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Us Airways, Rothschild, Cia & 911, Something Never Exposed

post Mar 29 2007, 01:31 PM
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US Airways and the Rothschild connections:

Raymond W. Smith was sitting on the board of directors at US Airways on 911. Ray Smith has served on the boards of Bell Atlantic, The Carnegie Corporation, Westinghouse, CBS, Corestates Financial, First Union, and others. He is also Chairman of Rothschild, North America, Inc. and Chairman of Verizon Ventures. Mr. Smith also served on the board of Five Arrows (Rothschild).




Just to prove the real House of Rothschild connection - Rothschild Group Names Raymond Smith Chairman of North American Operation:


Cheryl Gruetzmacher Gordon/Krongard is currently on the BOD at US Airways. She is the chief executive officer of Rothschild Asset Management Inc. She was a senior managing director at Rothschild also. She recently remarried ex-CIA AB 'Buzzy' Krongard. She was formally married to Edward S. Gordon who worked on some of the largest and most complex commercial real estate transactions in New York.




US Airways also had a 28 year CIA veteran sitting on it's board as well. James M. Simon Jr. is now on the board at ORBIMAGE. After September 11th, he was designated as the senior intelligence official for homeland security establishing and chairing the Homeland Security Intelligence Council.


Here are all their names listed on a US Airways SEC S-3 filing. Look for Cheryl Gruetzmacher Gordon (now Cheryl Gruetzmacher Krongard), James M. Simon Jr, and Raymond W. Smith. As of today, Cheryl Gruetzmacher Krongard is still sitting quietly on the board at the new restructured US Airways. The other two individuals flew the coop after the company filed bankruptcy (twice) and terminated the employee pensions.



During the restructuring of US Airways, the company hired Rudy Giuliani''s firm as an advisor to the restructuring. Scroll down and look at the payroll list. Here is the US Airways 8K info. Scroll down and take a look. Rudy G is #7 on the list. PS - Delta Airlines also used the services of Rudy Giuliani in their restructuring.


Delta Airlines was paying $400,000 a month to restructuring specialists Giuliani Capital Advisors, founded by former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani.


US Airways files for bankruptcy - Notice the logo of US Airways. It is a skeleton American flag.


US Airways files Chapter 11 -- Again


PBGC Takes $2.3 Billion Pension Loss from US Airways.


Two of US Airways former executives (Rakesh Gangwal and Bruce Ashby) have left the company and have formed a low cost airline in India. The name of this airline is IndiGo. IndiGo is being financed by InterGlobe Enterprises (Notice their red capstone pyramid logo with the letters IG forming the pyramid). Their corporate address in Ahmedabad, India is:

InterGlobe Air Transport/Galileo India
9-11, Upper Level,
Empire Towers,
C.G Road , Navrangpura,
Ahmedabad 380 006




INTERGLOBE APPOINTS BRUCE ASHBY (Former Executive Vice President - Marketing & Planning for US Airways) AS THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER FOR INDIGO


One last thing worth mentioning. Inside every aircraft cockpit is an emergency egress crash ax. The government wants everyone to believe that the terrorist with the box cutter knife killed the pilots who had direct access to a crash ax designed to cut thru aircraft metal. The Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) issued ALPA Security Alert Bulletin 2001-2 which says:

Aircraft cockpits are equipped with a crash ax, which should be considered a potential defensive weapon in the event of a suicidal hijacking. The ax should only be wielded if the crewmember is convinced that using it is necessary to save lives -the pilot must be both mentally and physically prepared to take the life of a cockpit intruder. or the ax could be used against the pilot.

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post Mar 31 2007, 01:38 AM
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there are many things that go undiscussed.

for instance, have you ever read why it was that house of saud 747's were in kentucky on 11/09/01?

the saudi royals were visiting a fellow devotee of horseflesh, william stamps farrish 3. now, who was their host?

william stamps farrish 3 was the first appointment made by george walker bush upon his coronation. he was appointed the u.s. ambassador to the court of st james.

an odd appointment considering his family's history[let bygones be bygones elizabeth regina 2 must have said]. anyway liz also liked will's horse breeding - and liz has also visited the farrish farms in kentucky.

you may recall that will's dad and george herbert walker bush[#41] were very close. ghwb annually went bird-shooting at the immense farrish rancho in south texas.

so, who was will's grandfather? william stamps farrish. one of the founders of humble oil. which was acquired by the rockefeller trust, std oil of new jersey, in the 1930's. farrish soon became ceo of esso.

the story of rubber in the ww2 era is an interesting one. esso had developed a process for manufacturing synthetic rubber in the 1930's. when they did that, natural rubber was the source material for tires. and in the western hemisphere, most of that latex was produced in huge plantations in south america owned by firestone, ford, and rockefeller.

at some point, farrish and esso licensed their synthetic rubber process to the nazi petrochemical cartel, i g farben. the license agreement was arranged by john foster dulles of sullivan&cromwell.

throughout ww2, license royalties were paid into swiss banks. that is what foster's brother allen was really doing in bern throughout the war - administering the licensing royalties.

where was this synthetic rubber produced in nazi germany? in poland. at an i g farben plant tended by kz slave labor. outside of oswiecim[auschwitz]. it was known as the buna plant.

some have wondered why usaaf/raf command failed to take out this plant when they had the capabilities? i think that there is a simple explanation...the longer the buna plant functioned, the more royalties would accrue to esso.

it is important to emphasize, here, that the wehrmacht, the luftwaffe, the kreigsmarin had no access to natural rubber during the war. without that esso technology transfer, there could have been no shoes for nazi military machinery.

i think it is also important to note that the allied forces used virtually no synthetic rubber during the conflict. all the rubber used by the allies was natural and came from ford, firestone, rockefeller plantations.

some know that dauphin george's grandfather, prescott, and his father in law, herbert walker[owner of a correspondent merchant bank to the rockefellers] were found guilty by the us congress for violating the trading with the enemies act. as some know, they were functioning as a money laundry for one of the principal creators of the nazis, fritz thyssen.

will's grandfather was also found guilty of violating this act. principally because of the synthetic rubber licensing and the fact that esso collected royalties from the nazis throughout the war. will's farrish was a man of more honor than prescott bush....he blew his brains out.

there is always the important question to ask about the events of 11/09/01 ... cui bono[who benefits]?

is william stamps farrish 3 one of the largest stockholders in exxon? you better believe it. does the house of saud have any interest in exxon? well, since for many years exxon was the administrator of the arabian american oil company[aramco], yes there are some long-standing commercial relationships.

does the house of hanover[aka windsor] have any interest in exxon? of course. just as it has major stakes in royal dutch shell and british petroleum.

have these entities benefited by the usage of the events of 11/09/01 to stampede the invasion of iraq? i think so. if you don't think so, tell us what you see.

what has been the consequence of this iraqi invasion? saddam's manipulation of the hydrocarbon market as a swing producer has been eliminated. the house of saud is very happy. exxon is very happy. the dutch royal family/ the house of hanover would have been happier had royal dutch shell been better managed. but they are planning to become happier. and until recently, bp was making the house of hanover very happy.

would these royal families countenance false flag attacks on irrelevant amerikan real estate so as to escalate the prices of hydrocarbons? in a heart beat.
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post Mar 31 2007, 06:15 PM
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Farish also oversaw the HUGE BUSH TRUST funds. He handled their money, and may still.
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post Mar 31 2007, 06:44 PM
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Finally got around to reading these posts - thank you drparch & albertchampion (and jo) for these great posts. Really instructive salute.gif
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post Mar 31 2007, 10:24 PM
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Read more
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post Apr 1 2007, 02:22 PM
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Fantastic information--thanks very much. cheers.gif

If the public only knew!

And wasn't Prescott also a senator at one time?
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post Apr 1 2007, 02:25 PM
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QUOTE (amazed! @ Apr 1 2007, 01:22 PM)
Fantastic information--thanks very much.  cheers.gif

If the public only knew!

And wasn't Prescott also a senator at one time?

Yes, he was!


"unsuccessful Republican candidate for the United States Senate in 1950; elected on November 4, 1952, as a Republican to the United States Senate to fill the vacancy caused by the death of James O’Brien McMahon; reelected in 1956 and served from November 4, 1952, to January 2, 1963; was not a candidate for reelection in 1962; resumed his career in the banking and investment field; died in New York City, October 8, 1972."

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post Apr 4 2007, 02:33 AM
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you know, there are salient features of jfk assassination/11/09/01 where each one of the cover-ups of the conspiracies begins with an elegant obstruction of justice.

in the jfk hit, it was the removal of the decedent from parkland. after that occurred, the chain of custody was destroyed. and putting the decedent into the hands of the military eliminated any chance of truth.

when i was actively researching this 'hit" i was intrigued by an aspect of the autopsy that to the best of my knowledge has never been mentioned. the decedent was not fingerprinted. hmmmmm. i wrote harold weisberg if i had interpreted the autopsy accurately, he told me that i had.

so, no positive id of decedent was made. harold assured me that it was jfk, but without that fingerprinting, again, there is a critical, official, probative void in the identification of the decedent.

this became compounded by the failure of the autopsists to deal with the adrenal glands. in 1963, this was not significant. but time has its way. now, we know that jfk suffered from addison's disease[the atrophication of the adrenal glands]. we know now that had it not been for the development of injectible corticosteroids in the late 1950's, jfk would never have had the stamina to run for the roses. in fact, we know now that the kennedy family had cortisone secreted in safety boxes throughout the usa during the campaign, so that jfk had access to the steroid without the necessity of consulting physicians in strange and insecure locales.

most think that the autopsists avoided the adrenals so as to hide the addisonism. i think that they avoided the adrenals because they weren't atrophied. as the radiologist commented after my recent catscan, "the adrenals are remarkably healthy". if the autopsists found healthy adrenals might that mean that it wasn't jfk on the autopsy table? and would that confirm the reason for the failure to fingerprint the decedent.

i think so. i think that this is the real secret of the jfk hit. a "double" was executed.

robert groden did a very interesting photo essay on the "faces" of oswald.

i have always thought that a similar photo essay of jfk would be similarly revealing concerning the question, who was jfk?

for instance, i recall jfk flying into port columbus airport for a presidential campaign stump speech. the caroline landed and taxied to the terminal. stairs were pushed to the plane.

now, columbus, ohio in that era was not jfk-friendly. the crowd was more than small. it was negligible. my dad and i were at a fbo adjacent to the terminal where we were hanger flying. we didn't know of the jfk stop, but we went out on the apron and watched. we were too far away to hear, but not so far away that we couldn't see.

what i watched has always stuck in my memory banks. jfk was carried down the stairs. he was carried to a podium. and he supported himself with crutches while he addressed the small crowd. finishing, he was carried back onto the caroline.

i made another observation. at that time in my life, i was a championship swimmer. i was 6'2" tall. and weighed 160 lbs. the jfk who appeared at port columbus that day appeared to weigh less than i did.

much as was the case during the fdr era, no photos were allowed during that stop that would reveal jfk's debilities. and this was in a town where the press was run by an exquisite bunch of fascist bastids, the wolfes. i have always wondered in how many stops these jfk realities were suppressed.

if you saw jfk then, saw him again prior to the "hit", i think that you would wonder if these were the same individuals.

ah well, what has always intrigued me is how so few peer behind the curtain.

parenti cares to peer. he is almost alone in that level of curiosity.

the most important armature to understanding the history of the usa since ww2 is the one proposed by al mccoy[the politics of heroin in southeast asia]. in my view, until mccoy's thesis is digested, accepted, you cannot understand any of the salient events of the post ww2 era.

even parenti seems to run away from this recognition. he calls ghwbush "pappy".

that wasn't his nickname. his nickname was "poppy". as in papaver. he earned that nickname because he was the author of the policy by which the secret police[cia] financed itself[and employees] by engaging in the opium/heroin traffic. this, of course, was consistent with the origins of the russell trust which endowed skull&bones.

the failure by so many to link narcotics trafficking to the secret state is one of the strangest squints in post ww2 historiography. as i said previously, it is the armature for most of the events of the post ww2 era.

do an hour, at least, with al mccoy. i think he is a prof at uwis madison today.

do an hour with danny hopsicker, madcowprod.com

and then there is this KPFT broadcaster, dean becker. creator of the drugtruthnetwork. he needs an hour.

thnx for your patience. by your leave, i shall tell you, at a later date, why alex cockburn is either brain-damaged, or like the nation, is a disinformation agent.
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post Apr 4 2007, 05:14 AM
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Excellent posts in this thread.

I have nothing to add to the above other than my appreciation. Glad to have this quality of information and discussion appearing in this forum. Looking forward to more!

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