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Posted by: onesliceshort Feb 27 2012, 12:10 PM

Posted by: KP50 Feb 28 2012, 01:05 AM

QUOTE (onesliceshort @ Feb 28 2012, 04:10 AM) *
A must watch...

Thanks for this OSS - not sure I have 2 hours right now to watch - maybe at the weekend.

I know the OKC incident pretty well - would you consider that there is any new evidence in this film or just a good collection of existing evidence?

Posted by: onesliceshort Feb 28 2012, 08:31 AM

QUOTE (KP50 @ Feb 28 2012, 06:05 AM) *
Thanks for this OSS - not sure I have 2 hours right now to watch - maybe at the weekend.

I know the OKC incident pretty well - would you consider that there is any new evidence in this film or just a good collection of existing evidence?

Hi KP,

I only really knew of the reports of secondary devices and the whitewash by the MSM of these reports and the "John Doe" witnesses but this video goes into the torture and murder of a first responder, of a guy mistakenly identified as one of the "MidWest bankrobbers" - both given "suicide" verdicts.
There's a lot to take in but the two hours passed quickly for me (you now when a documentary is that good?).

I also didn't know about his "doctor"/"psychiatrist" - a mind control guru for the military (ya couldn't make this stuff up)

Definitely worth the watch (even though the producer drops the ball in leaving the "was it a sting gone wrong" bs question up in the air)

Craig McKee gives a better breakdown at his blog.

Posted by: richard cranium Feb 28 2012, 07:30 PM

Okay, what happened with the "A Noble Lie" video? I watched 20 minutes of it on you tube yesterday. Today (on you tube) it says the video is no longer avaliable. So this morning I watch it to the 1:17:27 point here at P4T before I have to leave. I come back now and the "viemo" video OSS has in his post says the video "does not exist". I went to the "Free Mind Films" website where the film comes from and they just have the trailer. Is it me and my computer? I'd really like to see the rest of it. Maybe it was just avaliable for a short time and I have rent/buy it now.

I'm confused. The video (what I saw of it) was most definietly eye opening. I can only say "wow".


Posted by: onesliceshort Feb 28 2012, 07:47 PM

QUOTE (richard cranium @ Feb 29 2012, 12:30 AM) *
Okay, what happened with the "A Noble Lie" video? I watched 20 minutes of it on you tube yesterday. Today (on you tube) it says the video is no longer avaliable. So this morning I watch it to the 1:17:27 point here at P4T before I have to leave. I come back now and the "viemo" video OSS has in his post says the video "does not exist". I went to the "Free Mind Films" website where the film comes from and they just have the trailer. Is it me and my computer? I'd really like to see the rest of it. Maybe it was just avaliable for a short time and I have rent/buy it now.

I'm confused. The video (what I saw of it) was most definietly eye opening. I can only say "wow".


I would watch this as soon as possile before it's taken down too.

Sorry RC, I hadn't realized that the producers had just released it and need to make some money from it.

Chris Emery of Free Mind films has posted two comments at the TruthandShadows blog run by Craig McKee:


It has been an honor to be interviewed by you. Your readers should know all of us with FreeMindFilms do not take any interview for granted and your follow up phone calls show your level of professionalism and concern for the veracity of your work. Your desire to double and triple check your facts and sources is outstanding; which I’m afraid is the exception rather than the norm with most of our collegues in the MSMedia these days.

Also, be sure to check out our ratings on which is a ‘tough nut to crack’ regarding Hollywood movies, let alone an indy feature length film such as ours. That link is at: Out of 64 respondents thus far we have (30) [10 out of 10] ratings. (10) [9 out of 10] ratings. and a weighted average of 7.8 / 10 and a median average of 9/10.

Furthermore, on ALL (9) reviews are a [5 out of 5 star] rating ! Not to mention [5 out of 5 stars] rating on ALL 730 orders shipped from c/o three different vendors including FreeMindFilms and shop.

At the end of the day, we worked very hard to make this film a reality for those who cannot speak for themselves. Those who were yanked from this life into the hereafter on 4/19/95 — The OKC bombing victims. We refuse to remember their deaths in a lie.

C. Emery
FMFilms, LLC

And this mouthwatering comment (I hope it lives up to its billing!)


Since this film was released this past Dec. 2nd, shocking revelations that we were not able to corroborate during post production have come to bear out. ie. They have been proven to be air tight, irrefutible, etc.

Intially we had enough information to make a 6.5 hour movie. That would have backfired on many levels as it would have overwhelmed the informed and turned away the wholesale and marginally sceptic viewer.

Easing into this subject turned out to be the better choice and we are very humbled / pleasantly surprised at the incredible response we’ve received.

Your request for your readers to purchase this film on line from, or is helping us pay off the substantial costs to produce, release and market this film.

Unfortunately, there are very influential political power brokers in OKC that do not want this film to see the light of day. Nevertheless, we blew past the threshold of their desire to not have this movie released. Just like the malcontents within the USDOJ and the FBI who did not want to help us with this film, the local political power-brokers are a dollar short and a day late.

On the other hand, our exposure has come by way of crawling and fighting to get the market exposure day by day and week by week;thanks in LARGE PART to open minded members of the Indy press such as yourself. You are an incredible support to filmmakers like us.

And we empathize with our colleagues that have walked this path before us. As well as those that will most certainly follow after we have stepped aside.

Our end goal is to empower those with legal standing to have the tools and information to indict those responsible for the planning, commission and cover-up of this crime. This is a resolute Capital murder case. And there is NO statute of limitations on Capital murder here in the U.S.

We look forward to releasing the follow up to this film in the correct context and at the appropriate time and place in 2013.

C. Emery
FMFilms, LLC

And yes, wow is the right word man!

I've asked at the blog to be informed of when both parts will be released.

We refuse to remember their deaths in a lie.

Amen bro.

Posted by: onesliceshort Feb 28 2012, 07:56 PM

Guys, do me a favour and vote this up? Shills are obviously voting it down.


Posted by: richard cranium Feb 29 2012, 01:37 PM

Thanks OSS. I appreciate you posting all of this. And I fully understand their need for some income to help pay for all of it. Especially in this economy. I'll save some nickels and dimes and get it soon. ( I'd like to first repurchase some stuff here at P4T first... I keep giving away stuff). I was really impressed with the hard work and tenacity of the people in Oklahoma to search for the truth no matter what it is. I to believe in the old saying "The Truth wil set you free". It may hurt a hell of a lot, but the truth is a must.

I really, REALLY loved that quote "We refuse to remember their deaths in a lie". That is exactly how I feel about the victims of 9/11.

You know it is kind of sad how when you grow up and go to school you learn history and all these supposedly "noble" things that happen. Then as an adult (espescialy in this information age) you actually research things and find out a lot of it was bullshit. It's almost depressing as it does seem like there is ALOT of bullshit. More than I ever dreamed. I guess I have been pretty naive most of my life.

Thanks again OSS.


Posted by: GroundPounder Feb 29 2012, 02:34 PM

since i can't get to see this, what tidbits, revelations etc did you guys gather from this?

leave out any multiple bombs, cover-up, fbi involvement, trentadue, impossibility of mcveigh bomb causing the damage, forewarnings, and holder because i'm already familiar with those.

thanks in advance.

Posted by: onesliceshort Feb 29 2012, 11:02 PM

QUOTE (GroundPounder @ Feb 29 2012, 07:34 PM) *
since i can't get to see this, what tidbits, revelations etc did you guys gather from this?

leave out any multiple bombs, cover-up, fbi involvement, trentadue, impossibility of mcveigh bomb causing the damage, forewarnings, and holder because i'm already familiar with those.

thanks in advance.

I'll watch it and post any extra information and links to relevant information GP.
Thing is, it covers most of that info you're already aware of but there are direct interviews with those close to the victims and the blue collar cops (one of which was tortured and murdered a year after the event)

I don't know if you've ever seen the family pictures of the Trentadue guy. Pretty gruesome (and conclusive) or the documentation of the psyop spy satellite that was monitoring the militia groups (including Elohim)?


No probs mate!

"We refuse to remember their deaths in a lie"

Yeah, really struck a chord with me too.

Posted by: onesliceshort Feb 29 2012, 11:08 PM

Craig McKee made an excellent write-up on the film at his blog

By Craig McKee

The official narrative is simple: A right-wing extremist and his accomplice struck a blow against the American government by setting off a truck bomb in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995.

The result was 168 dead, including 19 children, and more than 800 injured. The bombing left the American people fearing a new “terrorist” enemy: the home-grown, militia-loving, anti-government extremist.

Good story. Not true.

The truth about Oklahoma City involved not only a terrible human tragedy but also a story of government conspiracy, media complicity, destruction of evidence, intimidation, and torture. It happened two years after the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and six years before the false flag operation of 9/11.

Film producer Christopher Emery began researching the Oklahoma City bombing back in 2000, even moving to Oklahoma City from New Mexico in 2003 so he could be close to witnesses and other sources of information. The result of all these years of work is a remarkable piece of investigative journalism and documentary filmmaking called A Noble Lie. The film does the work that the mainstream media refused, and still refuses, to do.

“We’re trying to rewrite history,” Emery says. “We want to make sure this never happens again.”

The title, as we’re told at the beginning of the film, is taken from Plato’s Republic and refers to the propping up of a myth in order to maintain social harmony and keep the elite in their present position.

The film features powerful never-before-seen TV footage and interviews with survivors, victims’ family members, police officers, rescue workers, and citizen investigators who have been fighting to expose the truth for the past 17 years. It also uses government documents to reveal new information to the public.

Also interviewed is talk show host and activist Alex Jones, who is a major supporter of the film. Jones says that in the months leading up to the bombing, the media were actively conditioning the population to fear militant extremists. He says that people are starting to see through false flag ops like Oklahoma City and 9/11.

“The government is going to have trouble in the future engineering atrocities like Oklahoma City because the public is really getting wise to their tricks,” Jones said in the film.

In A Noble Lie, we learn that ATF employees (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) who worked in the Murrah Building received messages on their pagers prior to the bombing telling them not to go to work. And when the bomb went off at 9:02 a.m. none of the children of ATF workers were present in the building’s daycare center.

The film also reveals that the public persona of convicted bomber Timothy McVeigh was a complete fabrication. Rather than being a radical who hated the government, Emery says, he was actually a CIA sharpshooter and assassin who had been involved in covert government drug trafficking operations. He had been decorated several times, even receiving one commendation while he was in prison for the bombing.

“McVeigh was a very cunning, very talented sharpshooter,” Emery says, “He was a puppet, a showpiece for the official narrative.”

Emery says that McVeigh’s job was to infiltrate militia groups and pose as an anti-government extremist to build up this false persona.

The parallel that jumps out when you consider this aspect of the plot is to Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who the media still refers to as the assassin of President John F. Kennedy even though he was never charged with the crime. Oswald had a persona created for him as well so it would appear that anti-U.S. entities were really behind the assassination. The government created a cover story that Oswald was a Communist (he defected to the Soviet Union only to come right back) when in fact he had been an operative for U.S. military intelligence.

A Noble Lie also conclusively proves that the blast damage at the Murrah Building could not have come from the truck bomb that McVeigh is alleged to have placed there. Debris was blown out from the building, travelling hundreds of feet against the force of the blast. If the truck bomb had done all the damage, the force would have blown debris into the building. Emery says one of the rubber seals that held the windows in place on the north side of the building was found a block and a half away after the blasts.

The film also provides proof that there was more than one blast, with timed charges, planted in the building, set to go off over a period of several seconds. Some survivors avoided death when they ducked under their desks after the initial blast.

We learn the heartbreaking story of patrolman Terrance Yeakey, who was one of the first to respond after the bombing took place (he was there is less than 10 minutes) and who was credited with saving several lives that day. Yeakey was collecting evidence about the bombing, and he was subjected to daily harassment and intimidation from his fellow officers because he refused to go along with the official version of the event.

His early arrival at the site showed the government’s official description of the bombing to be false. They had claimed McVeigh’s truck contained an ammonium nitrate bomb, but if that were true, the air would have been unbreathable for some time after the bombing. This was not the case.

A year after the bombing, and shortly before he was to start work at the FBI, Yeakey was brutally murdered, although his death was ruled a suicide. For this to be true, however, Yeakey would have had to cut his wrists and neck before leaving and locking his car. He would then have had to climb a barbed-wire fence, walk more than a mile through a field, and then shoot himself through the head at an unusual angle. No gun was found. No investigation was conducted.

Was the bombing a ‘sting gone wrong’?

One of those interviewed in the film was Hoppy Heidelberg, who was a member of the Federal Grand Jury that investigated the bombing in 1995. Heidelberg was dismissed from the Grand Jury because he insisted on the right of jurors to call witnesses and to view the Alfred P. Murrah videotapes.

After seeing the film, Heidelberg reacted angrily to the suggestion by Charles Key, a state representative and founder of the Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation Committee, that the bombing was a “sting gone wrong,” a suggestion also made by another committee member, Dale Phillips.

One comment that upset Heidelberg was when Key says in the film: ““Some in the media would accuse us [OKBIC] of saying the government blew the building up, which we never said, and I don’t believe.”

Emery praises the work Key has done pushing for the truth on the bombing over the years, although he reaches a very different conclusion as to how it happened.

In my view, Key’s belief is similar to someone believing that the 9/11 “attacks” happened because of government bungling. Fortunately, A Noble Lie just does too good a job of exposing the government lies and deceptions for the “sting” theory to hold any water at all. The idea that things just got “out of control” flies in the face of so much of the evidence.

If I had a criticism, however, it would be that the sting contention kind of comes out of nowhere, and it isn’t directly refuted by anyone in the film. Had Heidelberg or former Tulsa police officer Craig Roberts (who was interviewed) been asked directly about this theory, both would certainly have forcefully discounted it.

In an article in American Free Press, Roberts commented on the sting theory: “People saying this have never been in law enforcement. That bell just doesn’t ring true to me.”

In this article I’ve just scratched the surface of the evidence unearthed by Emery, director James Lane and writers Wendy Painting and Holland Vandennieuwenhof.

The makers of A Noble Lie have made an important contribution to the quest for truth about the bombing. And according to Emery, there’s more to come. A second film is in the works that will include more explosive evidence to reveal the true circumstances of the bombing. That film will be out sometime next year, he says.

The story told in A Noble Lie shows conclusively that the government’s version of what happened is not only untrue, but a deliberate lie. With the WTC bombing and Oklahoma City, the public was prepped for the mother of all false flag operations, the fake “terrorist attacks” of 9/11.

“They were turning up the ratchet in terms of body count,” Emery says. “It’s all part of a sequence of events, part of a bigger picture.”

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of A Noble Lie, you can find it at or

Posted by: onesliceshort Feb 29 2012, 11:13 PM

And my own 2cents (just scraping the surface..) on the alleged "middle Eastern connection" posted at that blog. I don't know whether this aspect was a false flag angle which changed its target (militia to Middle Eastern) due to circumstances we don't know about:

Oklahoma: The Axis of Evil

May 30, 2006 (2006??)

by Holland Van den Nieuwenhof

Let’s first look at Melvin Lattimore, who was Mossaoui’s roommate in Norman. Lattimore is an African-American, a convert to radical Islam who now goes by the name of Majahid Abduquaadir Menepta. According to the New American, his credit card was used to purchase the bomb-making materiels in the World Trade Center bombing in 1993. FBI collaboration with the terror cell that was blamed for that attack has been well documented by the New York Times. After the Oklahoma City bombing, a BATF agent testified under oath that Lattimore had been named as a suspect by an FBI informant. Not only that, he was also seen at McVeigh’s motel in Oklahoma City. And just a few days before the bombing, Lattimore showed up at the Traveler’s Aid Society in Oklahoma City with a known associate of McVeigh, Tim Rosencranz. The two men became belligerent when they were refused charity because they refused to identify themselves. According to the supervisor, Lattimore even flipped them the bird. When the two men left, the employees took down their descriptions and the make of their car, which was a Mercury Marquis without a license plate. If you recall, that description matches exactly the car that McVeigh was pulled over in following the bombing.

Lattimore was later arrested following the 9/11 attacks and imprisoned for fifteen months on a weapons charge. Lattimore, who is directly connected to three of the most high-profile terror attacks in American history, was NOT charged with terrorism, and is once again a free man. At last report, he is back in his hometown of St. Louis.

Another man with links to both 9/11 and the OKC bombing is Hussain al-Hussaini, who was identified as the infamous and elusive John Doe #2 by several witnesses to the bombing, and by KFOR-TV, before the company was purchased by the New York Times Broadcasting Company and its programming director fired. This man was seen in the company of McVeigh more than once in Oklahoma City and on the day of the bombing was seen riding with McVeigh in the Ryder Truck. Al-Hussaini sued KFOR-TV for defamation because of their investigation of his links to McVeigh, but he lost the case in court and his alibi for that day has been proven a lie. And on the morning of 9/11 al-Hussaini, according to author Jayna Davis, was working at Boston’s Logan airport, the point of departure for some of the hijackers, including Mohammed Atta. Al-Hussaini has never been charged or even investigated for terrorism.

These two men, and many others, have seemingly enjoyed some kind of immunity from prosecution for their suspected roles in the terror attacks of recent years, a protection that can only be given by those whose responsibility is supposed to be to prevent these attacks. What was the government doing about all of these terrorists and their suspected accomplices in Oklahoma? We can start by looking at David Edger, the CIA man on campus at OU.

Posted by: onesliceshort Feb 29 2012, 11:14 PM

From above post:

Mind control victim, patsy, both?

He or “they” go out of his/”their” way to make it known that McVeigh was allegedly very sympathetic to the Iraqi people yet was supposed to be mixed up with far right elements. Spook written all over the operation and subsequent cover up. Mind control (which is a verified,documented psychological possibility) using Dr. Louis Jollyon West’s methods? The guy who repeatedly visited McVeigh in jail.

Remember he served in Iraq and was allegedly “rejected” by Special Forces.

“Pseudo-Identity and the Treatment of Personality Change in Victims of Captivity and Cults”

Timothy McVeigh’s alleged letter (which doesn’t appear scripted to me personally):

The administration has said that Iraq has no right to stockpile chemical or biological weapons (“weapons of mass destruction”) — mainly because they have used them in the past.

Well, if that”s the standard by which these matters are decided, then the U.S. is the nation that set the precedent. The U.S. has stockpiled these same weapons (and more) for over 40 years. The U.S. claims that this was done for deterrent purposes during the “Cold War” with the Soviet Union. Why, then is it invalid for Iraq to claim the same reason (deterrence) — with respect to Iraq”s (real) war with, and the continued threat of, its neighbor Iran?

The administration claims that Iraq has used these weapons in the past. We”ve all seen the pictures that show a Kurdish woman and child frozen in death from the use of chemical weapons. But, have you ever seen these pictures juxtaposed next to pictures from Hiroshima or Nagasaki?

I suggest that one study the histories of World War I, World War II and other “regional conflicts” that the U.S. has been involved in to familiarize themselves with the use of “weapons of mass destruction.”

Remember Dresden? How about Hanoi? Tripoli? Baghdad? What about the big ones — Hiroshima and Nagasaki? (At these two locations, the U.S. killed at least 150,000 non-combatants — mostly women and children — in the blink of an eye. Thousands more took hours, days, weeks, or months to die.)

If Saddam is such a demon, and people are calling for war crimes charges and trials against him and his nation, why do we not hear the same cry for blood directed at those responsible for even greater amounts of “mass destruction” — like those responsible and involved in dropping bombs on the cities mentioned above?

The truth is, the U.S. has set the standard when it comes to the stockpiling and use of weapons of mass destruction.

Hypocrisy when it comes to death of children? In Oklahoma City, it was family convenience that explained the presence of a day-care center placed between street level and the law enforcement agencies which occupied the upper floors of the building. Yet when discussion shifts to Iraq, any day-care center in a government building instantly becomes “a shield.” Think about that.

(Actually, there is a difference here. The administration has admitted to knowledge of the presence of children in or near Iraqi government buildings, yet they still proceed with their plans to bomb — saying that they cannot be held responsible if children die. There is no such proof, however, that knowledge of the presence of children existed in relation to the Oklahoma City bombing.)

When considering morality and mens rea [criminal intent] in light of these facts, I ask: Who are the true barbarians?

Yet another example of this nation”s blatant hypocrisy is revealed by the polls which suggest that this nation is greatly in favor of bombing Iraq.

In this instance, the people of the nation approve of bombing government employees because they are “guilty by association” — they are Iraqi government employees. In regard to the bombing in Oklahoma City, however, such logic is condemned.

What motivates these seemingly contradictory positions? Do people think that government workers in Iraq are any less human than those in Oklahoma City? Do they think that Iraqis don”t have families who will grieve and mourn the loss of their loved ones? In this context, do people come to believe that the killing of foreigners is somehow different than the killing of Americans?

I recently read of an arrest in New York City where possession of a mere pipe bomb was charged as possession of a “weapon of mass destruction.” If a two pound pipe bomb is a “weapon of mass destruction,” then what do people think that a 2,000-pound steel-encased bomb is?

I find it ironic, to say the least, that one of the aircraft that could be used to drop such a bomb on Iraq is dubbed “The Spirit of Oklahoma.”

When a U.S. plane or cruise missile is used to bring destruction to a foreign people, this nation rewards the bombers with applause and praise. What a convenient way to absolve these killers of any responsibility for the destruction they leave in their wake.

Unfortunately, the morality of killing is not so superficial. The truth is, the use of a truck, a plane, or a missile for the delivery of a weapon of mass destruction does not alter the nature of the act itself.

These are weapons of mass destruction — and the method of delivery matters little to those on the receiving end of such weapons.

Whether you wish to admit it or not, when you approve, morally, of the bombing of foreign targets by the U.S. military, you are approving of acts morally equivalent to the bombing in Oklahoma City. The only difference is that this nation is not going to see any foreign casualties appear on the cover of Newsweek magazine.

It seems ironic and hypocritical that an act viciously condemned in Oklahoma City is now a “justified” response to a problem in a foreign land. Then again, the history of United States policy over the last century, when examined fully, tends to exemplify hypocrisy.

When considering the use of weapons of mass destruction against Iraq as a means to an end, it would be wise to reflect on the words of the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis. His words are as true in the context of Olmstead as they are when they stand alone: “Our government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example.”


Timothy J. McVeigh

Posted by: paranoia Mar 1 2012, 02:22 AM

some old research i compiled (but never finished) related to the subject -

this article connects okc, 93 wtc, 9/11, and several other acts of "terrorism" to same origin:

-not sourced enough, but still a worthy read.

Dead Police Officer And
OKC Bombing Coverup
FBI Falsified Reports, Ignored Evidence
Won't Release Murrah Building Surveillance Tapes


Former Oklahoma State Rep. Charles Key ®, who spearheaded a major independent inquiry into the Oklahoma City bombing, was the guest on the April 15 broadcast of The SPOTLIGHT's weekly call-in talk forum, Radio Free America, with host Tom Valentine.

TV: There is evidence that the government had advance knowledge about a possible bomb attack on the Murrah building. There is also evidence about other unexploded bombs being taken out of the Murrah building. Is any of this perhaps related to the strange death (after the bombing)-supposedly a suicide-of Oklahoma City Police Officer Terrence Yeakey?

CK: We don't know whether Yeakey's death is connected to this, but his story is interesting in itself. Yeakey was one of the very first rescue workers on the scene. He knew a lot about the bombing, according to his wife, and was very concerned about things that he knew. He expressed this to his wife and mother, and his sisters and brother-in-law...

look into what ever became of key's investigation / evidence (does anyone know?):
Rep. Charles Key
State Capitol Bldg.
Room 508
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(405) 521-2711
Committees: Criminal Justice, Education, Banking & Finance, Wildlife
House Of Representatives
March 12, 1997

Dear Concerned Citizen:

My name is Charles Key and I'd like to share some personal and inside information with you.

I'm an Oklahoma State Representative. I humbly ask you to spare a few minutes to read some things that you have probably never seen before on TV or read in the newspapers about some shocking events associated with the Oklahoma City bombing.

Regardless what city or state you're from, you will likely be affected more than you may ever know by that bombing and pending trials.

On April 19, 1995 when I heard the news (and literally heard the explosion) of the Murrah building I was dumbfounded.

the medical examiner:

Among the very first to arrive on the scene were Oklahoma City police officers, Terrance Yeakey, Gordon Martin and Ken Griffin, a number of Oklahoma City firefighters, Dr. H. Don Chumley, and General Services Administration planner Michael Lee Loudenslager.

Terrance Yeakey - Oklahoma City's Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Larry Balding, quickly ruled the death a 'suicide.'

The ME's field investigator, Jeffrey Legg, also reported that Yeakey "had been drinking heavily" the day before, based on statements made by OCPD Homicide Detective Dicus and Detective Mullinex.

Yet Terrance Yeakey didn't drink, and their own report concluded that there was no alcohol in the body at the time of death.

Dr. Larry Balding, who signed off on the Yeakey report is adamant. 'I can tell you unequivocally and without a doubt that there was no other ME report.' YET, another medical examiner's report - quickly redacted and hidden from public view - showed that Yeakey's face was bruised and swollen.

The funeral director reported that the cuts described by Dr. Larry Balding as superficial in the medical examiners report were so severe that they had to be sewn up to prevent leakage before the body could even be embalmed.

Sargeant Don Browning, a K9 unit police officer for OKC who himself pulled many living and dead out of the Murrah rubble that day, had the courage to testify before the Oklahoma County Grand Jury and stand up for Sargeant Terry Yeakey, stating that although the FBI and police chief Sam Gonzales had conspired with Oklahoma City's Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Larry Balding to to have Yeakey's death labled a suicide, Yeakey had actually been brutally murdered.

the medical examiner, dead:

Larry E. Balding, 59, was born on January 28, 1944 in Little Rock, Arkansas and died suddenly and unexpectedly on September 24, 2003 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He served his country in the United States Air Force from August 9, 1966 to November 16, 1970, and was discharged as a Captain. He graduated from the University of Arkansas School of Medicine in 1980 and later joined the Oklahoma State Medical Examiners Office on July 1, 1984. He had been a forensic pathologist and Deputy Medical Examiner in the Oklahoma City office for 19 years. Dr. Balding worked tirelessly for the public safety and public health of the citizens of Oklahoma. He was preceded in death by his mother Lucille T. Balding and father Eugene Victor Balding. He is survived by his wife, Cindy Balding; daughter, Susan Balding; uncle, Russell Balding and his wife Sara of Colorado; aunt Marima Fox and her husband John of California; numerous cousins; and a multitude of friends. Memorial gifts may be made to the Humane Society of your choice. Memorial Services will be held at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, September 27, 2003 at Smith & Kernke Chapel, 14624 N. May Ave. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

Published in The Oklahoman on September 26, 2003

re: Trentadue

An inmate who later came forward and claimed he witnessed Trentadue being beaten to death by his interrogators was himself found hanging in a federal prison cell in 2000.

Yeakey is not the only suspicious death which has occurred due to the attempt to find answers about the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, and it is not the only one to be called a suicide; the strange and grisly torture/murder of Kenneth Trentadue being another. The suspicious death of Kenneth Trentadue at the Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center in August 1995 would be ruled a suicide despite the opinion of the Dr. Frederick Jordan – the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner. [see: ]. After examining the body of this brother, it became clear to attorney Jesse Trentadue that his brother had been tortured and murdered. Jesse had received chilling information from Timothy McVeigh (convicted and executed for his role in the 1995 bombing) that his brother’s murder was related to the bombing and its subsequent (mis)investigation. Subsequently, Jesse began a quest to determine why exactly his brother had died, leading him to file many Freedom of Information Act Requests about the bombing and related matters. After filing a wrongful death lawsuit the Trentadue family was awarded $1.1 million dollars for emotional distress caused by the authorities mishandling of the death. On September 28, 2009, attorney Jesse Trentadue made national news when portions of surveillance tapes of the bombing were begrudgingly released by the FBI under the orders a federal judge.

Posted by: GroundPounder Mar 1 2012, 07:12 AM

thanks gents.

there is a link at:

to a terry nichols deposition which is sheds a lot of light on mcveigh among other things.

Posted by: onesliceshort Mar 1 2012, 11:06 AM

Thanks guys,

Just dropping a few links off (crash course style) and put a face to a name:

Who killed [Officer] Terry Yeakey?

The official report said "Suicide," and anyone who believes an ANFO bomb destroyed Murrah and the other surrounding buildings will believe this. According to the report, Terry slashed himself eleven times on both forearms before cutting his own throat twice near the jugular vein. Then, apparently seeking even a more private place to die, he crawled another mile of rough terrain away from his car and climbed a fence, before shooting himself in the head with a small caliber revolver. What appeared to be rope burns on his neck, handcuff bruises to his wrists, and muddy grass imbedded in his slash wounds strongly indicated that he had some help in traversing this final distance.

The bullet's entrance wound was in the right temple, above the eye. It went through the policeman's head and exited in the area of the left cheek, near the bottom of the ear lobe line. The trajectory was from a 40-45 degree angle above his head. There were no powder burns. No weapon was ever reported as found at the scene, but independent investigators speculated that had Yeakey shot himself with standard police issue - a Glock 9mm or a .357 Magnum - his head would have been far more destroyed than it apparently was.

One of the last people Officer Yeakey talked to was a friend who knew he was on a mission of private investigation. Terry had told him that he was on his way to El Reno to check out something but first he had to shake the FBI agents who were following him. He was traveling in his private automobile and witnesses said later that the inside looked like someone had "butchered a hog" on the front seat.

In "A Noble Lie", his mother discloses that Terry Yeakey was anaemic and that such a loss of blood and the alleged "travelling" to where he was found over a mile away would have lead to cardiac arrest.

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"The suspicious death of Kenneth Trentadue at the Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center in August 1995 would be ruled a suicide"

Kenneth Micahel Trentadue was tortured and murdered in August 1995, while incarcerated at the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was strangled with plastic handcuffs or "flexicuffs." Kenneth Trentadue's family believes that he was murdered by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Above is a photograph taken by the Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office of Kenneth Trentadue's neck. This photograph depicts the groove or furrow left on Kenneth's neck by ligature and clearly shows the cross-tie like impressions caused by the locking mechanism of the plastic handcuffs

Where his skull was fractured:

Bad quality video but a must watch (if not just to see the whore media in action) of the interview with the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner:

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While incarcerated in ADX Florence, McVeigh was allegedly in the same block as:

Ted Kaczynski aka the Unabomber who McVeigh was said to admire (apart from his "racist tendencies")
and Ramzi Yousef (1993 World Trade Center bombing)

Interesting video on the Oklahoma and WTC (93) bombings:

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Sworn affadavits:

Witness to conversation with ATF member who disclosed that no ATF members were in the building at the time of explosion, that "a 50lb bomb was seen" during evacuation and claims were being made by the same ATF member that right wing extremists had carried out the attack in revenge for Waco (within one hour of the explosion(s):

DoD Atlantic Command Memo reports 2 additional bombs being found:

FEMA on location report of secondary devices

Joe Harp, based on his military explosives experience, refutes the ANFO claim and identifies the additional bombs he sees removed from the building as being military in nature. (Mercury Fulminate)

Virgil Steele (elevator mevhanic) Affidavit

Secondary device witness who also exposes the lies of a senior BATF agent about being trapped in a plummeting elevator.
The elevators were in working order except for being without power, and nobody had been trapped in them.

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Video of Tim McVeigh from a security camera at McDonald's in Junction City, cited as proof that McVeigh did not rent the Ryder Truck.

"McVeigh had been filmed by a security camera at a nearby McDonald's 24 minutes before the time stamped on the rental agreement, wearing clothes that did not match either of the men seen at Elliott's. There is also no plausible explanation of how he traveled the mile and a quarter from McDonald's to the rental agency, carless and alone as he claims, without getting soaked in the rain. The three people interviewed agreed John Does 1 and 2 were dry.

According to Stephen Jones, who has seen the interview transcripts, it took 44 days for the FBI to convince the car rental agency owner that John Doe 1 was Timothy McVeigh. And in the end they did not dare put him on the witness stand, for fear of what might happen under cross-examination."

This might explain why the initial description of John Doe I circulated by the FBI referred to a man with "pock-marked skin, fairly stocky" who stood about 5'10", whereas McVeigh is about 6' 3" tall, thin as a rail (160 lbs) and has a smooth complexion."

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FBI Crime Lab Supervisor Dr. Fred Whitehurst & OKC Bombing

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This is up on Torrent here

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McVeigh captured on film in August of 93 still in the army about one year after he had allegedly left after "failing" a Special Forces exam due to a "blister" on his foot.

60 Minutes interview (check out the nose specifically)

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Watch them while you can...

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