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Consolidated Video Proof Of High-speed Military Drone Birds During Wtc Attack, New & Consolidated Research into 9/11 High-Speed Drone-Birds

Alan H.
post Feb 23 2014, 10:33 AM
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I know not many are covering or interested in this topic, but for the sake of any that do or might in the future, I
wanted to give an update on my little "investigation" into these strange objects, most of which (but not all) look like
birds, but which--due to speed, size, and tendencies for flying into & thru explosions, & dense, toxic smoke from the
explosion/impacts at the Towers--I have determined to NOT be "real" organic birds.
I've tried to show this in some videos, and this exploration has been documented in this thread.
Anyway here's my update/summary:

I started calling them "black-birds" at first, then switched to "darkbirds" because I realized,
like the "plane" (which hit S. Tower) they appear black from 1 angle, & grey from another.
At first I thought these objects in the footage from FDR drive of the S. Tower crash were high-speed drones, then upon
inspection I realized they were behaving more like some type of projection, which looks pale & like a "shadow" when
viewed against the backdrop of a bld, but then when against the background of/or "in" the sky, they looked like 3-
dimensional objects--specifically, like black birds, if they were about the size of a pterodactyl and could fly at what I &
others have calculated to be moving at speeds over 2000 MPH.
Indeed, using different methods of calculation, both I and another person independently came-up w/speeds within
56 MPH of 1 another. I came up with 2,784 MPH & another guy, (whose video is linked in this thread somewhere),
came-up w/a speed of 2727 MPH or 4000 FPS., even tho the video title mistakenly reads 2323 MPH.

That speed was hard to believe for a drone that appears to have moveable wings, but I thought maybe they were
using what is called "stealth morphing" technology, which is pretty amazing, to achieve this illusion. If interested, see
thread links such as "NASA stealth-morphing drone" YT video.

But these bigger, very fast moving objects in the FDR drive video were some type of holographic-like projection,
it seemed, after careful study (see previous post for details). They also didn't look like they'd been inserted into the
footage, & I could see no reason to think why someone would do such a thing, and then not talk about it?
No, that makes no sense, & they didn't look anything like CGI.
I also really dislike that some try to say that all of 9/11 was accomplished w/video-fakery--as if there were no real
people on the ground or in nearby buildings in New York, all these 100s if not 1000s of eyewitnesses, & yet they point
to it being "a bad special effect" as a reason for believing it 2B video-fakery! If it were just video-fakery, don't you think
it would look PERFECT and not like a "bad special effect," given how much money was behind this?

Sorry, I digress. Anyway, what I was saying was that my conclusion was--and still is--that these are some type of real
phenomenon (even if holographic) that was caught on camera.
The amateur footage of 9/11 is most of what we have for evidence, & I think this "it was all video fakery" disinfo is
a way for the perps to try to take this evidence away from us, too--to just dismiss all the damning footage.
Most of the amateur footage of the 9/11 2nd attacks & collapses is, IMO, genuine & unaltered. Some objects may've been
removed (instead of inserted) from some MSM videos, & perhaps that's why the skies in those often look so damn
"hazy" while you see clear blue skies in the amateur videos, unlike the clear blue skies we see in amateur footage.
But again, I digress.

I was also partly wrong about the video manipulation. Although my views on this & everything I just said remain the
same, it turns out that this video from FDR drive is 1 piece of such footage that has been manipulated,
but I think it was done post-release. Anyway, I discovered this guy who has a massive collection of footage of these
"birds" & who has similar ideas about them. I will list the website here soon.
As I started looking at other videos of this same footage, I noticed that some contained a different number of these
"birds"--the really fast ones at the beginning, not the weird "pair" (actually, that last image/object, if you look closely
would best be described as "1.5 bird") that flies up from behind the Tower, and then up thru the explosion to fly
towards the camera at an angle, at the end. Not that one. I'm talking about the 3 big pairs of fast-moving "birds" shown
in my own video, "Darkbird drones & N. Tower explosion" (linked elsewhere) and in many (most?) versions of the FDR
In some videos or versions of this video, there are only 2 pairs of these 1st big, super-fast "birds," 2 at the beginning,
& 2 more a couple secs later, while in most there are 2 pairs of these blackbirds all arriving
close enough together so that I have a still that shows 4 of these objects, (2 pairs), which look more like giant bats
from the back than birds, against a backdrop showing them in the sky between the Towers & the S. Bridge Towers IV
But in other footage, there are only 2 of these "birds," so someone has altered one version of this video! This is yet
another reason to conclude that this subject considered so silly or out-there by many, may indeed be closer to some truth
than people suspect, because, as I've already said, most of the amateur videos have NOT been manipulated. If they
were, don't you think they would've "fixed-up" that plane, like repairing its vanishing wing? Of course they would. But
yet someone's taken the trouble to change the number of "birds" shown in the FDR footage? I will soon be making a
video showing this manipulation & difference.

I don't care that many dismiss this stuff w/ the "birds," (even those of you who know these aren't real birds)
and I don't blame anyone for that position. Actually, in a way, I'm glad, because I don't have time to "debate" the issue.
But I think time may eventually prove that there's a link between these "birds" & the "plane" that is very important.
Perhaps understanding that link would shed some light on the "how" of 9/11. Or maybe not. I don't get too attached to
theories. I think that is one of the downfalls of the "truth movement"-- everyone's division over the "how" of the event
and attachment to the various theories out there, not considering the probability that no one's figured it out yet.

This new video I just made shows another 1 of these "birds" which I believe to be some-type of projection.
Indeed, I think the similarities between the "bird" & the "plane" should start to become obvious to anyone who looks.
Here's that video:

Strangest "bird" of all?

I always here this debate between the people who believe the plane was a drone & the people who believe it was video-
fakery, neither of which really addresses all the evidence. I've already spoke about how I feel about video-fakery: yes,
it's been used to a minor degree & mostly just w/MSM news, & mostly just w/pics & not video. The Pentagon videos, now,
that's completely different--I myself made a video showing a backwards-moving layer of video that plays in the security
camera 2 footage while the rest of the video moves forward. But they couldn't rely on that after whatever happened w/
the first Tower.
I used to be one of the "drone people," lol. But then I started thinking about how much you'd have to harden a plane
to get the tips of the wings to slice thru thick steel and/or to not have the tail section to break-off, which would all ad
even more weight, requiring yet even more powerful engines to make it do those speeds at those altitudes. And I also
thought about how the NTSB didn't even do an investigation.

And then I look at the video & I don't even see the front of the plane crumpling! So, I decided, no, it's not a 767-sized
drone. But it wasn't video-fakery either, or eyewitnesses wouldn't have seen or filmed a plane!
However, there is a 3rd possibility--that the plane was some type of hologram being generated around a much smaller
& hardened drone. Or a holographic projection of a plane around 2 drones (it does kind of look like some type of
impact where the engines were). This would account for all of the evidence, and would explain why the plane, as it
moves within the shadow of the Tower as it's about to "impact," appears to lose one wing! This happens in both front
& side-angle shots, so it doesn't seem to be a "trick of the camera." Also, from the front it looks like tail-fin/vertical
stabilizer moves to the side, & from the side it looks like the entire tail section dips down, and indeed the entire "plane"
look weird & rubbery and--I would submit--kinda like ones of these strange black "birds."

Here's the link to this website with lots of footage of strange "birds." Some of these are real birds, as he points out.
Some of them may be real birds he mistakes for something else. I'm not endorsing everything in this video, now.
Some, like this footage I expanded upon in my video about the "767-sized black "bird" are obviously not real birds,
but are, as I've said, some type of projection, I think.
And yet some of these "birds," I believe, may be actual drones, as does this guy. But he also points out a strange
phenomenon with them, too, & ultimately concludes pretty much as I have--that some very advanced technology was
used to pull off this "grand-illusion" & war-crime.

9-11 Birds

I wouldn't have believed any of this stuff myself a year or so ago. I probably would've even
considered it as many of you might--a distraction. But I don't think so anymore. I will admit though, I do believe the
strongest evidence of the false-flag nature of 9/11 were in the demolitions of the Tower & the impossibility of amateur
pilots over-taking 4 planes before 1 could transmit a hi-jacking code, then fly them into these landmarks at high-
precision while pushing the planes beyond their limits & outwitting NORAD, etc.
And I also think that proving the OCT wrong is most important task for the "truth movement."
I think it's been accomplished to a great deal. What we need is cohesion & a call for accountability. We must also look
forward & be ready for the next 9/11 & never let ourselves be shocked into stupidity again. I mean, I knew something
was wrong on day one, but I put it out of my mind because it was good to feel united as a country, & they used that
against us, & continue to do so. Look how successful the Jews have been with the "you're an anti-Semite" defense/
ad-hominen attack (I've nothing against Jews, just Zionists & Israeli gov't) & then remember that Palestinians & indeed
all Arabs are Semites, too, & use that! Learn their tricks, how the PTB manipulate language & opinion & use those
tools for your own defense & the defense of liberty.

But, just as others like to play at speculation upon the "how" of it all, so do I. If you don't find this topic interesting, I
understand. And anyone can say "these are just real birds" but I'm not going to reply to what I consider the same type
of denial/inability to see as not seeing that those Towers were blown-apart somehow. Indeed, somehow, steel was
made to turn to freaking dust! This is a slight digression, but
I don't think that was thermite! Thermite & thermate were probably used, but I also think it's very likely
that some other, more advanced technology was used. I'm not fan of Judy Woods, but to dismiss a theory because as
a public we're unaware of technology capable of turning steel into dust/powder (I've used thermite so I know the
typical thermite reaction, for any of you who may be freaking-out that I question this in regards to those remaining core
columns turning to dust/smoke) or, for that matter, of creating believable 3-D holographic projections. Actually, there
was some documentation on this, just as there once was on the fact that the Pentagon has surface to air missiles, but
it's no longer available.
Anyway, I'm not saying thermite or nano-thermite wasn't used, but I think we should keep an open mind about this.
Also, if that was really concrete that melted, I'm not sure thermite can do that, but maybe nano-thermite can. IDK. I'd
like to see more proof. Again, the only thing I know for sure is that it wasn't a natural collapse.

1 final thing about the "darkbirds" (which I think I'm going to start calling "shadow-birds," ;-). I noticed that in this
video interview of this African American couple (I don't know their names, they were dressed mostly in white) concerning
explosions they heard, that the lady, when she's talking about the event, says something like "I saw a shadow which
I guess turned out to be a plane."
So, I found that statement interesting because it seems to indicate that the "plane" looked strange, like a shadow, from
inside the Tower, too--if I understood their statement correctly.

Anyway, so I wanted to kind of update my progress on this subject, for the few who might be interested now or later.
I'll be back if/when I have something new to report on this subject.

~Alan H. Veil.

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