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Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum _ Welcome All! _ I Can Remember When I Used To Love To Go Flying.

Posted by: IslandPilot Dec 7 2010, 12:02 AM

I was mowing the grass at our Island Airport on Sept 11, 2001. When I took a break and went inside the office, the first tower was burning. Before I went back out, I saw the "original live(?)" TV coverage of "something" crashing into the second tower, erupting into flames. The reporter just kept on talking,.. he wasn't "seeing" what we saw. It looked like a bad "special effect" to me... I figured it was a Hollywood Movie trailer, so I went back to mowing.

When I returned a few hours later; I saw the towers "collapsing" due to the airplane impacts and fuel burning?? And I thought "Bullshit"! When are they gonna tell us where this Blockbuster will be playing in a theater near me?

When I looked up at that BIG BEAUTIFUL, HORRIBLY SILENT, BLUE SKY before Noon, on Sept 12th, I knew my FREEDOM to fly ANYWHERE, ANYTIME I wanted...was lost and GONE FOREVER! And I cried.

Sure, I was angry and I was sad. And then I just got depressed. For the record: I was able to fly VFR, legally, using special FAA procedures, starting Sept 13th; but it was never the same, ever again.

Somehow, I sort of bought into the "pancaking" of the floors idea..... for a while.

Days went by, years passed.... and somehow I got a link to Archeticts & Engineers for 911Truth
Richard Gage has a very good rational presentation there. He stays within his own "area of expertise" as a Professional Archetict, to explain why neither aircraft impacts(?) nor the resulting fires could have caused any of those buildings to "collapse"; and how the official NIST report was seriously flawed.

Richard Gage WOKE ME UP, and MADE ME MADDER THAN HELL!! I stuck with that site for a while. It was OK...

but MY Area of Expertise has been AVIATION ever since 1964, when I got my first airplane ride.

Now I have a few thousand hours, mostly in single engine Cessnas. I starved through a couple of winters as a Flight Instructor CFI & CFII. I bought a "new" Cessna 152 in 1978, and went to A&P Mechanic school by 1980, because I couldn't get a good mechanic to work on my plane.

In 1990, I went to work for a Part135 freight hauler as an A&P Mechanic and my Aviation Career came alive. I got my IA and maintenance training on Garrett Turboprop engines, GE Turbine engines, Metroliners, Hansa Jets, and Fan Jet Falcon20s. I became Director of Maintenance by 1992 in a "Fortune 500" fast growing company". What a ride! I got sent all over the country, fixing broke airplanes, and doing prepurchase inspections for our growing company. I was responsible for Maintenance on ALL our aircraft at TWO "24/7/365" Maintenance bases. Sometimes it was fun; but mostly, it was a lot of work.

I quit that job to start my own Company; so I could do 4 times the work for half the pay. I finally got into a "groove" as a Part 135 Single Pilot Air Taxi operator, conductiog flights between Lake Erie Ilsands and the Mainland; mostly during the winter, when the ferries stop running. The pay always sucked, and it really isn't/wasn't worth all the hassle, paperwork, FAA and Airport problems.... until I took off first thing in the morning, to get the school teacher.

The VIEW was ALWAYS TREMENDOUS, AWESOME.... and never the same two flights in a row! I had the "Best Job in the World"; because I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT, and IT SHOWED! And that's probably why the local Airport Authorities are putting me out of business.

Enough of ME for now.... let's get back to 911.

It's odd, I came here six months ago.... one day before our "lawyer friend" (4nsicPHD) (no longer a member). So my introduction is long overdue.

This site really MADE ME MAD! And I'll probably never calm down. I hope not. I made a few "insipid" posts at first... then I spent the last few months reading and studying the stuff here.

So LOOK OUT! I have way too many questions..... more than I came here with. And I've got a lot to say. But, I'll try hard to be part of the "solution"; without "Muddying" up the water around here with more than BS than we already have.

So, if I get "out of line"... don't hesitate to "knock me upside the head" OK? It's the only way I learn stuff I don't wanna know.

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