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Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum _ WTC 7 _ Help In Explaining Column 79 Please?

Posted by: Stangit Jun 7 2011, 08:14 PM

I'm a little bit confused about where this very important column, according to NIST was, in relation to the fires. Was this column overcome with fire all day long? Was it in the path of the falling debris from the towers?

And, it is alleged to have been a critical support column for the penthouse, so when we see that part fall into the roof of 7, and the subsequent internal collapse (that we can't see), is it unreasonable to assume that we would have seen huge deformations on the outside of the building?

Does anybody have an approximate estimate of how much time lapsed in between column 79 failing and the penthouse falling into the roof, and the actual and final collapse of WTC 7 we have all seen in the videos.

I am asking because I find it strange that all the interactions of such an "internal" collapse would in my laymans opinion, take some amount of time, and not happen almost instantaneous..all the forces of columns and beams "bumping" into each other..surely some of them were attached to outer support columns that would have been visable as some sort of distortions to the outside observer??

Sorry about so many questions it is something that has been nagging me for a long time, as it is sometimes treated as an instantaneous event, and other times 2 very separated events going on.
BTW..I tried using the search function to no avail.

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