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9/11: Intercepted - New Release, PilotsFor911truth.org

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post Sep 19 2011, 09:41 PM
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QUOTE (paranoia @ Sep 20 2011, 01:04 AM) *
oss - that (and the other "flashes") look to me like hair/fiber stuck on old film (the kind you had to watch on a projector), not an electrical arc.

Cheers mate. thumbsup.gif

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post Sep 20 2011, 04:00 AM
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QUOTE (BarryWilliamsmb @ Sep 13 2011, 02:15 AM) *
Yes Robert, the video you mention is very interesting, to say the least.

I'm no camera or video expert but when I see the "aircraft" fly in front of the crane's cables and yet behind the crane - that seems mighty fishy to me.

Dear Barry

Talking about 'fishy'.

Both aircraft, AA11, UAL175, involved with impact of the WTC towers, are said to have been Boeing 767, which departed from Boston Logan airport, bound for, Los Angeles.
It appears from what has been reported that neither aircraft was carrying anything like a full load of passengers.
But, the aggregate of the two, would have filled one aircraft.

It has been --puzzling--, when considering a transcript, why the 'pilot' of flight AA11, would have been so insistent to be allocated ("runway 4 right", today).
This appears to have then taken him out over the water, in a sweeping right turn, to get back to the westerly flight direction for his stated destination.
Perhaps some pilots, may be able to offer an explanation.

Before 'roll back', ground control (BOS), issued a number of instructions for the 'pilot' of flight AA11 to allow other aircraft clearance.
Perhaps some pilots, may be able to confirm this was the case, that is, they may have been the pilots of the aircraft involved, and can confirm they observed AA11 'whilst parked at the terminal, gate 32'.

There appears, to have been some aircraft instructed to 'hold', during the 'taxi' progress of AA11 to "runway 4 right".
Perhaps some pilots, may be able to confirm this.

Flight UAL175, is stated as intending to fly to Los Angeles, by a different 'flight route', than AA11.
Flight UAL175 also used a different runway for takeoff, "runway 9", only 7000 feet long.
A much shorter runway than "runway 4 right", 10005 feet long, used by AA11.
It appears by use of, "runway 9", this also caused flight UAL175 to have to go out over the water.
Although published map depictions of the flight, that have been presented, do not suggest this.

Perhaps some pilot here, may be able to offer an explanation, for the possible reason, for choice of different runway.

The transcript, is very brief, in respect to UAL175 whilst on the ground, but perhaps there may be some pilot who was involved in aircraft movement whilst UAL175 was on the ground, and could confirm this was the case.

To a non pilot, the following in respect to UAL175, seems inconsistent with procedures, although an explanation was given in a transcript interpretation, that the air traffic controller involved was very busy with flight AA11, at the time.
But even prior to this, there was a significant difference between AA11 and UAL175 whilst on the ground, besides the different choice in runways used.

Transcript shows, 'taxi' instruction, was issued flight AA11 at 0756:27.
Transcript shows AA11 began takeoff roll at "runway 4 right" at 0800:00.
An elapsed time in round figures of three and a half minutes.

Transcript shows, 'taxi' instruction, was issued flight UAL175 at 0804:55.
In round figures, eight and a half minutes after flight AA11.
Transcript shows, UAL175, did not begin takeoff roll at "runway 9" until 0814:00.
An elapsed time in round figures of nine minutes.
A considerable amount of time longer than for flight AA11.

The start of "runway 4 right" and "runway 9" are at the 'southern aspect'' of the airport.
In fact flight AA11 had to 'taxi' past the end of "runway 9".
The start of "runway 4 right", almost at the water edge of the airport southern perimeter.

In the following transcript.

The BOS 'taxi' instruction to flight AA11.

7.45.58 AAL11 --After the Saab cleared to push, and we're gonna need four right today, American eleven heavy.
7.46.09 Ground control 1 --American eleven heavy uh understand you need alpha roger. Push back after the Saab is approved.
7.46.15 AAL11 --OK. Yeah what I said was we're going to need runway four right today, American eleven heavy.
7.46.21 Ground control 1 --American eleven heavy. Roger plan on runway four right.
7.49.20 AAL11 --American eleven heavy taxi november.
7.49.23 Ground control 1 --OK American eleven heavy, just hold right there i'll move you shortly.
7.50.00 Ground control 1 --American eleven heavy, you're going to give way to the Dornier and the regional jet on the opposite side. Taxi to the bravo hold point via kilo bravo. Expect four right for departure.
7.53.23 Ground control 1 --And American heavy, I'm gonna have to give you sierra then alpha to the bravo point so just hold short of sierra for now.
7.53.59 Ground control 1 --American eleven heavy giving way to that Embraer off your right turn right on sierra alpha kilo one bravo to the bravo hold point for now expect four right.
7.55.14 Ground control 1 --American eleven heavy, taxi to the bravo hold point. Continetal's waiting for you. Monitor tower one two eight point eight. Expect runway four right, thanks.
7.56.27 Local control west --American eleven heavy, Boston tower. taxi to runway four right via bravo and monitor the tower one one niner point one.
7.57.31 Local control east --American eleven heavy, Boston tower. Good morning. Move right up to hold short of four right after departure maintain three thousand.
7.57.57 Local control east --American eleven runway four right taxi into position and hold traffic departing niner.
7.59.02 Local contol east --American eleven heavy traffic's orbiting north of the field at thirty five hundred feet. Maintain three thosand runway four right cleared for takeoff.
7.59.11 AAL11 --Maintain three cleared for takeoff on four right. What are the winds?
7.59.14 local control east --Wind three three zero at niner.
8.00.11 Local control east --American eleven heavy, contact departure that traffic's now in your ten o'clock and two miles thirty four hundred feet.

The detail recorded for UAL175 is 'stark'.
There is no conversation, how UAL175 came away from the terminal, or how it 'taxied' to "runway 9".

The first recorded entry.

8.12.21 UAL175 --Position and hold runway niner United one seventy five heavy.
8.13.26 Local control east --United one seventy five heavy runway niner cleared for takeoff traffics holding in position on four right.
8.13.32 UAL175 --Cleared for takeoff runway niner Unites one seventy five heavy.
8.13.34 Local control east --United one seventy five heavy contact departure.
8.14.36 UAL175 --Departure Uniteds one seventy five heavy.
8.14.44 UAL175 --Approach, United one seventy five heavy with you out of twelve hundred.
8.14.46 Boston departure radar. --United one seventy five heavy, Boston departure radar contact. Climb and maintain one four thousand.
8.15.41 Boston departure radar --United one seventy five heavy, turn right heading two one zero.
8.16.51 Boston departure radar --United one seventy five heavy, turn right heading two seven zero.
8.17.09 Boston departure radar --United one seventy five heavy, contact Boston approach. One seven point two good day.

The immediate above is an abridged version of --Transcripts of Flight 11 and Flight 175 -NYTimes.com.

There are the questions that have been raised in the above text, but more questions linger, why was it so important for AAL11 to have access to "runway 4 right", what was going on with UAL175 at the terminal, was the "taxi" route instructed AAL11 anything to do with the circumstances relating to UAL175, which runway would be more suited to a fully laden Boeing 767.
Those questions are just for starters.
No doubt others can add plenty more.

It would be good to hear from any pilots who were at the Boston Logan airport at the time of the events involving AAL11 and UAL175, or from any pilot who has heard along the --grapevine-- things that could be of interest in gaining better understanding.


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