Japanese Senator Questions 9/11, Direct Confrontation with Prime Minister

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Alan Miller
post Jan 12 2008, 06:58 PM
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On January 11th 2008, Fujita Yukihisa made a 30 minute presentation at the House of Councillors (equivalent to the U.S. Senate). He directly questioned the official version of 9/11 in a session with Japanese Prime Minister Fukuda Yasuo and members of his Cabinet.

Fujita is a member of the opposition party, Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ). He was elected to the House of Councillors in 2007. He is a former Member of the House of Representative and Former Vice Director General of the International Department of the Democratic Party of Japan.

Fujita emphasized that there was never an official police investigation into the deaths of the 24 Japanese citizens who were killed on 9/11.

He stated that many in the US doubt the official version of 9/11 and numerous individuals have collected evidence that contradicts the government's version, which can be seen on many websites.

During his speech, an aide showed several larges photos of:
- the Pentagon entry and exit hole and a scale overlay of a 757
- the flight path towards the Pentagon
- the WTC Twin Towers exploding
- the WTC 7 collapse
- the early announcment of the collapse of WTC 7 by the BBC and CBS

He demanded further investigation of 9/11.

This issue is being raised now as part of the discussion of whether Japan should increase its military and financial support of the "War on Terror"

Video of his presentation can be seen in three parts at Video of Speech Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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English transcript/translation of above videos now available here http://pilotsfor911truth.org/forum...showtopic=10563

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post Jul 23 2008, 09:58 PM
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I just found the following interview with Mr. Fujita on a German website, "Hintergrund.de".
The original is in German; so I translated the whole thing into English.
If anyone notices any mistakes in that translation, please let me know.





Japans biggest opposition-party doubts the official version of 9/11

Interview with Yukihisa Fujita on June 18 2008:

Yukihisa Fujita, Deputy of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) travels at present across Europe. His goal is to build an international network of leading politicians and recognised personalities who will work towards a renewed investigation regarding the terror-attacks of September 11 2001. In his role as chairman of a parliamentary commitee regarding foreign policy issues, he already questioned the Japanese prime minister and several ministers on January 10 of this year in connection with the inconsistencies within the official interpretation of 9/11. According to his own statements, Fujita was supported in this request by his party, the DPJ - the most important opposition-party in Japan.
The parliamentarian doubts regarding the official version of 9/11 by several Japanese politicians drew attention internationally.
Fujitas calls for a new and independent investigation of the tragedy of six years ago have brought him on June 17 and 18 to Berlin.
'Hintergrund' questioned the politician about his request before he travelled on to Rome.

Mr. Yukihisa Fujita, you would like to speak with European politicians to discuss the inconsistencies and gaps in the official interpretation of September 11.
How did you discover this topic, and why is it important ?

Well- It's already a few years in the past- when I spoke with (members of) a Japanese Citizens initiative, working for the civilian victims of the war in Afghanistan. They called the civilians who had died in Afghanistan "Victims of 9/11". And I asked them why they would call the civilian casualties of that war Victims of 9/11.
They told me that this war was a direct result of 9/11, and also that far more people had died in Afghanistan then in New York.
This showed me for the first time that normal Japanese citizens felt were the true victims of 9/11 could in the main be found. This was the first moment I began to be more interested in the background of 9/11.

And you began to investigate ?

First there was another moment which awakened my doubts. Namely when a lecturer in my electoral district told me that the Americans can win wars through their superior technology, and that they can kill the Taliban. But he was surprised that the price of a life lost in Afghanistan seemed much lower than the price of a life lost in New York. And that seemed unjust.
These two experiences led me to asking if it was right to conduct the war in Afghanistan as an answer to 9/11.

So you first questioned the meaning of the war in Afghanistan, but not yet the official version of 9/11 ?

Some time passed, and it so happened that I had a chance to watch several critical documentaries regarding 9/11. The films were "911 In Plane Site", "Loose Change" aso.
But at that point those films could not yet convince me that 9/11 could have happened in the way in which it was depicted there. I told myself that it could not have happened like that. It simply seemed too extreme.

What brought you to reconsider this possibility after dismissing it at first ?

Last year I was confronted by new facts, which I simply could no longer ignore.
For example the fact that one section of the World Trade Center complex, WTC7- a 47-storey-towerblock- had collapsed late afternoon on September 11, even though it had not been hit by any aircraft.

World Trade Center 7 stood about 100m away from the North-tower of the two Twin-towers and had roughly half their height. The building had suffered slight damage through the collapsing twin-towers on one side. At 17:20 in late afternoon it suddenly collapsed.
The building did not tilt sideways or collapse partially, but collapsed simultaneously and symetrically into its own footprint. The collapse happened at the speed of free fall, namely 6.5 seconds.
The structural substance was almost completely pulverized.

The collapse of WTC 7 is one of those facts which can simply not be ignored. After I looked at WTC 7, I watched several documentaries which dealt with the supposed impact of an aircraft at the Pentagon again.
Then I heard of the Put-options...

...A financial product by which the buyer can bet on the falling quotations of a stock-corporation as well as other values.

...Which had been placed in unusually high numbers with the very companies which suffered falling quotations due to the catastrophy. This fact was verified by the then head of the Deutsche Bundesbank.
I thought back then that all those are facts which no longer fit into the official version, no matter how much one tries.

And this reinforced your intention to question the Prime minister of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in respect to the contradictions of 9/11 ?

The deciding moment came with a speech held in parliament by a well-known Japanese politician. He argued that Japan had to support the Americans in their wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for the simple reason that Japanese citizens had also died on September 11.
When I heard that, I thought that if 9/11 is still being used to justify the Japanese participation in these wars, then the Japanese public must have a right to also hear about these new facts. So I spoke with several members of the Government and discovered that here and there other politicians had doubts about the doubtful impact of an aircraft at the Pentagon-site or the supposed crash of the plane in Pensylvania as well.
And even the minister for defense mentioned the possibility of an involvement of the US-Government in the events of September 11.
All this contributed to my decision to direct a series of questions at the Prime Minister and other Ministers of the Government, on January 10 2008.
For example, I asked if the deaths of Japanese citizens on September 11 2001 had ever been investigated independently by the Japanese Government, or if they had simply relied on the statements given by the US-Government.

You used your position as chairman of comitee on defense- and foreign policy. Your presentation lasted half an hour. And you used that time to present the assembled parliamentarians with a selection of visual- and text-material. What were the reactions ?
Were you not subjected to hostility ?

To my surprise there was no hostility from the ranks of the Government party at all. They were very quiet. They must have felt that I studied the facts regarding 9/11 at length and in depth. And that therefore they were in no position to counter me with viable arguments.
In the following days, there were two articles which tried to present me in a negative light or ridicule me. But nobody tried to criticize me in public for what I did.
In the days after, I discovered that many members of my party had also issues with the official version of 9/11.
But on the whole, they still had not yet enough information to challenge the Government with open questions. After my presentation at the Japanese parliament, many of these politicians came to me and told me that they had already heard of this or that inconsistency, or even that they had come across information themselves.
Especially over the last few months, many important politicians of my own party have assured me of their support for what I'm doing.
This has then resulted in two further presentations about the discrepancies of 9/11 before party-members. And by now I'm also in contact with several politicians from within the LDP who support me in my request for a new international investigation.

At the moment you are travelling through Europe trying to build contacts to European politicians. What concrete goal will you be following in the next months ?

Over the last few months I have used many an opportunity to travel to Europe and to speak with politicians who have uttered doubts about the official story of 9/11.
I spoke to politicians from Britain, Italy and Germany and also met with politicians of the European parliament. And they were quite grateful to hear from politicians from other countries who work on the same issue as myself. After all the talks conducted by me I have the impression that many politicians are quite certain that the official version of 9/11 can not be true. But they feel isolated within their own parties or their own parliaments.
They decidedly need more support from other politicians.
Through international networking, we will also be able to better co-ordinate (our actions) and prevent potential attacks.

The psychological barrier to deal with this issue is quite high.
How do you deal with that ?

To make it easier for politicians from other countries to get organised themselves, we have prepared a petition which can be signed internationally by individual politicians.
Main focal point of this petition is the demand for a new and especially independant investigation regarding the events of September 11 2001.
And I believe that the request to begin impeachment-proceedings against President Bush which was presented by Deputy Dennis Kucinich to the US-Congress last week will be great encouragement for all those politicians who work towards a renewed investigation of 9/11.
I think it will now become easier and easier. For the individual politicians, who have been alone with their doubts up to now, will in the future communicate more with each other.

The argument is often used that those events are six years in the past and that since then new political problems have arisen.

But many of them are directly or indirectly connected to 9/11.
And because of that, I believe that a new investigation of 9/11 may prove to be the key to reaching a change in course in regard to the many political problems.
For 9/11 did not only justify the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to the USA.
The USA have also used this event to enforce a political line against other nations which otherwise could not have been followed.
I remind you in this regard of the Echelon-system, which is used for industrial espionage, for example.
Before September 11, there was resistance within the EU against the American practise to monitor European communications by way of this system, which was silenced for a while after September 11.
One of the most important challenges we are facing is to turn around the developement towards a world in which war is seen as a means to achieving political goals.
Tomorrow I will speak at a congress of the "European Democrats".

An alliance of parties within the European parliament which includes parties from Italy, the Czech republic, Portugal and Britain.

...The exact title is "Meeting of the alliance of Democrats". And I will present the proposal to turn world politics from a policy of war towards a policy of consolidation and developement.

And this can be reached through an increased awareness and questioning of the events of 9/11 ?

You see, 9/11 can be investigated worldwide and by anyone with access to texts, documentaries and images. Ultimately it's not impossible that the doubts about the official story of 9/11 will spread globally.
Such a global movement of sceptics could very well influence the presentation of the media.
And should this be possible, then it would also be possible to influence the foreign policy of the USA in this way.
A new investigation of 9/11 is a chance to support a peaceful and democratic United States against the United States of the Neocons.
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