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The Left Bank

post Apr 13 2014, 09:08 PM
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James Ryan

James Ryan gave a television interview the morning of 9/11. I've seen a still image of the person in that interview, and read what he allegedly said, but the interview has been 404ed (AFAIK).

Pentagon disinformationist, John Farmer, added him to a "list" of what he claimed were people who supported the official path on a section of Columbia Pike well before the Sheraton Hotel and Navy Annex area. Where he got his alleged POV from, I don't know, but there are several issues with Farmer's claim.

Here is the alleged transcript from that interview:

James Ryan, 27, a former US Navy Attache, a computer company employee lives a couple of miles from the Pentagon. His car wasn't starting so he was on Columbia Pike, looking for a mechanic to fix it. Looking up overhead to his left, he saw:

Ryan: A silver plane; I could see 'AA' on the tail, I noticed the landing gear was up...Well I heard [making a buzzing sound that drops in pitch] and so I looked up. And when I looked up . . . on my left....

Q: How high was he?

Ryan: within a hundred feet...it was very low. At that point he tilted his wings, this way [right wing down] and then this way. [left wing down]

Ryan:.... At that point the plane was slow, so that happened concurrently with the engines going down....and then straightened out suddenly and hit full gas ... so loud it hurt my ears.
The plane was low enough I could see the windows in the plane .. every detail of the plane.

Q: And you saw it hit the Pentagon?
RJ: No at that point it went down because I was approaching a hill.
And at that point it went straight down over the hill
and a moment later I heard this terrific boom!, a very deep boom! sound, and then immediately I saw all the orange and yellow sort of ball of fire and then thick black smoke go up in to the air. . . .

1) He claims to have seen the aircraft at low altitude ("100ft")

2) he claims to have physically seen the fireball ("orange and yellow")

3) He claims that he was approaching a hill and couldn't physically see the descent. He didn't say that it disappeared behind buildings that line the entire road, south of Columbia Pike.

Columbia Pike (before the Pentagon basin):


Here's the POV from Columbia Pike towards the area in question (I've actually screencapped an area more than a kilometre away from Farmer's original placement - it's ridiculous). The Sheraton Hotel can be seen on the left (I've assumed that he was walking in the opposite direction to tally with the official and the witnessed aircraft at this stretch of road which would have him allegedly turning to his "left" to see it):


I've seen the POV that he would have had where Farmer dumped him none.

Not for the official path (which the alleged altitude was much higher than "100ft" - not using this altitude as an exactitude but he's definitely describing a very low aircraft)

Remember, Columbia Pike:


And the NTSB path in relation to it:


There are high rise apartments dotted along Columbia Pike in the area Farmer claims Ryan was situated. Here are just a few examples:


He would not have been in a position to see any of the fireball nor the NTSB flightpath over the Navy Annex carpark, south of Columbia Pike.
No way was he is in this area according to his description and what he could physically see to make those descriptions.

For future reference, an image taken from a closer perspective along the same stretch of road just before the Sheraton Hotel the VDOT antenna, where the official aircraft allegedly passed to the right of, is also marked:


There is corroboration for what he described from both audio and visual witness testimony.

Remember, he described the aircraft as "slow", "the engines going down", then "hit[ting] full gas" and being "loud".

This sequence of events is repeated from multiple angles.

There are multiple witnesses who describe this acceleration from within the Pentagon basin but one in particular describes the same sequence of engine noises that Ryan described. William Middleton.

And as it went down, you could see that he was fightin' with it. Then, you hear him when he... kick? I don't--- Uh, full throttle. As he was comin' in, you could hear it whistlin' [makes whistling sound] and after a while, you heard it kick [makes higher pitched sound].

A: As he was down, he was down here. And you could see the plane we... weavin' like this...Then, he opened the throttle up.

William Middleton

According to William Middleton, this sequence of events occurred as the aircraft passed him by at the upper end of Arlington Cemetery just beyond the Navy Annex.


The reason for so much detail on just one witness is because of two possible scenarios (one of which is probable) and a definite spanner (or two) in the official story.

Remember, Ryan also describes a right bank followed by a left bank (according to the transcript) and then straightening up.

There are two possible areas where this left bank occurred. Or two possible left banks (of which Ryan saw just one)

The first is between the Sheraton Hotel area and Terry Morin's position at the Navy Annex. Madelyn Zakhem who was outside the VDOT building claimed that she saw the right wing over her position. That the aircraft banked to the left "to avoid the VDOT antenna" (Ed Paik's garage and carpark can be seen to the bottom left of the following image just below the quote):


The problem with this scenario is that Terry Morin described the aircraft as being level above his POV so if this left bank were true, the "straightening up" that Ryan described would have began just before reaching him.

Ed Paik was adamant that the aircraft flew over his building towards the Navy Annex.

His brother, Shinki Paik who was in the office at the time described seeing a shadow pass through the shop while sitting behind the counter. An interesting breakdown on using this shadow to pinpoint the aircraft as it passed their position (and which contradicts Zakhem's trajectory) can be found here:


Based on the azimuth of the sun that morning, positional data was extrapolated:


We now have two (possibly three) positional points for the path of the aircraft along Columbia Pike. The Paik shadow, Madelyn Zakhem's right wing and Terry Morin's "over his head" statement.

Going back to the left bank...

Another witness who describes a left bank ("swerve") is Donald Carter who was at the upper end of the ANC buildings.


The plane actually veered off, sort of like he swerved off, and then he caught... you know, got... got on track.....seemed like he did a swerve and then he straightened it back up, and then the engines sort of revved up

He also described the same sequence of events as Ryan and Middleton.

Q: You were saying that when it was over the Navy Annex, it sounded like it was quiet at first? Or what, wh--- The engines were shut off?

A: Yes. And then, and then once he, um, shifted, when his wings shifted like, he was shift... like he got off course, balance or whatever. And then, and then he revved it--- Once he got back on course, he revved his engines his engines back up...

Here's the left bank he described:

Other unconfirmed reports such as David Marra describe this left bank (allegedly viewing from just beyond the Navy Annex on the I395 motorway):


And Deb Anlauf, allegedly viewing from the 14th floor of the Sheraton Hotel who was reported as saying that the aircraft had to "swoop" around the hotel:


Another who may define the sequence of this left bank (or second left bank) was Albert Hemphill:

He was slightly left wing down as he appeared in my line of sight, as if he'd just "jinked" to avoid something.



Ryan's account is too similar to others within the Pentagon basin for him to have been describing a separate event.

1. Slow aircraft (coupled with engine noise described by Middleton)

2. A left bank and "straightening up"

3. Acceleration.

All of this, according to the POV along the length of Columbia Pike, suggests that all that he saw occurred above the Columbia Pike/Navy Annex airspace and beyond.

Donald Carter may be corroborating Zakhem's "left tilt" as the aircraft flew past her POV but Morin didn't describe a bank above his head. Unless it had relatively levelled at this point.

Albert Hemphill gives the best idea of where the aircraft was pulling out of this left bank. Even going as far as describing the aircraft as having "jinked to avoid something".

Donald Carter is the only person at the ANC buildings to describe this sudden left bank, although Darius Prather's path suggests this manouevre:


The other ANC witnesses describe a right bank starting after it cleared the Navy Annex and before reaching Citgo, so Carter may have seen the left bank between the Sheraton Hotel and the Navy Annex.

Ryan may have been (slightly) further up Columbia Pike but that doesn't change a thing:

Remember that the "Annex antenna" is where Morin described the aircraft going "right over the top" of him, and where Prather placed the aircraft over the Annex:

Allegedly watching the aircraft from South Parking was Noel Sepulveda

You could hear the engines being revved up even higher

It seemed like the pilot was scrambling to keep control

Also watching from South Parking was Levi Stephens who claimed in a CIT interview..


I saw this [plane] come flying over the Navy Annex

He said he saw the plane "wobble" after passing over the Navy Annex.

Watching the aircraft also was Sean Boger in the heliport

In fact he was trying to get control of the aircraft

This information cements the ONA (over the Navy Annex) and NOC flightpath (as if it needed any more verification) bit it also buries the alleged FDR data. More to follow.
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Sweet! How do you do this?
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The right bank of plane from Taiwan plane crash. This is how any photo of a plane crashing into pentagon might have appeared if captured on any type of media.

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