0125
EO = 187.0151786…
FO = 33.00267857………( x 7 = 231.01875 = Base length of TGP.).
FP = 77.00625
GH = 95.34107152…
HP = 106.3419642…
IJ = 165.1784064…
IN = 25.4120625
JN = 190.5904688…
JQ = 71.4232968…
KL = 88.94221878…
KN = 124.6767856…
MJ = 236.6017032…
MN = 46.0112344…
OP = 44.003571428……( x 7 = 308.025 = Dia. of circle).
RP = 177.8844375
RS = 308.025
RV = 355.768875 ………( : 7 = 50.824125 = 2 x IN).
TU = 266.8266563…

AB/EO = 1.155. …………………..( = 924/800).
AB – [MN + JQ] = 98.568. .( x 2 = slope length of The Great Pyramid).
AB/JN = 1.1333333………………( = 17/15).
AC/AB = 1.018589254………….( = 10/9.8175).
AC/JN = 1.1544011544………..( = 800/693).
EF/KL = 1.7316017316………..( = 400/231).
EO/EF = 1.214285714………….( = 17/14).
EO/IJ = 1.1322011322…………( = 3400/3003).
EO + OP = 231.0185 …………..( = TGP base length on ground level).
GH/KL = 1.075. …………………….( = 1716/1600. 1716 = 11 x 12 x 13).
IJ/EF = 1.075. ………………………(– “ –).
IJ/GH = 1.7325. …………………..( = 693/400).
JN – [2 x MN] = 98.568. ……..( x 2 = Slope length of The Great Pyramid).
KL/OP + OP = 1.010625. …….( = 1617/1600. 1617 = 7 x 231).
OP/FO = 1 1/3.
RS – AB = 92.0224688………..( = 2 x MN).
RS – JN = 1.6161616……………( = 160/99).
RV/AC = 1.617. ……………………( = 7 x 231).
TU/AB = 1.4.
TU/AC = 1.21275. ……………….( x 1 1/3 = 1617).

Here are some examples by which whole numbers can be generated using the following
ratio: 12321/12320 = 1.00008116883116883…., which, f.ex., is also the same ratio as
308.025/308, and for lack of a better term simply called “Z” here below:

AB = 216.0025312………………( : Z = 215.985. [ x 200/187 = 231]).
AC = 220.0178571428……….( : Z = 220).
EF = 154.0125. ………………….( : Z = 154).
EO = 187.0151786……………..( : Z = 187).
FO = 33.00267857……………..( : Z = 33).
FP = 77.00625. ………………….( : Z = 77).
GH = 95.34107152…………….( : Z = 95 1/3 [x 3] = 286).
HP = 106.3419642……………..( : Z = 106 1/3 [x 3] = 319).
IJ = 165.1784064……………….( : Z = 165.165 [: 33] = 5005).
IN = 25.4120625. ……………..( : Z = 25.41 [: 3] = 112 x 7).
JN = 190.5904688………………( : Z = 190.575 [x 4/9] = 112 x 7).
JQ = 71.4232968………………..( : Z = 71.4175 [x 400] = 77 x 371).
KL = 88.94221878………………( : Z = 88.935 [x 2] = 77 x 231).
KN = 124.6767856……………..( : Z = 124 2/3 [x 3] = 374).
MJ = 236.6017032……………..( : Z = 236.5825 [x 4] = 94633).
MN = 46.0112344……………….( : Z = 46.0075 [: 1925] = 239).
OP = 44.003571428……………( : Z = 44).
RP = 177.8844375. ……………( : Z = 177.87 = 77 x 231).
RS = 308.025. ……………………( : Z = 308).
RV = 355.768875. ……………..( : Z = 355.74 [x 5/7] = 2541).
TU = 266.8266563……………..( : Z = 266.805 [x 2] = 77 x 693).

A few more from the previous triangle, pentagon and hexagon dwgs.:

102.675. …….( : Z = 102 2/3 [x 3] = 308).
256.6875. …..( : Z = 256 2/3 [x 3] = 77).
385.03125. …( : Z = 385).
51.3375. …….( : Z = 51 1/3 [x 3] = 154).
205.35. ……….( : Z = 205 1/3 [x 3] = 616).

181.0247934…..( : Z = 181.01010101… x 99 = 4 x 7 x 82).
278.77818181…( : Z = 278.5555555….. x 9 = 72 x 83).

110.889. ………..( : Z = 11088).
128.0103896…..( : Z = 128).
43.1235. …………( : Z = 4312).
64.0051948…….( : Z = 64).
108.9088393…..( : Z = 1089).
96.0077922…….( : Z = 96).
32.0025987…….( : Z = 32).
36.963. …………..( : Z = 3696).
73.926. …………..( : Z = 7392).
55.4445. …………( : Z = 5544).
42.67012987…..( : Z = 42 2/3 [x 3] = 128).
197.136. …………( : Z = 19712).

(As before, proper punctuation has been disregarded for simplicity).

Now that it has been revealed how The Great Pyramid of Giza (also) brings together the
Circle and Polygons back to a higher unity, let me please emphasize that I harbour no
expectations, nor hopes, that the present “establishment” sooner or later will embrace
with open arms this new and exciting discovery – and neither should you, dear reader.

Instead, i think several, if not many generations will surely come and go before these new
‘revelations’ will become universal knowledge to be taught in all ‘schools’ around the world,
and that calculators, computers etc. simultaneously would have been upgraded accordingly,
incorporating the true pi of 22/7 and, if needed, the new up-to-date trigonometric functions,
tables and so on. (Please recall the new axiom)!

In the meantime, you, dear reader should therefore just remain satisfied and contented with
the fact you now are in the possession of a totally new way of looking at the Art of
‘Sacred Geometry’ - an Art denied to the rest of Mankind for perhaps still a long time to come
...........as wars, with wanton killings, destruction and mayhem seems to take first priority
uppermost in the minds of all the ‘folks’ occupying the more “important” positions and offices
‘governing’ the conduct of all the ‘common people’!


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At last! I finally found the 100 meters – "The Special Rose" – in the garden, Le Corbusier's concluding words allude to:

'HERE, the GODS play!
I look on, wisely staying outside this garden of delights.'

(See posts #56 on page 3, and post #61 on page 4 - for context. Note in the drwg. there, that the dia. of 197.136 meters
in the largest circle is the slope length of TGP. The dia. of 154.0125 meters of the second largest circle is the height of TGP.
The diameters of 123.21 meters of the 2 smallest circles are together the base length of TGP. under ground level).

It turned out it was actually within the 'Pentagon' we find the most beautiful function, performed by the ratio, or constant
of 12321/12320 = 1.0000811688311688…, called "Z" in the previous post, especially since, in The Great Pyramid Drawing
(post #120 on page 6), it is found right in the 'centre' of the 'hexagon'!

'Here it is:

BC = 100.00811688311688… meters = Z x 100 …….( : Z = 100).

Which means that in a circle with diameter = 308 units, BC will be 100 units.

Some of the other measurements:

AB = 161.8165335… meters.
AD = 292.9042706…
AG = 278.77818181…
AK = 103.5625814…
AO = 106.4837897…
BD = 131.0877372…
BH = 14.0011363636.......( x 88 = 12321).
DE = 181.0247933…
DJ = 95.0574206…
FG = 124.76568181…
FM = 55.4445.
GM = 69.32118181…
GO = 172.2943921…
HI = 128.0103896…
KL = 64.00519482…

AM = 209.457. ……..( = 1112 x 17).
PQ = 246.42. ………..( = 2222/2).
NM = 110.889. ……..( = 3332).
AN = 98.568. ………..( = 4442/2).
AF = 154.0125. …….( = 5552/2).

Some ratios:

AB/AF = 1.050671428…….( x 7 = 73547 : ϕ = 50/11).
AB/BC = ϕ.
AD/AK = 2.828282828……( = 280/99).
AD/DE = ϕ.
AG/AN = 2.828282828…..( = 280/99).
AG/AO = ϕ + 1.
AG/DE = 1.54.
AG/GO = ϕ.
AM/AN = 2.125. …………….( √1.25 = ϕ - 0.5).
AM/MN = 1.8888888………( = 17/9).
AP/HI = 1.54.
DE/KL = 2.828282828…..( = 280/99).
HI/BC = 1.28.
HI/MN = 800/693.
MN/BC = 11088. ……………( : 11 = 1008*).
PQ/HI = 1.925. .............( x 4 = 77).
PQ/NM = 20/9.

AF : Z = 154.
FM : Z = 55.44. …………… ( : 11 = 504*).

*) For its size 504 has the greatest number of divisors,
60 in all, including the entire decad, the numbers 1–10!
(John Michell, in his book "The city of revelation")!


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