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Capt. Charles Burlingame's Daughter Dead, Mysterious home fire

post Jan 10 2007, 09:18 PM
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Posted here for posterity:


PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2006 11:06 am
Post subject: MORE FACTS


Still investigating Galaxy fire
Victim was daughter of pilot who was killed in Pentagon crash on 9/11
By Jim Hague

FATHER WAS PILOT – Capt. Charles “Chic” Burlingame, who was the pilot of the ill-fated American Airlines Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11, was the father of the victim of the fatal Guttenberg fire last week.
Both the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office and North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue officials were still trying last week to determine the cause of a four-alarm fire in the luxury Galaxy Towers in Guttenberg on Tuesday morning that claimed the life of a 32-year-old woman who had only been living in the complex for a month.

The victim, Wendy Burlingame, was the daughter of Capt. Charles "Chic" Burlingame, who was the pilot of the ill-fated American Airlines Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001, killing all 189 people aboard, after the plane was hijacked out of Boston by Al-Qaeda terrorists.

She was living in the building with boyfriend Kevin Roderick, also a recent resident.

According to Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio, the fatal fire apparently started "on or under the bed" in the 10th floor apartment in Building 3 of the Galaxy Towers complex.

Roderick was able to escape the fire unharmed, but Burlingame wasn't as fortunate.

When the fire began, possibly from a candle that was lit in the bedroom, both Roderick and Burlingame apparently tried to use water from a nearby sink to put it out.

But when the fire intensified in a hurry and the apartment began to fill with flames and smoke, the couple abandoned the attempts to put the fire out and looked to escape.

Roderick, who leased the apartment for the last six months, told officials that he went out the front door and thought Burlingame was right behind him, but didn't realize she wasn't there until the apartment door had closed and automatically locked.

Roderick apparently told investigators that he tried frantically to re-open the door, but couldn't do it.

Roderick also told officials that he didn't know how the fire started.

"He said he was in bed, falling asleep, and woke to see the already-ignited fire," DeFazio said.

First call at 12:10 a.m.

Burlingame's body was later found by firefighters in a hallway between the apartment's bedroom and kitchen. Two dogs, an adult and puppy pit bull, were also killed in the fire.

While the blaze is still considered "suspicious," by the Prosecutor's Office, DeFazio said that there was no evidence to incriminate Roderick.

"There is nothing to indicate that this was a homicide," DeFazio said. "No charges have been made. He is a witness to the incident, not a suspect."

DeFazio said that a preliminary investigation found no accelerants at the scene and there was no explosion, but the intensity of the fire caused some concern with fire officials.

According to North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue Chief Brion McEldowney, the first call concerning the fire came around 12:10 a.m. Tuesday morning. The 911 call did not come from either of the occupants.
"When we arrived, the windows had already blown out of the apartment and the flames were shooting out of the windows," McEldowney said. "So it was fully engulfed. The first company that arrived made an attack on the fire, but it was difficult, because the location of the apartment was actually below street level. It was almost like a basement fire with its location, so we had to attack it from the lobby. The size of the building and the location of the fire created command and control problems."

McEldowney said that a group of firefighters went through the lobby, which is actually located on the 18th floor of the 50-story tower, and down the stairs to the apartment, as well as two floors above where the fire started.

"When they went into the hallway, it was extremely hot," McEldowney said. "When they got to the door, it was locked and it was a fire-proof door. When they got the door opened, they were driven back by the intense heat."

One report had the temperature in the apartment at approximately 800 degrees, which could disintegrate and combust humans.

"I wouldn't disagree with that assessment," McEldowney said. "Two very gutsy firemen got into the apartment, and when they did, they discovered the body."

Fireproof apartments good and bad

The apartments in the Galaxy Towers are fire-proofed, constructed so that a fire such as this fatal blaze would not spread.

"In this type of fire, that's good and bad," McEldowney said. "Sure, it keeps the fire from extending, but it's bad, because it holds the heat in and makes the fire difficult to fight. Once the windows blow out, with the heavy winds, it becomes like a furnace in there and sends the flames back at the firemen."
McEldowney said that there was no way possible they could evacuate the entire building, so the approximately 1,000 residents were told over the intercom system to remain in their apartments, to put wet towels in their door jams and to remain calm.
"There are just too many people in the building to evacuate it," McEldowney said. "It would have taken us hours to evacuate it. Any time there is a high-rise fire, there's major concern. With the amount of occupants, you need to be concerned."

'Like déjà vu'

Bill Frymer, who lives on the 38th floor in Tower 3 with his wife, said that soon after the fire alarms sounded, he began to smell smoke.

"There was smoke in our apartment, in the hallway," Frymer said. "We were told to stay in place, but those were the famous last words in the World Trade Center on 9/11 as well. It was like déjà vu. It was a little frightening. We heard the commands on the intercom, but we would have loved to hear a human voice instead of the computerized recording. Just to hear something that would give us a clue. We tried to call downstairs to the concierge, but others must have been calling at the same time."

Added Frymer, "There was an enormous amount of smoke coming out of the vents and into our apartment. My wife got so terrified. She called 911 and they said to stay there and put a wet towel over our heads. I know the Fire Department did the best they could. We then opened the windows and stuck our heads out to breathe."

According to McEldowney, the fire was brought under control at approximately 2:30 a.m. Soon after, the displaced residents were allowed to return.

A few injuries

Several residents and a handful of NHRFR firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation and released.

"There were a couple of sprains and strains, but nothing major," McEldowney said.

One NHRFR captain, Alan Ballister, suffered a burn to his face, but the severity of the burn was not immediately known.

After NHRFR firefighters located Burlingame's body, it was brought to the state Regional Medical Examiner's office in Newark, where an autopsy was performed. It was determined that Burlingame did suffer smoke inhalation and her body was badly burned, but the exact cause of death will not be released pending the results of a toxicology report.

"We believe that alcohol was being consumed at the time of the fire," DeFazio said.

Ran a dating service

Wendy Burlingame had just returned to the area after living in Pittsburgh for the last two years, where she ran an Internet dating service. She sold the service to reunite with Broderick, with whom she had a sporadic relationship. She just moved into the apartment a little more than a month ago.

Burlingame had a nine-year-old son who lives in Texas with her former husband.

Burlingame's father, a highly decorated U.S. Navy pilot and a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, was one day shy of his 52nd birthday when the terrorists apparently took over the American Airlines jetliner he was piloting on Sept. 11, 2001 and commandeered it into the Pentagon building where he once worked.

Capt. Burlingame was eventually buried in Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors, after the U.S. Army gave special dispensation to Burlingame, because no one is permitted buried at Arlington before the age of 60.

Capt. Burlingame's sister, Debra, started a non-profit foundation that provided college scholarships to those who were affected by the 9/11 terrorist attacks and want to pursue careers in the United States armed forces. She had an editorial in the Wall Street Journal about 9/11 issues earlier this week.

Wendy on the internet

Wendy Burlingame honored the memory of her father in a few ways related to the Internet. One time, she wrote an e-mail to Boston College head football coach Tom O'Brien, who was a classmate of her father at the Naval Academy. O'Brien told his team that they were going to dedicate the 2002 game against Penn State in the memory of "Chic" Burlingame.

The e-mail Wendy Burlingame sent to O'Brien - who ironically announced Thursday that he was leaving Boston College to become the new head coach at North Carolina State - was posted on the school's football website.

"Coach O'Brien, you do not know me, but I happened to be watching your game late Saturday evening, after what was a very sad day for me. There are not many things that can make a difference after mourning such a tragedy, but your words on Saturday were such a great reminder to me that my Dad had friends all over paying tributes to him. I heard the announcers say that you wanted to win the game for my Dad, and I am sure he was watching over you with happiness. ... Best wishes in this season. You now have a new follower. Fond regards, Wendy D. Burlingame."

The other Internet related reference to Wendy Burlingame took place last July, when a video circulated through e-mails and on the popular website Youtube.com was stating that the crash into the Pentagon was only a hoax and that Capt. Burlingame was part of some distorted conspiracy.

Wendy Burlingame posted a message on the Youtube.com message board protesting the video, saying her father was an American hero, and noting, "We realize that this is being done by sick individuals who need to deal with 9-11 in a different way than others. It does not make it any easier when you read your father was involved with terrorists when you Google his name...I will let you now get back to making fun of my father as he lays at rest in Arlington Cemetery."

"Two very gutsy firemen got into the apartment." - Brion McEldowney


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post Jan 22 2007, 01:32 AM
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QUOTE (Method @ Dec 6 2006, 03:33 PM)
If I was in the same situation and did "accidentally shut and lock the front door", I would break every bone in my body trying to bust that door down if that's what it took to get to her.

I had to kick in my neighbors door a few months back, to get in after I heard smoke detectors going off, and observed smoke through the windows. It was early in the morning and I thought he was in there.

It was a steel door with a pretty hefty frame and deadbolt and it took me about 15 kicks as hard as I could kick it to get in, but I did get in. Nothing was stopping me.

Turns out he was gone, and the smoke was from a pot of hard boiled eggs that became charbroiled eggs on the stove. lmao
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post Jan 22 2007, 09:40 AM
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This Roderick dude was a US ARMY VET!!
As far as I can deduce from this situation:

1.) Our military extablishment churns out pussys.


2.) Wendy might have been on to something, which required special treatment.

Colombo would probably enquire;

Did Wendy start dating this dude before, or after, 9 11?

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post May 30 2015, 10:06 AM
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Having lived in the Galaxy Towers for a few years (after Wendy Burlingame was murdered in this highly suspicious fire[/u]), it's a [u]certainty that she was murdered. I was going to say, "It's safe to say she was murdered", but that isn't true either, and she was murdered for telling the truth about what happened to her father. This is why we need the truth about this, 9,11, and everything else. It might seem strange, and "unscientific" to pray to God for the healing of this land, but the most elite physicists, and scientists, are showing how and why this works:



There's very sophisticated science behind this prayer:

2 Chronicles 7:14King James Version (KJV)

14 If My people, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
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post May 30 2015, 12:29 PM
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QUOTE (rbthorne @ May 30 2015, 09:06 AM) *
Having lived in the Galaxy Towers for a few years (after Wendy Burlingame was murdered in this highly suspicious fire[/u]), it's a [u]certainty that she was murdered. I was going to say, "It's safe to say she was murdered", but that isn't true either, and she was murdered for telling the truth about what happened to her father.

rbthorne I'm curious to know why you decided to jump in on a post that is more than eight years old to make your debut post here at Pfor9/11Truth?
(After sitting on the sidelines for more than three years)

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