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Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum _ United 93 _ Propaganda Used In The Film, "flight 93"

Posted by: Topher Sep 16 2011, 08:55 PM

Having recently viewed the film, "Flight 93" for the first time, (This is the made for TV version from A&E, not to be confused with "United 93") I'm sure I was not alone in a group of truthers noticing the story effects in the film that, in other situations, would merely enhance dramatic effect, instead doubled as a means of propaganda to support the official version of things. While I do not condemn the makers for wanting to create a dramatic movie, I feel that it is important for at least some shards of truth to come through, especially because of the nature of the event described therein.

For instance:

The four hijackers are depicted as tall, imposing individuals, who could intimidate their way into the cockpit with brute force. Of course, in reality, they were small, lean individuals (the tallest was 5'7", I believe, but feel free to correct me).

The four hijackers are as listed by the official report, despite the fact that half of them have been confirmed alive (Ahmed Alnami, and Saeed Alghamdi).

Upon entering the cockpit to eliminate the pilots, the struggle is over quickly, and only a short "Mayday! Mayday! Get outta here!" transmission reaches the ground, unlike the almost 40 second struggle conveyed in the recordings. (Where 32 seconds after the first Mayday transmission, the crew is still saying "Get outta here".)

I am not a pilot, and I couldn't find any screenshots showing it, but I didn't think that the cockpit looked like the cockpit of a 757, although correct me if I'm mistaken. But regardless, the hijackers, especially for people who had never even seen the controls of a 757, seemed quite familiar with it, wasting no time in accelerating the aircraft and turning it towards Washington, D.C..

One of the hijackers is shown with a bomb made of C3 explosives. While it is generally regarded by the official account that any and all bombs reported on the four flights were "bluffs", I still find it difficult to believe that one could walk into airport security with four(?) fake bricks of C3 explosive explicitly labled: "C3 EXPLOSIVE", and not raise any eyebrows.

The phone calls depicted are almost ALL from a cell phone. I don't feel I even need to explain that cell phones simply do not work at 30-40,000 ft up in the air. If you truly do need clarification on this, there are plenty of sources on this forum that should help you.

The ending of the movie has a scene where two firefighters have a conversation with two CIA personnel while at the crash site, apparently looking for the plane.
The conversation goes as followed:

CIA: There a plane in there?

Firefighter: We don't know yet.

CIA: What do you mean?

Firefighter: We're still looking for it. First we thought it was in the hole, but there's nothing in there. It must have landed in the woods, but we haven't located it yet.

CIA: We're talking about a 757. It's a huge airplane!

Firefighter: Yeah. We know.

It seems that instead of covering up the fact that no large pieces of debris were found, the makers of the film simply present you with the facts, one of the few instances in the entire movie. But of course they don't reveal that the plane did not quote, "land in the woods", nor do they mention that debris was spread over an 8 mile radius.

The list could go on, but I'll let any of you post other things you noticed, perhaps is the other film "United 93" (which I understand to be more popular, I apologize if none of you have seen the film I'm talking about.) And again, I'm not accusing the makers of the film to be "in cahoots with" the conspiracy cover-up, I merely think that these un-truths should be acknowledged, rather than ignored as "Hollywood drama".

Please feel free to comment.

Posted by: lunk Sep 16 2011, 09:09 PM

Welcome to P4T.
The main stream media shows a lot of fictional movies.

Perhaps you could tell us a little about yourself in our

Posted by: amazed! Sep 17 2011, 03:51 PM

Yes, no doubt about the Orwellian flavor that permeates society these days, and the use of propaganda to shape the public perception.

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