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Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum _ Library _ // Acronyms //

Posted by: librarian Nov 12 2007, 05:09 PM


AEI: American Enterprise Instutute

AIPAC: American Israel Public Affairs Committee

AJ: Alex Jones

BIS: Bank of International Settlements

CD: Controlled Demolition

CFR: Council on Foreign Relations

CSIS: Center for Security and International Studies

CSV (file): Comma Separated Value file

CT: Conspiracy Theory

CVR: Cockpit Voice Recorder

DPB: Defense Policy Board

DRG: David Ray Griffin

FDR: Flight Data Recorder

EDT: Eastern Daylight Time

EST: Eastern Standart Time

FOIA: Freedom Of Information Act

fiat: (Latin fiat "let it be done") fiat currency or fiat money is money officially deemed to be legal tender but not backed by hard assets such as gold or silver

IMF: International Monetary Fund

ISI: Inter Services Intelligence (Pakistani Secret Service)

JINSA: Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs

LC: Loose Change

LCII: Loose Change 2nd edition

LCF: Loose Change Forum

LCFC: Loose Change Final Cut

LIHOP: Let It Happen On Purpose

MI5/MI6: British Intelligence (Military Intelligence, section 5, section 6)

MIHOP: Made It Happen On Purpose

MSM: MainStream Media / Mass Media

NAFTA: North American Free Trade Agreement

NAU: North American Union

NBBT: 'No Big Boeing' Theory

NIST: National Institute for Standards and Technology

NORAD: NORth American aero space Defense command

NPT: 'No Plane' Theory

NTSB: National Transportation Safety Board

NWO: New World Order

OBL: Osama Bin Laden

OCT: Official Conspiracy Theory (Bin Laden & the 19 highjackers)

PFT / P4T: Pilots for 9/11 Truth

PNAC: Project for a New American Century

POTUS: President Of The United States

RIIA: Royal Instutute of International Affairs (currently Chatham House)

RINO: Republican In Name Only

RPT: 'Real Plane' Theory

SAIS: School for Advanced International Studies

SPP: Security and Prosperity Partnership (of North America)

the govt loyalist site: James Randi's Educational Forum

UL: Underwriter Labratories

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