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Posted by: thorshammer1999 Mar 4 2013, 08:10 PM

Not 9/11 per say, but it is a chilling depiction of the U.S as the police state becomes total in the near future.

It would really wake a lot of people up to various issues if it is completed.

Posted by: Tamborine man Mar 5 2013, 05:31 AM

QUOTE (thorshammer1999 @ Mar 2 2013, 11:10 PM) *
Not 9/11 per say, but it is a chilling depiction of the U.S as the police state becomes total in the near future.

It would really wake a lot of people up to various issues if it is completed.

Hi thor,
the following is not addressed to you, but instead to possible alphabet people
who possibly are still checking out P4T for undeniable Truths!

Please check out the "life after death" thread further down in this forum, for
verification that the following is completely beyond reproach:

Therefore, while they are yet on Earth all should seek to repent of their errors,
of their sinful and criminal thoughts and acts, and in remorse ask forgiveness
of God as well as of their fellow beings
before their earthly lives close. Much
grief and suffering will thereby be prevented. The guidance of the conscience
should be heeded closely in all aspects of life, for the more the conscience is
disregarded, the more difficult it becomes to follow its advice, its admonitions
and its warnings. By yielding to their own desires, their own base inclinations,
human beings increase the number of their incarnations.

There is one provision under the Law of Retribution none can avoid except the
youngest of human spirits, not yet able to respond to their conscience. Applying
to the spiritual ego of humans and the Youngest and Eldest alike, this provision
requires that all who commit acts of murder or in some other way cause loss of
life of fellow beings, must, in a subsequent incarnation, save from sudden death
the same number of lives taken. (Toward the Light, page 114: 6.)

However, this provision can be applied in different ways. Those judged and
penalized under earthly law have nothing more for which to atone. But since
Godís law requires that those who kill must in later incarnations save lives,
anyone already punished under earthly law will comply with this provision
through an act of love, giving them the protection of God so that they emerge
unharmed from the perilous task. Not so for those who have evaded earthly
justice. They are protected neither by the guardian spirit nor by God during
attempts to save other lives. They never escape some form of harm, such as
death, maiming, prolonged illness, burns, or the like. In other words, they must
atone for past crimes with their own lives or with bodily suffering. Thus Godís
Law of Retribution can in certain cases require a life for a life; however, the
earthly courts of law have not a similar right.
(Speech of Christ, Toward the Light, page 125: 3.)

Those who as earthly rulers, military commanders, or leaders of the people are
indirectly responsible for the loss of great numbers of lives during wars and
uprisings or through death penalties, can expiate their guilt in subsequent
incarnations by saving a large number of people from impending catastrophe,
for example through action to avert man-made or natural disasters, as inventors
making safe otherwise dangerous occupations, or as scientists who find ways to
prevent or control the diseases that are such a scourge to mankind in so many
ways. God Himself ensures through this provision the correct balance between
the human lives lost and those lives that in compensation are to be saved from
premature or painful death.

The last two means of atonement apply only to the Youngest and partly to the
Eldest, since human spirits clearly possess not sufficient spiritual stability to be
inventors or scientists in life on Earth.


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