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The Little Known Story Of Bukhari & The Fired Faa Whistleblower, sleuth who sought possible hijacker connections died in an "accide

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A Saudi flight engineer, Adnan Zakaria Bukhari was initially reported by CNN to be one of the hijackers aboard American Airlines Flight 11 as part of the September 11, 2001 attacks - his name was even said to have been on the flight manifest.

Between 5:00 and 5:30 on the morning of September 12, FBI agents backed by a SWAT team stormed Bukhari's leased house at 4036 57th Terrace and arrested him - citing that identity cards of him and an Ameer Bukhari (mistakenly thought to be a brother) were found in a rental car the hijackers had left in Portland, Maine; though it later turned out that Ameer had died a year earlier, and had no relation to Adnan.

Agents evacuated nearby houses, citing concerns that Adnan Bukhari's house was rigged with explosives, and took him to Miami for questioning. While searching his house, they announced that they had found a copy of Ameer Bukhari's pilot license, and a "hazardous materials manual"[1]. After passing a polygraph, he was released and later cleared of any wrongdoing.

Bukhari gave lessons to Saudi Arabian Airlines pilots at the FlightSafety Academy in Vero Beach, where several of the hijackers had trained. As of 2001, he held flight engineer, turbojet, mechanic, airframe, powerplant, instrument panel and single-engine landing certificates, as well as a First Class Medical Certificate issued in May 2000.

On September 19, an FAA employee named James P. Hopkins was fired for independently going through FAA records and reporting to the FBI that Bukhari had trained at the FAA's academy in Oklahoma City twice, in 1991 and 1998. The Office of Special Counsel reviewed the case and awarded Hopkins his employment back, citing unfair termination.[2]

atta patsy/bukhari info with links to original news about bukhari:
<a href="http://unauthorized link.com/49wxep" target="_blank">http://unauthorized link.com/49wxep</a>

(Adnan and Ameer Bukhari's) names had been tied to a car found at an airport in Portland, Maine. [CNN]

The two rented a car, a silver-blue Nissan Altima, from an Alamo car rental at Boston's Logan Airport and drove to an airport in Portland, Maine, where they got on US Airways Flight 5930 at 6 a.m. Tuesday headed back to Boston, the sources said.

Before CNN learned the identities of the two brothers, Portland Police Chief Mike Chitwood said, "I can tell you those two individuals did get on a plane and fly to Boston early yesterday morning ... I can tell you that they are the focus of a federal investigation." [People's Daily 9/13/2001]

[Adnan Bukhari's] name reportedly appears on the American Airlines Flight Eleven manifest. [First Coast News]

A trail of evidence led investigators into Tuesday's terrorist attacks from one abandoned rental car in Portland, Maine, to two houses in Vero Beach, Florida. One of the Vero Beach houses had been rented by two brothers from Saudi Arabia. Inside it were two pilot's certificates in the names of Adnan Bukhari and his brother, Ameer Abbas Bukhari. [BBC News]


who caught on to Adnan Bukari? who was digging into databases looking for Bukari/Atta connections? FAA employee James P. Hopkins, who was fired for his efforts:


According to OSC’s petition, that investigation provided reasonable grounds to conclude that Mr. Hopkins was fired because he alerted his supervisors and the FBI to what he reasonably believed might be a link between one of the hijackers involved in the September 11th terrorist attacks and an individual who had received Aviation Security training at the FAA Academy.

According to OSC’s petition, two days after the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Mr. Hopkins read a Washington Post news article that reported that at least one hijacker on each of the planes had received flight training in the United States. The article identified two individuals who were linked to passenger manifests of the hijacked planes and about whom the FBI was seeking information, Mohammed Atta, no known nationality, and Adnan Bukhari, from Saudi Arabia. Mr. Hopkins performed a search of FAA’s International Training Program database, which contains the names and nationalities of persons accepted for training at an FAA Academy in Oklahoma City. He sought to determine whether these two individuals had been trained at the Academy.

While he did not find a match for “Atta,” a match did appear for the name “Bukhari,” indicating that an individual with that surname, and also from Saudi Arabia, was trained in Aviation Security at the FAA Academy in 1991 and 1998. Mr. Hopkins took this information to his first-level supervisor with a request to pass it on to FAA Security for further inquiry as to whether the “Bukhari” in the FAA database might be a relative of the “Bukhari” identified in the Washington Post article.

Mr. Hopkins has advised OSC that his supervisor denied him permission to go to FAA Security and stated that it was not Hopkins’ responsibility to investigate the case. According to Mr. Hopkins, he told his supervisor that he had taken an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic,” and that he intended to pass the information to FAA Security, notwithstanding his supervisor’s directions.

Mr. Hopkins has alleged that when he walked over to FAA Security, he was met by his third-level supervisor, whom he advised about the Bukhari information. That supervisor told Mr. Hopkins to return to his office and that they would discuss the information and what to do with it once the supervisor returned to his own office. About thirty minutes later, Mr. Hopkins’ first-level supervisor placed him on administrative leave and sent him home.

As Mr. Hopkins was departing the building, a co-worker urged him to contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Both the co-worker and Mr. Hopkins called the FBI. FBI investigators followed up with Mr. Hopkins that same day.

Ultimately, the Adnan Bukhari identified in the Washington Post article was cleared by the FBI. Nonetheless, at the time Mr. Hopkins made his disclosures, Adnan Bukhari was an individual that the FBI was questioning in connection with the attacks.

Eight days after Mr. Hopkins made his disclosure to FAA officials, Mr. Hopkins’ first-level supervisor terminated Mr. Hopkins’ employment during his probationary period. The supervisor cited what he called Mr. Hopkins’ failure to maintain a “calm and professional approach in the completion of duties, as well as evidence of sound judgment.”

Mr. Hopkins filed a complaint with OSC shortly after he was fired. After a preliminary investigation, OSC determined that there exist reasonable grounds to believe that the decision to fire Mr. Hopkins was based upon protected whistleblowing: his disclosures to his supervisors and the FBI about the FAA’s International Training database information on Bukhari that he reasonably believed demonstrated a substantial and specific danger to the public health and safety.

When the FAA rejected OSC’s request to voluntarily reinstate Mr. Hopkins, OSC filed a formal petition for a stay with the Board on October 15, 2001. Within an hour of OSC’s filing, the FAA transmitted a letter to Mr. Hopkins rescinding his dismissal. The FAA, however, did not return him to his job; instead it again placed him on paid “administrative leave status until further notice.” MSPB Chairman Slavet granted OSC’s request for a stay. She found, on the basis of OSC’s assertions, that there existed reasonable grounds to believe that the FAA terminated Mr. Hopkins during his probationary period because he made protected disclosures. Under the Board’s decision, the stay will remain in effect for 45 days while OSC completes its investigation into this matter. (Docket No. CB-1208-02-0004-U-1)

James P. Hopkins, the FAA whistleblower, DIED in a car accident in NOV of 2006 at age 55:
8Dec06 James P. Hopkins IV, 55, a retired lieutenant commander in the Navy who worked for the Federal Aviation Administration, died at Inova Fairfax Hospital Nov. 28 after a car accident at Old Keene Mill Road and Tiverton Drive in Springfield.

another source:

Posted 13 Dec 2006
James P. Hopkins IV Naval Flight Officer
VP-4 1975-1978; VP-17 1985-1987
James P. Hopkins IV, 55, a retired Navy Lieutenant Commander who worked for the Federal Aviation Administration, died at Inova Fairfax Hospital Nov. 28, 2006 after a car accident at Old Keene Mill Road and Tiverton Drive in Springfield, VA.

He was born at Camp Lejeune, N.C Oct. 23, 1951. and grew up in Alexandria and graduated from Edison High School, where he was on the track and cross-country teams. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1973 and for the next 20 years lived all around the world, with stints in Hawaii, Guam, Venezuela, Virginia and Okinawa, Japan, working as a navigator, tactical coordinator and defense intelligence analyst.

After his military retirement in 1993, he taught Naval Junior ROTC at Springbrook High.

Survivors include his wife of 32 years, Kay Henning Hopkins of Springfield; three children, Joanne Hopkins of Arlington, Jeff Hopkins of Savannah, Ga., and Frank Hopkins of Springfield; his mother, Mary Lee Hopkins of Williamsburg; and a sister, Janet Davis of Herndon.

Interment at Arlington National Cemetery was a touching ceremony and most fitting for Jim, who unselfishly served his country for so many years. With full military honors, his caisson was drawn to the grave site by 6 beautiful black horses led by a marching band accompanied by a rifle platoon. On location, the rifle squad fired the traditional three volleys followed by a bugler playing taps that rivaled Pvt. Robert E. Lee 'Prew' Prewitt’s performance in “From Here to Eternity.” The flag folding demonstrated by the pall bearers was indicative of today’s military precision.

His grave site is on the highest point in the location with a panoramic view of many historical monuments. The view was augmented by a deciduous tree that displayed its unique limb configuration against a clear brilliant sky. The temperature was a bit cool when we arrived at the center; however, by the time we were at the grave site the sun was warming everyone with its bright rays, which is how I remember Jim. There was a large crowd representing, neighbors, church members, swim team acquaintances, and of course the VP-4 contingent:Frank & Kathy Leoffler, Randy Goode, Paul Jackson, Gary & Judy Stack, Claude Timmerman, Larry & Ronda Jahnke, Ben Francisco, John Kennedy, Bill Short, and Ted & Wanda Rogers.

In his honor, the FAA named the Final Approach Fix for VOR/DME RWY 4R going into former NAS Barbers Point HPKNS.

There is a condolence book at www.Washingtonpost.com. Kay is looking for stories and remembrances about Jim from his Navy days. The Post will make her a memorial book containing all the stories posted. Please include your remembrances in the condolence book.

he almost made it home, or he had just left his home:

*a rather random, yet noteworthy coincedence:
http://www.vpnavy.org/vp17h_shipmates.htm (link malfunctions)
<a href="http://unauthorized link.com/3gk4jm" target="_blank">http://unauthorized link.com/3gk4jm</a>
"...HOPKINS, Jim...On the 28th of November 2006 we lost a member of VP-4, Jim Hopkins (1975-1978). He was killed in an accident. He was the TACCO on Crew 3 during the NAS Cubi Point, Philippines deployment in 1977. He will be missed. He was also a Department Head in his second tour with VP-17. Here is the info on his visitation and burial: Visitation - Sunday, December 3, 2006, 2-5:00pm Demaine Funeral Home, 5308 Backlick Rd., Springfield, VA 22151 - 703-549-0074. Memorial Service - Saturday, December 9, 2006, 2:00pm (reception in church social hall to follow) Springfield United Methodist Church 7047 Old Keene Mill Road, Springfield, VA 22150 - 703-451-2375. Interment - Wednesday, January 3, 2007, 9am (must arrive by 8:30am) Arlington National Cemetary. Donations in memory of James P. Hopkins IV, can be made to either of the following organizations: Disabled American Veterans, DAV Memorial Program, P.O. Box 14301, Cincinnati, OH 4520-0301 - 1-877-426-2838 ext. 3302 - http://www.dav.org. GoodDog! Rescue, P.O. Box 41797, Arlington, VA 22204 - http://www.gooddogrescueva.org...LARSON, LCDR John F. Retired oriondriver1975@yahoo.com..." (02DEC2006)

related links from the above excerpt:

another source:
James P. Hopkins IVNaval Officer, FAA Specialist
James P. Hopkins IV, 55, a retired lieutenant commander in the Navy who worked for the Federal Aviation Administration, died at Inova Fairfax Hospital Nov. 28 after a car accident at Old Keene Mill Road and Tiverton Drive in Springfield.

Lt. Cmdr. Hopkins had been an international aviations operations specialist at the FAA since 2001. He was relatively new to the agency when he alerted his supervisor to what seemed to be a link between one of the Sept. 11 hijackers and a person who had received aviation training at the FAA Academy.

Lt. Cmdr. Hopkins wanted to contact FAA security officials, but his supervisor disagreed and fired him. He was reinstated after the Office of Special Counsel concluded that the firing violated the whistle-blower protection law. The person Lt. Cmdr. Hopkins identified had been under questioning by the FBI but was later cleared.

He was born at Camp Lejeune, N.C., grew up in Alexandria and graduated from Edison High School, where he was on the track and cross-country teams. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1973 and for the next 20 years lived all around the world, with stints in Hawaii, Guam, Venezuela, Virginia and Okinawa, Japan, working as a navigator, tactical coordinator and defense intelligence analyst.
After his military retirement in 1993, he taught Naval Junior ROTC at Springbrook High School in Silver Spring for eight years.

Lt. Cmdr. Hopkins was a member of Springfield United Methodist Church where he taught Sunday school and English as a Second Language, . He volunteered for his children's swim teams.

Survivors include his wife of 32 years, Kay Henning Hopkins of Springfield; three children, Joanne Hopkins of Arlington, Jeff Hopkins of Savannah, Ga., and Frank Hopkins of Springfield; his mother, Mary Lee Hopkins of Williamsburg; and a sister, Janet Davis of Herndon.

That same Church (where Hopkins was a teacher) was accepting donations on behalf of Flight 77 victim John Sammartino (where Sammartino was presumably a member):

<a href="http://unauthorized link.com/4z6zkz" target="_blank">http://unauthorized link.com/4z6zkz</a>

When colleagues walked into John Sammartino's office in Rosslyn, Virginia, the first thing they noticed was his sense of openness. With a slight turn of his head, Sammartino would smile a welcome to the inevitable interruption, "John, do you have a minute?"

Sammartino, who earned his master's degree in electrical engineering through Hopkins's Part-time Programs in Engineering and Applied Science, was working as an engineer at XonTech Inc., a research and development firm involved in defense issues. With a colleague from his office, he boarded American Airlines Flight 77 at Dulles, which was later hijacked and flown into the Pentagon. He was 37 years old.

A good listener and a gentleman, a patient teacher and a doting father, he readied his 4-year-old daughter, Nicole, for daycare in the morning and gave her baths and read her stories at bedtime. His daughter now keeps two photos of him on her bed.

"He was just kind and warm and made people feel comfortable almost immediately," says his wife, Debbie Rooney. "He could sit down and talk to anybody from any background. He was a compassionate, dedicated father and husband. Just a really wonderful person."

Born in New York City, he came to Washington in the 1980s. He earned a bachelor's degree from George Washington University in electrical engineering, and was hired out of college into the tactical electronic warfare division of the Naval Research Lab, where he met his future wife on a company softball team.

The Sammartino family lived in Annandale, where John, a woodworker with a penchant for making bookcases and cabinets, had been expanding their kitchen. Over the Labor Day weekend, family members had gathered for him to show off the cabinets he had carved and hung with the help of his 83-year-old father, Frank.

His co-workers, in mourning, penned a series of remembrances in electronic files. Wrote Jim McWilliams, senior engineer: "There was nothing competitive about John in the workplace; not only was he pleased to see his fellow employees excel ... he continued to help them along the way."

Added Bob D'Alessandro, program manager: "He could tackle any task, dig into the details, figure things out and make them work. John was a stickler for doing things right."

And Jack McCalman remembered: "On Monday, September 10th, as John was signing out on our sign-out board, he said to me, 'Jack, I'll see you on Friday.' The Friday has come and gone and so has John. Boy, do I miss him."

Sammartino is also survived by his mother, Ann, and sister, Valerie Personick, and brother, Frank Sammartino Jr. Donations are being accepted by the Springfield United Methodist Church, 7047 Old Keene Mill Road, Springfield, VA 22150. The memo line should read: the John Sammartino Memorial Fund. --JCS


UPDATE - back to HOPKINS' death - i found a brief summary of the accident report: Mr.Hopkins WAS ON FOOT when a car struck him, he was NOT in a "car accident":

<a href="http://unauthorized link.com/3rkydk" target="_blank">http://unauthorized link.com/3rkydk</a>

An asterisk (*) before an item indicates that an incident report was distributed on that offense.

Old Keene Mill Road/Tiverton Drive

*On Tuesday, November 28 a pedestrian was fatally struck by a motorist. At about 6:02 p.m., a 2003 Honda Accord was traveling westbound on Old Keene Mill Road near the intersection of Tiverton Drive. The vehicle was proceeding through a green light when a pedestrian walked into the road and was struck. The pedestrian was transported to Inova Fairfax Hospital where he later died. He has been identified as 55-year-old James P. Hopkins. He lived at 7700 Jewelweed Court in the Springfield area. Speed and alcohol are not factors in the crash. The investigation continues.

additional link:

-which shows that FCPD PIO (fairfax county police dpt. Public Information Office) / FCPD (fairfax police) released a PUBLIC RELEASE about this incident, the day after it happened, and they very clearly called it a "Fatal Pedestrian Crash". yet the washington post, and ALL OTHER SOURCES overlooked this and INSTEAD reported hopkins' death as a "car accident".

so do you get the mindfuk? i was certainly diverted by it, as im sure everyone else was who got the public version of Hopkins' death, that he was "killed in a car accident". sad, tragic, but not unusual, and case closed, right? but thats NOT at all the deal. the man was alleged to be in an intersection without the right of way, and was HIT BY A CAR, he was NOT in a "car accident" per the typical meaning of that phrase. so the mis-characterization of his death (by the media) should be seen as a clue (imo) that something was/is being covered up.

currently there are NO new updates, nor any recent news about Fairfax's "continuing investigation" in to Hopkin's death:
<a href="http://unauthorized link.com/4xlo3w" target="_blank">http://unauthorized link.com/4xlo3w</a> (actual search results)

"continuing investigation" is quite a ploy in and of itself. first it offers relief and peace of mind to those who wonder or care what happened to Hopkins, that something is being done and that "things" are being looked into. BUT what it really does is close the door to anyone who is looking to obtain further information. because the investigation is on-going, then all facts and data relevant to the case (like the full accident report) would/will (most likely) NOT be made available to the public (requires confirmation).

so what's the deal? was it a hit and run? or did the driver stop and become known to the police? how come the investigation is continuing, IF the driver was indeed questioned and known to the investigators? it seems the police report is IMPLYING a hit and run, right? but why the vagueness/crypticness? if there was a hunt/search for a suspect (in the case it was a hit and run), then there is NO record of it. normally both the local tvnews and the local newspapers run stories for a few days after pedestrians have been killed by drivers who left the scene. normally a concerted effort is made to find anyone who saw anything, so that the police can try to apprehend the felonious assailant(s). but none of that happened in hopkins' death. in fact the death was reported as a "car accident" leaving everyone to assume something "normal" happened to him, afterall hundreds of thousands of people die in car accidents annually. but it is rare for sober/sane, non-elderly individuals to walk against the right of way into the path of oncoming vehicles. so something does NOT add up here. why would he do that? why would he jaywalk at the bottom of a hill, especially with cars coming? and would a 55 year old ex-navy guy, who has survived at least one tour of duty, walk into the path of oncoming vehicle? or was the light red (for cars) with mr.hopkins having the right of way and someone simply hit him and left? why isnt there a name or even a general identity of the driver included in the police report?

so what motive would there be to kill mr.Hopkins? the most obvious one (aside from personal beefs with unknown persons) would be that as the true patriot Hopkins was, he may have continued his search into the hijackers, atta and bukari connections to an FAA training center, in particular. maybe the death of 3000+ americans, and the subsequent (possible) coverup at the FAA (what hopkins was fired for), did not sit well with hopkins. its entirely possible that hopkins, on his own, was pursuing further information that could confirm/expose Bukari's connection to Atta and to the FAA, and he may have been attempting to possibly share it with sources he trusted might be able do something about it. maybe this was discovered by those seeking to keep the secret history of the hijackers SECRET, making hopkins a liability, which in turn may have led to his the need for his permanent silence, via an untimely death.

or maybe he forgot how to safely cross a street. blink.gif

YES i am speculating about motives and about Hopkins' death, thus i leave it up to you decide for yourselves what you think may have happened; and while you're at it - i invite you to call the Fairfax Police (number listed above) and see what the update is on the "ongoing investigation", and then post it here, please. oh yeah, if you do call them, see if they will allow access to the actual police report made at the scene which should detail more specifics than the public release about the incident. i would do it myself, but i openly admit my cowardice when it comes to "making waves" with the local police, especially if they have something to hide in this particular instance.

whatever the case, rest in peace Lieutenant Commander Hopkins.
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Woody Box

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Very interesting. I knew of the Hopkins/Bukhari story, and this "car accident" certainly deserves more attention. thumbsup.gif
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bump- this needs some looking into.
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why am i not surprised.

i was discussing some aspects of my life with an old friend last weekend. and finally he said, aren't you afraid for your life.

i told him no. i also told him that i no longer use my well-known office.

i think that they will leave me alone. because no one will listen.

that is what pete brewton discovered.

no one cares. tell the truth and they look at you as if you are a lunatic.

so it goes.
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i agree dmole, i would really like to know the details of hopkins' death, so that i can lay to rest any of my "conspiracy theories". his family is reachable, but i can think of many reasons not to bother them, some for their sake, some for mine. unfortunately, police reports are not publicly accessible (i dont think but im not 100% sure), but i think that would be the first place to start.

the physical event: it doesnt make sense for hopkins to have been walking there. old keene mill road, the bigger road that the car who hit him was travelling on, has NO sidewalk. its NOT meant for walking at all. there are no stores, not even a 7-11 for a mile in either direction and one could use greely blvd (a side street) to get there if walking (before i was old enough to drive i used to do it when visiting my gf there). but because there is no sidewalk, and because the speed limit is high, its very unusual and almost crazy to walk down old keene mill. that leaves only the church on the other side of the road as a possible destination for hopkins. maybe he was a walker/jogger, but even then there is a huge trail behind his house, no need to cross old keene mill. another physical location specific is that the intersection where hopkins was hit, is at the bottom of a hill, regardless of which direction you're coming. but 8 out of 10 times, there will be fairfax cops sitting in that church parking lot, so everyone coming down the hill rides their brakes. so how someone could be speeding down that street, is beyond me. especially at that hour (6-7pm), cuz there is usually a steady flow traffic around from rush hour (which around springfield doesnt end or slow down til closer to 8pm).

so alot of the physical details dont make sense to me. thats where the majority of my suspicions come from. even if hopkins wasnt connected to 911 in any way, and i heard of a car hitting and killing someone at that exact location, i would have to scratch my head. i looked and only found one death of a pedestrian on that road in over 20 years, and the location was 5 miles down road, where the mall is (and there are plenty of sidewalks and places for pedestrians). like i said, you will almost never see a person, especially an adult walking down old keene mill. teens without cars, maybe, but grown men, never. i did once pick up a hitch hiker there, she was from maryland and had gotten in a fight with her boyfriend at the rock club (jaxx) up the road about a mile from the hopkins' intersection. again, a very rare incident.

now barring old keene mill as his path, his crossing from one side to the other of that road should have been well protected, because there is a street light there and its clearly a pedestrian crossing with an extra long light to make sure you can cross the entire (wide ass) road and not just half of it (per light cycle). so unless he was incapacitated or stupid, or suicidal, i dont see hopkins ignorantly stepping in front of cars coming downhill. i jaywalk alot and even like to take some danegrously close sprints across trafficky roads, but thats cuz im a daredevil and an idiot. but i cant see hopkins toying with his life like that.

like i said, if i had more details about his death, they might explain exactly how it went down so that i could figure out if that makes sense or not.but when adding his 9/11 whistleblower status to the equation, then his sudden and untimely death, in an unsual circumstance, definitely becomes more suspicious. anyhow, sorry if im rambling a bit. i will try and dig up some of the maps and diagrams i had made and post them so you can see some of what im referring to.

oh yeah - one last note - i even checked the time the sun went down and where it would have been at the time in question, on the date in question, and it would have been fairly dark at that point. so the burden of safe crossing would have fallen more on hopkins than on the cars. meaning that either hopkins forgot how to cross a street, or he was crossing it SAFELY, meaning he had the right of way, but someone (a driver) violated that right of way and hit him.
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dig deeper
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ok, i touched on most of the stuff (below) in my post above, so some of it may be redundant. its what i had rsearched and wrote, but NOT posted when i originally posted this thread:

NOW, a closer examination of the known details, which also include my knowledge about the area, look at the intersection again:

note in the above picture, there is NO sidewalk going along Old Keene Mill (in either direction). people do occasionally travel that road on foot, but there is no sidewalk going east/west on Old Keene Mill, and if someone were walking that stretch (especially at night) i could see the chance of them being at risk. but the summary clearly states the light was GREEN, yet Hopkin's was in the intersection, and that a car going WEST hit him. so hopkins was crossing this road for sure in a north to south (or vice versa) direction. he was NOT walking along Old Keene Mill.

note also in the above the existence of a 3rd lane, for left-hand turns, which should again allow some way for the driver to try and miss hitting hopkins, even if only at the last second. remember you are going downhill here, so most drivers should be (and usually are) on their brakes (regardless of speed limit).

and what about a driver's ability to see Hopkin's instead of nailing him so hard that it killed him? it was 6pm in late November. 6pm is also past the glare hour which could have been considered as a factor in a westbound accident, but not as late as 6pm. the sun is mighty strong over the horizon driving west and i would give it full merit as a plausible cause of the accident, BUT NOT AT 6pm in december.

in fact at that time of the year at 6pm, it was already dark:


it was dark out, so a would-be driver might not see a person trying to cross, BUT i dont see why hopkins would walk into the road, unless he didnt have full control of his own mental faculties."alcohol was ruled out as a factor" at least for the driver? or was the police summary inferring that it was hopkins who wasNt drunk?

here is the weather for that locale (2 closest/relevant locales):

so no traction issues in the way of precipitation that might contribute to someone's INABLITY to stop or at least attempt to stop their car. PLUS- 6 pm is RUSH HOUR. thats the one thing that miffs me the most. traffic although steady and moving for short bursts, usually gets slowed because of the long back up of cars (due to heavy volume) stuck at red lights at that hour. so you get moving, get up to about 35/40, for less than a minute, and then you are slowing down again. so i cant for the life of me figure out how someone would be cruising so fast, but furthermore, why Hopkins would ever step in to the road if he didNt have the right of way. its one thing if he was crossing at an unbusy hour, where he might misjudge his footspeed versus that of an approaching vehicle. but one only attempts that when there are no cars coming for at least some length of time. but 6pm, in springfield, is a monster. its a real bitch i tell ya. i have not only walked that stretch on foot as a teen, but driven it as a driver. its extremely busy at 6pm. in fact everywhere around here is gridlocked from 3:30 til 7:30 (and even later if there is a game or event downtown in dc). but not many non-highway roads cut east/west the way old keene mill does thru springfield into fairfax, so at that hour, it is heavily used and definitely busy.

back to the traffic, this in some major way either complicates my suspicion, or makes it simpler: there is no way to be able at 6pm to choose your position at the stop light, so that you could have a clear shot at hitting hopkins, you are the mercy of the traffic in front of you. so that complicates it, if someone was planning to intentionally hit him. on the other hand, if you were sitting somewhere waiting, like on Tiverton or better yet pulled over on Old Keene Mill, then you might have a clear shot at hopkins. if the actual details of the incident were available, some of these questions might be answered, so that certain "conspiracy theories" (yes mine) could be ruled out. but because hopkins was in the intersection, one has to figure out why. the simplest reason would be that he had the right of way, and that the driver was in error. but there is no mention of the driver, none. not even a hint.

but where the heck was hopkins walking to anyway? note that there are NOTHING but homes anywhere around there. its all residential, there are no businesses for at least 1 mile in each direction:

the boxes labeled in green are where the commercial areas begin. in fact the first non-residential place you run into on Old Keene Mill (with the exception of a jr. high school) from either side of Tiverton, are 7-11's (and eventually shopping centers):

there is that church there across the street to the right/east of Tiverton, but the church Hopkins taught at, is east about 1.5 miles up the hill:

maybe Hopkins was proactive about his health and would take walks regularly. IF SO, meaning that he was accustomed to this walk, then why would he do something so (for lack of a better word) suicidal? he's not a teenager, testing life and limb, he is a grown man who makes calculated decisions in all avenues of his life. his looking into bukari/atta shows the smarts of a man who understands the logic of fact finding and research. his surviving battles and even his working for the FAA all point to a man who wasnt careless. brave, but not stupid. he had to be familiar with that area, and had to know his way around his own neighborhood. even if he didnt, who walks into path of on-coming cars at the bottom of a steep hill? he must have had right of way, is my educated guess, which in turn means that someone with malice did him harm. there is no in between. during rush hour, going east to west on old keene mill, you will ALWAYS HAVE A CAR IN FRONT OF YOU, ALWAYS. wether you are the last car to go thru the intersection thru a red light, or you are the car that stops like you are supposed to (on yellow), you will always have a car in front of you. this means that hopkins would never have had a chance to step in to an "empty" intersection, and that he was basically crazy or out of his mind enough to just walk in to a constantly moving stream of cars coming his way.

if it werent for the contradictions between his reported death via "car accident" and his actual death reported ONLY in the police summary, and the police's vagueness about the details, i would say that the chances of his death having occurred "naturally" were reasonably good. meaning that although such accidents (people being hit by cars) are rare, they do happen. but because of the seemingly intentional confusion regarding the circumstances of his death, i feel indeed confused by those circumstances as contained in the public domain. so much so, that i believe there is a good chance that james hopkins died as a result of an intentional act.

if information turns up however, that at least shows a driver was apprehended, questioned, and either absolved of guilt or prosecuted, i then stand at least partially corrected, pending the details of that information. yes i admit that an absence of the driver does not automatically equal malfeasance on behalf of that driver. in other words there exist people who do accidentally hit people with a car (especially at night) and then spontaneously run from the scene. but its not the driver that my suspicions hinge on, it is the police's allegations about this case and their extreme vagueness in publicly reporting it, added to what i think is a highly improbable act by hopkins (to walk in front cars coming downhill).

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this book addresses hopkins and bukhari:

The hidden history of 9-11-2001
By Paul Zarembka


i would read (at least) the first 18 pages, for they establish who Bukhari was and why there may have been a coverup in the FAA with regard to him - which might in turn offer some clue as to a motive for needing Hopkins' to be silenced and or neutralized.
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