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Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum _ Debate _ Cyberattack On Sony Smacks Of False Flag!

Posted by: paulmichael Dec 18 2014, 06:46 PM

This morning CBS news aired an interview with former notorious computer hacker Hector Monsegur about the cyberattack on Sony's computers and email systems.

See: .

This interview left me with a number of questions on my mind.

Mr. Monsegur stated that North Korea simply could not have conducted the cyberattack because of the insufficiency of its Internet infrastructure.

He also stated that no one could exfiltrate a terabyte of data over a short period of time. He said that it would take weeks, if not months, to do, and it probably could not happen undetected.

If North Korea doesn’t have the capability to do such a thing, and do it undetected, then who could? The United States government, that's who!

Mr. Monsegur speculates that it was a Sony insider who perpetrated the hack on Sony's computers and who then sold the data to someone who presumably passed it on to the media.

If this were, in fact, the case, don't you think that the F.B.I. could have tracked things down back to the original perpetrators by now? Of course, if our own government was the perp, then the F.B.I. would let things slide.

The next question on my mind is: why would the main stream media disseminate the contents of Sony's email? If it were known that the source was from an alleged hacking incident, then the media would be crazy to trust the admitted dishonest source, but they went with publicizing it all instead. One more thing: Sony is a media company. You'd think that other media companies would be in solidarity with a fellow media company and would respect Sony's privacy as they would be concerned about their own... BUT THE MASS MEDIA HAD NO SUCH RESPECT FOR A FELLOW MEDIA COMPANY!!

Who controls... who pulls the strings of the main stream media? Why, the main stream media is known to be government controlled media. If the government wants one media company to stomp on another media company, then this is exactly what will happen.

The government, per last report, wants to pin the blame for the cyberattack and its subsequent terror threats against theaters on the North Koreans who have issued a denal. If North Korea was behind the terror threat on theaters, then why in the world would they negate the force of that threat by denying things?

This whole episode smacks of a false flag attack.

Be on guard for the next shoe to drop meaning the next false flag attack to be attributed to North Korea and the next fraudulent war.


Posted by: SlackerSlayer Dec 18 2014, 09:39 PM

It sure does smell that way.

Posted by: paulmichael Dec 19 2014, 09:09 AM

QUOTE (SlackerSlayer @ Dec 18 2014, 08:39 PM) *
It sure does smell that way.

Just this morning on "Good Morning America," questions were raised about this alleged cyberattack being an act a war and about what the U.S. response would be.

Now, I am left wondering if there was a cyberattack at all.

I thought back to the time of the fairy tale known as the whacking of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

I thought it odd that the government of Pakistan hardly raised a whimper of protest about its territory being invaded and its sovereignty being violated by the alleged acts of United States Special Forces.

Then I thought that maybe an extra two-and-a-half billion dollars of our money were added to the foreign aid that we grant to Pakistan in order to shut them up. (Or, alternatively, such money OF OURS went directly to line the pockets of Pakistani officials.)

So, back to Sony...

Maybe our government paid Sony something on the order of a half-billion dollars of OUR MONEY to get them to cooperate and just fork over terabytes of their own data. Maybe as a further incentive, Sony was BLACKMAILED into doing so.

Don't you think it odd that Sony quashed the release of their controversial movie "The Interview," totally, in all forms supposedly caving in to the alleged terror threats from North Korea, yet the most controversial clips of that movie relating to the assassination of North Korea's leader are being shown on the televised news to untold millions over and over and over again, that is, to multitudes who had no intention of ever paying good money to see the movie and who could not care less about the content... I, for one, being such an individual?

P.M. (P.S. Have you ever wondered why the government hasn't shut down CBS on the basis of just one show, "Criminal Minds" and its endangering of children and the corruption of children's morals? The government looks the other way thus insuring the cooperation of CBS when CBS is called upon for such cooperation... yet a big stink is being made about the self-censorship of a totally farcical flick known as "The Interview.")

Posted by: paulmichael Dec 19 2014, 10:00 PM

The following Youtube video about the Sony hacking scandal being a false flag opens with the image of a news article sporting a head shot of Angelina Jolie plus the headline: "Sony Hack: Angelina Jolie branded 'seriously out of her mind' in further embarrassing leaked email thread."

Now, picture yourself as the news director of a mainstream media newsroom.

Better yet, picture yourself as the news director of a yellow journalism outfit like "TMZ" or "Inside Edition," and someone from out of the blue comes to you with alleged hacked emails from a corporate computer of a very embarrassing nature.

What would come to your mind?

The first thing that should occur to you is that there was illegality involved here thus making your source A CRIMINAL. With the source's being a criminal, there are only two possibilities regarding his offering: either the offering is genuine or it is falsified. So, with these possibilities in mind, would you pass on the hacked material?

Of course, you would pass, even if your operation was one of yellow journalism.

Yet, there was cooperation from the media, THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, in handling the hacked material, apparently without fear of lawsuits! Why would they proceed without fear? Did they get assurances of less than reputable immunity from the government?

Moving on...

What would be the motive for a false accusation against North Korea?

Is it possible that China wants to go after North Korea, but it would look bad for one communist nation to "go at it" with another communist nation, so maybe China, which holds over one trillion dollars of U.S. debt, would prevail upon the U.S. to do its dirty work?

Is it another possibility that Japan is facing the very real prospect of having to evacuate its country because of the damage done to it by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster while at the same time it wants to keep its country together as a viable ongoing nation?

Think about it. Let's say Japan is being done in by an ever deteriorating nuclear situation with its groundwater being contaminated more and more, spreading farther and wider. If Japan's population goes in all directions around the globe, then there will be no more Japanese government; Japanese politicos will lose all power and position; the yen will be no more. This would not just have implications for the now powerful, prominent ones of Japan; it would have worldwide consequences for the global economy.

Under the circumstances, would Japan eye a nearby territory for colonization?

Would they pass a state's secrecy law to keep their designs under wraps?

Ask yourself: for the United States, which will have much greater priority: the ongoing viability of Japan as a nation together with its yen or a disliked, pip-squeak commie adversary?


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