New Nist Photo Shows Possible Evidence Of Thermatic Rection

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Check out this photo of what i think is the north tower which is just fresh from the 911datasets.org torrent release 09 it shows what looks like some sort of attempt at cutting through the corner column thatis supporting and taking some of the load of the towers above notice the white smoke rising from what looks like a massive thermatic flare up situated coming from the left hand side of the column somewhere near it's bottom? what we might be seeing is a thermite demolition charge at work and if it really is what i think it is this is cold hard proof that the government was involved in 911 so lets hear what do ya think? It's about time the 911 perps party came to a screaming crashing end once and for all, crash and burn.

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WOW SO! You are right, a few pictures might be worth a thousand words...

Send me a PM with your email and I can provide the slides as PDF attachments. Bear with me in a brief explanation of steel frames and the key to the "take down".

So I will send a PM for your slides.
Your "brief explanation" is just as "brief" as mine tend to be... but, now that I've "digested" most of it.... I am Amazed at your "precise", literal description of how the Twin Towers were put together.
The first few paragraphs were EXCELLENT and easy to understand.... ie the "how and why" for the use of steel with "variable strengths" in certain areas. I was aware of decreasing "cross-sections" of columns between the ground and upper levels, but I hadn't considered the upper floors had to "span" a greater distance between the facade and core columns; and the "weddng cake" explanation was helpful.

An Airplane is put together in a similar fashion, with vertical "frames" and "ribs", lateral "stringers" and "spars" (beams & trusses sometimes)... with various methods of attachment between the structural elements and the outer "facade" or skin. Wing spars are heavier and stronger next to the fuselage, than they are at the wingtips. The outer aircraft "skin" is also a significant structural element, even though it may be only 0.020 inches thick, in some places, on some airplanes.

The airplane structure must "maintain" its shape, in order to carry some very heavy loads. A building must withstand a "gravity" loading of 1 "G", (with a "safety factor" of 2 or 3 additional "Gs".) A "normal" airplane has to be designed FOR at least 3.3 "Gs" of variable loading within the "elastic" limit of its materials...day after day... year after year... and millions of cycles...

The wing of a 225,000 pound airplane is designed to carry a "normal" load of 742,000 pounds, and to have a minimum "safety factor" beyond that. An airplane in a level turn, with a 60 degree bank angle, will have a loading of 2 "Gs"... and "gust" loads can add to that.

When all the rivets are in good shape, and all the structural members attached to them are sound, they will maintain their STRENGTH as long as certain "limits", and specific loadings are not exceded.

But, if you "walk" on the wrong part of a wing... or if it hits a bird... or maybe some Hail... you can put a big hole in it.

Or if a wing spar has a crack or dent, or if its skin has some deep scratches and loose rivets.... it wouldn't take too much "adverse" loading after that to cause a complete STRUCTURAL failure of the aircraft. "Adverse Loading" = too much speed or bank angle too steep or too many "Gs".

Like an airplane, a building is more than strong enough to withstand the "loads" it was Conservativly Designed for throughout its Life Span. The Enormous Gravity loads, as well as Earthquakes, Hurricane force winds, Fire Damage, and Collisions with LARGE AIRCRAFT, were DESIGNED INTO the Twin Towers... long before they started digging the foundations.
For KP50;
I understand where you are coming from. When I saw that "object" fly into the second tower, in "real" time, I thought it was a "Hollywood" special effect. Hours later, when I saw the first Tower "EXPLODE".... I KNEW IT WAS a HOLLYWOOD STUNT! varoom.gif

But time passed, life went on, things got "worse" for all of us. I heard the BS story about the "intensive" fires from the Jet Fuel.... and the "floors PANCAKING" down on top of each other... and I "just let it go"...

Until a couple of years ago... a 911 truther was on my "short wave radio"... arguing with some DOPE... Challenging him to JUST GO TO HER WEBSITE! LOOK AT THE PICTURES! LOOK AT THEM! and then TELL ME, what you are trying to tell me now.

WELL, I went to that website and I LOOKED at the pictures, and I said WTF! What the hell is THAT? And THAT? AND WTF.... AND.... bullshit.gif

Then I went to Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth.... Richard Gage gave a professional, calm, reasonable, factual presentation, about HOW it was IMPOSSIBLE for the TWIN TOWERS to have collapsed due to the AIRCRAFT COLLISIONS (if so), and the resulting fires!

Like SanderO, Mr. Gage is a Professional Architect. He is an EXPERT when it comes to BUILDING DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION. He doesn't try to tell us anything about Terrorists, Airplanes, Mini Nukes, etc., He STAYS within HIS AREA OF EXPERTISE,... BUILDING CONSTRUCTION and DESIGN... to EFFECTIVELY describe the ZERO percent CHANCE, that a Boeing Airplane impact and its Jet Fueled Fires CAUSED ANY WTC Building to be destroyed on 911.

If a real airplane would have MISSED a DIRECT HIT into the tower BULLSEYE; (instead of "disappearing into it) and then "bounced away" thus scattering Airplane parts all over Manhattan...while the "assymetrical fire" it caused by "a near miss"... burned for a while before the tower LEANED OVER SIDEWAYS and COLLAPSED into several other buildings... That I MIGHT BELIEVE!

Richard Gage WOKE ME UP. He proved that an airplane crash and Jet Fuel DID NOT DESTROY those buildings. I do not necessarily subscribe to his "controlled demolition" theory.

But he DOES explain how PROFESSIONAL Demolitions are accomplished. "Normally" explosives are used to "remove supporting columns" in a sequence over a few LOWER floors of the building....

Mr. Gage explains that GRAVITY does MOST of the WORK, in the CONTROLLED DEMOLITION of a building, after explosives are used to INITIATE a GRAVITATIONAL Destruction. He goes on to explain that, once enough building MASS is allowed to FALL DOWN (accelerate by GRAVITY); over a certain DISTANCE... it will reach a certain SPEED (velocity)... and GATHER ENOUGH MOMENTUM... that when it encounters the RESISTANCE of whatever is UNDER it... will have enough FORCE to release the ENERGY to do the WORK of DESTROYING BOTH PARTS OF THE BUILDING. And I think Sir Issac Newton, would agree with Mr. Gage, (but maybe not with me?). teach.gif

The "Critical Building Mass" to destroy a building by GRAVITY, after FALLING for a specific time or distance.... doesn't necessarily have to involve MOST, or ALL of the upper building mass to "ASSURE a PROGRESSIVE GRAVITATIONAL collapse, initiated near the ground floors.

If there is enough BUILDING MASS ABOVE the point where building SUPPORT COLUMNS are removed, a PROGRESSIVE GRAVITATIONAL Collapse is still possible, and quite likely.

It would be PREFERABLE to initiate the Collapse as high up in the building as possible, that will ASSURE A GRAVITATIONAL COLLAPSE. WHY, you may ask?

The MASS and STRENGTH of all the building support columns DECREASES PROGRESSIVELY as you go up from the bottom of the building.

Nanothermite, C4, and FERTILIZER, aren't easy to "get", nor are they "CHEAP", for your "average "Terrorist". He wouldn't want to WASTE ALL of his EXPLOSIVES on one JOB... He'd want to "save" some for another Job "later on".

It would take a HELL of a lot of "POW POWER" to take out ONE of those TRIDENT columns near the ground floors... I'll bet you could start the collapse over THREE WHOLE floors.... below the upper THIRD of the building... and use about the SAME AMOUNT of "NANO-NITRO" you'd need to TAKE OUT a single TRIDENT COLUMN at the base of the building. Maybe? So much for being "brief", eh?
Lunch TIME! pilotfly.gif
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