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Rudy Washington, What did he know?

post Aug 14 2012, 01:08 PM
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Rudy Washington, who was a deputy mayor to Rudolph Giuliani, was on his way into downtown Manhattan when he sees the smoking North Tower(neither the South Tower or Pentagon has been impacted at this time). His immediate response was to call Admiral Robert Natter, commander of the US Atlantic Fleet at Norfolk Naval Station and request air support over New York.

ALSO, he contacts Patrick Burns, who works in New York as the director of fleet support for the Navy, but, is in Norfolk for a 2 week Naval Reserve obligation. Rudy requests of Burns, "I need you here" and "I need that hospital ship".

At this point Dep Mayor Rudy Washinton had not been in contact with any Air Traffic Controllers, nor had he been in contact with Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, nor had ANYONE confirmed or announced that America was under attack in ANY way.

My Question;

WHY would Rudy Washington have any suspicion or reason to request air support for NYC, OR, why would he have any reason to believe that the North Tower was anything more than an accident that could not be controlled or taken care of by NYC Firefighters?
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post Aug 14 2012, 01:48 PM
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Good question! Funny they both were Rudy.

Maybe Washington was playing his role in Tripod, asking for the hospital ship?
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post Aug 14 2012, 03:14 PM
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dig deeper
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according to this (published 2008), he made the call after news of a second plane:

Rudy Washington, deputy mayor in the Rudolph Giuliani administration of New York City, is arguably an unsung hero of 9/11. For two critical hours after the planes hit the Twin Towers, Washington had to take charge of New York City and make excruciatingly fast decisions. The city was in his hands and he was determined to protect it from more harm.
By David J. Glenn

At first Rudy Washington thought the plane might have been a sight-seeing craft that had veered off course, or at worst, the sort that officials had feared could happen during “Operation Sail,” commemorating the Millennium in 2000 - small planes carrying explosives flying into the ships in New York Harbor. (He had spearheaded two years of counterterrorism planning in the city for just such an eventuality.)

But as he approached the North Tower on that fateful Tuesday, “a wall of firemen and police came running out” of the building as it started to collapse,” Washington said. People were jumping or falling from the tower, and dense smoke and debris were all around him.

As he made his way to City Hall, he heard people shouting, “A plane is hitting! A plane is hitting!” It took him a moment to realize that they were talking about a second plane coming in.

He also heard shouts of “Where’s the mayor?” No one knew if the mayor had made it out of the North Tower - or whether he was even alive.

Rudy Washington held a “five-second discussion” in his head whether he would be violating protocol, whether he had the authority to seek military aid for the city, but in the end, “I was willing to accept whatever [disciplinary] consequences” would be meted out.

At City Hall - where it felt like it, too, would collapse from the tremors of the falling tower - Washington made the decision to call federal officials, including Admiral Robert Natter at the Pentagon

This was shortly before 9 a.m., before the South Tower fell. “The admiral was talking to me cheerfully, asking me how I was,” Washington recalled. “I said to him, ‘What do you mean, how am I? They’re killing us here!’ He didn’t know what was happening. I told him to ... see [news footage of] the towers (plural) burning."

A few minutes later, low-flying fighter planes were dispatched to the city. “They didn’t know if more attacks were coming,” Washington said.

What is his perspective ten years later?

“Looking back on it, I don’t feel I would have done anything differently. I had to make those decisions - quickly. I had to do it.”

related info:

(Late 1999): Counterterrorism ‘Tsar’ Clarke Holds Anti-Terrorist Training at the World Trade Center; 9/11-Style Attacks Not Envisaged
An anti-terrorist training session for the millennium celebration is held at the World Trade Center in New York. There are fears around this time that Osama bin Laden may want to launch attacks on the millennium, including within the US (see December 8, 1999). Representatives of 40 law enforcement and military agencies attend the meeting, which is chaired by counterterrorism “tsar” Richard Clarke. During two hours of brainstorming, no one envisages terrorists flying passenger planes into skyscrapers. New York City Deputy Mayor Rudy Washington is at the session, and will utilize what he learns on 9/11, so as to develop an emergency strategy in response to the attacks (see After 9:59 a.m. September 11, 2001). [New York Daily News, 5/20/2004]


video of rudy recalling that day:
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post Jul 11 2013, 01:53 PM
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So, according to Deputy Mayor Rudy Washington, quoting the response you posted explaining his actions I will once again expose the problems with his statement.
According to HIS words in YOUR post, the North Tower was collapsing as he was approaching? And, as he made his way to city hall(about 3/4 of a mile north of the WTC complex)
people were somehow able to see through the tall buildings between them and the WTC, and see through the Twin Towers also to see that "A plane is hitting"? Funny, in no video,
recording or newpaper article anywhere did anyone say they noticed a plane coming in and knew it was going to hit the south tower, but the people surrounding Mr Washington did?
Just a couple of questions, didn't the SOUTH tower collapse FIRST on 911? Did the people who saw a plane hitting have x-ray vision?
(If you remember, x-ray vision was in full force on 911. Matt Lauer exclaimed "We just saw a plane circling the building" immediately after the impact of the South Tower.
Since there is no footage of a plane circling ANY building on 911, I'm not aware of which "plane" Matt is referring to, and I also would like to know how Matt could see anything
from the ground floor/second floor inside Rockefeller Center where the NBC studios were located. I've stood OUTSIDE there, and there is NO WAY you can see the WTC complex
with any ability to identify anything going on there, and Matt was INSIDE the building, so I KNOW his vision was limited. If NBC has footage of another plane that was CIRCLING
the WTC complex, or for that matter, anywhere in else in the city on 911 at the time of the South Tower impact, I wish they would release it. I must conclude with the evidence available to
me that Matt Lauer is inDEED Matt LIAR.)
Wasn't the Mayor in WTC7 instead of the North Tower?
I don't care how anyone tries to misdirect us with Mr Washingtons "terrorism training" credentials, his statements do not match actual events, OR, he has some explaining
to do as to how he knew what he did before anyone else did. This also leads ME to believe that many other people under Mr Giuliani knew what was going on also.
Any novice investigator could put these things together.

Seems as though Mr. Washington, in an attempt to cover up his blundering initial statement wasn't aware of the timeline or chain of ACTUAL events that took place on 911.
Telling more lies to cover up the first ones.
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