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Field Trip To "flight 93 Memorial"

post Sep 26 2010, 07:04 AM
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Hi All!

Today was a beautiful day in Pittsburgh and the leaves are changing in the mountains to the East. Selling it as a leaf trip to The Wife, who is noncommittal on the subject, we went to have a look for ourselves. I tried to put what I think are the more serious of the following points first and the less serious later. But given that iot is not clear what this is a memorial to, or even if there is anything to memorialize, perhaps all the points have equal seriousness.

1. The CIT investigators have given us good reports about the lay of the land here. I saw nothing at odds with their reports.

2. I was struck by the vast openness of the area. The open field in question is like a huge thousands of acre natural amphitheater surrounded by roads. The immediate surrounding landscape has some wooded areas but also large clear tracts. There are many dwellings in the area. Although wooded areas and tree lines offer some obstruction, there are mostly clear views in a three mile radius of whatever is going on overhead in the sky. All someone has to do is look up.

3. The area is being made into a National Park or Memorial Site or something. Now there is a temporary Memorial Building surrounded by paved parking areas and a fenced viewing area about a half mile west of the actual "site", which is marked by an American Flag. The entire temporary site is surrounded by fences that prevent closer inspection, I suppose for "safety reasons" given the construction in the middle of the field of a permanent memorial. The access road is gated with a sign saying the hours are 9AM to 7 PM daily.

4. During the construction, some surface earth has been excavated but it appears that this is just ground disturbance pushing about the first foot or so. I asked a Park Ranger whether the lay of the land has been changed, and he said no. From what I saw, that seems accurate. There's a large circular flattened area apparantly intended to be the base of some structure.

5. The construction bisects Skyline Drive. It has been closed to through traffic. One blockade is at its intersection with Lambertville Road, while Rollock Road is closed where it intersects the driveway to the temporary memorial off of Lambertville. It appears from the moved earth that they are preparing a roadbed for a relocated Skyline Drive that will pass through the new memorial site. I tried to outflank the closures by taking Skyline from the other side, which is unguarded, but I encountered a Road Closed sign before you get out of the tree line and before it intersects Rollock, I took a walk from the closure sign but saw nothing remarkable. It was not a total waste of time, because I took a piss by the closure sign on the way back to my car.

6. The machine shop where that one eye or ear witness worked has been bought as part of the new memorial ground. The building has been demolished, and all that remains is some junk piles that have yet to be removed. Soon there will be no way to tell where he was to evaluate his vantage point, but even worse, all signs that might trigger any remembrance that he existed at all will be removed. I asked a Ranger about this, who knew who I was asking about, and pointed out the former location of the machine shop to me.

7. There were two Park Rangers with sidearms at the temporary memorial, I suppose to encourage you to remember the right way. One of them suddenly appeared to direct me to a parking spot as I drove in, but I don't think a pony tail guy with God Is A Groovy Guy by Fish Karma blasting out of his moon roof made a good first impression. On the strength of this I decided to keep my trap shut.

8. There was a crowd of about 75 People. The tones of the voices seemed hushed and reverent. Judging from what I heard them say, most or all seemed to believe the Official Story, which they were explaining to and entrenching in any children that were with them. There was a group of bikers there. Lots more good reasons to behave myself.

9. The temporary memorial building, which appears to have been converted from another use, contains a small museum with topical displays. I didn't bother to go in, because I figured that whatever was in there was designed to be consistent with, and not disturb, people like those I had already heard from.

10. For example, one thing I was certain would not be found in the museum is the Pennsylvania Department Of Environmental Resources study that found no jet fuel contamination in the soil. The memorial site had put me in an appropriately sober and contemplative mood, so I decided to ponder this. Now let's see . . . . all four planes, including this one, were nonstop transcontinental flights filled with jet fuel for the long journey. Enough to melt the WTC steel and make them fall down and go boom but not enough to contaminate the soil here? If a GL says that the Flt 93 JP 5 must'a burned off real fast so it didn't have enough time or even the opportunity to to contaminate the soil, wouldn't the same fast burn off be true for how long or even whether the WTC steel was exposed to the GLs' supposed "hot jet fuel fires"?. This isn't an intellectual smorgasbord. They can't have this both ways!

11. After a while, The Wife got a little antsy with my tramping and driving to-and-fro like a wet hen pursuing some private intellectual agenda. There's no Gift Shop at the temporary memorial and it doesn't look like one is planned for the new one. Some enterprising people should open a few Outlet Shoppes nearby. That would make the trip easier for the married men here to sell to Their Wives.

12. The Route off of US 30 is marked by official government park signs. There were a few Disneylandish signs along US 30, all of which appeared to promote the Official Version, but they looked like they were falling into disrepair.

13. It occurred to me that if Area 51 fans have the Little Aleinn in Rachel to go to, there should be the same thing here for us. Having found nothing of substance, here was a way to salvage something for us out of the trip! The Little Aleinn welcomes visitors and encourages their Area 51 beliefs, but given all the American Flags in the area, it might be hard for visitors of our mind set to find a safe, let alone welcome, place of repair to openly discuss and digest their Flight 93 Site visit. We decided to investigate what was nearby along the side of US 30 West on the way back to Pittsburgh. Here's a Report.

( a ) Walat's in in Jennerstown about 9 miles to the West. One large sign outside said "Welcome Hunters" and a second said "Welcome Bikers". If you would like to get your ass kicked for saying what you think about 911, and your wife hit on whether or not you say anything, this is the place for you. All Menu items under $5.00, Heineken $3,00.

( b ) The Ligonier Country Resort is about 15 miles West. The bartender was sympathetic to 911 Truth and very ready to discuss it. The place has rooms, appears to cater to things like overnight wedding parties, and seems to be pretty classy (thus relatively safe, but you still can't be sure who you might run across). Single guys, that might make it a good place to look for women on weekends. Entrees start at $15, Heineken a bargain at $3.50.

( c ) The Eastwood Inn is 16 miles West in Ligonier. For the reasons that follow, I think this is the safest and most welcoming place to discuss 911!

Ligonier is a cutesy little mountain resort town surrounded by the country estates of one of the largest and most powerful sub groups of the PTB - the heirs of old Pittsburgh industrialists such as Carnegie, Frick, Mellon and Westinghouse. From 1870 to 1960, this area was the Silicon Valley of the Industrial Revolution, so these are some of the largest fortunes in the US. About 100 years ago, the original titans put large parts of their fortunes into philanthropic trusts dedicated to science, arts, education, and the like, dedicating part to local use, and the rest to world wide use (ie Carnegie Libraries and Peace Endowment). The plenty that was still left passed directly to the descendants, who also received significant trust control powers. Thanks to 100 years of tax free compounding of investment returns, the trusts are now staggeringly wealthy. Four generations multiplied the number of descendants and diffused the non-trust fortunes, but the family totals are enormous. Over the years, the trust purpose provisions have been liberally interpreted to allow funding of public policy initiatives and NGO's, which are basically political purposes. The tightly knit families also have strong ties to each other. Their ethos is to be discrete, insular and low profile, which is easy to do because the trust name masks the individuals who wield power and influence. This has been the case for 100 years, so they are deeply entrenched in the power structure. The power of this gang is illustrated by their Rolling Rock Club (right across US 30 from Eastwood), where frequent guest Dick Cheney once famously slew around 100 pheasants that were somehow harnessed to be pulled before him on a guide wire, slow enough not to miss, but fast enough to do this feat in an hour. This sorry tale somehow got outside the Club grounds and then to the news media. The highly displeased membership was able to stop the ensuing media Cheney Watches by telling them to get out and stay out of Ligonier along with making them report this Cheney expedition as a one-time event (I know he was there a at least once before and after). I suppose in and of itself there's nothing wrong with entertaining the VP, but this bunch prefers that no one know about it. That's the kind of assholes I'm talking about.

They are why this place is safe for and welcoming to us. You don't have to worry about them not liking what you say - they don't give a fuck what you say, or whether you find out the Truth. If you kissed their ass instead, they still wouldn't give a fuck about you. You are no threat. They are the PTB. Although probably not involved in 911, they know the people who were, and it suits their agenda. These kind of people can regard Cheney as a parvenu errand boy for chrissakes. So they should like people who talk about 911 Truth but can't do anything about it, because they are listening to affirmations of their power.

They all think they're Englishmen too, so the menu is basic - chicken, steak or fish. Incredibly, entrees are $30.00 and down, and Heinikens $3.50! It seems when the real bastardmen among them are not stomping on the rest of us, they still can't quit, and stomp on the poor owner of the Eastwood Inn for relaxation. The building is nice but basic and somewhat dated. The real quality is in the details - dining chairs, tables, dishes, utensils and Scotches. It doesn't have an exclusive or snooty atmosphere. I didn't get any funny looks even though dressed like a bum. They use subtle ways to keep the unwashed out - a door bell, no TV at the bar, no eating at the bar. Just like the clientele's subtle use of its power.

( d ) The other five places we stopped at cheers.gif (hick!) don't seem worth mentioning.
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post Sep 26 2010, 10:45 AM
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Thanks for the overview of the area. I've never been there, but can imagine.

Making a TV movie and placing a granite monument will certainly prove to the American People that the government story is true.

At least some of the locals are willing to discuss the event.
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