Clarifying My Views, on Zionism, Judaism, etc.

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I've made comments from time to time, several recently, challenging the view that there's a "Zionist Conspiracy". Some may misinterpret my statements along these lines, and possibly even conclude that I condone the existence of a Jewish state on land stolen from the indigenous Palestinians, or give Israel a free-pass.

I wanted to clarify my views and explain briefly (hmmm, not sure how 'brief' this is gonna be - I'll try to keep it down to a readable size) how I arrived at the conclusions I hold.

First of all, I was raised Protestant but am not religious AT ALL. Secondly, I still have many questions, some of which I don't think I will ever know the answers to. But since my initial falling down the rabbit hole, I've finally gotten to a point where new information doesn't throw me for a loop anymore like it used to, everything new I learn more or less fits into my present world-view, which is an indication, to me at least, that I may be thinking about things in more or less the proper way. This is of great satisfaction to me, my years of confusion were very frustrating. Readers can and should take all of what I am going to say with a big grain of salt, but if what I am going to impart helps anyone out there see through the muck or answer any of their nagging questions, I would be very pleased. Thirdly, much of this is covered in or related to discoveries posted in my "Dragon Blood-Line" thread in research - up to about 13 pages and close to 10,000 views now (WOW!!! Thank you readers, you don't know how great that makes me feel yes1.gif ), but wading through it all I'm sure is a pain - so this in a way will summarize much of what's in there.

There are three websites that I look at daily - this one, RAWSTORY, and WhatReallyHappened. WhatReallyHappened is maybe the best website out there for people looking for real news, and his (Michael Rivero's) comments are both entertaining and spot on. I only have one gripe with Rivero - no, it's not that his site is weighted toward exposing the criminality of the zionist regime in Israel. It's that he still thinks a plane crashed into the Pentagon and hasn't taken the time to look at the research which has been done by Pilots for 9/11 Truth and the Citizen Investigation Team. (He really should - he's too smart to remain so uninformed on this issue.)

If you look at that site regularly, you can't escape the absolutely heinous reality of how the Palestinians are presently and have been for quite some time the victims of Genocide in slow-motion. Then there's also the issue of Bush's first administration, whose policy forming positions were all filled by Neoconservatives - no, not just Neocons, but PNAC members, most of them holding dual American/Israeli citizenship. Lt. Col Karen Kwiakowski, who worked at the Pentagon during the run-up to the Iraq war, has written some explosive things, one of which details the arrival of Israeli Generals at the Pentagon to see Douglas Feith, then Undersecretary of Defense for Policy (and also a PNAC signator). They were waved in without signing the log - her account is bone-chilling.

Then you have the Odigo (an Israeli company) text message warning a couple of hours before 9/11 to tell the people to get out, confirmation from Odigo themselves, and, lastly, the "Dancing Israelis", a small group of Israelis dressed in Arab garb dancing and celebrating as the towers came down.

Now, this 'dancing Israeli' thing is very interesting, and holds a very important clue as to how the world is run. There were many f#&k-ups that day, and after. There were the put-options, which the SEC investigated. Their investigation was terminated mid-stream, no one who potentially profited from 9/11 (or would have profited from 9/11 had they claimed their stock returns) was named. Hey, this is the 21st century folks, the SEC has all the technology they need to find out exactly who placed put-options on United & American Airlines, and on the insurance companies and companies with offices in the WTC who took a giant hit after 9/11. But they never revealed anything, the investigation was terminated.

Then there's Larry Silverstein and his famous "pull-it" utterance on PBS. And president Bush, looking like a deer in headlights for 7 minutes on camera in a Florida schoolroom, and the rules by which who NORAD had to call before they could react in a crisis, which were changed that summer, and most incredibly, the bizarre BBC announcement of the collapse of WTC7 23 minutes before it happened.

There's a guy in Michigan who offered what I thought was the correct explanation for all these ridiculous loose ends - he explained the concept in a short film titled "Open Complicity". Think Mafia - the top bosses need to know that their underlings are and will remain faithful - so they concoct a way to get dirt on their co-conspirators. They get some underling who wants to improve his lot to go kill somebody. It is done and the bosses not only know that this new guy has what it takes to get business done, they never have to worry about said underling ever betraying them, because they have dirt on him.

THAT's what the Bush 7 minutes, the suspension of the put-option investigation, Larry Silverstein's slip of the tongue, the BBC early announcement were about. To hang the co-conspirator's @sses out just a couple of inches so be sure they would never talk. I even think that the anomolies the No-Planers spend their waking hours pouring over were broadcast for the same reason. Think about it - whoever planned 9/11 shouldn't have been so sloppy - "open compliciy" explains the sloppiness.

There was another co-conspirator in 9/11, Israel, or, I should say, Mossad. The "Dancing Israelis" should be interpreted, IMO, as another case of the true planners requiring the Mossad to hang their @sses out to insure complete loyalty. I mean, those guys drove around in a van and danced and celebrated in their fake Arab clothing in multiple locations (3? 5? I can't remember), as if they were TRYING to get arrested.

SO. Israel was not the top-dog, they, like the Bush administration, were co-conspirators.

When you look at the things 9/11 has made possible, you find several which benefit Israel. It allowed for Arab nations to be demonized, in turn allowing for the invasion of Iraq and a possible future invasion of Iran. But it also allowed for other things to happen, which have nothing to do with Israel. Israel is not directly affected by the Patriot Act and the loss of Liberties in the US, a direct and planned consequence of 9/11. Israel also is not directly affected by the fate of Afghanistan, or the pipeline the major oil companies of the world want to build through that region connecting the Caspian Basin to the Persian Gulf so they can export the next 3 decades worth of oil and gas straight to the growing and energy-starved markets of China and India (as well as Japan and other countries in the far east).

So, it becomes more and more clear that whoever planned this (9/11, the War on Terror), had as their faithful servants both powerful elements in the US (one administration which attained the presidency by vote-fraud and Supreme Court collusion in 2000), in the UK, and in Israel. You think it's just coincidence that all of the shocking police-state/torture/Geneva-convention-flaunting news comes out of either the US, Britain or Israel? It is a cooperative triangle - it is in these countries that the true power wielders have the mechanisms in place to make the changes they desire, from where it will be spread to the rest of the world in due time.

Now. Who really planned this? Who really runs the world, or, I should say, is trying to run the entire world? They don't run the whole world yet - there are still hold-outs. Our politicians refer to them often as "Rogue States". North Korea, Iran, Sudan, etc. These are the countries, which for whatever reason, refuse to allow western bankers to set up currency-issuing Central Banks in their countries. In the Muslim world, there are rules against usury (charging interest) which prevent the system which the west has embraced to take hold there. That is changing - thanks to WAR, Afghanistan and Iraq now have currency-issuing central banks controlled by the west. Iran does not. North Korea does not. Starting to make sense??? That's why politicians in Japan are trying to change the constitution here, there's this problematic "9th amendment" which forbids aggressive military action of any kind - they are trying like h@ll to change it, so that Japan can "help" the west and the UN in areas of the world where there is conflict. Bullsh$t - they are trying to change it so that Japan can wage war against North Korea in the future (US troops will be far too busy) and pave the way for a "westernized" North Korea.

But I digress.

Let's get back to who runs the world. I have a file in my computer of about 500 names and their affiliations. I formed this list by choosing people who were members of at least three of the following: Bilderberg attendance lists (I paid particular attention to the Steering Committees), CFR member lists, Trilateral Commission member lists, Bohemian Club attendance lists, Pilgrims Society/1001 Club/Round Table membership lists, RIIA (Chatham House) membership lists (those were impossible to get - I was able to reverse-engineer an incomplete list), Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics director lists, and a few others - there are tons of smaller versions of these sorts of think-tanks, all with slightly different agendas. I used my best judgement and compiled a list of people who seemed to be REALLY FRIKKEN CONNECTED and/or were involved in promoting the War on Terror. After much sifting, I was left with about 500 people.

About a third of them are Jewish, mostly bankers and media heads. There are some Muslims, a very small percentage, all very rich and mostly Saudi arms dealers, all of whom are members of the 1001 Club. There rest are assumedly Christian (Protestant), lots with histories which include terms as FED, World Bank or IMF execs. Of course most are listed as directors or CEOs of big companies, and there is a sprinkling of Scholars who write papers for the think tanks like the Brookings & Hoover Institutions, RAND, etc.. Also the expected Skull and Bones members, assumedly Episcopalian.

Very few Catholics it seems.

I'm typing this with a glass (which I've refilled several times) of bourbon .... in front of me, and I'd like to be clear-headed before I continue. So I'll finish this later when I'm sober biggrin.gif .
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