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Does God Love Driving Over The Speed Limit?

post Oct 7 2010, 02:46 AM
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the porsche cayenne turbo, a vehicle that indulges my whims to escape the seemingly magnetic clot of cars.

dear god, but there is nothing like lots of torque for moving through the moving chicanes of interstate 45. why do people sit in the left hand lane at 55mph[the speed limit is 65, 75 allowable]? apparently on cruise control while on their cell phone.

it drives me crazy to have all this traffic performing as if platelets prior to some cardiovascular event.

on monday, i was coming up I45 from houston. an 18 wheeler was shutting down the left hand lane at 55. eventually, i used the cayenne's torque to manuever through the traffic and around the asshole. breaking free at about 80+, i discovered that there was an unmarked constable in a black pick-em beside me in the rightmost lane next to me.

until i was abreast of him, he hadn't seen me. when he did, i was poised to rocket down a virtually empty interstate ahead.

i shall never forget the look on his face as we became abreast of each other. he didn't know my speed, but i suppose that he figured that i couldn't have gotten there without having exceeded the speed limit. he immediately put on his lights. i pulled over to the right-hand shoulder.

he reviewed my record. told me of my many speeding tickets. but he was letting me of with no record. no official warning. no ticket. we shaked hands and had a brief chat about highway safety. he said that he agreed with my viewpoint, personally.

actually, he had no evidence to ticket me. he had no clock on me. i had never exceeded his speed[true, i was going to, but when i saw him, and hit my wonderful brakes, our pace evened]. still, it seems i am well entrenched in the computer. i would love to see what it says.

today was another one of those crazy high-speed days. no one wanted to stop driving slowly in the left-hand lane. and a bimmer x6 was as frustrated as i was by it all. then he made a bad lane call, and i went beyond him.

it was a jeep cherokee i think, sitting out in the left hand lane who would not get over. cruise control and cell phone at 55[speed limit is 65]. me flashing at him. bimmer behind me.

eventually, the rightmost lane gave me an opening. an opening that only the torque of the cayenne could use. i broke through. and clear lanes all the way southbound. unfortunately, there was an unmarked black constable's pick-em up in a congested right hand lane. when he noticed me breaking through, he turned on his lights. i had clear access to the right hand shoulder, pulled over, braking hard.

the traffic would not let him get over and behind me. he ended up in the left hand shoulder. his brakes put him ahead of me.

now, he tried to back up. he gave that up. way too scary. he wanted to find away to make a segue across 4 lanes of fast traffic. couldn't figure out how to do it without being t-boned. i waited on the shoulder for 5 minutes while this constable tried to figure how how to apprehend me.

suddenly, i saw him signify defeat as he accelerated into southbound traffic. when i saw that, i exited the interstate and killed some time by driving the frontage road.

he couldn't have gotten my license tag #. but i shall hang up driving this porsche for a while.

still, like the other constable, he never had a decent clock. he sensed that i had to be speeding because i blew beyond the pack, but before he could have gotten a valid road clock, i had hit the brakes and was on the shoulder.

it is a crazy system he have here. in england, if you hang out in the passing lane, even if you are passing, you will be ticketed. this country, 18 wheelers can hang out in that lane at speeds way below the limit.

you know, i don't drive and telephone. my voicemail msg says that i cannot pick up the phone right now because i am driving. i don't do cell phone conversation while driving. driving is way too serious for doing anything other than driving.

two days this week i have been unnaturally lucky. this is a wonderful high speed vehicle. i needed it like i needed the plague. it is amazing that we have roads designed for cruising speeds of 85, yet impose 65 limits. and allow 45.

i drive fast. always have. in vehicles designed for autobahns.

today's episode was way too funny. a constable gave up on ticketing me because he couldn't cross the interstate.

there is a god. and he likes to drive fast in pursang autos.

don't you think?
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post Oct 7 2010, 05:39 AM
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People in Europe seem to stay to the right to allow fast drivers to move ahead in the left lane. In this country people don't get the concept of staying to the right except when passing and you will often find two drivers traveling side by side at the same speed with a millions cars following them and none able to pass.

I find that actually more dangerous because traffic bunches up at a relatively high speed distances between cars shrink and if attention lapses for an instant you can rear end another car.

I observed another phenomena - texting in the the left lane. What happens here is the texter gets into the left land and goes slow and prevents people from passing because few will use the right lane to pass. This seems to free the texter from having to deal with any traffic ahead because they drive slow enough to maintain an open road in front of them and of course have a trail of many cars behind them stuck because of their need not to be distracted from texting.

Cars are made to drive much faster than the speed limits and this is exhilarating and frustrating. Aside from vanity and so forth having the super high performance cars can be frustrating to actually use our roads.
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post Oct 7 2010, 06:17 AM
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Slower drivers cause accidents.
i recommend a motorcycle for learning to drive.
One learns quikly about road surfaces,
groomed pavement, center of the lane grease strips,
even the painted road lines can be dangerously slippery.
These are things one never can learn on all four.
i find it safest to drive assertively, rather than defensively.
The faster the flow, the thinner the stream.

Why do we even have speed limits and speedometers?

i had a car once with an irreparable speedometer,
i always went a little bit slower than traffic,
(knowing everyone was probably speeding)
and i only went as fast as i felt safe when alone on the road.
i actually became more aware of my speed.
Never got a ticket.

Although it is probably a good idea to have speed limits and speedometers,
without them no one would have a dial to challenge, or a challenge to dial.
Driving in platoons of traffic, would have to take on a flocking mentality,
like birds do.
Stay the same distance apart and always strive to get front and center.
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