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Are You Happy Now?, A truly RELIGIOUS Question!

post Apr 26 2007, 07:38 PM
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Exceptional timing of an article from Jeff Rense causes me to post this RELIGIOUS Question to one and all who might stumble upon this posting of mine.


Those are the words from the CHORUS lyrics of Michelle Branch's popular pop song:

"Could you look me in the eye,
and tell me that YOU ARE HAPPY NOW oooohhh
Would you tell me to my face or have I been erased,
ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?" - quoting from:


The from the 4th century prophecy of SAINT NILUS on/about our 20th century:

"And when they have achieved this, these UNHAPPY PEOPLE will spend their lives in comfort without knowing, poor souls, that it is deceit of the Antichrist." - from


Well...."ARE YOU HAPPY NOW???" Are you HAPPY with the secularized, materialistic, neo-pagan 'World' you are currently entrapped and immersed in - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, year in and year out, decade after decade which makes up the passage of your "Lifetime"?

You can lie about the truth OR you can tell the truth about the lie. And you can lie about the lie OR you can tell the truth about truth.

Telling 'the truth about the truth' is what is called in OLD-FASHIONED Catholic Moral Theology as an 'EXAMINATION OF CONSCIENCE' which is meant to bring an individual around to the BRILLIANT CONCLUSION that they need to obtain God's Forgiveness, God's Blessing and God's Revitalizing Spiritual Healing in the Catholic Church's Sacrement of CONFESSION (or, if you prefer, 'RECONCILIATION'.

God Incarnate, Christ Jesus Himself, said these Words to ALL THE PEOPLES of our 'World':


And there is this other 'Spiritual Reality' - ALL human beings have a 'Free Will' to either make OR NOT make their personal decisions.

- tocarm

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post Apr 26 2007, 08:42 PM
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The gods and angels of the bible ascended and descended from the heavens in ships. alien.gif
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post Apr 27 2007, 05:43 AM
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Do you celebrate Christmas, Tocarm?
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post Apr 27 2007, 07:32 AM
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QUOTE (tocarm @ Apr 27 2007, 01:38 AM)

And there is this other 'Spiritual Reality' - ALL human beings have a 'Free Will' to either make OR NOT make their personal decisions.

Well Tocarm, if this god of yours grants us that freedom, how about YOU respecting that for a change??

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post Apr 27 2007, 08:55 AM
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Yes- all human beings do have that free will;
we all create our own reality, one way or another.
Will i get myself into trouble with God for the reality i create for myself?
But i have come to the conclusion some time ago that that will be between God and myself: That, too, will be *my* reality.
I will answer for that.
Nobody else.
In the meantime, i have every intention to be able to look into a mirror when i die.
Not with a frown, and not with a fearful expression.
But with a smile.
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post Apr 27 2007, 09:46 AM
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I have always tried to live this life I have been given as fully as possible, constantly amazed at the intricate balanced beauty of the world around me and the human capacity of love.
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post Apr 14 2014, 08:11 PM
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QUOTE (tocarm @ Apr 26 2007, 11:38 PM) *
Well...."ARE YOU HAPPY NOW???" Are you HAPPY with the secularized, materialistic, neo-pagan 'World' you are currently entrapped and immersed in - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, year in and year out, decade after decade which makes up the passage of your "Lifetime"?

You can lie about the truth OR you can tell the truth about the lie. And you can lie about the lie OR you can tell the truth about truth.

No, it's literally hell. And profoundly exacerbated, by an interminably enthusiastic society, that's unwilling/unable to discuss Ontology.

I'm forever striving for permanent liberation.

QUOTE (Professor Michael Allen Gillespie)
Being, which had been understood as truth (aletheia), nature, God, and subjectivity, is understood at the end of modernity as nothing, as just another value or being. In this way the original experience of Being is completely forgotten and the impulse it gave the West is thus at its end. In this end the mystery and wonder that Being evoked are completely swallowed up in the self-certainty of subjectivity in and as the will to power and an unfettered totalitarian world technology. Moreover, man who had already passed from hero-artist to philosopher to saint degenerates even further as scientist, worker, and brute. The modern world and modern man are in this sense the last phase in the withdrawal of Being and are characterized by an unprecedented darkness and barbarism, a darkness so black that it even lacks the light to understand itself as darkness and indeed conceives of itself as enlightenment, as the brightest and most glorious epoch in human history.
The question of Being is thus not merely a crucially important theoretical question but the decisive and determining question of Western civilization itself. It is indeed the question whether there shall be a West, whether there shall be a human Being or only a wasteland populated by tool-using brutes, by the last men living under the mantel of Americanism, Marxism, or Nazism.

~ 'Hegel, Heidegger, and the ground of History', 1984.

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Tamborine man
post Apr 16 2014, 12:13 AM
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Near the end of the supremely unique work "Toward The Light"
the following can be found, that just might lift the veil from the
eyes of many good intelligent and advanced people:

To the dogmatic believer, the fanatic, the narrow-minded, and to those human beings to whose bodies are bound young and
undeveloped spirits, the notion will in all likelihood occur that this message is the work of Antichrist (Satan16 or his emissary).
For the benefit of such people, the following examples suggest how they may compare that given in this work—under the
guidance of God and through the influence of the Light—with that given through age-old scriptures, through tradition and
through orthodox dogma of human origin, all of which came into being during the time Ardor fought to withhold from mankind
as much as possible of the truth and the Light.

Which is the mightiest, the highest God?

He who hitherto has appeared in human consciousness as the creator of the imperfect human body, of that world of sin and
death in which human beings live; who caused one part of his divinity to appear as a human being in order through his blood
sacrifice to reconcile the other part of his divine being with the fallen and sinful beings created by his full being?


He Who in His foresight arranged all things so that He could bring His fallen children and their creatures under the harmonizing
influence of the Light, in order thus to restore His children and make their creatures His own; who in all ways, by every possible
means, and along many roads tries to lead the human beings away from Darkness and sin and toward Light and truth?

Which God is the more just?

He who sentences the human spirit after one brief earthly lifetime; who demands blind obedience and belief without understanding;
who demands through his emissaries that the true faith shall be spread by the sword; who sanctifies war; who is the supreme
warlord for one belligerent party, for the other or for all parties, and who thus contradicts himself; who selects one people as his
own over all others?


He Who allows human beings the number of earthly lifetimes needed to ripen their spirit and overcome the powers of Darkness;
Who compels none to blind obedience and blind faith in human dogmas; Who through His emissaries calls ever to human beings:
you shall not kill, nor take by force, nor rob; Who turns away in grief from human beings when they wage war; who selects not
one people, but says: all human beings are equal before Me, all stand equally near to My Paternal Heart?

Which is the more loving, the more compassionate God?

He who gifts a chosen few with everlasting life; who lets sinful human beings be condemned to punishment in an everlasting hell,
that the pleasures of the blessed in the Kingdom of Heaven be the greater against the backdrop of the sufferings of the lost; who
demands that human beings torment and confine themselves in narrow cloisters and hide away from life and from the Light; who
demands that people pray at given hours and recite prescribed words; who must be continually bribed with blood sacrifice, sweet
incense, with gold, silver and precious stones before granting any prayer; who demands baptism, communion and so on in order
to receive the true believers and to forgive the repentant; and he who chains the Prince of Evil forever in the darkest abyss of Hell?


He Who bestows the gift of eternal life upon all who will receive it; Who opens His Paternal Home to all and bids all welcome when
they have overcome sin and Darkness, and when their spirit has been made fully pure by the Light; Who seeks to open human eyes
to all that is good and beautiful, that the joys in earthly existence may help them bear its burdens of Darkness; Who has ever an
open ear and a loving heart for the yearning and the heartfelt prayers of repentant human beings; Who gives with no demand of
tribute— or even thanks; Who says: that which you have sinned against Me, that I forgive when you repent and when you pray;
Who could forgive the one who had sinned the most and fallen the deepest, and who had opposed Him through millions of years?

In this way, all that is now given mankind through this work should be arranged and compared with that previously given, and
should there still be those who insist that this is the work of Antichrist, there is but one answer to such an assertion:
the spiritually blind and the spiritually deaf can also, through new incarnations, come to realize the truth.


For more on this subject, please read the OP in the "Life after Death" thread,
as well as post #11 on the same page.

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