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Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum _ North Tower _ Backup Communications System Was 'miraculously' Switched On For

Posted by: Paul Mar 26 2011, 09:54 AM

Hi i spotted this article back on i know many people around here dont like 911blogger for many obvious reason
and i hope we can all stay on topic and focus on the information at hand.

Here it is:

It seems quiet obvious that someone within or working for the US government was told to switch the emergency communications system
on the day before 9/11 for the first time ever since it was installed in the 1980's this implies that whoever switched it on must have had
advanced foreknowledge of the attacks and this first implication implies that others working within the US government must have also have had advanced foreknowledge of the attacks. And also i suppose EXERCISE MODE implies that it was turned on in preparation for some kind of terrorist or wargames exercise mode but what i cannot understand is why you would need an emergency communications systems to communicate
during a wargames exercise or a terrorist exercise when you have other means of communications already set up for communication, it also curious to note that Greene stated with this sytem you cannot trace the origin of the call on the other end, now why do you think that could be useful for?

Apparently describing the SRAS, Greene told the 9/11 Commission, "There is a separate network linking the National Coordinating Center and the major carriers and networks as a backup." (The National Coordinating Center, in Arlington, Virginia, is the "operational arm" of the NCS.) This network "proved its value as a separate link on 9/11 because it coordinated network use between Network Operations Centers while the [telecommunications] network was saturated." Furthermore, again apparently describing the SRAS, Greene said, "In the situation where Continuity of Government is put into play"--as was the case on September 11--"there is a communications system where no one can trace the site of the call on either end."

Once again we have even further proof of their complicite guilt this is just another nail in the coffin for the OCT and the perps so far no one not even
one debunker has been able provide a plausible excuse to explain away the evidence trust me i have red about the topic on other sites and they
even the govt layists have chosen to ignore it i wonder why.

Cheers guys take care

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