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Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum _ United 175 _ Why No Tag?

Posted by: kawika Oct 10 2011, 03:35 PM

I would like to know why ATCs all around the NY Center fail to follow the progress of UA175? Over and over they are surprised.

At 8:46:41 the code changed from 1470 to 3020. The code changed again from 3020 to 3321 at 8:47:36.

One of the ATCs can be heard (mark 2:30) saying he lost him. How could he lose him?

In the radar dataset there is no aircraft ID. I don't understand why the 1470, 3020 or 2231 beacons were not associated with the UA175 tag.

Posted by: amazed! Oct 11 2011, 11:02 AM

Interesting audio. I know a man sees what he wants to see, but I try not to disregard the rest.

My take is that it is 2 (I guess 2 or 3) controllers communicating by land line. One of those controllers must be in a tower, for he is able to look out the window. The other guy cannot.

The mention of terrorism sounds to me like the result of the influence of Vigilant Guardian on FAA activities that morning. Is this real world, or training exercise? type mentality displayed by other controllers and NEADS.

So while the one controller in front of a screen is following a particular target is talking to the tower guy who can look out the window and see the impact of that target, it seems to be a genuine exchange between the 2 men. That is, both guys are innocent players caught up in the scam they know nothing about.

To me, this audio strongly suggests that the radar information they were watching and discussing was not spoofed.

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