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i was reading this thread:

and noticed the "eyewitness" hal bidlack's b.s.,

so here is some stuff in the public domain about him:

his own site (he has an alter ego thing, where he not only plays hamilton, but also stays in character as him, answering questions as hamilton, and being hamilton for extended periods):

he is connected closely with the Windstar Foundation description (nasa, biodome, tom crum): www.johndenverpeacecloth.com/documents/jdbio.pdf
he is a member of the Board of Trustees: http://www.wstar.org/ConnectingConnections/page2.html
timeline: http://www.wstar.org/Windstar/FromtheArchives/miles.html

chat log: http://www.john-denver.org/Site/Chat/Transcript.asp?ID=13 :

"I worked at the White House on summer academic breaks from the AF Academy Faculty, serving as Director of Global Environmental Affairs on the National Security COuncil, and later at the STate Department. I'm now back in Colorado, as the Deputy Director of the AF Institute for National Security Stiudies."

"for example, Hal Thau once told me that JD got 300 requests PER MONTH to do charity work. Thus, going after celebs may be less 'cost effective' than, say, going after news anchors."

if you follow the context of the entire chat you see that he is quizzing and attempting to program the fellow windstar members into pushing the "message". he also does a weird alter ego thing here, where he cliks on or off the "good cop" or "bad cop" in himself.

names mentioned (requiring further research): Tom Crum, Rolland Smith, Hal Thau, Phil Plait, Dr. Clay Jankinson ...

his military background/connection:

he joined the State Department as Special Assistant for Security Affairs to the Coordinator of assistance to the former soviet states

http://permanent.access.gpo.gov/lps4417/ww.../FY05Topics.htm :
5.22 What is the future of the current National Security Strategy (NSS)? (See topic 2.29)
? Assess the effectiveness of preemptive or preventive war as a counter-terrorism strategy.
? Assess the degrees of support for the strategy among leaders of potential coalition partners and their publics.
? What are the implications for U.S. defense/military strategy (e.g., what are likely to be the most effective military concepts and resources used to implement the strategy)?
? What are the implications of the NSS on the role of international institutions and agreements?
POC: Dr. Brent Talbot (USAFA/34EG, 719-333-9425) and Lt Col Hal Bidlack (USAFA, 719-333-8251, DSN 333-8251)
Priority: Tier II
Key Terms: treaties, development, deterrent, arms control, doctrine, policy

permanent.access.gpo.gov/lps4417/www.usafa.af.mil/inss/inssb.pdf :
"USAF Institute for National Security Studies
Director Dr. James M. Smith
Deputy Director Lt Col Hal Bidlack
Budget/Admin Ms Diana S. Heerdt
National Defense Fellow Lt Col Bradley Spacy

who is the inss:
INSS was started in 1992, initially as a research arm for HQ USAF/XONP, the Policy Division of the Nuclear and Counterproliferation Directorate of the Air Staff.? It has since grown to include other sponsors and is open to discussing additional sponsorship.

From its inception, INSS has offered several advantages to our sponsors: providing maximum return for scarce research dollars; injecting fresh thinking into the Washington planning process; tapping the skills and knowledge within the military academic community; creating a pool of topical and regional experts; providing a means for educating the Air Force on these issues; and acting as a networking locus to bring together people and ideas.

INSS coordinates and focuses outside thinking in various disciplines and across services to develop new ideas for USAF and DOD policy making. Located at the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs, INSS is an independent research center supported by various DOD organizations. The institute helps to develop research topics, select researchers, administer sponsored research, and host conferences and workshops that facilitate the dissemination of information to a wide range of private and government organizations

www.mipt.org/pdf/INSSOP52.pdf :
Violent Systems: Defeating Terrorists, Insurgents, and Other Non-State Adversaries

"the Institute
INSS is primarily sponsored by the National Security Policy Division of the Nuclear and Counterproliferation Directorate, Headquarters US Air Force (HQ USAF/XONP), and the Dean of the Faculty, USAF Academy. Other sponsors include the Secretary of Defense’s Office of Net Assessment (OSD/NA); the Defense Threat Reduction Agency; the Air Force Information Warfare Center; the Army Environmental Policy Institute; the United States Northern Command/North American Aerospace Defense Command; and the United States Military Academy Combating Terrorism Center. The research leading to the papers in this volume was sponsored by XONP, OSD Net Assessment, and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. The mission of the Institute is “to promote national security research for the Department of Defense within the military academic community, to foster the development viii of strategic perspective within the United States Armed Forces, and to support national security discourse through outreach and education.” Its research focuses on the areas of greatest interest to our organizational sponsors: arms control and strategic security; counterproliferation, force protection, and homeland defense; air and space issues and planning; information operations and information warfare; and regional and emerging national security issues. "

more from the inss:

the majority of results that show up for him are at these various "amazing meetings" that j.randi and co. attend anually. some notable things:

www.cincinnatiskeptics.org/newsletter/v12n5.pdf :
Hal Bidlack – Standards on War on Terrorism "Hal was all over the meeting. He was moderator for approximately half the time and often acted up to lighten the mood. He carried on a running banter with Andrew Harter, another close associate of Randi’s. On one of the evenings, he dressed and impersonated General Alexander Hamilton. He is a Lieutenant Colonel in the air force and has spent many years teaching political science at the Air Force Academy and being involved in government military strategy. (He also was an appropriate bearer of the terrible news of the shuttle Columbia disaster). He is currently Deputy Director of the Air Force Institute for National Security Studies. He talked a little about being involved in a government granting effort to help stabilize Soviet scientists. Shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, we were concerned about the large number of highly trained Soviet scientists who were out of work and who might end up supporting undesirable nations and groups. We therefore set up a grant fund to fund Soviet scientists in Russia. They made a number of unusual proposals. The most unusual was a grant to study of P-waves. These were not supposed to be part of the electromagnetic spectrum and travel faster than the speed of light. Bidlack is currently involved in trying to set up standards of performance for anti-terrorist equipment. Items such as respirator masks have no standardization. How do you know that a given respirator is effective for the threat you are likely to encounter? Standards require a myriad of considerations."

breaks news of columbia disaster during some skeptic meeting: www.skepdic.com/news/newsletter21.html
It was nice to make new friends and see old friends like Ray Hall of Cal State Fresno. The folks at the govt loyalist site are already planning on a larger arena next year. The presenters provided entertainment and education, and the meeting went on more or less as planned despite the news about Columbia. We were fortunate to have amongst us Lt. Col. Hal Bidlack who made the announcement to the crowd of about 250 immediately following Michael Shermer's keynote address. Hal put it this way
I'm a career military officer. This is a tragedy. But these people were doing exactly what they wanted to do, in exactly the place they wanted to be. When Dave Scott set foot on the moon on Apollo XV he said, "Man's fundamental nature is to explore, and this is exploration at its greatest." Gus Grissom gave an interview a week before the fire on Apollo I and he said, "if there's an accident, for God's sake, don't let it stop the program." This is a tragedy, but they understood, and that's what we do in the military.

there's probably more about him i havent found, but i just thought you should know who you are dealing with. to me the guy is definitely one of "them" (as is russ), so approach him with caution.you are welcome to post or use the above info if you find it relevant, but i prefer not to take any credit for it publicly.

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