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The Shock Doctrine

post Jul 31 2008, 11:43 PM
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yesterday[and a week ago], i encountered a significant intellectual lagniappe.

driving into houston, listening to alternative radio[.org], an address delivered by naomi klein was aired. concerning her research that resulted in her book, THE SHOCK DOCTRINE.

now, this is a book that is in my reading queue, but hasn't made it to the top. yet.

i may give it an artificial lift, however, after what i heard today[a week ago, i only caught the end of her speech. which was interesting enough to cause me to acquire all of her speeches on this topic from ar. i haven't received them as of today].

just for an intro, the usa-orchestrated coup in chile[11/09/73] has long been a major focus of my library, of my interest in us imperialism in the southern hemisphere.

what she revealed concerning the chile coup was new to me. she revealed that the university of chicago, as early as the 1960's, via a special state dept program, was bringing chileans to the university of chicago. where they were required to become acolytes of milton friedman's strange form of totatlitarian economic theory[which masqueraded as "free" market capitalism]... which they became wholeheartedly.

to make a long story short, klein's thesis is that friedman's ideas never gained any traction in a "free" market. but, in the tyranny of a us-orchestrated military coup, klein tells a story of how friedman's program to privatize public services/institutions replaced a user-friendly government with rapacious gangster capitalism. in fact, she relates how friedman's acolytes were publishing the new economic order for chile even before the coup commenced. and that made me wake up. that was what i knew, though virtually never mentioned elsewhere, previously.

one of the chicago boys responsible for this imposition of tyranny was an ecomomist, jeffrey sachs. now a professor at that very pro-fascist university, harvard, i think.

just as an aside, the university of chicago is an interesting harbor for this buccaneering disguised as a valid economic theory. for all practical purposes, the university of chicago has been a creation of the rockefeller family. no one should be surprised that such a clan of pirates financed an economic philosophy that promoted piracy. in fact, you might just conclude that milton friedman developed an economic theory as if a courtier...that the prince[the new medici] got what he ordered...economic mumbo-jumbo promoting fascism.

and this fascist tyranny, after being imposed upon the subjugated/shocked countries[chile, argentina, uruguay, bolivia, russia to name but a few] was then administered by the real agencies of us imperialism - the international monetary fund, the world bank, the united nations. the goal of each entity was to so impoverish each one of its beneficiaries[sic] that it would become a virtual sharecropper for the usa.

of course, this program of imperialism was recognized by some residents of the targeted countries.

so, there was a collateral program implemented to eradicate that opposition.

and continuing, naomi klein linked a cia mind-control program to this economic warfare. i was taken aback by her segueing into dr ewen cameron and his brain-washing work at mcgill university[allen memorial institute] in montreal.

i have known of this nasty bit of mkultra for years. though revealed, most us citizens don't know the enormity, the horror of this aspect of the program. one of the better books concerning it is PSYCHIATRY AND THE CIA: VICTIMS OF MIND CONTROL.
isbn #0880483636.

klein asserts that in addition to the economic thefts engineered by the chicago boys, they could only have been successful as the result of the us-empire deploying ewen cameron-developed brain damage to afflict the opponents of the evil empire.

though i have never heard that linkage before, i concede the accuracy of her melding of these "shocking" programs.

there is no doubt that the ft benning "school of the americas[assassins]" trained the SS of the us latin amerikan imperium. and there is no doubting that they were trained in the mechanics of torture. one of the most interesting agents in the promotion of torture was a philadelphia policeman. name of danny mitrione. his mission was to teach police departmens in the southern cone how to function as "death squads".....how to torture. his favorite device was that field telephone, which was able to portably generate electricity. the techniques of torture that he trained the fascist latin police departments to impose upon their kidnapped victims[anti-fascists, trade unionists] was the wire wrapped around some teeth, with the other wire wrapped around the scrotum, in the anus, in the vagina. sometimes just jabbed up the urethra. now there was good old usa "know-how".

the best part of this story is that danny mitrione became captured by the uruguayan anti-fascists[aka monteneros].

just as an aside, uruguay is an interesting country in the southern cone. today it is virtually owned by that very strange financier of the bushits, the owner of the very fascist washington times. you know the name, the reverend sun myung moon. and since his ownership of significant parts of uruguay, uruguay has become the major entrepot for afghan opium entering the western hemisphere. this is a story that gets no ink. moon, with his bushit and cia connections gets no scrutiny.

but, now, let us leave the fascist, invasive programs of this evil empire in the southern cone.

and now, let us think about some "shocks[to use naomi klein's word]" that have instigated the transformation of the experiment of a democratic republic that was/has been the united states of america.

i shall not relate my experiences in cambridge, ma during the second half of the 1960's. but suffice it to say that us military were the principal attendees of anti-war demonstrations. the state subverted those anti-war efforts by the infiltration of large numbers of "agents".

the first "shock" that got my recent attention was the usg's involvement with the branch davidian encampment outside of waco, tx.

why was that site targeted for assault? because it had been engaged in the contra war? because it had been a weapons-selling intermediary? specifically, had the branch davidians been engaged in the transfer of .50 caliber weapons removed from national guard armories to the contras? and had koresh kept a record of those transactions? transactions that involved members of the reagan/bushit regime et alia?

as that weasel general wesley clark knows, he allowed the participation of the usarmy in that assault. breaching the posse comitatus act. a breaching that went unopposed. thus creating the de facto termination of the posse comitatus act.

a few years later, there was the demolition of the alfred murrah[sic] building in okc.

a definite false flag operation. which resulted in the congress of the usa imposing the first version of the patriot act. within 24 hours...no congressional hearings.

now, this got no ink. and the clintonian state refrained from making it noticeable to the electorate. this was the classic incident of the frog swimming in the water that was going to be brought slowly to a boil.

let us step back and consider some things now. specifically the role of the rockefeller family in this rush to fascism.

the bushits, of course, were their courtiers. frank rockefeller created the buckeye corporation. and sam bush was its first general manager. it is very instructive to recognize this relationship.

the rockefeller family owned more than the bushies. they owned ike. after the war, the rockefeller subaltern, nicholas murray butler, was instructed to give ike the imprimatur of an academic. so ike became the president of columbia university.

the kennedy family the rockefellers might not have controlled. and that would have put jfk on a hit list.

but lbj, richard nixon, gerald ford, jimmy carter, ronald raygun, ad nauseam, they did controll.

suffice it to say, the events of 11/09/01 were orchestrations of the "SHOCK" to the usa.

a "know-nothing" populace kowtowed to the state...allowing the destruction of the bill of rights, decades of consitutional law.

one of the interesting players in this gangsterism has been the united nations. if you review the behavior of its secretariat, i think that you would have to conclude that it would appear to be an agency of the rockefellers[and their ilk]. though this sounds harsh, the history is clear that the un secretariat has never been anything other than a lackey of the fascist bastids.

this is not a popular opinion. so, why do i state this? i learned of a long-term employee of the secretariat, deceased, who had a great deal of affection for jeffery sachs[and the chicago boys].

so, when naomi klein discusses the influence of the chicago boys[fascist basids], it is important to note that they operated under the auspices of the united nations.

in other words, it was just not the usa that selected victor jara for torturing and death. it was also the secretariat of the united nations.

without naomi klein, being in santiago, i recognized the coupsters.

the hq for the coup was the ford foundation. which has always been one of the covers for us imperialism.

my recommendation: stop buying ford products.

i am not sure that i have said this as well as i could have. but i am sure you get my point.
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post Aug 1 2008, 01:09 AM
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"rapacious gangster capitalism" Is there any other kind ?

The same Milton Friedman-Libertarian Ideology is being promoted today and is finding many followers in the US. and even in the "truth" movement. What better way to promote the fascist agenda than to further privatize and deregulate whatever is still not in corporate control, then we blame government for being ineffective and weak.
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post Aug 1 2008, 09:34 AM
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Good summary Albert

You would probably also enjoy "Confessions of and Economic hit Man" by John Perkins. He describes the working of imperialism as a one time insider. lots of south american information too.

it is available on CD for those long drives to Houston
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post Aug 1 2008, 11:03 AM
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This book just made it to the top of my reading list. I just started it yesterday. She's very good.
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post Aug 1 2008, 08:29 PM
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i have read the perkins book.

but klein linked some things for me that i knew separately[unlinked].

and she told me something that i did not know. especially the us state dept bringing chileans[and others] to uchi for indoctrination in uncle miltie's brand of fascism.
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post Aug 1 2008, 09:10 PM
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maybe someone here can assist me.

to me, the most interesting aspect of the naomi klein oration, was when she discussed freidrich hayek's visits to chile after the coup. and according to her, he was enchanted by the JUNTA and the coup's results.

now, i care to mention that hayek was an austrian. and the austrian's have been very good at creating propaganda favorable to austria. after all, austria is the country that has persuaded most of the world that hitler was a german and beethoven was an austrian.

according to klein, hayek encouraged margaret thatcher to do to the uk what pinochet and the chicago boys had done/were doing to chile.

not to make a long point of it, when thatcher gained the imprimatur the malvinas war, she did everything that hayek recommended. and in my opinion, the uk has been a fascist cesspool ever since.

tony blair, gordon brown are the inheritors/successors to thatcher fascism[a creation of hayek]. if you would like to talk to me about pre-thatcher uk and post-thatcher uk, i would welcome the exchanging of perceptions.

in the united states, hayek's acolytes - ludwig von mises, murray rothbard, lew rockwell - are ron paul's beacons, i think.

which causes me to ask this question....are there any anti-statist politicians?

if so, whom? and why do you think that assessment is accurate?
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