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Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum _ World Trade Center Complex _ Back Stories To The Wtc

Posted by: yankee451 Feb 1 2014, 01:37 PM

Background of the WTC:


We are told that on 9/11 the Twin Towers were nearly fully-occupied “cities within the city”, resulting in the deaths of thousands when they were destroyed. But when considering the nature of the people behind the WTC and when viewing the events with the benefit of hindsight, a completely different story emerges.

  • Once the land was purchased and demolition began, there was no turning back, even for the builders.
  • Minoru Yamasaki was selected as the architect more than because he would be compliant and discreet; he was an easy mark for manipulation by intelligence services, and he had a reputation for doing what the client wished whether or not those wishes made sense. Where other architects might have balked or asked too many questions, Yamasaki would do as he was told.
  • By mid-construction, the commercial real estate market was glutted with office space, providing a very strong incentive to not complete all 10 million square feet, suggesting the real innovation of Twin Towers’ design was they could be the tallest buildings in the world without having to build-out every floor.
  • Preparations for 9/11 began earlier than imagined, at least as far back as the first bombing in 1993.
  • The WTC was never fully-occupied at the advertised numbers, and on 9/11 false-front companies were likely the only tenants left.

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Background of Minoru Yamasaki:

Was Yamasaki groomed to construct props for a thirty-year CIA con-job? Let’s review.

During a time when other West-Coast Japanese-Americans were being put in internment camps, with the help of a Detroit-based architectural firm with ties to the defense industry, Yamasaki was able to move his family from Seattle to New York City.

Shortly after World War II he designed buildings for the government and for the CIA, among others. Later he even designed a Federal Reserve Bank Building.

He had a reputation for designing buildings to the specifications of the client whether or not they made sense; being discreet and compliant where other architects might have balked.

The WTC was built to make a patriotic statement rather than to provide office space; the Twin Towers were marketed from the beginning as national icons on par with the Statue of Liberty, when actually they represented international capitalism, elitism and arrogance, everything for which our military and intelligence services stand.
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Posted by: amazed! Feb 1 2014, 02:52 PM

Thanks for that insight Yankee.

Posted by: yankee451 Feb 1 2014, 03:06 PM

QUOTE (amazed! @ Feb 1 2014, 10:52 AM) *
Thanks for that insight Yankee.

My pleasure.

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