R. I. P. - No Plane Theory, Jim Fetzer evading questions

post May 2 2012, 10:56 PM
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I'm just going to jump straight in here. Basically Jim Fetzer has been evading these points I raised at "TruthandShadows" blogspot (820 posts later..)

Post 1.

From Simon Shack’s FAQ section:

The skeptics argue that “too many videos of the airplane were captured, therefore all cannot be fake …” Too many indeed: there are a simply ludicrous amount of “lucky” shots. In fact, the sheer amount of existing ‘airplane’ images is grossly absurd in itself: We now have more than 45 “amateur videos” (some of which were released – inexplicably – as late as June 2008!). We also have at least 10 still pictures depicting alleged “Flight 175” “in its very last second of flight” 

First off, the "lucky shots" description is ludicrous because thousands of New Yorkers were focused on this area after the strike on Tower 1.

According to the NPT accusations, that’s 55 people who allegedly, knowingly allowed their names to be publically used as authors of totally manipulated footage, or altered the footage themselves. 55 people, alleged “sleepers”, who “know” exactly what happened on 9/11 in Manhattan. That the towers were blown up by internal explosives and that a hologram was used to fool on the ground witnesses. 

That’s a lot of loose ends.

Please also check the above collection of still images for debris falling from the impact side of the facade.

I agree that certain footage has been edited, withheld, censored or have had their resolution purposely lessened. The Naudet second tower impact has clearly been edited, one Citgo camera was physically removed, the "gatecam" footage which was capable of reading registrations on vehicles has been purposely reuploaded (at least twice) to make the footage useless etc. 

But to insinuate that an actual army of ops actually added an aircraft to footage caught? And adding them perfectly to match the flightpath?

So how can people who allege that all footage is a complete fabrication and that it's been in the perps'  hands literally from day one, base any scientific claims on observations made in them??

Even the claim that no aircraft debris was seen falling from the impact side doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Pause and play the impact seen in the following video. Slowmo if you can.

Then there's this:

I don't know if there is any footage of the base of that area, but the collapse of the tower also leaves the debris claim open to obfuscation.

We have to remember that this aircraft was allegedly travelling at over 700 feet per second. Over 4 times its own length travelled in one second as it impacted the facade.

The length of the fuselage from the nose to the wings is 60ft. The aircraft's recorded speed would cover that 60ft distance in less than a tenth of a second.

When the 60ft of fuselage appears to penetrate the facade, this could be down to optical illusion. The event was over in one tenth of a second.

Here's a video that's as close as I could find to the collision of a hard steel object (steel sled) against a bulky object such as the fuselage. A car.

Normal speed

Slow motion (pay attention to the actual collision at the beginning of the video)

See how the car appears to "melt" or "disappear"? The actual interaction was over in a fraction of a second.
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Tamborine man
post May 4 2012, 11:54 AM
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Hey, hold on just a minute or two here, dear OSS and Rob!
Shouldn't you first check the 'pulse' before declaring somebody or something is 'dead'!

Imagine you both are attending the funeral of NPT (or in this case it's obviously a 'wake'). There in front is the coffin, the lid nailed down and
'the stars and stripes' draped over it, with a little bunch of flowers (that have seen better days), casually flung on top. Lots of people have turned
up to this 'historic' occasion.

You're all in high spirit. The booze is out and the music is on. Everybody is telling silly banal jokes, spiced up with much scorn and ridicule.
'Up front' you notice your 'buddy' hybridrogue, the most agitated and excited of you all, feebly attempting like an "expert" to dance the
cha cha cha with his partner snowcrash - who, as you know, quite enjoy being noticed up there 'up front', like an "expert" as well.

Jimd100 'the not too brainy' now comes over to you and proud-braggingly repeats what he had just written in one of his posts at 'truthfraction',
while at the same time laughing hysterically over his own self-perceived 'witticism'!

He says:
"< -- debated Alpo Marbles CIT and Craig Stinke CIT on whether Lloyde was a super duper secret agent, who helped conceal a huge 757
passenger jet flying over the pentagon during Rush hour traffic in broad daylight, on 9-11 2001, as light poles were planted to create a fake
flight path for reasons known only to the perps.

It's not something I'm proud of -- the same feeling I had when my friend came over unannounced while I had a fat chick in my bed."

You two of course look 'perplexed' (if nothing else), but soon your attention change direction, as over there you now see pickering, arabesque,
hoffman and victoria arriving, joining the rest of the "usual suspects".

But then, just at that moment, a small banging noise is heard coming from up the front. All of a sudden a 'deafening' silence falls over the
assembly. The music is turned off. The banging noise gets louder. Now everybody notice to their 'horror' that the banging is coming from
inside the 'coffin'. Nobody dares to go near. Instead, one after another, everybody turns around and they all quietly and "dumb-founded"
leave the so-called 'funeral' or 'wake' behind.
The much anticipated "merrymaking" is over for now – even before it almost got really started!

I implore you, OSS and Rob! do not ever, under any circumstances, be seen trying to associate yourself with this sorry 'mob'. None of them
(these many people alluded to above) truly understand any or even one of the 'golden rules' which simply states that: "The 'first' shall inevitably
become the 'last'. Or, translated into its basics: "Haughtiness, self-admiration and self-importance shall never defeat humankind." Nay. On the
contrary: "It is humankind as a whole who will one day defeat these 'unsavoury corrupted', and eventually lifting those up (those
who are letting
themselves being caught in this sorry shit), to where they truly and rightfully belong to in the first place!

Let us all be truly honest. Every person in the whole 'wide' world know that planes were present and witnessed on the day, at the 4 locations
in question on 9/11-01. This cannot be denied by anyone. Not even by those at the 'septemberclues' forum.
(The people over there follows a 'policy' which simply states that: "everything" shall be considered fake, unless the opposite is proven to our
satisfaction). It doesn't say anything about what the individual really thinks in private.
Therefore, not even 'septemberclues' can in all honesty be considered an exemption to this fact above, as we can simply just adopt and apply
their own 'policy' against them when it comes to their own views on a personal level. Or in other words: Why should WE believe a word THEY
are telling us? What they're saying could as well be 'fake' and dishonest! Where's the proof to the contrary??

Therefore, 'septemberclues' is "out", and the fact remains, that the whole 'wide' world know that planes were present at the locations we're
talking about. Again, this cannot be denied - unless of course, somebody is into either sophism, silly semantics or plain silliness – and what
intelligent persons want to go there!

And hence, NPT cannot in all fairness and in all clear simple truth and conscience "literally" be associated in any way whatsoever to what
the whole 'wide' world is perfectly aware of, namely: Planes WERE witnessed, and therefore planes WERE present at all four locations.

NPT must therefore by sheer logic and by sheer reason have other meanings and other connotations.
NPT must therefore be associated with something else, something entirely different.
NPT must therefore categorically and implicitly be a 'description' exclusively used as "a derogatory term" whereby others could be 'accused'
(by the perps, their sycophants and their minions) of being, amongst many other things, 'tin-foil-hat-clowns, dumb-asses, wackos, fools,
dis-info-agents, manipulators, and what not, all in the same vein; because these so-called 'manipulative people' didn't think a plane impacted
f.ex. the pentagon!

NPT was disgustingly and nastily used against CIT, and therefore, incidentally, also used against me, sitting there 'safely' on the sideline, firmly
on the side of CIT.
NPT was also used again and again, derogatorily, against many other very good people.

NPT is far from "dead". NPT will of itself break open the 'imagined' lid in spite of the 'rusty' nails, and emerge again. Nothing exist that is strong
enough to hold it down.
There was no plane impacting the pentagon, and there was no plane impacting the field in Shanksville.
'The future' will learn that no planes impacted the WTC towers.

Rob, with your example about the 'cornfield and the trees', the alleged plane (bar the port wing), would have missed the 47 trees in the middle,
had your analogy been a reference to WTC2.

OSS, will reply to some of your other points in the OP when I got some more time, probably over the weekend!

Cheers to you good people

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