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Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum _ Root of all Evil? _ Does This Canadian Get It Accurately?

Posted by: albertchampion Oct 30 2009, 01:09 AM


Posted by: bill Oct 31 2009, 01:33 PM



why is this in chill ?

it certainly isn't funny....

Posted by: Sanders Oct 31 2009, 03:45 PM

Good article.

Moving to 'Money Forum'.

Posted by: André Oct 31 2009, 06:42 PM

Obviously we need to be more financially responsible and stop printing money without restraint to cover deficits...


I believe it's quite revealing that the solution proposed here is to cut or limit social security and Medicare while not a word is written about the wars and the huge military budgets.

It seems it's always the most vulnerable who have to shoulder the weight, while those who profited from this corrupt system get to lecture us about being responsible rolleyes.gif

Posted by: albertchampion Nov 1 2009, 01:09 AM

let me care to emphasize that embry is quoting one of the central bankers, head of the st louis fed, when he notes that a reduction in usg expenditures must be made.

you, of course, have a point, one that i tend to agree with, which is that the usg needs to terminate its imperialist impulses. on the other hand, from the pov of a central banker, such actions would only throw the entirety of the industrial world into a rapid death spiral.

can you imagine a total cessation of keynesian pump priming[based almost entirely on "blood in your face" militarism]? the demise of all the war profiteers and their bankers? oh, and their scores of thousands of employees out on the street, on the nonexistent dole[not bob]?

since ww2, the economies of the entirety of the industrial world have been predicated upon militarism. how do you envision the termination of that construct?

what would you do with the legions of defense workers that would become unemployed? what would you do with the soldiers and sailors and airmen that may have taken this "employment by the state" because they could find no other work?

as i may have said in previous posts, my background is of a lapsed mennonite[historic peace church] who rediscovered the virtues of that pov. i would dearly love to puncture the usa's balloon of militarism, deflating it. and the supernumeraries' balloons[uk, france, germany, denmark, sweden, et alia] that have embraced our homicidal economic raft.

so, i bet you get my drift. after harry truman created the national security state, embraced by all of his successors, and constructed a governmental, economic structure predicated upon that ultimate level of militarism, how does one deflate it without an economic cataclysm that goes beyond anything you are currently witnessing, experiencing?

that is the insoluble puzzle, in my opinion.

this level of 60+ year old militarism cannot be ratcheted back easily.

perhaps global thermonuclear warfare - the elimination of the planet - is the only real cure for this disease.

and i am not even certain of that. it may be impossible to kill malignant viruses.

Posted by: albertchampion Nov 1 2009, 01:33 AM

and i hate it when i can't sleep. and find myself posting on this board late on a saturday night.

let's consider ron paul's bill intended to "audit the federal reserve"]HR1207?].

according to what i have read tonight, a congressman[D-NC] by the name of MEL WATT has torpedoed that bit of legislation.

no one should be surprised if they watched the hearings on c-span. mel watt went so far as to fight with the economic mouthpiece for the cato institute.

it is often thought that negroes[mel watt is a negro] are angels of integrity, advancers of freedom.

not so. they just may be gangsters in blackface.

and mel watt is just such a minstrel for the banksters.

of course, one of the problems is that when it comes to advancing the effort to audit/investigate the fed, many caucasians are as "enslaved" as the negroes[charlie rangell, bill jefferson, et alia].

sic semper tyrannis

Posted by: André Nov 1 2009, 02:40 AM

"since ww2, the economies of the entirety of the industrial world have been predicated upon militarism. how do you envision the termination of that construct?"

it was possible to quickly convert from a peace economy into a war economy for WW2 so it's possible to go back... in theory, but there isn't the political will to do so because of entrenched interests, so the Empire will be brought down kicking and screaming, hopefully when it's all over, we can rebuild with what has been left behind.

Posted by: aerohead Nov 1 2009, 03:23 AM

I totally agree with both of your posts.

Its mind boggling that Oduma's defense budget
is 5.7% HIGHER than Bush's was in 08, and he was
supposed to END ALL THIS BULLSHIT and bring
real change........ Oh yes we can......... Lie like
the NWO puppet that he is.


Why havent we Impeached Odumass again ?
I didnt vote for him, but those that did need to
impeach him ASAP. He is CLEARLY not working
for the people that believed and voted for him.

And whats even more sickening is President Peanut trying to
propagandize the public into thinking that this is RACIALLY
Americans arent THAT stupid yet bro !
Jimmy go sit down before you hurt yourself....... you were
a failure as a President and even worse in the afterlife......


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