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Posted by: outsider Jul 6 2020, 05:04 PM

'Fifty Years after “How to Wreck the Environment”: Anthropogenic Extinction of Life on Earth':
and plenty more where that came from:
The politically powerful geoscientist Gordon J. F. MacDonald (1929-2002) wrote an influentialessay titled, “How to Wreck the Environment,” that was published in 1968 in a book called 'Unless Peace Comes' [1]. At a time when the
military’s focus centered on nuclear warfare, MacDonald prophetically suggested: “Among future means of obtaining national objectives by force, one possibility hinges on man’s ability to control and manipulate the environment of his
planet.” MacDonald, a top presidential science advisor and participant in national science-policy discussions, was well qualified to address the subject of future environmental warfare possibilities.
Much of what MacDonald predicted or speculated about has come to pass, not with the technology he described, but with potentially far more effective and devastating technology developed during the succeeding fifty years.
As MacDonald noted in 1968: “The key to geophysical warfare is the identification of the environmental instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release vastly greater amounts of energy.” MacDonald discussed purposefully triggering instabilities in such large-scale natural systems as the weather, the climate, the oceans, and the human brain, including such phenomena as hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis for use in warfare...'

Regarding artificially created earthquakes:
'...In 1968, MacDonald [1] foresaw the possibility that in the future the military might develop the means to trigger on demand covert environmental modifications to cause storms, floods, droughts, earthquakes, and tidal waves. Although one would not expect an admission from the steeped-in-secrecy military, an email to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton [67], sent February 21, 2011 at 7:35 PM states “6.3 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand And on cue...”[emphasis added]. The phrase, “And on cue”, seems to indicate that the time of a 6.3
magnitude earthquake in New Zealand was known in advance, presumably an indication that the earthquake was deliberately triggered...'

From: Jake Sullivan
To: Hillary Clinton
Date: 2011-02-21 12:35

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05778832 Date: 01/29/2016
From: Sullivan, Jacob J <>
Sent: Monday, February 21, 2011 7:35 PM
To: H; Mills, Cheryl D; Abedin, Hume; Reines, Philippe I
Subject: Fw: 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand

And on cue...

From: <>
Sent: Mon Feb 21 19:32:18 2011
Subject: 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch, NewZealand....'

I wonder if the Kiwis have picked up on that? Then there was the Haiti quake, a number in China and Iran, and the 'Tsunami' in Fukushima (nukes also probably used; Japan had recently upset a certain ME country by supporting the Palestinians).
The HAARP facility in Alaska seems to have been abandoned for multiple smaller facilities around the world, and probably with the mysterious 'Space Plane' project (X-37B).
Others also believe that is possible, or even likely:
'Renowned Pakistani Columnist Nusrat Mirza Accuses U.S. Of Artificially Causing Japanese Earthquake: 'The U.S. has Carried Out a Second Nuclear Attack on Japan':
though I think it more likely it was a joint enterprise, like 9/11 and the murderous attack on the USS Liberty.

Posted by: kaz Jul 6 2020, 10:12 PM

Do you realise how many Earthquakes happen Daily...Hint Thousand? Do you have evidence that an Email or other form of communication shows a clear link to all major earthquakes? Do you realise Scientists study Earthquakes trying to predict when they might happen? And sometimes they get it right. The Earthquakes you refer to happen on the Fault Lines of continental shelves so long before Man existed they happened. The Fukushima Tsunami/Earthquake also happened in the 19th century and was bigger as they had markings up on the hills as to where the ocean rose to. So long before Nuclear weapons. If you are hoping that Global Warming and Disasters are Man Made then Yes .Disasters like Global Warming are because Humans are burning Polluting Fossil Fuels so fast they are changing the Weather 10 times faster than Nature has done before mankind existed. It took nature 200.000 years to put the excess CO2,Methane etc back into its system to allow life to flourish we are trying to burn it in less than 500 years to overload the system and as predicted over 100 years ago the Temperatures are rising. The only experiments with Earthquakes that had a small affect was in L.A. where they pumped Nerve Gas between faults and got small tremors. So Fracking to burn more Fossil Fuel Pollution wouldn't help in those areas. But couldn't set off large Continental shifting quakes. The Current Covid pandemic is caused by humans deforestation opening up direct exposure between disease/viruses and humans as keeping animals in their natural environment also keeps nature in balance. Its a simple solution we either live in a sustainable, clean way and respect nature or we keep polluting non renewable fossil fuels until we run out and leave a dirty, hot unusable planet for our grandchildren. WE are responsible for the current disasters but not the Earthquakes. Stop trying to find excuses to continue polluting and blaming it on Fairy Stories. Try voting for people that want to help the World not the Greed Suited Monkeys we have now.

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