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Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum _ Debate _ The Government Loyalist Manifesto:

Posted by: painter Apr 25 2009, 05:17 PM

I have no talent for critical thinking; I am wholly incapable of discerning facts, presenting a coherent viewpoint incorporating salient facts, or mastering even the barest rudiments of logical argument.

My "perspective", such as it is, is a myopic hodge-podge of legacy reactionary bumper-sticker clichés coeval with coprolites, drowned in the greasy gravy of corporate media-manufactured neocon wingnut talking points.

I have a formidable capacity for intolerance, unreasoning contempt, and leaden snark. I believe that my country is the strongest and greatest country in the world, and that perforce its policies and conduct, domestically and internationally, is always Right-- because Might Makes Right, of course. What world are you living in?

I despise those who challenge this view, or seek to erode and dislodge the keystone of unreasoning Zealous Patriotic Faith that supports the soul of the Greatest Country in the World, the U S of A, in its never-ending battle against the Forces of Evil, i.e. Everybody Else (except Israel and the other members of Our Hegemony).

In my world, crass name-calling, snide caricatures, and poorly-crafted personal put-downs and cheap shots are recognized as legitimate tactics in making points and winning arguments-- because, lacking intellectual acumen, depth, sophistication, and discernment, these clumsy skills are all we've got.

The proof of their efficacy can be seen in the applause and attaboys frequently expressed by my Troll Brethren in these comments; they confirm that I effortlessly steamroller over the pathetic and treacherous sedition disseminated on sites like this.

Cognitive dissonance is my friend; it keeps me strong and indomitable.

Little Brother

Posted by: FM258 Apr 25 2009, 06:16 PM

bravo handsdown.gif

Posted by: rob balsamo Apr 25 2009, 06:43 PM


you should pin this in the debate section... wink.gif

Posted by: painter Apr 25 2009, 07:41 PM

QUOTE (rob balsamo @ Apr 25 2009, 03:43 PM) *

you should pin this in the debate section... wink.gif

I thought it was worthy of that myself. Glad you agree.

Posted by: dMole Apr 25 2009, 07:43 PM

Very nice, p! thumbsup.gif

I've come to the conclusion that a non-stop diet of lies and propaganda must eventually rot their "minds" from the inside-out, not unlike a wormy apple or a moldy loaf of bread. Even Mackey has started to sound like Beech-bot lately. Sad, really...

Posted by: tumetuestumefaisdubien Apr 26 2009, 03:45 AM

QUOTE (dMole @ Apr 23 2009, 09:43 PM) *
I've come to the conclusion that a non-stop diet of lies and propaganda must eventually rot their "minds" from the inside-out...

I would not be so sure. For example one my very old drink-girlpicking-smoke-mate from the times of University (now a distinguished scientist at xNL) - a great loyalist, who for years called everybody against Bush policies a moron or "conspiracy theorist" with the countenace of say the Meigs or like - he now flows on the waves of the torture scandal and is sending me suddenly piles of links to the Skype - apparently trying to persuade me, that the Obama is the saviour of us all (even after I published the Czech translation of the Obama Deception...), and when I objected against his fervor, that I know about the torture during the Bush times for many years and that I just think that this campaign is just forged to lift his falling approval (he even stated, that the approval rate of Obama is now 80% rolleyes.gif -yeah, he wrote it, seriously - so he must not do anything like that...), he replied with all the smileys and stuff, that in that times (when I've heard the testimonies even of the CIA agents that the torture and renditions were ordered from the top) - no, he almost triumphantly stated: "that time it was just a slander, now we have the evidence" (and of course he enthisiasticly insisted there were never any testimonies and what I've heard vere most probably just another conspiracy theories) - and then started to push me in the face Olberman and all that MSNBC commi shils. And when I objected him, that Obama is not better than Bush, because he reauthorized renditions, outsourcing of the torture, didn't close Gitmo etc. He again called me a conspiracy theorist. (I would rather not publish here what arguments he - a PhD in physics - was using, when I've sent him the Harrit et al paper about the nanothermite ... more people here could fall down from their chairs guffaving - and could injure themselves... laughing1.gif )
- I'm afraid, that after this "everloyalists" eat themseves from inside out, then they just start another round from outside in. rolleyes.gif

Posted by: tumetuestumefaisdubien Apr 30 2009, 06:47 AM

Another story.

In times of the communism in the Czechoslovakia there was a secret state police. This secret state police called StB recruited many ordinary people using mostly blackmail, sometimes money, or other corruption to force the people to report to the StB on their neighbors, colleagues in the work etc. Usually in all the rent houses (there were almost no other houses in towns and cities, because the commies cofiscated them all from the "evil capitalists" as my granddad - who in fact was a selfmademan from the small village all his life building a smal factory to make pens and pencils), there was somebody, who was spying the other people living in the houses.

But it was not so important, more important was that almost all the people which were allowed in media were prominent agents of this StB. All the time of the communism they were always telling their BS lies in the media under cover of journalists, artists or pundits.

All the time of the communism after the destruction of so called Prague Spring revolution of '68 by russian tanks this StB agents or commies themseves were denouncing all who didn't agree with the official commi truth. For example all even minor managers should sign the declaration they agree with the "friendly help of russian soldiers to keep the communism against the contrarevolution", if they refused to sign they were fired and nobody employed them otherwise than on buildingsite or like.

There were even so called "disidents" - as the in west famous Vaclav Havel (in the Czech republic hated by considerable part of the nation - as a traitor*) and like - who were so powerful zionist masons, with so powerful international ties, that they could be put in the jail sometimes, they were even alowed to diseminate the propaganda and then again put in the jail, but never killed - as were the real people of the conscience they knew what is really going on.

Then the communism falled after the world govt. agent Gorbatchev, member of the Club of Rome, took over the Communist party in USSR and destructed the soviet power by the demoralization through the so called "perestroika". And the masons in Czechoslovakia came to the power after so called "velvet revolution" picking Vaclav Havel as their "master" (he really was promoted in masonry and there are circling the photographs of him in full masonic gear on), later elected president - and there was a secret contract between StB and this masons, that if this masons let the former StB alone to do their bussiness with all the contacts they had, they will hand them the political power without any obstructions. No StB officers were ever punished, nor even tryied in the court. Never. Nobody. The Vaclav Havel - the "great dissident", "the living conscience of nation" always fervently protected them. While the secret agents of this StB officers - very often forced to the colaboration by threats that their children would be taken from them or could not study etc. were frequently denunciated in the medias as traitors. Yeah they were traitors, but how then would one call the StB officers, whose names were never officialy published?

(An absurdity from my personal experience - in our philosophy faculty of Charles university in Prague (one of the oldest universities in the world), there was a really good chair of our psychology department, she was very democratic and she made real progress in transiton of the department from the communist psychology techings to a real University, where everything could be discussed - even all the tabuized stuff like sects, fascism, mind control etc., but then she was chased out by a guy, who was not just a minor StB officer in times of communism, he was the very guy who before was deciding in the communist state department who can go in the diplomatic missions and who not. He is the chair of the psychology department to this day and chased out all good teachers.)

Then suddenly there were loads of that people we've seen before talking BS lies in the communist TV, suddenly talking in the new "democratic" TV how they always were against the communists, that they were in fact its victims, because they couldn't speak out the truth - because they've the families and children and work and blahblah1.gif

(so prepare, that one day, if the 911truth will become mainstream, prepare, the duh-bunkers would be then suddenly the "truthers", still using their MSM contacts to promote their switch and you real truthers would look at the egregious gibber with the jaw falling down - and maybe exacly like that my old known GL will the Meigs or like be telling on the Glenn Beck, that "before it was just a slander, now we have the evidence" or like and they will try to push you out of the show...)

But it is not the end of story. Then there was the carefuly orchestrated uprising in Slovakia and the Czechoslovakia was split in 1992/93 to make it weaker - the same time when the Maastricht Treaty creating the EU ("evercloser" European federation with the signs of an unitary totalitarian policestate) was introduced - which was rejected by Denmark in referendum and the Denmark was then forced to repeat the referendum to say the expected YES (we can't).

After the split of the Czechoslovakia the former StB agents almost completely took over the industry and with the help of IMF, WB and WTO almost destroyed the national wealth - in just 5 years they inflicted almost a complete failure of the national economy and the real salaries went to the level of 1970's.
The simmilar fate had the all former communist economies, sometimes even much worse than in the Czech republic - in Russia for example was completely normal that the ordinary people in 90's didn't get paid for the work for months even years. The Russian population diminished by at least 10 milion! The economy was taken over by oligarchs, hundreds of thousands, maybe milions of people ended on the streets, many of them children surviving on prostitution and taking drugs smuggled there by the izraeli (so called "russian") mafia, while there was bunch of superrich people owning each hundreds of golden plated palaces and controling the politics of all the time drunk Jeltzin and his incopetent suit. In fact the situation was then consolidated due to the conservative wing of former KGB - for your information: the only real intelligence in Russia, which succeded to push through Putin, which then chased the Oligarchs out of Russia (Yeah - That was the time the NWO rushed in with their false flag terrorist attacks - which killed thousands of innocent civilians, did you ever heard about?) or simply let them be killed. Yeah harsh solution, but I would say the only one at that time. In the west the media were criyng : "Putin is dictator" "Putin destroys democracy in Russia" etc. - but in fact he is without a doubt the most popular politician among its people in the whole christian civilization, more popular than Evo or Chavez or Obama.

Back to the Czech republic. After the from outside inflicted failure of the Czech economy in 1998, the socialists have taken over the government. They were succesful partly in restoring the wealth of ordinary people but only due to indebting the nation, wide opening the country to foreign corporations and continuation of the big corruption.

In 2003 they made the accesion referendum to the EU, which was completely a farce, because there didn't exist any Czech translation of the EU and EC Treaties (EU is nothing, it doesn't have any legal subjectivity, its just a political deception, only what really exists the European Community, which evolved from the European Economic Community - a purely economic pact). Nobody even told the people there are any. But turnout was 55% and the majority voted yes. Immediately after accesion there was another Treaty introduced "The European Constitution" - a fascist document which has more than 500! pages (look how thin is the US Constitution and They still aren't able to be in line with it) and looks more like a corporate charter for a gigantic corporation than a constitution. The "constitution" was then refused in referendum in France and Holland. But just 2 years after they rushed the same text - just made swalowable as a "reform" of the now valid treaties and named "Lisbon Treaty" - through the parliaments. Only Ireland, which has the constitutional provision about referendum, held the referendum - which refused the treaty. So far only Czech republic is the last country in EU which didn't pass the treaty in the parliament - because here is a very strong opposition against it - namely the conservatives and president Klaus are against it - after all that experience of the Czechs. (I was working hard on this issue for last year too - never paid a penny working for senators and president as an advisor!)

But will we win?

Last week there was a vernisage of an exposition of a polish artist - photographs of Nazis with swastika changed to David star - - which should symbolize that the Izrael occupants behave in Palestina just like the Nazis to the Jews in WWII - after 30 minutes the group of militant zionists from the Prague Jewish community arrived and completely vandalized the exhibition, which was subsequently closed. I never heard about Peter Fuss before this scandalous incident against the freedom of expression, which nevertheles was commented on just in the alternative media.
Last week on the Charles University should be a speech by David Duke - the speech can be found, and everybody can judge for himself if it is a speech of hate or a speech of revelation - but it didn't happen, because the University, which is now probably taken over by the haters of the free speech and former StB officers, denied Duke to speak at the campus at the last moment. Duke was subsequently arrested by the antiterrorist squad of 30 policemen in a restaurant (what a theatre) and held in custody for a day - mostly to bar him to speak elsewhere (because the state's attorney then said publicly there was no reason to arrest him) then released and then ordered out of the country. The same time the demised prime minister was visiting Izrael.
In fact, I never knew who is David Duke before this incident.

Was this just a theatre for radical zionists, or is it the sign they are deeply rooted in the Czech system?

* In the Czech literature and maybe general culture there was and still is a long lasting dispute between conservative nationalists and the internationalists dating long ago back to 60ties, started by the famous quarell between Milan Kundera and Vaclav Havel. Milan Kundera was after the russian occupation chased out from the communist Czechoslovakia by the very StB which was then nursing Havel and his suit in communist jails alloving him to make propaganda even from there - to later become their very protector. But the paradox happened - the intelectual influence of Kundera was then always overwhelming in the west and he became one of the most famous and sold writers of all times. He still lives in Paris and never returned to Czechoslovakia and considers himself now after 32 years be a French and doesn't care about Havel. But this quarell never ended here. And the Havel, zionists and former StB controlled media hate Kundera and on all occasions they always try to spill some dirt on him. This mason-secret service cabal never wants to forget Kundera almost obsessively, and I think they hate him for his success and because he is a true intelectual, not just a farcewriting politicos like Havel. They never wanted even acknowledge him to be a part of the Czech culture, which Kundera was always very critical about, especially about the henchman nature of the Czech cultural establishment. It was only in 2007 when president Klaus gave Kundera the National Prize the highest Czech honour, but anyway it didn't stop the Havels cabal to spill another forged dirt on him. And they almost succeded to persuade the majority of the Czech people that the Kundera is a traitor when he writes not well about the Czech culturo-political establishment - but in fact he was just writing the raw truth.

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