Why Normal People Cannot Understand ..., how some of our leaders could be a part to 9-11

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There are three fairly small locals on the globe that are separate and distinct from the countries they are situated in ... Washington D.C., the City of London, and the Vatican. Curiously, all three are adorned with a large obelisk. The ones in the City of London and the Vatican were actually moved there from Egypt. The obelisk represents, I think, I have read, the lost penis of Osiris, who was (sort of) the father of the Egyptian god Horus. My understanding is that Osiris was torn into 14 parts by Set, and Isis with the help of her entorage was able to re-constitute the body of her husband ... except for the penis, which had been eaten by fish. She formed a replacement phalis and then copulated with the resurected Osiris, conceiving Horus. The obelisk is, I have heard, a reminder to "keep an eye out" for the missing penis of Osiris. (Funny, that turn of phrase, Horis, the Viking Woden and the Merovingian king Dagobert all lost an eye - the left one in each case I think, Woden traded his for knowlege, Dagobert was stabbed through his, I forgot what happened to Horus' eye... maybe lost it in a fight with Set? Anyway, I figure the lost left-eye is somehow related to the one on the top of the pyramid ... but that's just a guess. Don't know where Osiris' penis went - but when you see the Washington Monument, remember to keep an eye our for it! smile.gif )

What the heck does any of that have to do with mass murder on 9-11??? Patience, patience. Masonry has as a central tenet (it forms the basis for the initiation rite of the 3rd degree) the story of the murder of Hiram Abiff, the master builder of Solomon's temple. You will read here and there whether the legend somehow mirrors that of Christ, but this possibility is always rejected, and instead Abiff is often said to be a parallel rather of the Egyptian god Osiris. I pointed that out to form a thin connective thread between (in this case, Egyptian) Paganism and Solomon's temple, but the Masons are but one fraternaty to be obsessed with that ancient structure. The Templars are another ... but weren't they Christian??? Well, they were smart enough to pose as Christians, unlike their neighbors the Cathars, who were all burned at the stake - ohp, forgot, the Templars (some or most of them) finally met that fate as well - but they had a good run for a while, as the poor defenders of the faith and guardians of pilgrim crusaders. But were any of those accusations, such as worshipping a half-goat diety called Baphomet, true? I have no idea, but the leader of the Templars was a guy named Hughe de Payens - which translates into Hugh the Pagan. And then there's that obsession with Solomon's Temple. Need I remind the reader that our own president Bush relishes the return of the Temple Mount to friendly hands - as do millions of "end-timers".

Solomon was a pagan, if I should be so bold as to speak it - and the 'Star of Solomon', or the "Megen David" (six-pointed star), is an ancient pagan emblem (it didn't come to signify Judeaism to any great extent until the late 19th century), signifying the superimposition of good and evil, male and female (as is mirrored in male-female god-couples in ancient pagan traditions), or, if you want to take it this far, ... maybe you don't, but I do. It might be a little bit of a leap, but it helps make the point I'm gradually trying to inch my way toward ... "Order out of Chaos".

From this site:

(This, the part I didn't write, is the best part of this post - read it carefully)

"In 1921 Otto Eissfeldt, excavating in Carthage...uncovered [what] was a sanctuary to the goddess Tanit comprising a cemetery with thousands of burned bodies of animal and of human infants, dating from the 8th century BC down to the destruction of Carthage in 146 BC. Eissfeldt identified the site as a tophet, using a Hebrew word of previously unknown meaning connected to the burning in some Biblical passages. Most of the children's bodies appeared to be those of newborns, but some were older, up to about six years of age."

Tanit was the wife (i.e. the ally) of Baal Hammon (I've yet to identify her as an historical peoples; perhaps the Danaan [read:Dan, as in tribe of, the pagan black-sheep tribe of the Israelites - the ones with the serpent as a banner ... also, I can't not jump up and wonder about this "Baal Hammon" ... Ba'al, the pagan god?? Hammon, as in Mt. Hammon, otherwise known as Mt. Sion, the then-sacred mountain in modern Lebanon near the city of Dan, the root origin for the Greek god Hermes? Not to mention the Priory of Sion? Or Hammon, the Pheonician sun-god? The root origin for the family name Harriman, the railroad dynasty who took the Bush family under their wing? Sheesh ... maybe I'm too eager to see all these connections, but they are hard to ignore. End of commentary]).

...The Bible uses "Topheth" for a location within a mile of Jerusalem, in the valley of Hinnom. How could such insane religious observances be conducted so closely to His city; why did YHWH permit them there? Does it indicate a test for Israelites wherein God allowed the Kabala cult to creep in and practice its deprivations within eye-shot of His city? Or was it YHWH's way of showing the Israelites most-graphically the demonic direction that His pagan adversaries had taken? Let it be a lesson for all, that giving your mind and life to spirits will take you to exactly that place, and worse. The Jews gave in and failed the test. Somehow, they were convinced that burning infants could net them grace and charities from a dumb statue of a bull-god that didn't exist except as Satan and his torment-enducing spirits.

Strong's Concordance says that "Topheth" (38612) derives from the primary root, "taphaph" (38608)," meaning, "to drum." It's now obvious to me why that term came to signify Molech, for this definition evokes the loud drummings made by Curetes/Kabeiri during their wild bashes. In other words, there was more going on than a lot of wine drinking and orgiastic perversions; human sacrifices were a typical part of those bashes. That's what the myths didn't reveal openly, but what the myth writers knew."

(Accept that the writer of that passage is devout.)

Now I can't say for certain that ritual sacrifices were conducted thousands of years ago in Solomon's temple, or that that's what it was built for ... but I suspect as much.

Fast forward to Northern California, Bohemian Grove, actually they'll (who this year I wonder?) be gathering for fun and games, talk of North American Unions and a little mock-sacrifice thrown in for entertainment, this summer. (I would never have believed it had AJ not snuck in there with his video camera, or had I not seen this 1981 news report http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5755339785238050429 )

I'll let you connect the rest of the dots in your own mind. I'll leave it at this ... there may be people out there, powerful people, or people who yearn for power, who subscribe not to a message of peace and do-unto-others (after all, that sort of religion has been likened to the opiate of the masses - and we're not talking about the masses ...), but one of "order out of chaos", or more pointedly, "power out of destruction".

Anyway, I'm convinced we are talking about a different kind of animal here. You and I have grown up in an environment whereby our neighbors are much like us - they are our sisters and brothers. United we stand, divided we fall. I have a feeling those who's birthright included ruling over the rest of us learned entirely different lessons, drawn from an entirely different, ancient, and, from our viewpoint, perverse, tradition.
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