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(Posted by me at DailyPaul recently:)

""Truthers" are not some militant group of crazies. There is no organized group. We are all just people. Do you subscribe to "group think"? That "truthers" are a special group of people, different from everyone else, people who's support of Ron Paul is not welcome?

Why don't we really try and spilt up into groups - those that accept Jesus Christ as their savior for example, and those that don't. Then let's ask Ron Paul which he accepts. Anyone who doesn't FIT, let's exclude. We must only accept those groups who think like we do ! F@%k freedom !

But seriously, folks, I'm so angry and sad tonight after reading through some of the recent threads. There's a serious lack of tolerance here lately. Why are truthers being attacked, or, worse, patronized?

I've held my tongue happily, I've ignored many threads regarding 9/11, as so many people here have all along, in the interest of trying not to alienate potential Ron Paul supporters. You people that are attacking "truthers" today, are you aware of how many Ron Paul supporters there are who have seen through the 9/11 lie and yet stay quiet about it, don't post about it, for the good of the campaign?

What some people call the Truth Movement is just people, people just as diverse as Ron Paul's supporters. There is no more peaceful or well educated group of people out there, from my own experience. These millions who, 7 years after the fact, refuse to give up, simply want to know WTF happened, want to know what's really behind the justification being used to hurl the US toward h@ll in a handbasket.

People say, 'where's the evidence?' There's a ton of it. Please don't shake your head, please read what I have to say, it's mercifully short... Steven Jones' x-ray spectrometry results on WTC debris and dust show conclusively that Thermate was used to demolish the trade towers. Beyond any reasonable doubt. The elements and their percentages that are present on the samples are not only consistent with Thermate use, but are a perfect match. There is no other rational explanation for the sulfur and other residual elements present in the debris, nor for the presence of molten iron at ground zero. The controlled demolition scenario is the only explanation which fits the evidence - and this is actual scientific evidence - despite the fact that it has been ignored, quelched and ridiculed.

WTC7 was not even addressed in the FEMA report. A 47 storey building, 100 yards away from the trade towers which was not hit by a plane, collapsed into it's footprint at free-fall speed (6.5 seconds) at 5:20 that afternoon. Fact. The US media barely reported the event. BBC news reported it though, 23 minutes before it happened ! In fact, BBC's New York correspondent stood there talking about the WTC7 collapse on camera while the building still stood mockingly behind her left shoulder in the background (until the link went dead, right before the building ACTUALLY collapsed). Why is this not news??? I just want to bash my head against the wall.

A group of professional pilots submitted a FOIA request for the AA77 FDR (black box) files and got them. They slaved over the data for months, analysed every file string, double and triple checked the results. AA77 didn't, couldn't have, hit the Pentagon - not according to the official black box data files. The plane was on a different course, could not have struck the light poles, and was too high to have hit the Pentagon. ALL of the independent files corraborate the same results. This is official data. Not news. No one cares.

But it must have been bin Laden, because president Bush said so. Because the FBI found the passport of one of the hijackers in the debris of the WTC. Fires so hot that structural steel core columns turned to rubber, yet a paper passport flew out of the pocket of a hijacker and floated to the street, incriminating the "hijackers" (patsies who recieved financing from Pakistan - oh, sorry, that wasn't news either).

Oh, I watched Loose Change. Oh, I read the Popular Mechanics debunk. Truthers are nut-jobs. Please, Loose Change was made by 3 kids - 22 year olds. They woke up a lot of young people, put some questionable info into the water, and, unfortunately and predictably, succeeded in polarizing people into camps - "truther" and non-truther. I have mixed feelings about the film. As for the Popular Mechanics debunk, common. What if (Hearst Corporation owned) Popular Mechanics has an agenda? (Hearst Corp. has a long history of using news to make war, going back to the Spanish/American war.) What if 9/11 was really what these "truthers" have been saying all along, the murder of 3000 American citizens to justify agressive wars in the Middle East and Central Asia - where the US is determined to assert its hegemony in order to control oil exports and crush rogue states which have long rejected western fiat-based Central Banking as per Islamic laws against usury?

I'm not posting this to be divisive, rather, in an attempt to convince those who reject these alternate theories of what happened on 9/11 that many "truthers" are in fact very serious about their research, and are in fact dedicated simply to addressing the issue empirically, to try and understand what this 'war on terror' is really based on. ...But these are just seeds for thought. The real issue is Ron Paul. The Federal Reserve is the head of the beast, as all "truthers" who have done their research understand. We support Ron Paul - we support him and this movement so much that, (with the exception of this long-winded post lol), we are happy to keep our mouths shut about 9/11, to not wear our 9/11 T-shirts to the rally in Washington - if it will increase the chances of finally getting an honest statesman into the White House. That's how deeply we who do not believe the official account of what happened on 9/11 support this movement to take back America from the corrupt characters presently in power (and I don't just mean the Bush administration).

Sound too "kooky"? I think the fact that the PATRIOT Act and the Military Commissions Act of 2006 are law is pretty kooky. I think the idea that the US government allows private bankers to issue the nation's currency at interest is pretty kooky. I think THIS WHOLE DAMN WORLD is pretty kooky.

Ron Paul isn't kooky though - he's a true hero, the kind that only comes around once in a century. I know it, any "truther" worth his salt knows it. That's why we're here.

Give us a break. We are all patriots. Regardless of what we all think about 9/11, we all know one thing - we are losing America, time is running out, we need to take back this country. We are all united behind Ron Paul."

My post was a little too honest I guess. Sanders BANNED again !!!

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