Weather Weapons: The Dark World Of Environmental Warfare

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Weather weapons: the dark world of environmental warfare


Weather weapons:
the dark world of environmental warfare
T. J. Coles
Didn’t it rain
Declassified records show that from 1949 to 1955, the Royal
Air Force (RAF) released various substances, including dry ice,
silver iodide, and salt into the atmosphere at high altitudes in
order to induce rain. ‘The clouds would then precipitate, pulled
down below freezing point by the extra weight of dense
particles, thus making it rain sooner and heavier than it might
have done’, the Guardian reported.1 Using chemicals supplied
by ICI, ‘international scientists’ were involved in the
experiments, including specialists from the Cranfield College of
Aeronautics and the RAF’s meteorological research base at
Farnborough. Perhaps the most significant aspect of the
programme was that the weather weaponisation experiments
continued three years after they had produced the worst
recorded flood in British history, the Lynmouth disaster of
The Telegraph reported how ‘Former RAF servicemen.....
described how they took part in the experiments in the years
running up to the flood.’ 2 Of Project Cumulus, or Operation
Witch Doctor as it was nicknamed by Squadron Leader Len
Otley, the BBC reported how the glider pilot Alan Yates
sprayed chemicals over Bedfordshire, after which ‘Scientists
told him it caused a heavy downpour in Staines, 50 miles (80
kilometres) away in Middlesex.’3 This claim appears to be
1 John Vidal and Helen Weinstein, ‘RAF rainmakers ‘caused 1952
flood’’, disinformation because BBC radio reports confirm that the
gliders were actually spraying over Lynmouth village itself.4
Concerning the seeding operations that caused the
Lynmouth disaster, RAF Captain John Hart explained how, in
1952, ‘We flew straight through the top of the cloud, poured
dry ice down into the cloud. We flew down to see if any rain
came out of the cloud and it did, about 30 minutes later, and
we all cheered...... [senior lecturer at Cranfield College of
Aeronautics] Alan Yates said the BBC had been filming the
experiments, but the resulting programme was abandoned
when the country awoke to news of the Lynmouth flood the
day before it was due to be broadcast.’5
Within a few hours of the cloud seeding operations,
some 90 million tonnes of water fell onto Lynmouth, destroying
hundreds of homes and businesses, and causing the deaths
of 35 people. Reporting in 2001, ‘a BBC investigation has
confirmed that secret experiments were causing heavy
rainfall’, though the Ministry of Defence (MOD) denied any
connection between the seeding experiments and the flood.
Initially, the MoD even denied conducting any cloud seeding
experiments at all. ‘Survivors tell how the air smelled of
sulphur on the afternoon of the floods, and the rain fell so
hard it hurt people’s faces’, the BBC reported. ‘Trees were
uprooted and formed dams behind bridges, creating walls of
water that carried huge boulders into the village, destroying
shops, hotels and homes. Bodies washed out to sea were
never found.’ The report quoted Tony Speller, a former North
Devon MP, saying that when he asked for Ministry of Defence
files, ‘I could never find anything of any consequence,
except the fact that papers were clearly missing for the
significant years [1949-55].’6
The BBC reported 34 deaths and the newspapers 35,
and a decade later the BBC documentary Country Tracks
(broadcast in 2011) confirmed that one corpse — perhaps a
member of the secret services dispatched to monitor the
operations — could not be accounted for. ‘[D]ocuments
express concern by the [Ministry of Defence] over who would
be financially liable if such rainmaking experiments went
wrong’, the Telegraph reported, ending with a citation from a
Ministry of Defence statement made in 2001 in light of the
revelations: ‘Cloud seeding has rarely been successful
anywhere in the world. Consequently the Met Office had not
pursued this line of research for many years.’7 The MoD not
only contradicted itself then, because its earlier statements
denied involvement in any cloud seeding operations, but it
contradicted itself in 2010 by announcing in a public document
that out to 2040:

Coupled with the Pentagon’s commitment to achieve Full
Spectrum Dominance by 2020, the fact that the MoD and the
US Air Force had the capability to destroy an entire village with
90 million tonnes of rainfall as far back as the 1950s, means
we must take seriously the possibility that weather
weaponisation is being used, under the cover of
anthropogenic global warming (which is no doubt happening,
but provides a perfect cover for freak weather events). The US
Air Force 2025 think-tank stated in a long-term study that
weather weaponisation ‘provides opportunities to impact
operations across the full spectrum of conflict and is pertinent
to all possible futures.’ The US Air Force is counting on the fact
that ‘some segments of society will always be reluctant to
examine controversial issues such as weather-modification.’9
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Cloud seeding isn't a secret. It's been experimented with for decades and in many different countries with many different results from no rain to heavy downpours. If it was this perfect science then don't you think countries that experience long droughts would use it all the time? The knowledge of how to do this is openly available to anyone who cares to look it up. The example you raise looks like an early experiment and IF everything you say is true then perhaps liability should be imposed on these perpetrators. Was a Storm happening anyway? And did this seeding make it more intense? Had this area experienced severe flooding like this in the past? It does seem like a devastating one off event. And was most likely made worse by the experiments in seed clouding. Seed clouding is so unpredictable that for it to be used as an effective weapon seems highly unlikely with very mixed results. Look at the Dam Busters where walls of water were released causing far more devastation but it only slowed down the German war effort.
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rob balsamo
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QUOTE (kaz @ Mar 17 2014, 07:45 PM) *
The knowledge of how to do this is openly available to anyone who cares to look it up.

Yeah... "Quest" and his cohorts have been given this link many times...


The fact that people such as "Quest" use an example from WWII to compare to today's technology reeks of desperation.

Hey "Quest", where are the Al/Ba tapes/results from Hancke? And why has he not released the information/tapes in nearly 5 years?

Your cohorts do not seem to want to answer this question.. .and if you just come here to post hit-n-run BS as you have done above... guess what happens next?

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